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D160905.jpguring what was meant to be bipartisan photo op at the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York on Sunday, Sept. 11 HIllary Clinton was caught in another of those increasingly harder to explain "Hillary Moments." But her "caught on camera" abrupt departure from the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony in New York on Sunday, Sept. 11, was supposedly due to the fact that, theoretically. she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia a day earlier. Adding to the pneumonia puff, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said Secretary Clinton was dehydrated from the heat and was feeling faint (that part is true). News video clips show Clinton barely able to walk as she was helped back to her limo by Secret Service escorts on either side, holding her up. She collapsed just as her escorts were preparing to help her into the van. As she fell, Secret Service agents huddled around her specifically to prevent the news media from taking pictures of her curbside collapse.

As the cordon of Secret Service bodies shielded her, you could catch a momentary glimpse of an undignified presidential candidate crawling into the vehicle, leaving one shoe behind. Before the limo sped off to Chelsea Mezvinshy's apartment, key Democrats and big money donors who, while willing to vote for Clinton, still find her deceptive, a liar and someone who is not trustworthy, were now suggesting it was time for Hillary Clinton to step down and allow a healthy candidate to finish the race.

Many of them were asking themselves, when they learned the limo wasn't taking the Secretary to New York Presbyterian Hospital where a wealthy woman with a life-threatening case of pneumonia would go? Once again, words like "dementia," "Alzheimer's," "cerebral palsy," "Multiple Sclerosis," and "Parkinson's Disease" were being bantered about.

In addition, many were wondering why Clinton would go to her daughter's New York apartment instead of the best hospital in New York—which only made people more suspicious. Instead of going to the hospital to attend to her high-profile patient, Dr. Bardick reportedly went to Chelsea's apartment where she issued a press release stating she had diagnosed Hillary with pneumonia on Friday during a routine examination for coughing-related allergies, adding that, on 9/11 she found the Secretary was dehydrated. Bardick summed up her statement by saying that Mrs. Clinton was now rehydrated and feeling fine. That was one of those statements which made people who saw Clinton crawl into her limo, wonder what illness she really had. Most were becoming increasingly convinced it was neither pneumonia nor dehydration.

At a Hillary Clinton rally in Las Vegas on Aug. 4, 2016, Clinton had another of her "caught on camera" seizures with a near collapse before the TV cameras A man described by the media as "a Secret Service agent" rushed on-stage and steadied the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. In all likelihood the man was not a Secret Service agent at all but a medical doctor. after Epi-penIn his hand, concealed from the view of the audience, was an epi-pen containing diazepam, more commonly known as Valium®. Valium® is a benzodiazepine drug used to treat a range of nervous system disorders, most commonly anxiety, muscle spasms and it is the first line of defense to stop seizures and muscle spasms.

Once on-stage, the man took Clinton's hand and injected the diazepam, patting her on the back and softly assuring her "...It's okay. Keep on talking, we'll handle it. We aren't going anywhere." When he spoke those reassuring words, Hillary replied, "Okay, I'll keep on talking."

You may have seen Hillary Clinton have a seizure on stage at any number of campaign speeches, and also saw this man (above) hurry to her side as the entourage of Secret Service agents which partially surround her, got out of his way. Hillary-VegasThe seizures may appear in a variety of ways from loss of balance, to slurred speech, to body tremors or head twitching, fainting, coughing fits, recurring deep vein thrombosis (blot clots in veins in muscle tissue.)

If you watched the news clip of the Las Vegas rally on Aug. 4, and the lightening quick rescue by the doctor pictured above, left, you may remember that Hillary was not wearing a white pant suit in Las Vegas, she was wearing a blue one (pictured here in the clip from that speech if you wish to click on this hyperlink). Why is that important, and who cares? It's important because the Las Vegas speech was not the first time Hillary either had a seizure while speaking, or fainted while speaking, or had a coughing fit while speaking, or experienced the bizarre facial expression escapade complete with quirky head jerks which made her look like a political clown on her way to a liberal jestor-fest.

The Twitter feed, viewed by thousands of potential voters on social media (until Hillary Clinton's liberal political friends in the mainstream media talked to their friends in social media) and simply erased the tweets. More importantly, as Hillary Clinton erased all of the factual information about her use of a private internet server to disseminate top secret, secret, classified and confidential information over an unsecure server in direct violation of federal law during her entire time as Secretary of State. She cross-communicated and shared hundreds if not thousands of classified documents with the Clinton Foundation and with Clinton Foundation donors in predator nations, and with her predator husband (who no longer enjoys predator presidential top secret access). Bill Clinton told the media that since Hillary became Secretary of State he'd received maybe two or three emails from her.

