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20 years


ere's a conundrum for you. It doesn't matter upon which tier in the middle class you're perched, you're not doing well this year. And, you likely didn't do well last year, either. No surprise here since nobody who draws a working-stiff wage is doing well today—and will likely do even less well by the end of 2014. As the Obama Administration gleefully slapped itself on back when it reported that unemployment dropped from 7% to 6.9% in January, 2014, they knew that wasn't what the statistics were saying. What the statistics said was that 6.9% of the 25 to 56 year old work force was drawing unemployment benefits. By no stretch of the imagination do those numbers even remotely suggest how many Americans are out of work, or even how many people are job hunting—or those who quit looking for the jobs that simply no longer exist.

Unemployment is steadily rising (although the Obama Labor Dept. doesn't counts those who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits as "unemployed"). The Obama social progressives assume that since we can't live on nothing unless we're sleeping in a cardboard box in an alley, and since the recently unemployed are obviously still living and maintaining some semblance of a residence, they must have some source of income. In many instances today, younger family members are returning to the roost. In other cases siblings who can financially help, are taking in harder-up siblings—as they did during the Great Depression. In the Great Depression, approximately 21.2% of the working age population was jobless (peaking at 43% in 1937, but never falling below16% until war materials production began in 1939). Today, as you will note below, the true unemployment rate in the United States is 37.2%—over twice the average percentage of the unemployed in Franklin Roosevelt's Depression before unemployment fell in the war years [1942-1945]. (We need to correct the revisionists' fabricated view of history. Do it this way: Laissez faire free enterprise capitalism: GOOD. Communism under any "feel-good" name: BAD.)

When social progressive historians paint socialism as something good for everyone, you know they're lying. If that's the prevalent mindset of your college or university, you're in the wrong school. Drop out. If you can't find a university not funded by the princes of industry who are reshaping the world to fit their agenda, you don't need an "education by indoctrination." Get a job and learn success through life's experiences. Street smarts will serve you better today that a socialist education designed to make you subservient to the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business. (Remember this, too. The daddies' and granddaddies' of today's princes of industry were the nation builders who created the greatest nation on Earth. With 8th grade educations or less, the dreamers and mechanics of our yesteryears didn't create the mess today's money barons thrive in as they manipulate the world to fit their business plans of a one world economy.

It's today's social progressive money barons who endow America's ivy league colleges and universities with millions or billions of dollars solely so they can create the philosophical bent needed to brainwash America's youths to march to the beat of the globalist utopian drum. You need to ask yourself, if you are preparing to enter college this year, if you want to be your own person, or someone else's assembly line wind-up toy.

Remember this, too. The day you enter college your brain will still have the appearance of a brand new laptop computer still in the box. The hard drive's still clean. It's your brain. Your laptop. You can install someone else's programs—their thoughts and societal life plans—and accept what the social engineers say is the sole truth you should rely on; or you can do your own research from every source available and decide what makes the most logical sense to you. Fill your gray matter computer with what logically makes sense and chart your own course to success based on what your upbringing and your own intellect tells you is right or wrong. Or, join the greedmongers and sooner more likely than later you'll be standing with the merchants princes of the Earth, peering into the abyss, crying at the collapse of all the world's economies and the loss of the world's wealth—sucked into the black hole of greed that leads to a special place in Hell where the princes of industry will spend eternity mourning, not the loss of their souls, but rather the loss of their wealth.

David John Marotta, a well-known and much respected Wall Street expert and financial adviser to a bevy of middle-class investors, noted that while he does not think the end-of-the-world is just around the corner, he recognizes that the country is in worse trouble than it was during the Great Depression because his economic calculations have verified his worst fears. Obama's unemployment rate of 6.7% is in reality 37.2%. "Unemployment in its truest definition," Marotta said, "meaning the portion of people who do not have any job, is 37.2%. This number obviously includes some people who are not, nor never plan to, seek employment. But it does describe how many people are not able to, don't want to, or can't find, work." (Another 15% of more are underemployed, working one, two or three part-time temp jobs to keep the wolves at bay. In some homes, teenage children pitch in with what they earn from after school odd jobs to keep the lights on at home. By all standards, the Obama economy is far worse than the worse years of the Great Depression.

