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20 years


Theodore Roosevelt, elected to the office of President (on his own standing) in 1908 after serving over three years of William McKinley's only term, was the nation's first socialist president even though his political party affiliation was Republican—the Party of Thomas Jefferson (rebirthed in 1860 as the Party of Lincoln). The Progressive Era—the American "age of enlightenment"—began with Teddy Roosevelt and encompassed the presidencies of William Howard Taft and Thomas Woodrow Wilson. The Republican social progressive leaders in the GOP were Roosevelt, Robert LaFollette, Sr. (a governor and US Senator from Wisconsin); and Charles Evans Hughes (an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and later, Chief Justice). On the Democratic side of the aisle, there was William Jennings Bryan, Woodrow Wilson and Al Smith. These men were decidedly social progressives, as was Teddy Roosevelt's cousin, Franklin.

In the mid-19th century a German philosopher and sociologist, Karl Marx advanced, in an 1848 pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto, the view that society evolves only through an ongoing class struggle—and that political and economic conflict between the ruling class (the bourgeois who control the means of production) and the working class (the proleteriat, which sells the sweat of its brow for earnings) is solved only by revolution. Marx argued that capitalism facilitates inequality by exploiting labor. Marx and his friend Frederick Engles, were the original "gimme free things" advocates.

The protests which communists, fascists, Islamofascists, Black supremacists and plain, old fashioned criminal looters were launched in several US cities, beginning along the liberal left coast in places like San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon began within minutes of Fox News declaring billionaire Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States


.In Austin, Texas real Americans found scores of buses (well over two dozen) parked a couple of blocks from Ground Zero (initial protest point) where prearranged professional agitators and anarchists disembarked on Nov. 9 to "spontaneously protest" the election, thinking they could erase Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution with baseball bats and by burning the American flag. These should be grievous crimes against the people of this nation, and each protestor should be punished by at least 5 years and one day in a federal prison because committing those offense is not a form of free speech—it's a form of treason. At the conclusion of what should be a pardonless crime, the citizenship of that person should be revoked or, at least, suspended until the malefacator learns the precious nature of American citizenship. If they like socialism so much, let them be deported to one of the totalitarian regimes. I would suggest they move to North Korea. They will like it there because people living there have absolutely no rights—including the right to breathe air.

The protests, which never were lawful protests but riots in-the-making, happened too quickly for them to be a spontaneous event by disenfranchised voters because even spontaneity takes time. This suggests whichever candidate—Trump or Hillary Clinton—won, riots were going to consume the news, not the election. This, of course, suggests that the protests which quickly morphed into riots, were engineered by communist and Islamofascist anarchists and not despondent or "crushed" Clinton supporters (which i don't really believe, exist).

Nobody likes Hillary Clinton. Given a choice between Clinton and Michelle Obama for President, most Americans—including the Ku Klux Klan—would likely pick Michelle over Hillary. (Which is why the big banks in 2008 actually withdrew all of the money they paid into Hillary's campaign fund as the votes in New Hampshire were being counted. Learning more about Hillary than they cared to know, I suspect, motivated their decision to give the money to presidential candidate Obama—the man without a country. Hillary's just too nasty to be liked by anyone.)

The mainstream media seemed to view the emerging riots as a Trump v Clinton fight without realizing (or admitting) there are three actors in this national stage. The third one is Barack Obama who has almost as much at stake here as either Clinton or Trump. His Islamofascist-communist legacy is at stake since all of it was created in the shadowy corners of the oval room with a ballpoint pen and cell phone. Virtually all of the Obama Legacy is unconstitutional—beginning with Obamacare—which did not originate in the House of Representatives as required by the US Constitution. Therefore, Obamacare repealed itself.