When FBI Director James Comey first announced that the FBI had chosen not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for violating 12 federal laws governing the privacy of thousands of classified documents and the destruction of thousands more, the American public was convinced Comey was simply following "orders" from the White House to conceal information that would have likely also implicated not only Obama but other State Department and Executive Branch officials. If Clinton was guilty of violating 18 USC § 2071, then Obama, who "enthroned her" and both the current US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former AG Eric Holder may also be found to be complicit.

After suggested that the Secretary of State was not sophisticated enough to understand she was violating national security when she sent and received classified documents back and forth on one of four different unsecured servers. She told Comey she didn't realize the letter "C" that began any classified paragraph in the documents meant "classified.") Would Hillary Clinton who spent eight years as First Lady of the United State (i.e., co-president), not know that? Comey should have asked Hillary one more question. He should have asked her why, if she didn't realize she was doing something so illegal that being convicted for violating 18 USC § 2071 would ban her, for life, from ever being employed in any job in the federal government—even that of a file clerk or an administrative assistant for the file clerk, why did she smash all 13 if her Blackberry™ cell phones with a hammer? Because among those jobs 18 USC § 2071 prevents you from holding is the office of the President of the United States. We, the American people, have just about two months to drag HIllary Clinton, kicking, screaming and lying, before a federal judge for violating 18 USC § 2071.

Clinton not only violated 18 USC § 2071, she also violated 11 other federal laws dealing with mishandling federal documents: 18 USC § 371, 18 USC § 641, 18 USC § 793. 18 USC § 798, 18 USC § 1031, 18 USC § 1343, , 18 USC § 1346, 18 USC § 1505, 18 USC § 1519, and 18 USC § 1924. and which prohibits anyone convicted of this crime from ever holding any job in the federal government—including the job as President of the United States)

You can bet that if Donald Trump accidentally divulged, in a press conference, just a smidgeon of something boringly classified or maybe interestingly confidential from one of the government briefings he is now privy to, the Clinton Campaign would immediately argue that Trump was no longer eligible to continue his run for the Oval Office for violating USC § 2071—before being charged for that crime, or without yet being found guilty. PetraeusIf you recall, when Obama's CIA Director, four-star Gen David Patreaus loaned his private journals detailing his military career (which contained a considerable amount of classified data) to his former mistress and biographer, Paula Broadwell, who used some of the confidential data from the General's journals to embellish the book she, herself, had to have a ghost writer write.

Found guilty of violating USC § 2071, fined $40,000 and sentenced to two years on probation, Petreaus can no longer serve in the US military nor can the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs hold any job in the federal government.

Yet, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, very deliberately disseminated thousands of pages of classified material over an unsecured server to people without the required clearance to read those communique in direct violation of federal law—not because she didn't know better, or because no one "trained her" for the job of Secretary of State, but because she knew she was violating 12 federal laws—one of which would keep her from every being able to run for any job in the federal government, particularly President of the United States—and, for that reason more than any other, she didn't want to get caught. Which, once more, was why Hillary smashed 13 Blackberry™ cell phones to smithereens with a hammer.

Hillary Clinton's political allies—the invisible rich who control the political slant of the published views of the 25 largest and most powerful leftwing newspapers in the country together with the leftwing TV networks: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC whose news views are artfully slanted by a cabal of the nation's wealthiest princes of industry, barons of banking and the courtesans of commerce who hold the sufficiency of financial power that the media will slant of the news to suit the societal agenda of the money mafia.

The Clintonesque media defended Hillary Clinton's lies even when the evidence she tried to destroy kept reappearing to prove she lied. The left dismissed her fabrications as a sort of Reaganese memory fade (minus the Alzheimer's from which President Reagan suffered in his latter years.)

Appearing on 790 AM KABC's "McIntyre in the Morning," a board-certified internist, Dr. David Andrew Pinksy (a talk show host on Headline News known as Dr. Drew Pinksy), while never having met Hillary, compulsive-behavior-videodiscussed her health issues at length with another physician, Dr. Robert Heisinger, an internist-pulmonologist, on his own KABC talk show in the first week of August, 2016. Pinksy and Heisinger reviewed what medical evaluations were released by Clinton personally and also based on the reports her doctors released. The two arrived at some startling conclusions, and, in part from video cuts from TV news, Dr. Drew said they were both "gravely concerned" not just about her health, but her health care as well. Pinksy noted that "...if we were providing the healthcare that she was receiving, we'd be ashamed to show up in a doctor's lounge," adding that Clinton was receiving "...sort of 1950-level care by our evaluations." Or, Clinton was lying not only about what her specific medical problem was, but what her medical team was doing to alleviate what appears to be a myriad of serious medical problems.

