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F150229ifty years ago Lyndon B. Johnson, the man whom history should be remembering as the person who ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedyif the man his private mafia hired in Alice, Texas on Nov. 21, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, had succeeded. Oswald didn't. Someone else did the deed by beating him to the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas where the shooter waited for the clean kill shot. Which, of course, is why the real mafia did Johnson a favor and convinced Jack Leon Rubenstein (known by the drinking crowd in Dallas as Jack Ruby), a nightclub owner, to shoot Oswald. Johnson's Alice, Texas roundtable thought it might embarrass the new president if Oswald, who didn't assassinate Kennedy, spilled his guts and confessed that he was hired by Johnson's political hacks in Alice in Welles County to do the deed because the Kennedy Brothers were planning to dump Johnson..

When Johnson and Kennedy returned to Washington, DC, Johnson was supposed to find himself with the choice of either resigning or facing impeachment. Instead, Johnson returned to the nation's capital as the 36th President of the United States. Instead of Johnson's resignation or a Congressional press release about his forthcoming impeachment, every newspaper in America on Nov. 23, 1963 lamented on the loss of a beloved president.

As the 36th president on April 11, 1965 Johnson signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act [ESEA]. It was the most far-reaching usurpation of federal authority over education to date. The 83rd Congress would not make ESEA a permanent law, inserting a sunset clause which would force each Congress, every five years, to reaffirm the law. There was a fear on the part of Congress that allowing the federal bureaucracy to dictate educational standards to the States would strip of the States of a sovereign right. It was the second step in federalizing the education systems of the sovereign States. The first step happened when newly-elected President Dwight D. Eisenhower merged several federal agencies into one, and from that hodgepodge of bureaucracies, the Republican-controlled 83rd Congress created the Department of Health, Education & Welfare on March 3, 1953. Eisenhower tip-toed over the sovereignty barrier, but Johnson, a FDR social progressive (a polite word for communist), triggered a war against patriotism by controlling what children learned in America's schools. That war of words, or lack thereof, has not waned in half a century. From Johnson to Jimmy Carter the federal intrusion into education escalated—in size, scope and, most of all, cost. Since Johnson signed the Elementary and Seconadary Education Act into law, we've seen education escalate in cost by over 375%. In dollars instead of percentages since ESEA was enacted in 1965, federal spending in education has leapfrogged to over $2 trillion dollars a year. That's in federal, not State, spending. That and more is what it's worth to the federal government to control what your children and/or grandchildren learn from this day forward.

I can assure you of two things. First, the cost of education under Obama's Common Core is going to skyrocket at such an unbelievable rate that the money spent on education since ESEA is going to look like chump change. Second, in our evolving public school system, nobody's going to learn nothing. In our princes of industry orchestrated New World Order education system, Common Core will attack the basic core of education: reading, writing and arithmatic.

Some of the views which follow come from well-lettered conservative scholars like internationally-known and respected mathematician James Milgram, Ph.D, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University; Terrence Moore, Ph.D, Professor of History at Hillsdale College; and Sandra Stotsky, Ed.D., Professor of English at the University of Arkansas. She is one of the members of the Common Core Validation Committee who refused to sign off on validating the standards adopted for Common Core because they failed to live up to the promised made by the Obama Administration. Stotsky noted that the US version of Common Core "...is not internationally benchmarked, they are not research based, and they are not rigorous." Stotsky and Emmett McGroaty, a lawyer and the Director of Education at the American Principle Project, are fighting Common Core to make sure that parents once again have a say in what their children learn.

Jane Robbins, J.D., a Senior Fellow for the American Principle Project, an instructor of legal writing at Emory Law School as well as being a lawyer and a published author in her own right, said she had been working on the Common Core project with McGroaty for several years. Common Core, she said, "...is a multi-layered issue [which you discover] the more you get into it, the more you need to be concerned about it. But we've been opposing Common Core because it does what exacerbates all of the problems which have existed that have created the situation in public education which we have now. It recycles all of the failed fads of the past, and it doubles down on them essentially. And, ultimately, it will completely remove parental control and local control in an unconstitutional manner. This will be nationalized education that was never intended by the Founding Fathers."

