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W161120hen the George W. Bush Administration first declared war on radical Islam, it initially focused on Mideast illegal aliens, many of whom migrated to the United States during the Clinton years, usually on student visas. When their visas expired, they simply vanished into the veneer of America, living on incomes provided by their well-to-do families in the Muslim Mideast instead of returning home because the United States was the safest country in the world. Muslim parents didn't worry so much about their sons being forcibly conscripted by radical Islamic terrorist groups where they were expected to suffer the martyr's death of a thousand pieces by blowing themselves up in a market in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.or in a subway in London, Paris, Brussels or New York. This population arrives with a visa and simply overstays its welcome. This "not from Mexico" illegal population in the United States encompasses about 1/3rd to 40% of all illegals which are here.

It's important for every American to understand that when nobody's watching the border, nobody has any idea who is bringing what into the United States in the middle of the night when the nation sleeps. It could be a "mule" bringing in a caravan of people from anywhere in the world who shouldn't be here. Or drug cartel runners bringing in any exotic drug from strychnine-laced marijuana to cocaine or heroin. Or, someday, if not tomorrow, an Islamist fanatic who sneaks across the border bringing a dirty bomb or perhaps even a workable suitcase nuke, into the United States. Or, almost as bad, but easier to do, an-ISIS-trained extremist determined to poison wilderness rivers that feed downstream municipal water supplies that feed US cities. Or perhaps, the midnight intruders will come only with kerosene and matches to start a forest fire or two in the hope that the fires they start will consume thousands of acres of virgin timber—and any homes in the path of the firestorm as flames spread quickly over large swatches of American wilderness.

More than the criminal elements that border-hop the great divide, the most dangerous threat to America comes from illegals who pose as Hispanics but are, in reality, Islamic radicals who are determined to build a Muslim army comprised of hundreds of small, ISIS-controlled cells in the United States which think and act independent of any structured radical hierarchy. Fed, perhaps, perhaps by some of the 38,901 Muslim "refugees" invited, by an Obama Executive Order, into the United States this year alone. (Keep in mind, that in military terms, 39,000 people with a value-system diametrically different than our own is the equivalent of importing enough bodies to create two Army brigades of terrorists. Imagine the damage an army of 680,000 willing martyrs could do to an unsuspecting nation.

Remember, also, this excerpt from Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father, page 261."I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..."

Since Obama took office in 2009, he reportedly granted visas and green cards to some 680,000 emigrants from the Muslim mideast (a number equivalent to six US military Armies). To put that number even more in perspective, the Allied troops that launched Operation Overlord (the Normandy invasion on June 6, 1944) totaled 156,000 fighting men who successfully established a beachhead which allowed the Allies to defeat the German and Italian fascists in 11 months, on May 4, 1945.

To put those 680,000 Muslim refugees into an even better perspective, think of them for a moment not as Muslims but Greek soldiers. And, think of the American people as the citizens of Troy. For over ten years in the 13th century BC, the Trojan War raged, without a winner. In a desperate attempt to starve the people of Troy, for the last 2 months of the conflict, the Mycanæan Greeks laid siege to Troy (recorded in The Iliad, written by Homer in the 8th century BC, [entwining reality with mythology from that point on].)

In the end, the Greeks devised a scheme to defeat Troy from within by trickery. While Troy was under siege, the Greeks constructed a wooden horse large enough to hold a platoon of soldiers. They pulled the horse up to the gates of Troy and departed, making sure the citizens of Troy could see the sails of their ships sailing off in the Aegean Sea.

Believing the Greeks had given up the battle, the people opened the gate to retrieve what they thought was a victory trophy. As Troy slept, the Greek ships returned in the dark of night. The Greek soldiers within the belly of the wooden horse opened the gates and the Greeks plundered the city, decisively winning the Trojan War.