Pinksy continued by saying that in addition to deep vein thrombosis, Hillary also suffered from hypothyroidism for which she was being treated with ArmourThyroid (an over-the-counter health food store supplement made from the extract of desiccated bovine or porcine thyroid glands). Pinksy commented that the supplement was "...very unconventional and something we used to use it back in the 60's—and, by the way...wow! ArmourThyroid sometimes had some weird side effects." Like, maybe, losing excess weight? Long before the FDA and chemical health supplements, one of the standard treatments for underactive thyroid glands was ArmourThyroid—thus, Pinksy's loose lip slip about 1950-level care. ArmourThyroid may have been just a little premature. Same with his remark about Clinton being on Coumadin™ (warfarin®), the oldest and safest blood thinner on the market. His comment? "So, she goes on Coumadin™ which really isn't used anymore. Now we use Eliquia™ or Xarelto™, things like this. Certainly the presidential candidate would get one of the newest anti-coagulates..."

NOTE: Warfarin® is the safest blood thinner on the market. I know of one lawsuit filed against Coumadin™ (warfarin®, a recall by Bristol Myers Squibb on extra-strength 5 mg tablets / 1,000 count bottles / Exp. 9/30/2012). The law firm handling most of the Coumadin™ claims announced in 2012 they were no longer accepting clients wanting to file actions against Coumadin™. Yet, there are active class lawsuits against Eliquia™ and Xarelto™ which Pinksy cited as the newest generation of blood thinners on the market that smart doctors prescribed.

"...Then she falls, hits her head, and as a complication of that, has something called a transverse sinus thrombosis. This is an exceedingly rare clot. I've only seen one of these in my career—a clot in the collecting system for the cerebral spinal fluid, and it essentially guarantees that somebody has something wrong with the coagulation system. Well, she has two transverse sinus thrombosis clots...And, by the way, ArmourThyroid is rarely associated with hypercoagulability. So, the very medicine the doctors are using may be causing this problem (because) they're using an old-fashioned medicine to treat it...There ought to be some sort of standard for people who are going to lead the country...(and make) these important decisions."

Eight days after making his impromptu diagnosis, Headline News fired Dr. Drew who additionally made the remark about Hillary requiring prism glasses (after falling in 2012), with an addendum commentary that when Secretary Clinton was hospitalized with heart problems in 2012, her cardiologist did an old-fashioned screen. It was, Pinksy noted, "...like she was getting medical care from someone she met in Arkansas when she was a kid." Dr. Drew and Dr. Heisinger fueled the speculation that the 2012 fall which triggered the transverse sinus thrombosis behind her ear suggesting what Hillary has "...is brain damage, and its affecting her balance." Which is why, Pinksy surmised, Secretary Clinton was wore prism glasses.

A New York ophthalmologist, Dr. Marc Werner, told Fox News in 2014 that when Secretary Clinton testified before the Benghazi Committee she was wearing Fresnel prism eyeglasses which are generally prescribed, according to Dr. Werner, to patients who suffered severe concussions or a stroke. Fresnel lens are prescribed, usually temporarily, during recovery from a stroke or a severe concussion, because the patient has double vision. (Imagine going to a 3-D movie in the 1950s or 60s without the benefit of the blue/red 3-D glasses. What you would have seen on the screen without them is what Hillary would have seen without her Fresnel lens—double images. In addition, Clinton also suffered from a loss of depth perception.

Had he thought it through better before adlibbing on 790 AM KABC's "McIntyre in the Morning," Dr. Drew might have concluded that when you're engaged in the type of information subterfuge which Hillary Clinton is famous for—like deliberately lying to the public to convince them she was mentally and/or physically fit to serve in the office for which she was running by fabricating details which might suggest to the public that her problems were neither physically nor mentally life-threatening nor even seriously debilitating when the opposite may well have been true.

Hillary Clinton had her first bout with deep vein thrombosis as the First Lady of the United States in 1998. Her private hospital room looked more like a suite in a luxury hotel that a cardiac care unit at George Washington University Hospital. The room was lavishly furnished with an expensive Early American furniture with a blue chenille bedspread and plush carpeting. I saw the room as a curious cardiac patient at GWUH—not as a patient assigned to that room. This was Hillary's room. I expect the cardiologists at GWUH expected, after seeing Hillary's transverse sinus thrombosis, that she might be a frequent occupant of the Hillary Suite.