On top of that, when Roosevelt took office, government domestic spending was less than 3%. In 1933 FDR spent $12.6 billion on domestic programs to jumpstart the economy with his own version of "shovel ready" jobs. FDR spending reached 40% of GDP by 1935. FDR, like Obama, thought he could spend his way out of trouble.

In 2009 Obama was in a lot more trouble. He spent $3.52 trillion. The left, however, calls that spending Bush-43 spending because the 2009 federal budget was prepared by Obama's predecessor. Only, Obama's predecessor's budget, which was to be spent a lot differently, contained $549 billion less than Obama spent. The Bush-43 budget contain 100% of the funds needed to end the subprime mortgage disaster and refuel consumer spending which would have easily jumpstarted the economy if the subprime mortgage collapse had actually caused the nation's financial woes.

Instead, Obama bailed out the banks which financed his campaign, and infused a bankrupt auto industry with much needed cash—giving the labor unions a third ownership in General Motors and Chrysler to repay them for their efforts in putting him in the White House. Deliberately operating from that point without a budget, Obama and the social progressive Democrats who now controlled every aspect of the federal government like a dictatorship, spent what they wanted to spend without regard to the wishes or frustrations of the political opposition. Which means, tell the left to "kiss off" when the leftwing media suggests that Obama's need to spend his way out of the Hell was not his doing, it was George W.Bush's fault.

Why would he say that? Because Obama, like Bush-43, knew that the financial crisis the United States and the industrial nations we're facing was not caused by foreclosed subprime mortgages, but by a tsunami of money streaming to the third world from global bankers like David Rockefeller, Vikrim Pandit, Ken Lewis, James Dimon, John Stumpf and Henry Merritt Paulson, who left Goldman Sachs in June, 2008 to become George W. Bush's and, seven months later, Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary. Paulson's job was to covertly oversee the bank bailout and dole out taxpayer money to billionaire bankers in order to prevent the collapse not only of the US economy, but the global fiat monetary system that infuses the third world global economy with life.

David Marotta advised people who fear an imploding economy to get a gun because the government is not being honest in how it calculates those people who are out of the workforce. Nor is it being honest about our current rate of inflation which the Fed claims is 1.24% when it's actually over 3%. Why would they lie about something so trivial?

Because those two factors create the "Misery Index." It's one of those important economic bellwethers that tell you when government is lying to you. When Americans wake up every morning and go to bed every night feeling like crap, that's misery. You can't explain why you feel like crap, you just know everything about the economy sucks. For example, the key bellwether indicator people watch is the stock market—even if they don't own a single share of stock. When the value of stock rises, the the media tells them the economy is good. When the market tanks, the economy takes a downward spiral. Things are suddenly bad. Theoretically, that's what we had been led to believe. Like a set of weighing scales, there are two sides to the bellwether. When the value of investments rise, traditionally the price of precious metals drops. When the market tanks, the price of gold, silver and other precious metals skyrocket. But what happens when the bellwether doesn't work? What happens when the market plummets and the price of precious metals does not spiral upward? (This one we'll get back to in another piece. It's important right now to look at the liar who's the baton major in this parade.)

If you're lucky enough to be one of the 63% or so of employable working class men and women who still have a job, your income—if it hasn't already—will begin to shrink substantially this year due to the extortion costs associated with the unconstitutional, fraudulently enacted healthcare debacle known as Obamacare, which will bankrupt many of those Americans who are still employed. Remember the nightmare tales you've been hearing in the rumor mill that before Barack Obama leaves office (although a growing number of smart people believe he does not intend to—at lest, not deliberately). He is obligated to pay his debts to socialist billionaire George Soros by collapsing the dollar just as investment banker Stanley Druckenmiller (who headed Soros' Quantum Fund from 1988 to 2000) calculated that the British government did not have enough foreign reserves to buy sterling if Soros short sold the British pound. Soros became known as the man who broke the Bank of England on Oct. 21, 1992, earning over £1 billion when he short sold over £10 billion. In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, Soros did the same thing to Thailand and Malaysia, reportedly because Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohamad, made anti-semitic remarks about Soros, a European Jew, short selling both the Thai baht and the Malaysian rinngit, neither of which Soros possessed. Short sellers don't need to own the currency or the stock they are shorting at the time they sell it. They only need to produce the product they sold at the time of settlement.