Now—think of the American people as the people of Troy. Think of Barack Obama not as a natural citizen of Troy, but as a Grecian concealing his nationality. Like the citizens of Troy, we invited the enemy into our midst. And, by fiat, Obama's Trojan Horse was a series of Executive Orders which opened the pathway to America for over a million Muslims from the most radical nations on Earth—to enter the United States without vettings or visas—and burrow into the veneer of this nation. Their purpose in coming here is not to seek asylum or what few jobs are left in America. They are here to conquer. That's why millions of radical Muslims from the four corners of the Earth have flooded the industrial nations of Europe. They are there to conquer because Islam is determined that the global government unfolding before our eyes will be an Islamic government.

On the other hand, most of the Southern border-jumpers—illegal Mexican and Central American laborers don't have a theological axe to grind. They're here for one reason. They need jobs and the money US jobs produce to feed their families. Their motive is just like ours—it's called economic survival.

Even those with just-above-poverty-level jobs (taken from Americans who either were young and just entering the work force, or struggling families working multiple jobs to make ends meet in tough times). America provides illegals with a better lifestyle than the itinerant worker in Mexico earns below the border. There has been a back-and-forth going on for many years by those who hire illegals—that illegal aliens only take the back-breaking jobs which Americans won't do, for wages American citizens won't work for: That may have been true during the Reagan years as the economy rebounded. But, remember, we now live in Austerity America, in the jobless Obama economy—replete with Agri-giant jobs or the thankless two-cent menial jobs as dishwashers or busboys in restaurants, five and dime lawn maintenance jobs, or jobs cleaning septic tanks or digging ditches—jobs that don't require constant, instructive supervision (since a large percentage of the illegals don't speak English). One bilingual straw boss can manage a sizable work crew.

The argument, that illegals only take jobs American workers won't do, is patently false. Those menial jobs are what I call "English primer" jobs. Jobs the illegal does until he learns the language well enough to communicate with the foreman on a construction site, or can ask for a job in English, or communicate well enough to hire out as a day laborer for any home flipper who pays under the table, off the clock. For Americans, those are "starter jobs," usually held by high school students, recent high school graduates or part-time jobs for White college students working their way through college because minority students get the affirmative action scholarships.

What makes illegal labor attractive to employers is that they pay a gross wage with no deductions. No local, State or federal taxes. And to benefit the employer, no Social Security taxes (since the employer is required to pay a like amount). Without a legitimate social security number, illegals can't claim because they don't qualify for unemployment. Their income is paid by the employer through his petty cash fund. That way, there's no evidence that the employer is hiring illegals.

Many illegals earn more "take-home pay" than the American workers whose jobs they stole because they work "off the grid." While it's true illegals earn less per hour than US workers doing the same jobs, when you include career fringe benefits like: paid vacations and healthcare, employers also contribute to workers' compensation and Social Security taxes (with employers paying 50% of the total) it would be profitable for unscrupulous business owners to pay their illegals the same base wage. When you compare the entire employment package, it always profits the employer to hire illegal aliens.

Many employers, particularly those in the construction industry during the housing boom of the 1990s and early 21st century, hired non-English speaking illegals or those with limited English vocabularies who didn't quite¿Habla ingles? because it added substantially to the construction company's bottom line.

Illegals create a larger profit margin for the princes of industry, the courtesans of commerce and the barons of business than US workers who expect jobs with benefits. From experience, we know the jobs the illegals are storming the border for aren't seeking 1930 era low income fruit and produce pickers. The agri-workers hired by companies like Archer Daniel Midland on green card work visas earn twice what fruit and vegetable pickers in Mexico earn. Those risking their lives for a future in America wanted more than a fruit-picker's job for a career.

With just a smattering of English, sometimes not more than a few words, they became carpenters, roofers, glaziers and brick layers, displacing high-income construction workers who generationally raised their families in the trades and lived comfortable lives. Today, American tradesmen and factory workers are among the largest sectors of the unemployed in the United States even though skilled craftsmen can usually survive in the world of the self-employed.