Clinton returned to the Hillary Suite sometime around Dec. 13, 2012 with life-threatening cerebral venous thrombosis (under-recognized intercranial hypertension syndrome which causes severe depression and seizures which also cause loss of consciousness). The following day Hillary was transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital where she could be treated by Dr. Brian Greenwald, medical director of the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Center for Head Injuries. Greenwald noted that Hillary's cerebral thrombosis had potentially serious implications, noting that "...the backup of blood flow could have caused a stroke or hemorrhage. Imagine this vein, where all the cerebral spinal fluid inside the head and spine no longer flows through this area," he said.. "You get a big back up and that itself could cause a stroke. In the long-term, the venous system can't get the blood out of the brain. Think of it like a Lincoln Tunnel back up."

According to Greenwald, the clot was probably caused by dehydration exacerbated by the concussion Clinton recently sustained. A transverse sinus thrombosis is a clot in a major vein that drains cerebral fluid from the brain. Greenwald commented that..."the only time I've seen it happen is when people get so severely dehydrated that the blood becomes so thick that it clots," Greenwald added, "It's the long-term effect of a viral illness."

Secretary Clinton was transferred from GWUH to New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Dec. 27, 2012. She suffered a concussion earlier that month after she hit her head when she fainted due to dehydration. Dr. Lisa Bardack of the Mt. Kisco Medical Group and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi of George Washington University Hospital discovered the clot in Clinton's head, behind her right ear, during a routine follow-up MRI that evening. In their press statement, Bardack said: "This is a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage." It was at that point her medical team began treating Clinton with warfarin®.

According to Dr. Neil Martin, head of neurovascular surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center, Clinton's condition could cause a fatal brain hemorrhage or a stroke. His conclusion was that "...the thrombosis or clot in other regions of the cerebral venous sinuses can worsen the situation considerably. The use of anticoagulants to prevent extension of the thrombosis can be a double-edged sword. With even a tiny injury within the brain from the concussion, these medications can cause symptomatic bleeds, such as a subdural or intracerebral hemorrhage." Martin noted that there are both right and left transverse venous sinuses. "If one is blocked by thrombosis," he said, "the other one can take over as a detour. Thrombosis of the other nonduplicated sinuses—the superior saggital or straight sinuses—is usually much more dangerous."

Dr. Keith Black, head of neurosurgery Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said he was surprised by Clinton's diagnosis. "If I was her physician, I'd have to ask why she developed a thrombosis. A very unusual event following a concussion without a skull fracture." He concluded that Clinton very likely has a clotting abnormality since it was a deep vein thrombosis in her leg that put her in the "Hillary Suite" at GWUH in 1998.

"It's likely she will be evaluated for a clotting abnormality," he said. It makes sense for more reasons than one. Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, Hillary Clinton's 82 year old father, appeared to be suffering from many of the same symptoms plaguing his daughter. Rodham suffered a stroke on March 19, 1993. The family did not reveal whether the stroke was hemorrhagic or ischemic. If the clot behind Hillary Clinton's right ear stemmed from a hemorrhagic stroke, she would not have been given warfarin® since blood leakage inside the brain would kill her. Therefore, we can assume if the clot was caused by a stroke, it would have been ischemic.

Let's assume for a minute that Hillary did have an ischemic stroke caused from the clot behind her right ear This might suggest one thing about Clinton—or perhaps two.. First, and least likely, that the transverse sinus thrombosis (the deep vein thrombosis) caused Hillary to become at least partially deaf, requiring Clinton to wear a hearing aid on either her left or right ear. But that's the less likely of the two options since Hillary's people have been doing a quiet search on a drug called Provigil™—a drug which helps keep you awake and mindfully alert. One of its primary uses is to treat Parkinson's Disease. . Among its most dangerous FDA warnings on the label is that Provigil™ can cause neuropsychiatric disorders. Provigil™, Alertec™ and Modavigil™ (dopamine reuptake inhibitors) are used to treat Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy, fibermyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, myotonic dystrophy, narcolepsy and Parkinson's Disease and a group of undefined chronic diseases loosely labeled as chronic fatigue syndrome and, worst of all, dementia. Most of the victims of fourof the above named disorders—Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and dementia —all have one thing in common: serious attention span disorder. And Clinton's closest confidants who are trusted with Clinton family's most closely guarded secrets, are the senior staffers assigned to find the answers to these questions.