Make no mistake. Obama is solidly in George Soros' back pocket. Soros owns him lock, stock and Kenyan birth certificate. In the last three decades Soros has contributed approximately $10 billion to leftwing causes and social progressive political candidates. That's why the only way Obama will leave office is if the GOP can win a super majority in the US Senate and continue to hold it lead in the House this November. (Which means that between today and election day in 2016, the American people have to get rid of every electronic voting machine in the United States and replace them with paper ballots and #2 pencils.)

That will allow the House of Representatives to successfully impeach and remove the man in the White House who should never have been there for the following reasons

Barack Obama is not only not a native born, Article II citizen of the United States, there is no evidence that he is a citizen of the United States of any stripe. He was born in Kenya in a union between an minor girl who could not transmit citizenship rights to her offspring. Obama's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who was an Indonesian Muslim, renounced any citizenship rights or claims Obama might have in any other nation when he adopted Stanley Ann Dunham's son (because in Indonesia, only Indonesian citizens are allowed to attend Indonesian schools).

When Barack Obama was sent to Hawaii after Soetoro divorced his mother, no attempt was made by Stanely Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro to recant the renunciation of Obama's birthright citizenships, nor was there an attempt to apply for US citizenship. Which is why Obama claims a phony birth certificate, a fraudulent Social Security Card and a fabricated Selective Service card which Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has forensically proven to be counterfeits.

Finally, assuming all of the above statements are not true, or don't matter, in 2008 when Obama ran against Sen.John McCain, the Bush-43 FEC reported these election statistics: 56.8% of the 169 million registered voters, or 96,992.000 Americans cast votes in the presidential election. The problem is, the FEC document revealed, on the bottom line, that 132,618,580 votes—35,626,580 more votes than voters—were counted. The media reports that millions of new voters registered to vote and voted for "change." The "new voters" were a fabrication, created by corrupt Democrats controlling most the electronic voting machines in the local precincts. (The majority of all county governments in the United States are controlled by the left.)

The problem with those votes is that no registered voters cast them. There were no voters who were checked in at the voting centers by poll workers to match the votes cast. (Where did these statistics come from? The White House website on Nov. 28, 2009, confirmed by the same form on the FEC website. Sometime between Nov. 29 and Dec. 9, 2009 both documents vanished and a new document, which erased the discrepancies I found replaced the FEC document that is required by law to be posted to provide the American voters with the specific data detailing how many people were eligible to vote, how many eligible voters voted, what percentage of the voter base voted, and the total number of votes counted.

Here's another conundrum for you. You expected to see Gov. Mitt Romney win big in 2012 because you knew America would not be dumb enough to return Barack Obama to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The guy's a monumental screw-up who not only doesn't know what he's doing, neither do the community activists, socialist numbnuts and know-nothings he put in charge of the US economy. Of course, he's still here—but not because he won anything. When there are less votes in the ballot boxes than there are registered voters who voted, you don't question whether or not the election was fair. However, when there are more votes in the ballot boxes than there are registered voters who voted, you have cause to wonder since it is impossible for that to happen. You go to the voting precinct. You are checked in. You receive a ballot. You vote. One voter. One vote. You vote absentee. You mail in your ballot. You are checked in. One voter. One vote. In 2012, 90,682,968 registered voters somehow cast 126,985,809 ballots—or 36,302,841 more votes than voters. Think that was a fluke? Wrong. In 2008 when Sen. John McCain [R-AZ] challenged Obama [D-IL] 96,992,000 registered voters somehow cast 132,618,580 ballots—35,626,580 more votes than voters. It didn't happen because of superior voter turnout. It happened because someone rigged the computers you cast your vote on and the program inside the computer was casting multiple votes for one candidate. Which candidate? Who won? (Hint: you never electronically steal votes unless you're planning to steal enough to win.)

In 2008, the leftwing George Soros bought-and-paid-for-media told us to expect a great influx of new voters since this was the first time we've ever had a serious Black contender for the White House. We were set up by the mainstream media to be prepared for an Obama win. The registered voter turnout nationwide in 2008 was 56.8%. When you get a bevy of new voters, you expect voter turnout to increase, not decrease. You might even expect, in minority voting precincts, to see 70% or 80% voter turnout. Instead, Democrat-controlled voting precincts in the battleground States were experiencing voter turnout in excess of 109% to120% and in one Ohio county, 161%, and the mainstream media treated it like it was something that could happen in an honest election. One voter. One vote. Since every voter is counted when they are given a ballot, it's impossible to have more votes than registered voters

The only way Barack Obama could win an election in Illinois or across the country, is if he was running unopposed, or against a fatally flawed opponent. Obama won his seat in the Illinois State Senate by getting his primary opponent disqualified and running unopposed. Pushed by George Soros to challenge US Sen. Peter Fitzgerald [R-IL] in 2006, the Soros people dug up enough dirt on his opponent's wife and Fitzgerald's penchant for sex with her in public places, that Fitzgerald bowed out of the race. The only person the Republican Party could find to run against Obama was former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes, which was like having no candidate in the race—the only type of race Obama could win without cheating.

