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The very latest attempt by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Machine to blacken the eye of Donald Trump—once again—happened on the 14th in conjunction with Julian Assange's release of what was reported to be "a group of photos" of presidential candidate Clinton groping a surprised member of the opposite sex. All_ClintonsOnly this Clinton was not Bill. This Clinton was Hillary. As the Clinton Machine hammered GOP presidential candidate Trump because when he was interviewing candidates for The Apprentice, one of them was deaf-mute actress Marlee Matlin. During the interview process, Trump scribbled a note on paper and passed it to one of the program's staffers whom Trump asked: "Is she retarded?"

Trump never voiced that question to Marlee Matlin. I expect (but don't know) if Matlin ever heard about the remark until Clinton money flushed the information out very recently—which means Matlin's indignation was based of dollars, not disgust, for a remark not made to her.when he was considering using her as an "apprentice" on his show. Matlin appeared in Season 11 (which was called Celebrity Apprentice Four). Matlin and John Rich competed for the money in the semi-finalist round. Rich won. (Since I never watched the show, I have no idea, as a semi-finalist, how well Matlin fared in the allocation of prize money.) But I suspect her contemptuous comment on Oct. 14, 2016 was probably worth a few bucks. She commented: "Recent media reports have circulated that Donald Trump allegedly referred to me as 'retarded.' The term is abhorrent and should never be used. The fact that we are talking about this during a very important moment in American history has upset me deeply.

"I am deaf," she said. "There are millions of deaf and hard of hearing people like me, in the United States...who face discrimination and misunderstanding like this on a daily basis. It is unacceptable. So, what's my response? It's not about insults or taking each other down. As a person who is deaf, as a woman, as a mom, as a wife, as an actor, I have a voice. And, I'm using that voice to make myself heard...and vote."

(Three Apprentice staffers apparently waded in for the bounty money and passed the information along to the Clinton Campaign since up to that moment, Matlin had no idea that Trump had asked those recruiting the 'apprentices," if Matlin was "retarded." The Daily Beast, which got the story first, told other newspapers who asked that the three who came forward with the information had signed non-disclosure agreements and would likely be sued for violating their work agreement. Leftwingers, it appears, are willing to go through any type of humiliation for the politicos who are undermining both Christianity and patriotic values this country. It bodes well for them because it makes them martyrs for the socialist cause. Being a martyr has value in Hollywood. Not only does the actor or actress get a starring or co-starring role in an upcoming movie, he or she also generally gets a Oscar nomination for their performance. (Even though the only performance that deserves the Oscar is the one in which they claim to have been assaulted or seduced by whomever the liberals need destroyed today.) That's how they play the game. And the accomplices are many. Sadly, the politicians who are hirelings themselves, get to play with a roomful of accomplices: newspaper and magazine publishers, TV and radio executives and, of course, the indispensable social media Internet bloggers who specialize in converting fiction into fact.

Two women, one of whom claimed to have been Apprentice cast member, both told the media they had been fondled by The Donald in the past. While the mainstream media is publishing every "who shot John" story that makes Donald Trump look bad—in the printed press, radio and TV news as well as social media—the left is adroitly sidestepping the land mines buried over the years by the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee to conceal the high crimes, misdemeanors, and acts of malfeasance (in the form of senatorial courtesies to foreign governments, particularly our enemies—including the 59 Muslim nations in the world who have vowed to destroy us, and who collectively vote against the interests of the United States around 95% of the time)—which is why they pay the Clinton Foundation to serve as their personal lobbyist to make sure those billions of dollars in foreign aid continue.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Wikileaks is the gift that just keeps on giving. Take a garden spade and start digging holes either in Foggy Bottom in DC or Chappaqua, New York and you might stumble on at least a few of the sins of the Clintons. Sins like: First Lady Hillary Clinton calling black Americans "super predators" in a 1996 speech dealing with criminal sentencing reform. Her deep felt feelings apparently never changed but without the black vote it would be impossible to win. Hillary strategized throughout 2014 and into the summer of 2015, at a time when a new black socialist civil rights movement was slowly converging into what they believed would become a powerful black political party in the United States.

Hillary thought Black Lives Matters would be good street pawns to carry the socialist message to the "brothers." Black Lives Matter's objective was to become numerous enough to force the Democrats to share power with them to survive—with the help of the community organizer in the White House.