While Obamacare was first proffered, and narrowly passed in the House on July 14, 2009 as America's Affordable Health Choices Act, the Senate didn't like bill, HR 3200. Harry Reid blocked it from getting to the floor in the Senate and offered his own "House" bill, HR 3962. This is where the shell game begins to get complicated. Because in this shell game, there were three peas. Let's call the first pea HR3200, the second pea HR3962 and the third pea HR3590. Pea one and pea two are peas. But pea number three is actually a bean. But, we'll get to that in a minute.

Five versions of HR 3962 floated around the Senate. The original version of Obamacare proffered by the House as HR3200 was never voted on the Senate. It did not become law. The Senate claimed, initially, that HR 3962 originated in the House in November, 2009. But it didn't. It originated in the Senate as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The bill that ultimately became the House version of Obamacare was HR3590. In reconciliation, we are led to believe that HR3590 was merged into the Senate version, HR 3962, which the Nancy Pelosi House consented to, telling the media that the House voted to accept the language in the Senate bill rather than haggle all summer on specific changes from the House version.

All that was accepted of HR3590 was the bill number. HR3200 (voted on in the House and rejected by the Senate) was 1,200 pages. HR3962 (voted on in the Senate, and accepted by the House) was 1,990 pages. And, HR 3590 (voted on by no one) magically became 2,409 pages. HR3590 was the version which former House Speaker Pelosi, GOP House Speaker (when the challenge against Obamacare was heard in the US Supreme Court in 2015) John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, all lied to in affidavits to the high court that Obamacare originated in the House as HR3590, on Sept. 17, 2009. It did not. I remain convinced that Chief Justice John Roberts knew that HR3590 was a fraud when he asked for the affidavits, and chose to ignore their perjury because it was politically expedient to do so. Why? Because it took me less than 15 minutes to tie HR3590 to the Service Members Home Mortgage Act of 2009. I have to believe the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court is a lot smarter than me, which suggests he had to know what I knew.

Thus, what originated in the House on that date was the Service Members Home Mortgage Act. Reid and Pelosi needed a house bill origination date before HR3962 (which is actually the Senate bill.) Boehner, Pelosi and Reid committed a Class A federal felony when they lied to the Supreme Court. The mainstream media expunged their crime by simply pretending it didn't happen. Boehner, Pelosi and Reid need to be held accountable for that crime against the American people.. No one in the United States of America—including the occupant of the White House—is above the law.

Okay. Back to the disillusioned voter protestors who are mostly paid anarchists. Their core objective is to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, and with it, the American form of government. This makes them, by extension, enemies of the United States. Many of them are illegals. "Occupy," "We are One," and "We Are 99%" movements were projects of the Communist Party USA. Very likely the big money these groups received, and the financing of "Black Lives Matter" came from socialist billionaire George Soros. One of the latest beneficiaries of Soros largess is a group called "ANSWER" (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) which appears to be an offshoot of the Vietnam Era ACT-Up). ANSWER has pledged to disrupt the the Trump-Pence Inauguration on Jan. 20.

Several conservative media outlets have been reporting that radical groups, specifically ANSWER are running ads on Craigslist websites around the country offering up to $1,500.00 per week for protestors. One Craigslist ad in Philadelphia read:

"STOP Trump—up to $1,500/week. Compensation: $15-$18 per hr. Hiring immediately. Call Today. Start tomorrow. $15 - $18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime! Up to 77 hours per week. Drivers earn gas reimbursement. Morning and evening shifts. No previous experience required..." Wow! Just think, even if you have no experience in looting stores and destroying private property, you are eligible for this job! ",,,Full time and part time positions. Weekend positions available. No fund-raising! No commission! Call 267-555-5**7." (The disguised phone number here appeared in many of the Craigslist ads.)

What? No paid vacations, retirement plans or healthcare benefits? ANSWER may not offer benefits, but WashingtonCAN does. Washington State's largest communist political action organization offers their grassroots non-profit "employees" medical, dental, and vision-care insurance, 401[k] pension, paid vacation, paid sick days (I wonder if they offer paid jail days?), holidays, and leaves of absence. Advancement and travel opportunities are available as well. Staff average pay is $15-20 an hour. Wow! They treat their "anarchist overthrow America" employees right.

