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Bush pushes LOST—the Law of the Sea Treaty

In a move that angered his already dwindling conservative base, President George W. Bush added more fuel to the media firestorm that began when he pushed Congress to enact S.1348. The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 was, first and foremost, designed to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. In addition, S.1348 would compromise United States sovereignty by solidifying the terms of the North American Union. And, it would give Mexican truckers—without taking a US big rig driving test, or possessing US drivers licenses—complete access to the roadways of the United States. Here's a tip for transcontinental drivers. When they start putting the Interstate road signs up in Spanish its time to start wondering whose driving the big rigs that are zipping past you heading north from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota on I-35. Just wonder how many of those Mexican drivers will be heading South after they dump their loads of cheap Mexican goods at warehouses all over the United States? Or will they simply vanish into the American landscape—big rig and all?

Even before conservative groups could react to Bush's attempt to abrogate sovereignty by giving green cards to some 12 to 15 million illegal aliens tacitly implementing the NAU agreement without congressional ratification, Bush was busy offering up the United States on a silver platter to the United Nations. The Law of the Sea Treaty places 70% of the Earth's surface under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Ratifying the Law of the Sea Treaty [LOST] would give the UN the legal authority to levy taxes against any nation, any corporation or yahoo entrepreneur that fished in those waters or drilled for oil under themeven though the right to tax was specifically denied to the UN under its charter.)

The battle over the Law of the Sea Treaty started 25 years ago with former President Jimmy Carter pushing for its ratification. LOST was torpedoed by President Ronald Reagan so well that it couldn't be revived by either Bush-41 or Bill Clinton. Today, Bush-43 is attempting to resuscitate the long-submerged albatross. The globalists are growing inpatient. They have only been waiting since 1920. In 1976, the transnational industrialists that fill the war chest of US politicians were convinced that world government would happen during Carter's second term—a victory that was denied him not by Reagan who handsomely won the 1980 presidential election with 489 electoral votes, but by Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who short-circuited Carter's political career when he seized the American Embassy in Tehran and held 380 American Embassy employees hostage from Nov. 4, 1979 until 12:15 p.m., Jan. 20, 1981, releasing them the moment Reagan was sworn in as the nation's 40th president.

Transnational business groups, environmentalists,and other globalist treaty-backers believe that the takeover of both Houses of Congress last November not only gave the Democrats a mandate to govern from the left, but it provided them with their best shot to ratify the Accord. But the Democrats—who fully understand the ramifications of surrendering external sovereignty to the UN, will force Bush's allies in the Senate to carry the water on this one since this is the first real step in the surrender of the United States of America to the globalists in the Hague. That means otherwise safe Senators—particularly those in the GOP—coming up for re-election in 2008 will lose their jobs. While the liberals believe global government solves all of the evils of war, the conservatives know it solves those ills as long as everyone agrees to be ruled by communists—and everyone agrees to give up their guns and their rights to liberty.

In a carefully worded announcement in May, the White House issued a statement calling for the Senate to quickly ratify US accession to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (as the treaty is offically known). Environmentalists insist it's no "big deal." They claim it's not about sovereignty but rather, that the Law of the Sea Treaty will simply regulate navigation, exploration and research, mining and other activities that will impact the ecology of the world’s oceans and seas.

The last time the Law of the Sea Treaty came up for a vote, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 19-0 in favor of passage, but the Treaty was blocked by Sen. James Inhofe [R-OK] and Majority Leader Bill Frist [R-TN]. Today, with Frist gone and the Senate under the control of the Democrats, GOP ranking Foreign Relations Committee member, Richard Lugar [R-IN] and Sen. Ted Stevens [R-AK] are almost rabidly lobbying GOP senators for the White House to ratify the Treaty. Lugar, the Committee chairman in 2006, was so determined to ratify LOST that he permitted no opposition to it—from either side of the aisle—in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when it was debated.

LOST establishes a new UN bureaucracy that will have the power to regulate fishing, drilling for oil, and mining beyond 12 miles of any coastline in the world. The UN will possess unilateral authority to create its own court to settle any dispute. Contested decisions by that court will be settled by the World Court in the Hague which will increasingly become the final arbitrator—the world's Court of Last Resorts.

It is not unreasonable to imagine that by the end of this decade, cases heard by the US Supreme Court that have international ramifications can, and will, be appealed beyond our "court of last resorts" to the World Court in the Hague. In the minds of Europe's elites, that was the role for which that court was created. (If you recall, former Mexican Vicente Fox already did that when the US Supreme Court ruled that States could execute illegal aliens that were sentenced to death in American courts even though the State did not contact the Mexican Consultate according to the Vienna Convention.)

In addition to the expected bureaucratic license, LOST gives the UN authority to prohibit submarines and, for that matter, surface warships—(of any navy in the world)—from patrolling the oceans (which means only law-abiding nations would obey, and our enemies would have free reign on the high seas).

Former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kilpatrick is believed to have viewed LOST as the cornerstone of the Marxist-oriented New World Order. Kilpatrick opposed the Law of the Sea Treaty. She believed LOST would open the US to international lawsuits, climate change legislation and a backdoor to the implementation of costly global warming regulations that are already law in Europe.

LOST will establish a new international legal regime with unilateral authority to regulate and govern all activities on, or under, the oceans and seabeds of the world. Its provisions will also allow the UN to establish regulations that will all but govern all economic and industrial activity on the remaining land areas of the world—as well to combat perceived dangers from industrial pollution—but only in the current industrialized nations where you and I live. The factories churning pollution into the atmosphere from the emerging nations will get a pass from the environmentalists.

At long last, the wolf (still wearing sheep's clothing) is—very visibly—standing just outside the door begging to come in. Just inside are even more wolves in sheep's clothing, telling us we need to open the door, and that the cure they have prepared for us won't be quite as painful as we have been led to believe it would be. The threat we face today through the North American Union and the Law of the Sea Treaty is the loss of sovereignty over our nation.

The government that awaits us in Utopia will be a more modern version of communism found in the Soviet Union. The world, we've been told over and over again by a Marxist media that appears to be eagerly awaiting world government, is far more civilized since the fall of the Iron Curtain. A new Democracy awaits us. The garden behind the gate leading to Utopia is not Eden. It looks more like Cuba or China—or the "former" Soviet Union.



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