During World War II, both war presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman bowed to the whims of the princes of industry for the federal government to quietly turn a blind eye on America's southern border. The industrialists' war effort needed the sinews of draft-age men to work in the defense industry which the United States needed to win the wars in Europe and Asia. With a severe shortage of men due to wars in Europe and Asia, the FDR propaganda machine did everything it could to attract women into jobs which needed the sinews of men, and Rosie the Riviter was born. We Can Do It.jpgBut the industrialists still preferred men who had the muscle and dexterity for the work. That began the War Years Open Door policy for illegals.

In 1948, as several socialist New Deal politicians retired, the number of more moderate Democrats increased in the House of Representatives as they campaigned for post-war economic recovery. Because they were doing well financially with a new war to profit from, America's princes of industry, barons of business and the courtesans of commerce believed the recovery was coming along just fine and there was no need to mess with the status quo.

Nineteen-fifty brought the Korean War and, with it, the Recession of the 50s, which meant there were going to be even fewer jobs. Disgruntled voters decided it was time politicians discovered what unemployment felt like. Voters took 5 Senate seats and 28 House seats from the Democrats.

The Party of Roosevelt (under new management) took that as a warning shot over the bow of the USS legislative branch. Truman wasn't worried because he wasn't running again in 1952. The not quite so powerful Democratic leadership in the House and Senate saw illegal immigration as their worst enemy and decided to do something about it. They enacted The McCarran-Walter Act, Public Law 82-404, The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 whose Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) made it the most frightening and powerful piece of legislation ever enacted by Congress.

Truman saw the danger to the establishment lobbyists of the princes of industry if The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act became law—so he vetoed it. In something almost completely unheard of in socialist America, Congress overturned Truman's veto. Today, The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 remains the law of the land. If you recall, that's the law Gov. Jan Brewer [R-AZ] cloned and implemented in the State of Arizona in 2012: the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, SB 1070—with sections cloned from The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act which the US Supreme Court upheld (with the exception of a couple of federal provisions which exceed State authority).

What makes The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii), so tough? Everything. Politicians, fearful that if they didn't solve the illegal alien problem and put America's GIs back to work, would find themselves losing the best job in the world; and, for the first time since 1929, they would experience their own fears of the Great Depression's unemployment lines. It was fear of their own joblessness that made the 82nd Congress enact the McCarran-Walter Act—and overturn Truman's veto.

Persons, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, advocacy groups or any social engineer that helps an illegal in any way has committed a Section 274 federal felony. You are guilty if common sense tells you its reasonable to assume the person you are helping is, or could be, an illegal alien, by employing them, providing them shelter, transporting them from one place to another, assisting them in gaining employment, or even by encouraging the illegal alien to remain this country by making it easier for them to reside here.

Any such person, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, or advocacy groups will have committed a federal felony under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii), punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with violations of the toughest immigration law in history. Which is why no president nor any US Attorney General ever enforced it. The princes of industry and the courtesans of commerce who need illegals in the US workforce don't want to go to prison for utilizing them.

In 1957 a more left-leaning Democrat-controlled Congress amended 8 USC 1324 with a sleight-of-hand provision, 8 USC 1324[b] (attached to The Civil Rights Act 1957), which prohibited job discrimination based on national origin and citizen status—without repealing Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii), thereby creating a conflicting passage which created a political "...darned if you do, darned if you don't" provision of law. That provision (skipping all other provisions of 8 USC 1324) is now being used to dilute the punitive provisions in the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952—which still remains buried behind a ton of obscure, old, never-used laws in the back of the law closet.for 63 years.

Under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, persons caught assisting illegals will also forfeit all assets they possess which were used to assist the illegal aliens, such as their vehicles if they transported illegals anywhere, or their homes if they harbored illegals by offering them sanctuary. If the illegals being harbored by sanctuary groups or individuals who shelter them, commit crimes, those advocacy groups are liable for treble damages based on the financial losses of the crimes committed by illegals under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii)). The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act provides for treble damages to the victims of crimes committed by illegals who would likely have not been in that locality had it not been for the sanctuary group aiding them.