Which is why Hillary Clinton, opted to meet with Black Lives Matter on October 13, 2015. The meeting spot was an ironic choice. It was a pale stone, turreted building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. What was ironic about the iconic building was that it was built on the exact spot where the 19th century DC slave market stood in 1839, a few blocks from the White House.

Throughout the summer of 2015, the street activists disrupted some Trump functions. Clinton liked that and wanted to form an alliance with a black army that would destroy Donald Trump. In fact, the Clinton Campaign war drums were already beating out that cadence. As Hillary tried to mobilize Black Lives Matter in one DC meeting, Hillary's 11 Black Lives Matter "guests" took over the discussion, demanding that Hillary push through sweeping investment programs for blacks, and promise to push through race-based legislation at State level to give blacks a serious "leg up" in the white communities. When Clinton replied that she lacked the ability to "...muscle race-based legislation through Congress," Muslim college activist and protest recruiter Alwiyah Shariff accused her of "white privilege," asking her how she could be trusted "...to keep a promise to close private prisons while collecting campaign contributions from the industry?"

Aurielle Marie, an activist from Atlanta, Georgia, noted later that when Shariff raised that question, you could see fire in Clinton's eyes. I guess that's why she had the protestors evicted from the slave quarters. Hillary's problem, like most socialist Democrats, is that they view Blacks as the chattel of the Democratic Party through the welfare state. Which is why Hillary is determined to tax the middle class out of existence. Whenever the socialists talk about "taxing the rich," they're always talking about the working middle class. Since the Democratic Party has absolutely no interest in raising the standard of living of the welfare class, through taxation they will lower the standard of living of the middle class until the middle class is indistinguishable from the welfare class. When the left has achieved that lofty goal, they will have achieved global equality.

From Hillary Clinton's speeches (which Wikileaks extracted) we can see glimpses of the Clinton agenda should she claim (or steal) the gold ring:

Hillary Clinton courted the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business to support her socialist agenda in order to beat back populism by erasing the Bill of Rights. In the latest Wikileaks release, Democratic speeches to the working class from congressional, senatorial and presidential candidates feed the voters a stream of Santa Claus promises. More jobs for everyone in an anti-business, anti-wealth climate where the rich have promised to contribute to the raising of the poor into the middle class. (Remember, the rich in Clintonspeak is actually the middle class, not the 10$ers, the 5%ers or especially the 1%ers. Government, in Hillary's world, becomes the provider of goods and services by taxing the middle class into poverty not to better the lot of the impoverished, but to further enrich the wealthy.)

To the rich, Hillary's private speeches promise the princes of industry and the barons of banking they will prosper as long as they promote the agenda of Big Government. When government gets large enough, it will easily subdue the industrialists and bankers as did Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In some of Clinton's speeches to Big Business, she is urging them to beat back patriot groups—in particular, the Tea Party and the closed-border racists. The globalists insist that without open borders, the world's economies and financial systems will collapse. In reality, the opposite is true. The working class always fares better and prospers more when the borders of nations are sealed because the jobs taken by illegals shoud be feeding the familiies of the American working class who are now jobless..

Many of Clinton's private speeches speak of her dream for free trade and open borders in every country on Earth. In many of her speeches to the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business, Democrat and (according to Hillary, a small number of socialist) Republicans [RINOS] are now fighting an all-out war against national sovereignty which is guaranteed to every US citizen by the Constitution of the United States of America. Think about that statement, and the ramifications of hearing those words coming from the mouth of a candidate for President of the United States. Scary, isn't it? Scarier yet is that many of the people reading this at this moment are planning to vote for Clinton. Revealing un-American comments like this one by Hillary Clinton may be the reason Barack Obama is planning to launch a cyberattack against Russia on the belief that Vladimir Putin was hacking Hillary Clinton's computers when, I understand, you didn't need to hack into it. Because of the loose security, all you had to was just sign in, please.