McCroaty noted that 45 States and the District of Columbia jumped on board when the Obama Dept. of Education initiated the new standards in 2009. "These States," he said, "originally committed themselves to Common Core based on the government's promise of the Common Core—the education standards—would be internationally benchmarked, evidence-based work, and that Common Core would be a high quality product. [Those governors] committed their States to the program even before the Common Core had been developed."

Why? For a share of $4.5 billion in taxpayer grant money that was supposed to help make every State equal without, the Obama Administration claimed, participation from anyone in the federal government. (The Obama White House claimed that only because the education system in the United States was created as an entity of the State, not the federal government. The federal government was not constitutionally given any control over any aspect of education—not through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act [ESEA] of 1965 and especially not the creation of the Department of Education by Jimmy Carter and the 96th Congress in 1979. In other words, the federal government doesn't care that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution reserves the power to control education to the States, the People and the local community. Period. What are the States? What are the local governments? They are pawns in a giant political manipulation scheme. Their rightsthe States, the local communities and the Peopleunder the Constitution are commodities which the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business buy and convert into political assets.

That's why States don't sue the federal government when both federal and the State government officials, paid by the princes of industry, usurp the rights of the People. Why? Because People are human capital. They are the most valuable commodity on Earth ever since the World Bank and the globalist princes of industry and barons of banking redefined the nature of wealth in 1994, redefining People as the most valuable asset on Earth. Not people in the industrialized world where commodities are created and money is earned and spent; but in the third world where the consumers of tomorrow await the completion of the jobs transfer from the United States. And the workers of the United States are being prepared for jobs for in the new "third world."

"A year and a half later the final product of the Common Core came out," McCroaty said, "Common Core failed to meet its objectives. At that point, all the governors and school boards had painted themselves into the corner, and I think they felt it was too damaging to their political careers to get out of it. What they didn't figure was how damaging it would be to the children—and to our Constitution..." to stay in it. Obama's 'one size fits all' education system was not created by educators pledged to provide America's offspring with the best education taught by the world's best teachers, it was created by the worst kind of social progressive Washington-insider "educators" whose role in education is not to teach the next generation of leaders, but to brainwash them.

Stanford professor Milgram noted that, unlike the lettered educators who have had experience in the elementary school system as well as higher education, he had none. His father, who was also an internationally known and respected mathematician, spent his life teaching high school students. For that reason, Milgram noted, when his father was a young man teaching high school students, "...the system was already broken to the extent that when he spent his semesters in the education [system] trying to...be a math teacher, and he couldn't manage it. It was too much nonsense. But, through his life he focused on not only mathematics as a subject and a research in extending it, but also on the teaching of mathematics. And, if we're looking back on his work, he was probably the most effective person who did work in math education in the 1950s and early 1960s in this country. And, that was my background. I had almost no choice when I saw just how bad things were 16 years ago."

Milgram noted that there is a lot that's right in the lower grades in Common Core "...in the sense that there's a real attempt being made to bring things to a level of international expectations, which our kids historically have not been close to. But, even there, where things aren't too bad in Common Core the level, the change in approach is too much to handle all at once." While he did not say it at the time, I believe Milgram felt the schools in England were light years ahead of the United States in mathematics because of the standards applied.

On the Tonight Show on Valentine's Day in 2014, host Jay Leno announced that Kevin Eubanks took a 4th grade science book to the streets of Los Angeles and tested the basic 4th grade science knowledge of tourists (since California tested last in basic educational skills). A teenage girl from Cleveland, Ohio thought that what holds the Earth in its orbit around the sun is the gravitational pull of the moon. A guy wearing a "free sex" T-Shirt from Michigan thought that "puffy" is a type of cloud (as opposed to cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus or stratocumulous. Yeah, I like the puffy clouds, too.) Talking to recent high school graduates from California Leno discovered that the nationality of people who live in Amsterdam are, of course, Amsterdamians and people who wear wooden shoes in Holland are, of course, cobblers. A young woman named Leslie thought the world's tallest mountain was Mt. Rushmore. The girl who thought the moon kept the Earth in its orbit around the sun also thought there were over 100 Great Lakes between the United States and Canada.