Civil servants—mayors, governors, city or town managers or city or county commissioners, Congressmen, Senators, or Presidents who create sanctuary cities, towns, villages, counties or States by providing illegals with forms of identification that are banned by federal law to anyone without proof of citizenship—will have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) that is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with the crimes they committed.

No United States citizen—not even the President—(and certainly not the Sanctuary Mayors and Sanctuary State governors) are immune from obeying the laws of the nation although Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. acted as though they were immune. Any president violating this law will have committed an impeachable offense punishable by a fine of $10,000 per infraction or imprisonment for five years—or both once that official is removed from office.

In Barack Obama's case, using his magic pen and cell phone to create Executive Orders which violate the legally enacted laws of the land, he has a problem with this—or any law—since he believes he is immune from the laws which govern you and me. He granted visas to 680 thousand illegal aliens. That means, he's personally liable for $68,000,000 in fines and a prison sentence of up to 3,400,000 years. He should receive that sentence because the man is not, and never was, a legal citizen of the United States, and he has endangered the security of this nation for all time.

While Congressmen and Senators cannot be arrested while Congress is in session, sanctuary mayors can be, because they are not much more than puffy sanctuary popinjays. By granting sanctuary to thousands of illegals, sanctuary mayors (who, by nature, are socialists) can be locked up for violating McCarran-Walter.

Examples need to be made of New York mayor Bill DeBlasio, Chicago's Rahm Emanuel, Seattle's Ed Murray, Providence, Rhode Island's Jorge Elorza, Newark's Ras Baraka, LA's mayor Eric Garcetti, Philadelphia's Jim Kenny and DC's Muriel Bowser.

While there are 31 key metro sanctuary cites, there are over 300 US cities (all controlled by Democrat administrations, with most of them being in California) which are either self-declared sanctuary cities, or are so labeled such by the Department of Homeland Security. In these cities, not only are the bureaucrats who have conspired to protect illegal aliens eligible for serious jail time, so are the law enforcement personnel in those venues who violate Pub.L 104-208, The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act, enacted in 1996, and signed into law by the chief law-breaker in the country, Bill Clinton (who learned that year not to dismiss the votes of illegal aliens if they have it within their power to use those votes to re-elect that chief-of-state). While Bill Clinton never enforced Public Law 104-208, he benefited from its lack of enforcement that year. Remember, that law required, under penalty of law, local law enforcement officers to fully and completely comply with federal officers from (then) the Department of Immigration and Naturalization and (now) the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration Control & Enforcement [ICE].

During the 1996 federal election, the Clinton-Gore team eked out a very skinny victory only because they made US citizens out of between 3 million and 5 million illegals who had never been legally vetted nor given the oral English-language/Civics test which all applicants for citizenship are required, by federal law, to pass. The citizenship tests were either waived or provided in the applicant's native language, which violated US law. But, when you're a Democrat, and you need votes, you do what you have to do.

I think someone forgot to tell Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party that pursuant to 18 USC § 611 it's a federal felony for an alien, resident or illegal, to vote. It's a crime punishable by a fine and a year in federal prison. 18 USC § 1227 makes illegal voting a deportable crime. 18 USC § 911 makes affirming you are a citizen and eligible to vote when you aren't, punishable by three years in prison. I'm surprised how much Democratic lawmakers pretend not to know about the laws governing the right to vote when they seem to know every ruse for illegals to vote without getting caught. Conservative vote watch groups "True the Count" and "VoteCount" estimate somewhere between 2 and 3 million illegals voted in 2016. Other estimates put the number from 2 million to 8 million illegal votes cast.

In July, 1996 the US Census Bureau reported that when the Clinton Administration created two amnesties and citizenship rewards they came with instant voting rights and instructions to vote straight Democratic that November. In 1997 the Census Bureau calculated that, by 2045, Clinton's 3 to 5 million converted illegal aliens would seriously tip the population scale in Los Angeles (if all of them were in that city). If you were a 20 year old White person living in LA in 1997, you would be one of the 13.8% members of a White minority living with a 1% Black minority population in a 69.1% Hispanic city when you reached 65 in 2045.