On Sept. 5th, Matt Drudge's Drudge Report© was the first to confirm that Hillary Clinton has hearing loss problems. On Sept. 6, Google™ censored the Drudge Report ® and blocked the report. It is more likely that when she spoke at the Commander-in-Chief Forum on the USS Intrepid on Sept. 8, Hillary Clinton was wearing either an earbud (photographed by actor James Woods who was in attendance) or a hearing aid. While I'm convinced the former Secretary of State has a hearing problem, I think, on the USS Intrepid, she was wearing an inductive ear bud, and was being fed verbatim answers to the questions put to her by host Matt Lauer on the MSNBC broadcast—the way actors are fed their lines in live performances..

Woods, a popular conservative movie actor who is accustomed to wearing inductive earbuds, thus he should knows one when he sees one. And, likewise, I'm equally convinced the NYPD knows one when they hear one—interrupting their own chatter. Truepundit.com/nypd apparently picked up that chatter from New York's finest who apparently reported that the NYPD was listening to Hillary being fed her lines. The question is, was Hillary being fed her lines because of a hearing disability, or because she's having problems processing cogent thoughts and formulating intelligent replies? (TruePundits.com has posted a $1 million dollar reward for the release of Hillary Clinton's complete medical history.)

In early September Wikileaks creator Julian Assange released emails from Hillary Clinton's server that contained exchanges between Clinton's executive staff and the National Football League's senior management in 2012 asking for specific advise about Hillary's "cracked head" and, in general, how sports doctors treat head injuries suffered by football players on the field. In other Hillary server emails from August to October, 2011 (which were also leaked by Assange), Hillary's executive staff was seeking information about Provigil™. Hillaery_blinksIn addition, Clinton staffers were also seeking information about pick-me-up-and-keep-me-awake drugs favored by over-the-road truckers to keep them awake on long hauls.

Can we assume, from what we're seeing in what few news clips of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the White house through the small handful of video clips that haven't yet been pulled by Google™ depicting Hillary's very bizarre behavior suggesting the likelihood that she's suffering from some very serious medical and mental problems that will put America in jeopardy from a pernicious wannabe world leader not fit to be a circus side show huckster let alone the leader of the free world.

From the moment Hillary became the Democratic nominee and launched her bid for the White House against Donald Trump, the facial idiosyncrasies, the coughing fits and the sometimes incoherent speech patterns erupted, raising the question: "What's wrong with Hillary Clinton?" Drudge and Brietbart.com went a step further, suggesting the leftwing media was engaged in a coverup to conceal the Diebold-created GEMS.file which covertly steals votes while erasing all trace of the crime.

The DvD "Hacking Democracy" was successfully sued over copyright issues. In the case of Diebold, which needed the movie banned because Bev Harris and her crew conclusively proved that whatever political party controlled the access cards controlled the GEMS.file within the source codes of every electronic voting machine participating in that election. The GEMS.file stole the votes needed to "put the right candidate" over the top, and then erased any evidence of the crime. The left wing of the Democratic Party is now suggesting that since the video, "Hacking Democracy" has now been obliterated, how does the right know that the source code in the electronic voting machines have, or had, the ability to steal votes and then erase the fact that they had done so? Where's the evidence?

Three reasons. First, all of the "players" who participated in the film "Hacking Democracy," if called to testify before a Grand Jury, could not only affirm what they saw; and likely have those portions of the videos to confirm they saw what the saw.If they don't, Black Box Voting will. Second, if they want to see the source code in any working voting machine with the GEMS.file system intact, they can go to any country in the world using an electronic voting system to test it. And third, the theft can be confirmed by the raw election numbers. When the Constitution of the United States was penned, the Founding Fathers wanted to make sure they could prove to the voters that their elections were honest. To do this, by law, the federal government was required to verify and post the following data: (1) the number of registered voters who were eligible to vote in that election; (2) the number of registered voters who voted, (3) the percentage of registered voters who voted, (4) and finally, the number of votes cast.

In 2008, the number of registered voters who actually signed in at the voting precinct and cast votes nationwide was 96,992.000. However, there were 132,618,580 ballots in the ballot boxes, or 35,626.580 more votes than voters. In 2012, 90,682,968 registered voters who signed in to vote cast 90,682,958 votes. This time there were 126,985,809 votes in the ballot boxes, or 36,302,841 more votes than voters. That information tells you fraud was committed. You can erase the cyberprints from the computer, but as long as people are required to sign in to vote, you can't erase the fingerprints of the voters.

But the fact is that Hillary Clinton and the leftwing social progressives in Congress are now calling cybervote theft the "Trump conspiracy theory." That tells you Clinton knows how the game is played—and who's supposed to win. That's why regardless how bad Clinton's health is, she knows if she drops out of the race, she loses a sure thing. In other words, like in 2008 and 2012, the race for the roses was fixed to favor the Democrat.


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