Depending on whom she's talking to, Clinton holds opposite views simultaneously on public and private positions. I know this doesn't surprise you since Hillary Clinton is a political chameleon whose "hard held" views are subject to change based on the wealth or influence of the person she's talking with—or when they are voters at demographically-profiled rallies to make sure Hillary doesn't say something Tea Party-ish when she's speaking to socialists. Or, at times, when she slips and admits she's not always candidly honest with constituents about her views—particularly when her views conflict with the majority of the voters (which they usually do since only 30% of the voters are socialists). In one email Clinton reportedly admitted she was not honest with Bernie Sanders' constituents on the issues with which they disagreed. In the same email she admitted she was out-of-touch with ordinary Americans and "far removed" from middle class life. Concluding the admittedly tell-all email which was sent, it appears, to someone in the financial community, she justified the bankers' role in the 2008 financial meltdown as an "oversimplification," and understating the culpability of the Democrats in the hip pockets of princes of industry and the barons of banking (who controlled the votes in Congress because Congress made it legal for the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business to bribe them by funding their elections to office).

When speaking to middle class Christian Americans, Hillary makes sure she sells them her Methodist roots—palming herself off as a God-fearing Christian woman when in fact, she's an agnostic globalist who understands that the Democrats will never be able to dissolve America's constitutional republic until the left disavows and outlaws the worship of God in America as a form of the worst kind of racism, in order to convert the United States into a secular state.

In one Clinton email she talked about planting "the seeds of political revolution" in what she described as the "medieval dictatorship of the Roman Catholic Church." (It may shock you to know that the Muslim world described Catholicism in precisely the same words. When you view the unconstitutional inroads Islam has made in the United States since 2009 it doesn't take someone with the IQ of a genius to realize that the Islamofascists and socialists within the US government bureaucracy have already successfully subverted America from within. The left is making it very clear that the government bureaucracy will literally destroy any institution in the country which refuses to be subverted.

If you think that's an overstatement or erroneous, you need only ask retired and militarily defrocked US Navy Chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Gordon Klingenschmidt who was court-martialed for praying in Jesus name after being ordered by the Dept. of Defense not to mention Jesus in prayer because it's an affront to the Muslim world. Klingenschmidt was reduced in rank from Lt..Commander to Lieutenant and discharged from the US Navy. His lawsuit against the Navy reached the Supreme Court earlier this year. They declined to hear it.

Clinton uses BleachBit to erase her illegal email server. When Congressman Trey Goudy accused former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of scrubbing her email server clean in 2015 to erase illegal emails in order to escape scrutiny by Congress, the FBI and the Justice Department. Hillary responded to Goudy's accusations when a late night talk show host asked her if she had scrubbed her hard drive. She flippantly told the Fox News correspondent who asked: "You mean with a cloth, or something?" This was pure arrogance from a woman who has spent much of the last 30 years breaking one federal law after another—laws, if you or I committed, would place us behind bars for upwards of the rest of our lives.

On August 26, 2016, Andrew Ziem, an applications developer for IT products issued a statement to the media, bragging that a program he had developed, BleachBit™, completely erases all deleted files from the computer hard drive (making BleachBit™ one of the most "in demand" computer application programs in the country). When files are normally deleted, only their entries in the hard drive directory are erased. The core data remains behind, still intact. Which is how law enforcement agencies retrieve damning deleted data and convict porn peddlers, criminal hackers—and politicians. (Unless that politician is worth more to the princes of industry and barons of banking and business committing the crimes the Money Mafia needs committed for their to achieve their ultimate goal of world government. The Money Mafia wins. The politician, who is paid handsomely by the Money Mafia wins, too. Only the taxpayer who votes, loses.

By the way, Andrew Ziem, the co-founder of BleachBit, Inc. told Stuart Varney on Fox Business News' Varney & Company that although Hillary's servers are now squeaky clean, the possibility exists of still finding that data—if the FBI or the Justice Department finds, and seizes the computers of those who were regular recipients of Hillary's private emails. Me? I would begin by seizing every computer at the Clinton Foundation. But, if the subpoenas were served by the Justice Department, I doubt that anyone would have found a single byte of data on any of the seized computers.

In an agreement that amounts to criminal collusion by the FBI, Director James Comey agreed to allow the computers and Blackberries used by former Clinton's State Dept. Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and former Clinton campaign staffer Heather Samuelson to be destroyed in the immunity deal offered to both of the Clinton associates not so much to protect Mills and Samuelson but to shield Clinton from the laws which render her ineligible to run for political office for the rest of her life.

Whether true or not, the Wikileaks word is out that both FBI Director Comey and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch were reportedly paid six digit "thank yous" for clearing up what could have been a major political embarrassment not only for both Clintons, but also for Barack Obama and a host of America's invisible 1%ers. Embarrassment aside, those who are "too big to fail" are also likely to be too important to go to jail.