Since I don't believe there are any more minus IQ social progressive idiots in the United States this year than there were in 2008 and 2012, I have to surmise that the most honest and legitimate votes Hillary Clinton could have received in 2016 would be 32.1 million, more or less. I would also almost guess that there are more George Soros sanctuary city protestors (who never voted) running around the cities of America screaming that the electoral college stole their vote in 2016. (Constitutionally, the States elect the President since he is their agent to the other nations of the world. The superior government of the people is actually the State governors and their legislatures since, as hard as the federal government suppresses the discussion, the States are sovereign and the federal government works for them.).

(As of Nov. 25, 17 days after the election, the Obama Administration-controlled Federal Election Commission had not "conspicuously posted" the 2016 vote tally which should have been available no later than Nov. 15. The Electoral Vote count awarded the Oval Office to Donald J. Trump, 306 votes to Hillary Clinton's 232. From a popular vote perspective, as of Nov. 19, 2016, Hillary Clinton is credited with receiving 48% of the votes cast, or 63,541,056 votes (with 31,441,056 of those votes created by the GEMS/file in the electronic voting machines). My educated guess would be that Clinton no more won the popular vote than I did—and I wasn't even running. I know in my gut that my "guesstimate" about the number of votes Hillary actually won is accurate because, if you remember, not only did Hillary have to enlist leftwing entertainers to bring people out because she had no message the leftwing population wanted to hear. In the end, to turn out voters, she had to have Barack Obama campaign for her. The only real votes she got were those Obama turned out—the same 32+ million social progressive people Obama turned out to vote for him in 2008 and 2012.

President-elect Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes, taking six States which Hillary Clinton needed, and expected to win—Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (won by Obama in 2012) and taken from Clinton this time around, causing her catastrophic loss. Why did so many Americans vote for Donald Trump? Three reasons. First, it's always the economy. Second, a very large majority of Americans know that Bill and Hillary Clinton are a criminal enterprise which have raped the American people by selling their jobs to foreign countries to fill their own pockets through the Clinton laundry machine, the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton committed treason against the people of the United States by selling both jobs and access to America's enemies (especially those who pose as our friends). And, finally, had Hillary managed to steal the White House (the only way she would ever get it), she would have sold blanket amnesty to jihadist states for millions. Once she was sworn in, jihadic foot soldiers from those donor Muslim States would have been granted refugee status into the United States. For an invading army to successfully conquer even a vigilant nation, all that's needed is a successful beachhead.

How is that beachhead established? Through the 300 or more sanctuary cities the socialist Democrats in America have created. The first sanctuary city in the United States was Los Angeles during the 20 year mayoral reign of Tom Bradley (the only black mayor of LA), who fell from grace for mishandling the Rodney King incident in 1991 which led to the LA Riots the following year. Bradley was a social progressive leftist who was reelected four times by the "downtown big-money interests" in LA for pushing through their agenda by making sure the wealthiest developers sat on the committees which approved the development plans for the continued growth of Los Angeles.

Bradley fought for, and got, the first homosexual AIDS anti-discrimination law in the country. His positions on social justice—which got him reelected four times—ultimately ended his career. Under Bradley, the wealthy white developers and job creators became filthy rich, and the underclass—whether Black, Hispanic, Asian or redneck White, became much more poverty-stricken. As LA grew to rival Chicago as the nation;'s second largest city, there was a massive demand for labor—cheap labor from the migration of job-hunting illegal aliens. It was about this time that Los Angeles evolved into a sanctuary city with its human capital protected from deportation. Bradley's benefactors needed that cheap labor, and it became Bradley's job—and all ensuing mayors—who quickly learned that job security came from protecting that human capital from arrest and imprisonment or deportation.

Current Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, who has national political office aspirations stops short of calling LA a "sanctuary city" because, he says, the term is "ill-defined." Perhaps when we better define it, he will have to agree. A sanctuary city is a place where illegal aliens go to avoid arrest and deportation, or arrest and incarceration for crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, gang violence or general mayhem. And that, Mr. Garcetti, that fits every sanctuary city in the country.