Most of the unaffiliated dissidents who join the protests (which are made to look spontaneous), do so only to protest their own jobless life, not realizing that those triggering the "spontaneous" protests staged them. But, it is those protestors, the beaten down citizens of America, who actually give the protests the appearance of spontaneity, and make criminal acts appear to be protected free speech...which it is not.

During his acceptance speech in 2015 as the National Chairman of the Communist Party of America, John Bachtell praised the Democratic Party, boasting that the Marxist organization (a mechanism of the Soviets during the Cold War), has been utilizing the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance the Communist Party's totalitarian objectives in the United States.

Instead of forming a new, radical communist third party which will soon become a viable option, Bachtell said, "...today, the Democratic Party is our home." In the collective communist mind, Bachtell reminded his socialist audience, the Democratic Party is the "...home to African Americans, Latinos. other communities of color, women, union members and young people—and various democratic movements...This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party," Bachtell explained that some on the Left underestimate the danger, "...from the Right. Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party...We are about building the broad People's Movement led by Labor that utilizes the Democratic Party to advance it's agenda. through 'coalition campaigns'." Campaigns, Bachtell noted, that challenge the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party—the Rockefeller, Chase and Morgan interests which believe they currently control the Democratic Party. It was the Communist Party USA influence in Hillary Clinton's 2008 bid against Obama that likely decided the big bankers to withdraw their support—and hundreds of thousands of dollars already deposited in Hillary's campaign war chest as the votes in New Hampshire were being counted.

"If the CPUSA is to be a mass political party, it must be a mass electoral party, immersed in every aspect of electoral politics—and the process toward political independence," explaining why communists in the United States must support the Democratic Party. "Municipal elections are a key arena of battle in 2015...Clearly there is an immense amount of electoral activism and 'movement building' in laying the foundation for the eventual emergence of a mass radical third party..." (that initially gets into office wearing the Democratic brand—something that began in the mid-1960s and 70s). "Today," Bachtell added, "the Democratic Party will be utilized as the vehicle to advance Communist Party totalitarianism until the Right is totally crushed." According to Trevor Loudon, author of The Enemies Within, "...Bachtell understands that, in spite of difficulties and disappointments, the Communist Party agenda is far better served by infiltrating the Democrats than by marching in the streets yelling revolutionary slogans."

The Communist PartyUSA has grown much stronger since 2009 thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, who proved to a close ally of CPUSA as the CPUSA and splinter Marxist groups provided the protests and riots Obama needed to sell his agenda—not to the people, but to the media. Bachtell noted that the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto (which offer 12 or perhaps even more planks): [1] government-controlled education; [2] progressive income taxes; [3] a central bank with a monopoly on credit; [4] social security; [5] government healthcare; [6] federal jobs programs; [7] unrestricted abortion; [8] international treaties to stop global warming (when everyone with a 1 oz. brain knows global warming is caused 99.999999999% by the sun); [9] preferential treatment for select minorities; [10] a ban on discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians; [11] the outlawing of the private ownership of guns; and [12] a ban on non-sanctioned speech, and the suppression of religious freedom. How many of these are now a reality in the Land of Liberty?

Much of the loss of liberty felt by Americans since 2009 has been fostered through Executive Orders by Barack Obama. At the 14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 the Communist Party not only praised Obama for the Marxist advances he made "for the communist cause" in the United States, they actively engaged in his reelection.

Loudon mused that Bachtell understood that a premature break with the Democratic Party to form a new leftist third party would hand the next few national elections to the Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz. Loudon noted that if the constitutional conservatives and Tea Party activists show the discipline and maturity to avoid breaking with the Republicans and forming a third party, they can do inside the GOP what the communists did within the Democratic Party—own it.


Just Say No
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