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auld Langsyne 2016.jpg

#16312531ven before the final counts were officially tallied in the Election of 2016, and the results were officially rubber-stamped as official, Hillary Clinton already knew three things. First, she knew that, like Al Gore, Jr. did in 2000, she won the popular vote. But, she also knew that, by the Electoral Vote count on Nov. 9, 2016 she lost the election to billionaire Donald J. Trump's 306 electoral votes to her 232. And, while she wouldn't know it for another five days, the Democratic attempt to steal the election by recounting the ballots in the "blue wall" States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania failed because the "official" challenger to the results of the election, Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President, had no constitutional right to challenge billionaire businessman Donald Trump's overwhelming victory since, nationwide, she won only one percent of the popular vote.

And, finally third, Clinton was determined to entice Republican Electors, through a very expensive leftwing PR campaign, to smear Trump as unqualified to be president only because he'd never held pubic office like Hillary Clinton. In the end, more of her electors proved to be willing to jettison her than Trump.

Furthermore, based on the rules established by the National Conference of State Legislatures which controls the Electoral College rules (because it would be humanly impossible for Stein, with less than 1% of the national vote, to prevail in a recount) the Michigan State Supreme Court ruled that Stein was not eligible to ask for a recount in the States Hillary needed in order to flip the Electoral College vote. And Hillary, who publicly conceded the election as lost on Nov. 9, could not contest an election she conceded—but could accept a victory won by the recounts initiated by Stein.

When the electors cast their votes on December 19, two GOP Texan electors voted for Republicans not on the ballot. One voted for John Kasich and the other voted for Ron Paul. But to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to convince at least 37 Republican electors to reject Trump as being not fit to be president and cast their votes for five other Democratic electors. When the Electoral College votes were counted, three Clinton electors cast their votes for Gen. Colin Powell. One cast his Clinton vote for Bernie Sanders and the fifth for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Washington State elector. The official Electoral College vote total ended as 304 electoral votes for Trump and 227 for Clinton—with Trump piling up an Electoral College vote dwarfed only by Ronald Reagan in 1984 when the Gipper took 525 votes, leaving Walter Mondale with only 13 Electoral votes in Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

Two electors announced that because Trump had never held public office he was not qualified to be president. They said that only because the elite Democratic spinmeisters talking to the mentally inferior working class said the job required its candidates to have held public office. How did they know that? Because the governing class spent millions of dollars to convince those never taught anything about the Constitution in public school that Trump wasn't qualified because he had never been elected to public office. Clinton was qualified, the PR liars claimed, because she had been a US Senator and also the US Secretary of State. While she was serving herself with millions of dollars from foreign entities which found it profitable to bribe her, Trump was selfishly building a real estate dynasty and providing jobs for thousands of Americans. The fact that Hillary was selling thousands of American jobs to foreign entities in the third world didn't seem to matter to the Democratic freeloaders who lost their jobs here and never knew that the woman they were trying to illegally put in the White House actually put them in the poor house.. Of course, we've come to realize that's what the Clintons do best.

You know them as the 99%ers. Those who have come to always expect something for nothing because the elitists expect the middle class, not the ultra-rich, to share their bounty with the poor. The elite, of course, don't expect to share their wealth with anyone.

There was no written provision in Article II, Section 1 which bound the Electors to the candidate they pledged to support for President since how they voted was left entirely to the laws and judgments of the 13 States. There were no political parties nor were there any elected career politicians. Office holders were part-time politicians, serving in the State or federal legislatures only when those bodies were in session. Furthermore, they were compensated only for the time the legislative bodies actually were in session.

The average annual wage paid a Congressmen or Senator when George Washington left office in 1797 was around $1,500 per year. Washington, as President of the United States, was paid an annual income of $25,000. President-elect Donald J. Trump's paycheck as the 45th President of the United States will be $1.00 per year. If Trump serves two terms, his total before tax income will be $8.00. Had Hillary Clinton managed to steal the electoral votes needed to win in 2016, she would have earned $400,000.00 per year, or $1,600.000.00 per term. If she managed to steal a second term, she would have earned $3,200,000.00 plus whatever graft she could steal by selling off whatever assets of the United States or the jobs of the American people which she would funnel into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation that would be safely sequestered in the Central Bank of Qatar, the Muslim Switzerland. But, let's not worry about what "coulda been."