By the way, 47 of the 58 counties in California are defined by the Department of Homeland Security as Sanctuary Counties, leaving 11 counties in California which are not sanctuary resorts for illegals. Los Angeles County (which is LA), is one of the 47. Which is why Californians are the most heavily taxes idiots in America.

Every county in Colorado is a Sanctuary County (which explains how a Western conservative State became a blue state). The sanctuary city or sanctuary county designations did not begin until Obama took office in 2009—except Oakland, California which seems to have designated itself as such according to a KCBS AM 740 radio story on April 25, 2007. By ordinance in 2008, Hartford, Connecticut declared itself a sanctuary city. According to the DHS, Hartford County became a sanctuary county on Oct. 8, 2014. That leaves two of Connecticut counties where it's safe for Americans to live.

Fifteen of Florida's 67 counties have been designated as sanctuary counties. In Illinois, Cook County and Chicago, the hub city, were designated as illegal alien sanctuaries on Oct. 14, 2014 by the DHS. Cook County managed to avoid the stigma for a year. They were not included in Chicago's stats until Oct. 13, 2015.

Twenty-thee of Iowa's 99 counties will not honor ICE detainers without an Iowa court order or a judge-approved probable cause warrant. Iowa is not a sanctuary state.Six of Kansas' counties are sanctuary counties, being added to the DHS Sanctuary City/County list on Oct. 13, 2015. The counties are Butler, Finney, Harvey, Johnson, Sedgwick and Shawnee. In Louisiana, the DHS classifies only Orleans Parrish as a sanctuary county.

In 2002, Maine elected social progressive John Baldacci [D] governor with 47% of the vote. Two years later, by Executive Order, Baldacci made the State a haven for illegal aliens. The DHS did not add them to the sanctuary city list until May 3, 2007. Maryland's sanctuary counties are on the more heavily population east coast of the State: Baltimore, Charles and Prince George's County. In Massachusetts, Amhearst, Boston, Cambridge and Sommerville are sanctuary cities.

Minnesota, thanks to GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty's war refugee largess through the Obama Administration that saddled Minnesotans with a large Somali population which thinks Minnesota owes them a living. Pawlenty kowtowed to Obama because the Minnesota meat-packing industry wanted cheap labor. Pawlenty gave it to them. The unions exploded. But the dam was broken. By 2010, the Somali population in Minnesota which was only about 30,000, suddenly erupted. Somalis all over the United States who could not find work found relatives in Minnesota and relocated there.

As the Somali population exceeded 10%, the formerly grateful Somalis became more vocal—more demanding, but still polite. When the Muslim population reached 18% the Somalis, allied with Mideast Muslims in other parts of the State, began to more belligerently demand that the State incorporate Shariah Law with Minnesota law. Today, in Minnesota, the sanctuary policies of the globalists attempting to erase America's borders are not being used to protect illegals from Mexico, but illegals from the Mideast whose theology is based on jihad and not brotherhood through the love of Christ Jesus.

When the Muslim population in the United States, as it did in Europe, reaches 28%, the muffled arrogance of the Muslim will become hostile belligerence. In December, 2013 a Christian woman shopper in one of St. Cloud's two Walmarts was in the check-out when the Muslim cashier refused to ring her up until she removed a crucifix she was wearing around her neck. The customer demanded to talk to the store manager. The manager defended his employee. The woman left her purchase on the counter and stormed out of the store. A customer behind the woman in the check-out line reported what happened on her Facebook page that evening.

Two days later the St. Cloud Times picked up the story and tried to fact check it. The managers of both Walmart stores in St. Cloud denied the incident happened. The woman who posted the incident on her Facebook page did not know the name of the woman who was told to remove the symbol of Christianity she wore as a condition of being served.