Clinton was for TPP before she was against it. Once again, she's for it because the princes of industry and barons of banking and business are for it—and that's a group that fills the coffers of the Clinton Foundation It's hard to imagine that even one Bernie Sanders supporter actually believed Hillary's lies when she clamed she was against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but most of the socialists in this country (totaling about 30 million imbeciles) did. When she wants to, Hillary can sound like a card-carrying communist because as a Saul Alinksky protege she believes in the rules for radicals—conquer from within. Clinton was a Yale law student in 1970 when several members of the Black Panthers (including Bobby Seale) were charged with murdering Alex Rackley whom they believed was a police informant. While several books have been written which suggest Hillary had already passed the bar and was a practicing attorney who defended Seale, urban legends grow on their own because when "legends" becomes fact,everyone prints the legend. Yale professor Tom Emerson formed a student observer group in which Clinton theoretically attended the trial every day and observed, according to Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, to report civil liberties violations by the government to Emerson so his class could discuss them.

Wikileaks-leaked emails reveal Hillary Clinton was not happy campaigning to Bernie Sanders supporters as being opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership in order to fool the labor union bigwigs who oppose such trade deals even more today than they did with the passage of NAFTA in 1993. When Clinton had to compromise her hard-held globalist views for the "good of the effort," Clinton staffers alluded to Clinton's "integrity" (something she has never truly possessed) as "poker chips"—a commodity you use when you're "playing the game." When you're bluffing, you need to spend a little bit of that political capital to win. It was a sacrifice that needed to be made in order to keep the "Sanders insurrection" from happening.

Obama's "punk politics". Because neither Obama nor any of his chief advisors know anything about global politics let alone national or even local politics, its clear that any one single Bill Clinton lieutenant brought more cohesive political knowledge into Obama's West Wing than all of the collective non-political office holders Obama selected because the only backgrounds they offered were as either far left street organizers or radical Muslim extremists. Remember Major Nidal Hasan—the Fort Hood shooter? In addition to 12 US soldiers he killed, he also killed one civilian and one umborn baby. Turns out that Major Hasan was part of Barack Obama's transition team in 2009. He was selected to help hand-pick the key cabinet members of the incoming Obama Administration. Now you understand why Obama insisted on calling the Fort Hood massacre work place violence and not an act of domestic terrorism.

As terrible as Hillary Clinton is as a person and as inept as she is as a human being, she still had an edge over Obama when it comes to making cogent foreign policy decisions. Her's, of course, are based on the size of the contribution to the Clinton Foundation and have little, if anything, to do with whether or not the decision benefits the United States of America. Obama, on the other hand, practices "reversal politics." While Obama has a group of seasoned staffers who appear in the foreground of the White House activity, he also has a subset of advisors who have his ear far better than his Secretary of State did. They are all Islamic. And, you can bet that they are focused on doing not what's best for America's 50 States, but what's best for Islam's 57 states. Fopr that reason, the almost invisible team of "punk politicans" (young street urchins and hard core Islamists in the West Wing who have Obama's ear convinced him that the way to turn the economy around is do the opposite what George W. Bush did. That's why the American people—particularly Obama's core constituency—is suffering more today that they have since the 1950s.

Queen Hillary plans to use an Executive Order to erase the 2nd Amendment. In the latest Wikileaks release was an email from Hillary Clinton's press secretary, Brian Fallon (dated Oct. 10, 2015) to Hillary about the kinds of gun control laws she will enact using Executive Orders if she becomes President. In the email, Fallon said: "...Circling back around on guns as a follow-up to the Friday morning discussion: the Today Show has indicated that they definitely plan to ask about guns, and how to have the discussion be more of a news event than her previous time discussing guns, we are going to do background reports tonight on a few of the specific proposals she would support as President—universal background checks, of course, but also closing the gun show loopholes by Executive Order and imposing manufacturer's liability..." Fallon then mentioned a Twitter comment from John Anazalone referencing what appears to be an email attachment: "...Here is the interview last night on tragedy/guns I referenced on the cell where he posts on gun manufacturers' liability. He also keeps using the term 'sensible' gun legislation."