In an American history video survey taken in the affluent beachfront community of Hermos Beach, California on Oct. 11, 2011, one of its residents had no idea who the Vice President of the United States was. But then, in fairness to that LA resident, at times I suspect Joe Biden doesn't even know who the Vice President is. But, that's not as bad as the woman who thought the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was the first President. Shocking as it may seem, more than one person could not identify George Washington as the first President, or why there are 13 stripes and 50 stars on the American flag. Or whose image appears on the US quarter. Another man was asked how many letters there were in the alphabet. He guessed. Wrong. He said 27. Another man said 23. None said 26. But that's not as bad as Barack Obama telling an ABC reporter in an interview that there were 57 States the United States—the number of Islamic states in the world. But then, I guess he has an excuse because he was never educated in the United States until he enrolled on Occidental College in California as a foreign exchange student.

The point of this exchange is this: Regardless if the on-the-street video pollsters were asking about the English language, American history, US geography, basic math, science or just common sense trivia, most of those polled were clueless. When asked basic questions about the Declaration of Independence or the Gettysburg Address, few respondents knew about the US Constitution, or what the 1st or 2nd Amendments deals with; or when the American Civil War, or the American Revolution and when or why the War of 1812 was fought. (Several thought they were different names for the same war.) Videos of this type are going viral on the Internet because most of the cyber-audience, which should be alarmed by the lack of basic knowledge about their country and the world, thought the tragedy that cause nations to lose their national identity and citizens to lose their patriotic pride was funny only because the people answering the pollsters were more stupid than them.

What's wrong with Common Core is that the schools participating in the program teach their students how to conceptualize answers without ever teaching them how to arrive at the correct answer—whether the subject is English, mathematics, social studies, science or American history. The dumbing down of American education has been very effective even before the launching of Common Core, a social progressive conference initiated by the Obama Administration in 2009 (which Obama distanced his Department of Education from, claiming politics did not play a part in its creation).

The tenets of Common Core, which were created by the princes of industry and the barons of banking in 1920 when America rejected the Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations. The JP Morgan and Rockefeller oil and banking interests created the Council on Foreign Relations specifically to brainwash and indoctrinate the next generations of Americans to destroy American isolationism and American patriotism. While we can see from the high profile industrialists like Microsoft founder Bill Gates who were the public figures promoting ping the Common Core Initiative and financing the start-up of the program. The Common Core standards were theoretically created by social progressive private education insiders—the faceless Washington, DC bureaucrats who do the grunt work and take the public heat (but never lose their jobs) when Tea Party parents of the children being dumbed-down start asking how the federal government was able to nationalize the public school system when the power to set educational standards is reserved exclusively to the States. What happened here is the federal government bribed the States to relinquish their rights with a $16 billion pool of money

It took the globalists over seven decades to realize the reason they couldn't destroy patriotism was because American patriotism is always tied to religious faith. The stronger one's belief in God, the stronger the patriotic tie. That's why the social progressive attack on fundamental Christianity in the United States military, and the political need of the civilian leadership of US military to ban praying in the name of Jesus Christ in the Chaplain services, took place—and why politicians decided that the active military and recently furloughed veterans pose a threat to the government of the United States. Is the United States government fixing the problem by dumbing down the American people? Is the Executive Branch erasing any patriotic knowledge of the history of the United States? Is the Department of Education preparing the American people for a more subservient role in the socialist evolution of planet Earth where the United States loses it first nation status and devolves into a third world country?

Today 30% of all high school graduates can't pass the US military entrance exam which consists of nothing more than basic reading and math skills. Common Core is the federal overhaul of our educational system with the federal government, working at the bidding of the princes of industry and the barons of banking whose money put them in office. Common Core was never debated in the US Congress nor in any State legislature. Nor did the federal authorities or princes of industry who hired them, nor those in the education system who, also, were never consulted. The one-size-fits-all educational system lacked any involvement from parents, teachers, boards of education, local, county, or State officials. Once adopted, Common Core cannot be altered in any way by State legislators or school boards. Not by law, but by the whims of the taskmasters of the universe.