It appears that Walmart demanded the woman remove the post—possibly under the threat of a lawsuit. She did. There are 87 counties counties in Minnesota. Three of them, Anoka, Hennepin and Ramsey are listed by the DHS as sanctuary counties. St. Cloud is in Sterns County which is not on the DHS list of sanctuary counties. Nor is St. Cloud a sanctuary city. Which, of course, makes the Somali invasion of Minnesota even more frightening because if a store manager of the largest retail chain in the world is afraid of a Muslim cashier wearing a hiijab, then this country—and the Christian world—is in real trouble. But I would like to add this: if I lived in St. Cloud Minnesota, I would never again set foot in either Walmart store in that city.

In Nebraska, Douglas County, Hall County, Lancaster County and Sarpy County are listed as sanctuary counties. Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) are sanctuary counties in the nation's most lucrative 24-hour per day gaming State, relying heavily on Hispanic illegals. The DHS records only one sanctuary county in New Jersey: Union County.

Out of 33 counties in New Mexico, 8 plus the city of Taos (in Taos County) are listed by the DHS as sanctuary counties. Out of New York State's 62 counties, 12 plus New York City are illegal alien sanctuaries. North Dakota, like Maine, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia (where the nations laws are written), are sanctuary States. (Of course, Washington, DC does not qualify as either a State or county.

Twenty of Oregon's 36 counties will not honor ICE detainers without a federal warrant or court order. Six other counties: Baker, Clackamas, Jackson, Lane and Marion are listed by the DHS as sanctuary counties. Which is why former red state Oregon is now a blue state. Social progressives now control that State.

There are 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The DHA labeled the city of Philadelphia as a sanctuary city on July 15, 2010. Philadelphia County, Chester County, and Delaware County were declared to be sanctuary counties on Aug. 2, 2016 along with Montgomery, PA which was classified by the DHS as a sanctuary city.

Since Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are the points of entry for the majority of the Mexicans and other Central American illegals who enter the US from our southern border, you would think most would want tough border enforcement. However, the two sanctuary counties in Texas—Travis (Austin) [the most liberal county in Texas] with 1.21 million people, and Dallas County (Dallas) [the 4th most liberal county] with 2.48 million people, or about 7% of the total population of the largest continuous State in the union.

Fairfax County [Arlington], Virginia (the most liberal city in the State) opted out of all DHS programs and does not cooperate with ICE on the arrest and deportation of illegals. Washington State, which has become increasingly more leftwing over the last three decades as Seattle and Spokane became sanctuary cities. King County became a defacto sanctuary city in 2007 when the social progressives took over the US Congress in 2007. And, finally union-controlled Wisconsin (based on the lead from Madison and Milwaukee, passed resolutions affirming their status as sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary policy exists in either written or oral forms, depending on to what degree the governing body wants to blur the distinctions between legal resident aliens and illegal aliens, creating a gray area so vague that illegals will have access to the same taxpayer funded benefits and societal programs which are available to legal aliens and native born or naturalized citizens.

On April 9, 2004, when Maine's governor, John Baldacci [D] issued his Executive Order entitled "An Order Concerning Access to State Services by all Entitled Maine Residents," he legally limited the ability of State employees to report the presence of illegal aliens in Maine to the the Department of Immigration Control and Enforcement [ICE]. It further enabled illegals with Maine drivers' licenses to legally drive in any other State. And, it appears, to exchange their Maine driver's license for one in another sanctuary State.

An informal sanctuary policy is one not documented on paper. It's an "understanding" implemented by local government authorities. Informal sanctuary policies are almost impossible to document since there are no public records and no paper trail to follow.

City and county officials who endorse informal sanctuary policies argue that the illegal aliens themselves serve as an effective "community policing tool," because illegals who witness crimes, or are victims of crime, don't come forward only because of the fear of being detained and deported.

The false argument public officials use to justify sanctuary policies is that illegals in sanctuary cities who witness crimes 0r are victims of them, are more willing to come forth and identify lawbreakers than those hiding in the shadows in non-sanctuary cities. In reality, all illegals hide in the shadows of the underground world in which they live. Illegals don't trust anyone. Further, all illegals are criminals if for no reason other than they violated 8 USC § 1227 which requires the deportation of all illegals who illegally enter the United States. I reiterate again, when American citizens aid, in any way, an illegal alien—even by giving them the price of a meal or simply offer them a ride from Point A to Point B, they are guilty of violating Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii).