Veritas undercover operative James O'Keefe engaged Amy Rao, a friend of Hillary Clinton's and the hostess of the fund raiser for Sen. Russell Feingold [D-WI]. Rao told O'Keefe that Hillary wants to shut down the gun industry. O'Keefe replied: "She wants to shut it down? You think she will?" Rao answered: "If we can get guns away from everyone in this country, she'll close the loopholes and get rid of assault rifles—and she'll get rid of being able to buy, you know, unlimited bullets. She's going to make all of that stop. Hillary wants to do it. If anyone can do it, she will do it."

O'Keefe then referenced Feingold's position on guns to Leah Russin, saying: "I don't get why he would defend handguns." Russin, a Feingold supporter replied that "...He wants to be elected. He's from Wisconsin. I wanted him to be stronger. Nobody needs a frickin' handgun." In politics, Democrats are always liars. Even the honest ones. To Russin, one comment: when the criminals are the only ones with guns, robbery, rape and murder increase expotentially. When the UN Small Arms Treaty was rafified by a majority of the industrial nations, violent crime did not drop—it increased ten to thirty-fold in every nation which disarmed it law-abiding citizens.

When the US Supreme Court ruled on US v Miller 307 US 174 in 1939, US Supreme Court Associate Justice William O. Douglas (an FDR appointee ruling on a case dealing with the death of Chicago mayor Anton Cermack and the attempted assassination of Roosevelt) noted on the record that "...based on the privileges standardized by the States in the 18th century..." (which was, and still is, the superior government of the United States) "...the general public—not the State-controlled militias—has to be as well-armed as its central government since the people, and the States, view the federal government as much, if not more, a threat to liberty than any foreign intruder on American soil." That ruling by the high court in 1939 explains why the highest court in the land defends the inherent right of its citizens to own firearms—and the ammunition that makes the firearm more than a fancy club.

The attempt to disarm every civilian on Earth has nothing to do with the need for a safer world. It has to do with politicians, who are in the pockets of the world's wealthiest industrialists and the barons of banking and business, who fear their own citizens. When government fears the citizens of the realm, disarming them is imperative.

That's why it shouldn't have surprised anyone when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton quietly, and with no media fanfare, unobtrusively and unconstitutionally signed the UN Small Arms Treaty Resolution on May 19, 2010 as the American people were preoccupied with the sludge in the Gulf of Mexico contaminating the shoreline of Louisiana with oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil platform disaster.

According to US law, all treaties must be ratified by the US Senate before they are signed by the President of the United States. The signature of the Secretary of States, while indicative of the intent of the nation to sign and ratify the document is preliminary, but not binding on the signatory nation until it is signed by the head of State. However, under the common law of Europe, based on Emil de Vattel's Law of Nations, while the signature of a nation's emissary does not legally bind the nation to the contract, it does obligate that nation to act in accordance with the terms of the treaty until such time as that nation's Senate or Parliament accepts or rejects the treaty. If the Senate fails to act on the treaty by either ratifying it or rejecting it, the signature of the Secretary of State will perpetually bind the nation to the terms of the treaty. In this instance, the US Senate rejected the UN Small Arns Treaty. Thus, it is not binding on the US goverment—except in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's minds.

The globalist princes of industry, barons of banking and business battle to win the war against the peoples of the world who do not want their nations merged into a stateless cauldron that serves the financial interests of the wealthy few but is detrimental to the best interests of 99.999% the people who will resist those efforts until the means to do so are taken from them. StateDept-Pub_7277Which, of course, was the reason for 1955 efforts of the United Nations, based on plans structured by the Council on Foreign Relations to ban the private ownership of guns worldwide, and the reason for the Kennedy-era State Department Publication 7277 which outlined the plans to not only disarm all of the nation-states of the world, but all of the people of the world as well.

Hillary Clinton's signature on the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty Resolution was the first step. One hundred fifty-two nations—including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on behalf of Barack Obamasigned the resolution that established 2012 as the date when the nations of the world would vote to strip the American people of their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. When the Global Gun Ban Treaty was formalized by the UN General Assembly, if ratified by all member States—including the United States, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution would have been breached. Fortunately, not even Obama's Democrats voted to disarm the American people. If Hillary is elected, the Money Mafia which will have elected her, will insist that the American people be disarmed. When the American people are gunless and unable to fight, Hillary Clinton's BleachBit software program will then scrub away what's left of the Constitution of the United States. Good-bye America. Welcome to the Orwellian 1984.



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