More important is what the Electoral College represents and does. Only the products of the welfare crowd and working class children in broken schools that substituted global social studies for American history actually believes they elect the President. If our children don't understand how, and why, America exists, then how will they ever know what makes the inherent rights in our Constitution different from the limited rights in the UN's Declaration on Human Rights?

America's second and third social progressive presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman fanned that myth into wholecloth. Anyone in the country above the rank of idiot knows the President of the United States is not the agent of the People. He's the agent of the States. For one brief moment on the second Wednesday after the first Tuesday of December, the electors surrender their identities as individual voters for the collective identity of a super-voter casting a ballot equivalent to all of the winning ballots in each Republican congressional districts in the country. Texas Republican Elector Jeff Suprun, who threw away 261,865 Texas citizen votes over what he thought was to be his personal ego-trip super vote to put him in the history books, still needs to understand that the People, through the popular vote, do not elect anyone as the President of the United States. They collectively elect the Electors, who are then committed to the candidate who won his congressional district,. That elector casts his or her vote for their candidate as President.

The Election of 2016 and the attempt by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Foundation to bribe enough electors to throw the election to Hillary Clinton has proven the necessity, by constitutional amendment, to constitutionally bind the Electors to the winner of the congressional districts who won them. Which means the House of Representatives alone, and not the Senate, casts the Electoral College votes to elects the President of the United States. Why not the Senate? Because until the ratification of the 17th Amendment, US Senators were solely elected by the State legislators who, in 1913, sold their absolute control over what legislation submitted to Congress would become law). In my view, the Senate sold its right in 1913 to participate in the Electoral College when it climbed in bed with the bankers who would immediately co-opt the monetary system of the United States when Congress created the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. If the States (through their votes for the members of the US Senate) could not be trusted with the election of America's senators from 1906 to 1913 when they sold that privilege for gold and silver, how many more elections will pass before the buying and selling of elections will be as commonplace as buying popcorn in a movie theatre?

Each Elector's vote equals one congressional district. Each State receives one Elector for each congressional representative and Senator allocated to them. Electors are pledged to cast their ballots for the candidate chosen by the voters on the second Wednesday after the first Tuesday in December. This year, those votes will be cast on Dec. 19.

Chris Suprun, one of two the disloyal GOP Electors in the 32nd congressional district of Texas, whose registered voters cast 261,865 ballots for Trump, will effectively erase all of those votes if he carries out his threat to revote the 32nd congressional district and give those Trump votes to Ohio Governor John Kasich—who wasn't even running. Hillary Clinton, of course, expected Suprun to cast that Electoral vote for her. That was, after all, the reason for the Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and half of the social progressive actors and actresses in Tinseltown urging even more simple-minded leftwingnuts to protest that they felt Donald Trump was not qualified to serve as President of the United States because he never served in public office. Today, there is no better reason for not voting for an incumbent than because he had "served" in public ofice.

One such imbecilic protestor, picketing in front of one of the 50 State capitals on Dec. 19 as 538 Electors from around the country to cast their votes to elect billionaire businessman Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, was interviewed by Fox News who wanted to know why he was trying to convince one or more Electors in that State to cast their vote for someone other than Trump. He explained to the Fox News reporter that Trump wasn't qualified to be president because he had never held an elective position. He explained that Trump is the only President-elect who had never held an elective position and therefore, he's the only person in the history of the United States elected to the job who's unqualified to be president.

Cutting to the chase instead of bending my brain around his feeble explanation, I turned immediately to Article II, Sec. 1, paragraph 5 in my pocket Constitution to check for myself. I learned long ago never to trust the opinion of a leftwingnut who picks his nose with the same finger he uses to ream his anus.

Simply stated, Art. 1, Sec. 1, paragraph 5 says: "No person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of the President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

The qualifications to be President are simple. Holding a prior elected position isn't one of them. By the way, the first President of the United States, Gen. George Washington, never held political office. He served in an appointed role as Commander-in-chief of the Colonial Army during the Revolutionary War. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant also did not hold an elected political office, serving as Abraham Lincoln's commander of Union forces during the American Civil War. Nor did Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, commander of all Allied forces in Europe during WWII, hold civilian office before running for, and being elected, President of the United States.