Common Core standards were created not by the teachers who interact with our children, nor by local school boards. Directly involved in the decision to adopt Common Core were governors, teachers' unions and gubernatoral-appointed state commissioners of education and by the Council of Chief State School Officers—all bought and paid for.with money contributed by the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business.

Presidential wannabe and former Florida governor Jeb Bush [R-FL], the brother of President George W. Bush who initiated the No Child Left Behind program in 2001, was the recipient of a $5 million gratuity from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates was approached by Gene Willhoit, the head of a national group of state school chiefs and David Coleman, the nation's leading advocate the school standards movement who visited Gates and his wife Melinda in Seattle and asked him to finance their effort to fix what they described as a fragmented education system. Willhoit and Coleman not only convinced Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation not only funded Common Core with start-up revenue of $200 million, Gates also bought the political clout needed by reaching into the governor's offices across the nation, convincing them to make systemic, and very costly, changes in the education system of the United States. Several well-respected Republican governors like Jeb Bush, Jan Brewer [R-AZ], John Engler [R-MI]. Mary Fallin [R-OK], Bill Haslam [R-TN], Mike Huckabee [R-AR], Susan Martinez [R-NM],Butch Otter [R-ID], Sonny Perdue [R-GA], and Rick Snyder [R-MI] took the bait from the princes of industry. In addition, former Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist [R-TN], and Reagan Assistant Education Secretary Chester Finn. climbed onboard the Common Core Express.

Funding went to the biggest social progressive teachers' unions in the United States, which included the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association which was originally formed as the National Teacher's Association in 1857. It morphed into the NEA in 1870. Prior to 1906 the NEA was focused on improving both traditional education practices (basic reading, math, science, history and social studies) and traditional American values. The social progressives who wormed their way into our government and into our educational system like worms in a barrel of apples

On Sept. 6, 1901 anarchist Leon Frank Czolgosz shot President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. The bullet lodged somewhere in McKinley's abdomen and could not be found. McKinley developed gangrene and died on September 14. Forty-three year old social progressive Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th president. Communism followed William McKinley's funeral hearse into the Oval Office. Regardless of the reason offered by history's revisionists for for Czologsz's actions, he killed McKinley solely to provide Roosevelt a pathway to the White House.

Although education is the sole purview of the States, in 1906 the 61st Congress (which apparently never bothered to read the Constitution) took it upon themselves to make the NEA a congressional corporation on Feb. 24, 1905, when its existing charter expired. The new charter was voted on, and passed in the House of Representatives on April 2, 1905 and in the US Senate on June 29, 1906. It was signed by Roosevelt on June 30 and became law on July 6, 1906. Roosevelt, like Congress, knew that education was a State prerogative and that the federal government had no authority to establish the curriculum of the nation's schools. For that reason Roosevelt chose to federalize the teachers's union and not the public school system. Through the NEA the federal government would control the curriculum of the public schools by controlling the teachers and the bureaucrats who managed the school systems..

The NEA, which describes itself as a professional congressional corporation protected by Title 36 of the federal code, is nevertheless classified as a union. But, unlike any other labor union, it's not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Instead, it's a member of Education International, which was created in Belgium in 1912 by European leaders who were already visualizing the League of Nations. Initially, Education International was called the International Committee of National Federations of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools. Several other education trade groups or unions were formed throughout Europe at that time, but none of them proved to be influential enough to set education policy in their own nations, let alone all of Europe.

In 1923 the fledgling League of Nations used the NEA as the educational model for the world, basing it in San Francisco to fool the American people into thinking the World Federation of Education Associations was a United States creation, just as Belgium and England would fool the American people into believing that the failed League of Nations was jettisoned and replaced, in 1945, by an American global body called the United Nations when in fact the United Nations was simply the League of Nations dressed up in a brand new red, white and blue suit of clothes. The UN would prove to be even more worthless than the League of Nations. The NEA, on the other hand, proved to be a highly effective covert agent that was able to duplicitously alter the patriotic history of the United States by changing the moral norms of the nation and, with a few subtle politically-correct societal tweaks, make the Judeo-Christian Jehovah-Jirah the villain of the Bible for condemning homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, abortionists and atheists to a fire-burning Hell.