Under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 you don't have to know the person you are helping is an illegal. The law definitively says all that is needed is the likelihood that the person or persons you are assisting, may be an illegal for you to be found guilty and sent to prison. By granting sanctuary to thousands of illegals, sanctuary mayors (who, by nature, are socialists) can legally be locked up for the rest of their lives for violating Section 8 USC § 1324 [a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii).

It is important for American citizens to understand that if they have specific knowledge that any other citizen has violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act they have an obligation to file a complaint against the person who committed that violation with the law enforcement division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]. Until someone files a complaint against the citizen, city official, county official or State and/or federal official, nothing will happen to the person who violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii).

A real person must file real charges against the real person who violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii)) before that person—whether an employer, a social progressive do-gooder, a city or county official, or a governor—can be prosecuted for violating that federal law. Until "We the People" hold everyone's feet to the fire, the laws legislated by the elite apply only to the working class and not those who write them. Until we force the issue on the equality of the law, the laws will never be applied equally.

Social progressive city officials—mayors or council members—do not have the authority to waive federal law and create sanctuary cities to protect illegal aliens. Even if they pass ordinances granting themselves the power to do so, social progressive mayors or council members don't have the legal authority to order police agencies under their jurisdiction not to enforce federal law. In fact, when they are ordered not to enforce federal law, police officers are duty-bound to file criminal charges against that mayor or those city or county officials for violating Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii). If they fail to do so, the citizens in those cities need to file charges with the State Attorney General against those officials—and the police officers who are aiding and abetting the bureaucrats in committing a Section 274 federal felony.

Petty politicians need to understand they are as obligated to obey the law as much as you and me. And, if they don't, they need to go to jail. Its time to hold everyone's feet to the legal fire. If we are all equally accountable under the law—then anyone who violates the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 and 1965 belongs in jail. I don't think either of those laws say if you're a politician or a VIP you don't have to obey the law.

The American people must understand one simple fact about illegals—they're all felons. Entering the United States without a visa authorizing you to be here is a felony. People who aid illegals are aiding and abetting a felon—and that's a felony. That means you, too, may go to jail. If they commit a crime after you helped them, you are liable for the financial loss suffered by the person or people robbed—with treble damages.

When we debate the issue of the "poor people south of the border who only want what we have," think about it in terms of the US citizen felon who breaks into your home in the middle of the night and steals your money, your plasma TV, your laptop and desktop computers, your great-grandmother's silver that has been in the family for close to a hundred years,and anything else of value that's not nailed down. The American thief then loads it all in your new Ford 350 extended-cab pickup and disappears into the night. Both the US thief and the illegal who did not rob you that night are felons.

And, without a twinge of conscience, both the US felon and the illegal felon will steal everything you own. The burglar who robs you steals while you sleep or are away from your home. In addition to your material possessions, the illegal will also steal your job or the value of the work you do which is needed to feed and cloth your family. The illegal—even if he never breaks into your home—steals the tax dollars you pay the city, the county, the State and the federal government through a new form of unmerited welfare which he never earned and has no right to claim.

The social progressives seeking the human capital they need to secure in their life-tenured government jobs and generational family wealth, argue that the illegals who cross our borders in the dead of night—or make their wild dash across the border at midday, dodging cars in fast moving lanes of traffic knowing the Border Patrol agents will not risk their lives in foot pursuit, are basically honest, hardworking Mexicans who simply want what we have. Assuming that it's true, it changes the minute they cross the border. Because at that moment they become felons. And, because they are, society must learn to treat them as felons. Imprison them; then deport them. If they return, load them in a Lockheed C-130 Hecules cargo plane and fly them to Antarctica. Let them walk back. It shouldn't take more than fifty years.



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