And, finally, there's Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States—one of the most forgettable Presidents in history. He served as president but was never elected to the job. He served as James Garfield's vice president until Garfield was assassinated on Sept. 19, 1881. So, in reality, the only elective office Arthur ever won was as vice president. Prior to that Arthur was a political hack of Sen. Roscoe Conkling's [R-NY] crooked political machine. Arthur was appointed Collector of the Port of New York by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1871. When Democrat Rutherford B. Hays was elected President by Congress in 1879, he fired Arthur as part of the corrupt Tammany Hall crowd. Arthur—one of the most forgettable Presidents in American history—became one of the most unforgettable government reformers in American history, leaving. Barack Obama as the most corrupt and least qualified occupant of the Oval Office because he's the only non-American to unconstitutionally occupy the Oval Office not just for four years, but eight. He was elected by the leftwingnuts with their fingers up their nose and.or up their butts.

Responsible for the fraud that allowed Obama to win the White House was then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] and then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV]—and Obama himself, who had no problem swearing an oath that he was a natural born citizen of the United States when Obama's bio on the back flap of his first book "Dreams of My Father,"Obama_book flapprinted by Acton & Dystel on April 3, 2007 noted that the first term Illinois US Senator was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia, Hawaii and Chicago. (The last time I checked, Kenya was not the 51st State in the United States.

Three weeks later, on April 21, 2007, the now Soros-backed soon-to-be presidential candidate's new book jacket had been edited and reprinted. "Dreams of My Father's" book jacket, now claimed Obama wasn't born in Kenya after all, but was born in Hawaii and raised in Chicago. Those conflicting statements are, of course, known as "wholecloth." Wholecloth is a fabrication which, when repeated enough times is construed to be true because the lie is more palatable to the Democrats than the truth which doesn't sell the wholecloth because even a social progressive leftwingnut knows that if you aren't a natural born United States citizen you aren't eligible to run for President of the United States regardless how many idiots will vote for you, or based on how many votes you can steal. Pretending Obama is a citizen because he has a counterfeit birth certificate, counterfeit Selective Service Card and maybe even a phony library card doesn't make him an American citizen, nor does using a presidential Executive Order that bars anyone from every seeing his Indonesian grade school records or his foreign exchange student bonafides that got him into Occidental College in Los Angeles.

On Dec. 29, 2016 Barack Obama retrieved his April, 2015 cybercrimes Executive Order 13964—using it to accuse Russia of malicious cyber-activity by hinting it interfered with a presidential election. which, of course, neither Russia nor Vladimir Putin did. But then, Obama, Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the spook agencies all knew there was no evidence to suggest that anyone other than Julian Assange or some random hacker (singular or plural) hacked Hillary Clinton's private server or that a random hacker sent a virus into Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's computer advising him that his password had been compromised and needed to be changed. When he changed his password, the hackers had control of his computer, and very likely access to Hillary's supposed-secure server with access to the files of the State Department as well as whatever links Podesta's computer to the DNC and the Clinton Foundation.

Obama knew Putin did not hack the election. In fact, Obama (I think) had first hand knowledge of the Russians colluding with Bill and Hillary Clinton to steal the 2016 election. Everyone except the self-serving social progressive pseudo-Democrat dimwit freeloaders who believed Hillary Clinton would fill their Christmas stockings year around understood what actually happened as the leftwing media played games with the diminished brain capacity of the 99%ers. When Aussie Julian Assange began releasing reams of damning press releases and inter- and intra-office memos revealed dealing with the crooked strategies hatched up between Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and a group of former Wall Street Journal reporters working under the name of Fusion GPS supposedly created the fake reports which appeared to incriminate the Trump Campaign as colluding with Putin. I expect down the road Fusion GPS data files will reveal who was colluding with whom, and regardless who ends up in the Oval Office, the guilty part will be Slick Willy and Evil Hilly. Why? Because, history has proven that when you peel back the layers, the Clintons (or, at least, the Democratic Party and the DNC are alwayslinked to the crookedness.