Which is why Common Core is important to the social progressives who appointed themselves the caretakers of the human chattel of the New World Order (i.e., our children and grandchildren). Interestingly, not a single elite private elementary or secondary school or the colleges or universities where the ultra rich send their children have yet, or ever will, adopt Common Core standards. It's not because the parents of those students want their offspring to believe in God and obey the Ten Commandments, but because they don't want their children—the offspring and inheritors of the ruling class—to be part of the "one size fits all dumber-than-mud club."

Keep in mind that Common Core is the federal government take-over and overhaul of the education system of the United States—without the consent of the US Congress, the State legislatures, or even the State and local school boards. How did the Obama Administration get the Executive Branches of 46 States to irrevocably relinquish their sovereign constitutional right to set educational standards? The Obama Administration through the US Dept. of Education essentially bribed the States to surrender their rights by dangling financial incentives and State waivers to the States under Bush-43's "No Child Left Behind" program. And, as noted above, neither the US Congress nor the States voted on the issue—and the States may not adjust the standards they did not approve once Common Core is implemented. Sounds like Obama totalitarianism to me.

In a recent speech at the Center for the American Experiment in Golden Valley, MN, Dr. Charles Krauthammer offered an analysis of Barack Obama that every patriotic American needs to read and understand. If they don't, they will wake up one morning before the Election of 2016 and discover that the Islamofascist Mr. Obama has postponed it—indefinitely. The notes below are snippets from his speech, recorded by LiveLeak. First, Dr. Krauthammer, who is both a medical doctor and a lawyer, is right. Second, being fully forewarned is to be fully forearmed—but only if We The People wake up and acknowledge that the man in the White House is not an American citizen, and that both Obama and his wealthy handlers are doing to the American people what Adolph Hitler did to the German people in 1933-34. And, we saw how that turned out.

In his speech, Krauthammer observed that "...Obama is an intellectual...[who has]...political skills comparable to Reagan and Clinton...The taking down of the Clinton dynasty by a political neophyte was an amazing accomplishment. The Clintons," Krauthammer said, "still don't understand what hit them." What do you expect when you put a fox in the hen-house, expect to see a lot of dead chickens. Krauthammer continued: "Obama has a ruthless quest for power. He did not come to Washington to make something out of himself but rather to change everything, including dismantling capitalism." One of the things Obama campaigned on was "Change." Once Obama stole the office of president the middle class voters began to wonder if the change Obama talked about was the "small change" left in their pockets after the tax-man's visit each April 15. Krauthammer continued that Obama couldn't be straight with the American people because he knew they would never go along with his planned agenda. "He has a heavy hand," Krauthammer said, "and wants to level the playing field with income redistribution..." by punishing "...the achievers of society."

When you study Obama's whole political agenda to become the third Dictator of America and create a two-tiered society with no middle class, the random puzzle pieces of what appears to be unrelated programs are snug-fitting puzzle pieces that go hand-in-hand in the disintegration of the United States. Redistribution and Common Core fit hand in glove. Redistribution lowers the economic well-being of what is currently the middle class while elevating the underclass. However, America's underclass—those, at least, who simply want a "hand-up" and not a "hand-out"—have been learning how to climb the prosperity ladder without too much government assistance since the Republican Revolution in 1995. Redistribution has become less necessary for America's low income working class citizens. On the other hand, while America's impoverished Blacks do not realize it, Obama's redistribution is not intended for them. It's intended to ingratiate an influx of illegal aliens to the Obama Oligarchy. Obama plans to use redistribution to drain the pockets of the middle class—White, Black, Asian and Hispanic—to create two-tier equality. Common Core will equalize the intellect of Obama's new America and soon-coming second world power as redistribution equalizes their incomes—downward.



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