What the Russian government likely did hack the hackers who hacked Hillary Clinton's unsecure State Department server, the Democratic National Committee server, the Clinton Foundation server hosted by the servers in Clinton's New York and Washington, DC residences that put a whole host of government networks at risk. In addition, John Podesta's computer, which was linked to Clinton's private server, was hacked as well. Remember, the hard drives of these computers were network linked, so when a hacker accessed someone like Podesta, they had an open door to hack Hillary's illegal State Department servers in New York and Washington, DC—or, at least.they had a key even if they couldn't find the right keyhole.

The Clinton Campaign, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, the Obama White House and, after some serious arm twisting, the soon-to-be-unemployed spook agency career employees who should have all been fired at about 12:00:01 pm on January 20, 2017 for aiding and abetting Barack Obama's last ditch attempt to use his Deep State apparatus to irreparably damage the new administration by using the fake news media, the outgoing Obama Administration, and Obama mentor George Soros and the socialist money barons and courtesans of commerce who do not want the "swamp" from Foggy Bottom to both ends of Pennsylvania "drained," to discredit and malign the President-elect in a last desperate attempt to frame and then impeach and remove Donald Trump from the office he honestly won (if Obama's patron saint, George Soros, is unable to buy Clinton the electoral votes she needs on to upset the Trump victory. In Hillary Clinton's mind, Obama's mind, and I suspect, in Soros' mind, that's the only way Obama can "trump" Trump and salvage his Executive Order legacy. They, collectively, need to buy Hillary the electoral votes she was incapable of winning through the ballot box.

Which brings us back to Jeff Suprun. He becomes something more than a citizen for one brief moment in history. He become an Electoral College "elector"—pledged to every Texan who voted for Donald Trump not only in his congressional district (where he would personally invalidate 261,865 Trump votes in Congressional District 32 if he violated his pledge), but the entire State of Texas. What that means is that Suprun wouldn't just change one vote, but 4,685,047 votes. Under the right set of conditions, that one vote could change the outcome of the election—and that will definitely change the world.

The America Jeff Suprun knows will change forever—and not for the better. Oh, and by the way Suprun, it appears, developed close ties with former Obama czar, CNN commentator, and now head of Megaphone Strategies PR guru Van Jones. Jones also has close ties with former Clinton advisors Jake Tapper and Donna Brazile as well as Hillary Clinton. Rumors surfaced that Suprun may have been planning to sell his Electoral Vote, not just throw it away, because those rumors of offers to buy electoral votes are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Selling the vote of 261 thousand Texans appears to me to be a serious crime. On the other hand, Suprun may be nothing more than a glory hound who simply wants to go down in history as the man who denied Donald Trump his rightful place in history. In that case, he should be in prison because stealing the votes of 261 thousand Texans strikes me as an equally serious offense. I say that because of Suprun's comment to the Dallas News: "If Donald Trump still wins, I will go into the history books as an asterisk."

Electors for each major party are selected at national conventions specifically impaneled for that purpose. Electors are usually important political party workers or wealthy financial donors. While the National Conference of State Legislatures which wrote the Electoral College rules prescribed no penalty for Electors who fail to honor their pledge, 29 States enacted laws which require them to, or allows the Electoral College in those States to, replace any elector attempting to vote for someone else. California and Oregon fines any elector $1,000 per ballot who fails to honor their pledge—but no State jails a rogue Elector for violating their pledge and stealing the votes of the electorate.

Since the political party system did not evolve until after the second presidential election in 1792 when the Federalists—the faction which controlled the central government in New York City—ended up at odds with the Democratic-Republicans, the faction controlled by Thomas Jefferson, when Alexander Hamilton and John Adams and the pro-British, aristocratic Federalist Congress [formed in 1787] began to centralize the power of the federal government in Philadelphia. (Hamilton and Adams led the federalist faction of government which needed only eight years to fractionalize Congress by dividing and attempting to subvert the People as the human chattel of the central government from 1789 to 1801). The Federalist Party effectively died in 1801 although a few Federalist members of Congress kept their seats for one of more decades after the social progressives gave up the Federalist name..

In 1795, a year before Washington left office, Thomas Pinckney negotiated a treaty with England (Jay's Treaty) to settle border disputes, and another with Spain (The Treaty of San Lorenzo) that gave the United States access to the Mississippi through New Orleans.

The French, America's staunchest ally during the Revolutionary War, believed that Jay's Treaty indicated that America was, once again, becoming pro-British. France attempted to use political pressure to extort a cash settlement from the United States for its assistance in the Revolutionary War known as the XYZ Affair. As a result, hostilities flared. Shortly after Adams was inaugurated as the nation's 2nd president in March, 1797, scores of pitched battles between US and French ships commenced on the high seas.

As America prepared for that third presidential election in 1796, fear of a war with France loomed large, and political division between British-leaning Federalists and French-sympathetic Republicans split the nation, with most American sympathies resting with the French; and with the crown heads of Europe siding with England. Mere days before the Election of 1796 out-going president George Washington (who opted not to run for a third term) made an impassioned farewell address to the nation in an attempt to heal the political divide, pleading with the fledgling nation to avoid becoming entangled in Europe's quarrels.

Jefferson, far more popular than Adams, was favored to win although the Federalists assumed the presidency was intended to be an inherited job, with the Vice President perpetually inheriting the presidency when the President either stepped down or died. Had Adams won reelection in 1800, Washington's leaving after two-terms would not have established a two-term presidency precedent. However, America's first socialist president could not muster the votes to win a second term.

In 1796, one Elector from Pennsylvania, Samuel Miles, who was pledged to cast his vote for Adams, cast his second vote (pledged for Thomas Pinckney), for Thomas Jefferson. Pinckney who the Federalists expected to be Vice President, lost. Eighteen Federalist electors committed to Pinckney voted for a Democratic-Republican candidate. Miles' rogue vote for Jefferson made a Democratic-Republcaiin candidate Adams' vice president.

Keep in mind, in 1796, the biggest vote-getter became president and the second largest vote-getter became vice president. That flaw in the Electoral College caused the 12th Amendment to be ratified in 1804, changing the electoral process by having each party select a presidential and vice presidential team. However, there was one quirk in the electoral system which was inadvertently not fixed when the 12th Amendment was ratified in 1804.

A quirk which periodically comes back to haunt the Electoral College—with that character flaw almost coming home to roost in 2016 in a worst case scenario where Hillary Clinton, who lost the election, and whose crimes include criminal malfeasance, election fraud, criminal fraud, and quite possibly treason committed one crime which actually forbids her from holding any elective government office from county commissioner to President of the United States, tried hard—and criminally—to manipulate the Electoral College through social media, enticing Republican Electors committed to President-Elect Donald Trump to violate their Electoral College pledge and either cast their vote for Hillary or for some other Republican.

The quirk? Hillary reportedly hoped to entice enough Trump Electors to jump ship and throw the election to her; or that 37 of them would defect and throw the election into the House of Representatives where, rumors claimed, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC were reportedly offering to bribe electors.

Why did Trump win? Presidential elections are won by the States, not the people, The question is, "why?" The question is regularly flaunted by Democrats—particularly when the Democrats have a weak candidate the America despises (like Hillary) and the GOP fields a good candidate (not like Trump, who won surprised everyone, including Hillary, who should have known when you fabricate the polls by giving the Democrats a solid edge because there are more Democrats in America than Republicans, you have to expect a few surprises at the end of the race—even when you compensate by stealing enough votes to theoretically make the ballots jive with the phony polling data.)

That's why the Democrats repeatedly try to amend the Constitution to make the winner of the popular vote the President. Again, you might ask, why doesn't the popular vote winner win the election? Because presidents don't work for the People. Presidents are agents of the States, and are, therefore, accountable only to the States. He is not the agent of the People. And, if you didn't get it the first time, hat's why the States, through the Electoral College, elect the President.

The Electors, who are simple voters on election day serve a dual role on the second Wednesday after the first Tuesday in December. On that one day they become an agent of the States. The Elector, at that moment, is not an individual voter. In that one moment every four years, he or she casts a ballot for the collective will of his or her congressional district.




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