The only way Obama was able to prevail in 2008 and again in 2012, as noted above, was through historically-massive vote theft. That fraud amounted to the theft of 35,626,580 fabricated votes cast for Obama in 2008, and 36,299,841 fabricated votes in 2012. In addition, in 2012, the Democrats datamined the GOP voter base in the battleground states and actually early-voted 6,000,000 GOP voters who always vote on Election Day. Interestingly, even after stealing 36,299,841 votes by rigging America's electronic voting machines, he needed those six million votes he stole from the American voters who had a constitutional right to vote them.

So when the bought-and-paid-for-leftwing-media continues to spout the socialist fairytale that Mitt Romney lost in 2012 because he couldn't attract the votes of Hispanic and Black minorities, women, homosexuals and lesbians, and abortion advocates Romney lost in 2012 only because the social progressives fraudulently manufactured 36,299,841 votes that didn't exist by rigging the voting machines. Mitt Romney won the election but failed to get the White House.

So remember, if you want to plug up that black-hole drain that is sucking the life out of the US economy, we have about a year-and-a-half or more to reverse two decades of communist vote-tampering by repealing the National Voters' Registration Act of 1993 that was legislated by the Democratic House and Senate solely to allow illegals, criminals and even minors, register to vote under multiple names with almost no verification that the registered voter is actually a real person.

Second, every State needs to repeal whatever version of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 they enacted, since that law unconstitutionally obligated every State in the Union to convert their paper ballots and #2 pencils to an electronic voting system before the Election of 2004 (convincing the Democrat Party that George W. Bush condemned himself to be a one-term president like his daddy by signing the bill into law). The bill should have been called the "Let the Democrats Help Themselves Win Act of 2002" because while State Election Boards theoretically control the conduct of all elections, the reality is that hands on control of balloting at county level, even with a small shift at county level to the right, the Democrats are still the custodians of a majority of the electronic voting machines in the country 364 days a year during an election year.

And finally, there has finally been an awakening by the American people that if every voter had a photo ID (a pictured driver's license, which every State issues)—which requires a birth certificate or naturalized citizen papers to get—then we'll be on our way back to one voter, one vote. We will achieve it when we outlaw voting theft boxes (i.e., electronic voting machines that allow technicians to program multiple votes for each vote cast for the candidate they want to win. Then do just one more thing, and we will return to the days when we had honest elections, and the person the majority actually voted for wins the election.

The Constitution of the United States mandates—not suggests—one day every four years when the nation's citizens vote for the President of the United States. One week, or one or two months because [a] we're too busy to vote on the first Monday after the first Tuesday in November, or because [b] you need to sneak in the court house three or four times to vote so that people won't recognize you as someone's whose already filed a dozen or more absentee ballots. (In Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008, 19-year old Freddie Johnson was caught several months after the election. He voted 71 times. Precinct officials in Cuyahoga County found over 26,000 fraudulent voter registrations in 2008—months after the election was over and Barack Obama was kicking back with his shoes scuffing up the buffed top of the HMS Resolute desk in the Oval Office

City, county or State officials enact laws that forbid voting officials from verifying [1] the wannabe voter is actually eligible, [2] can prove he or she is who they claim to be—with a current driver's license from that State and a voter registration card from that precinct. The left seems to think that minorities don't have drivers' licenses solely because they're poor. I guarantee you all of them are driving something. Their tags may be expired, but their drivers' license will be current, because if you believe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackon, on election day, every cop in every "red" State in the country is pulling them over.

We've got between now and the end of July to get our State Houses to repeal voting machine laws, and 24 months (leaving room for Supreme Court challenges) to repeal the National Voters' Registration Act of 1993 and the Help America Vote Act of 2002 and restore the paper ballot and #2 pencil in America's voting booths. And, third, limit voting in presidential election years to one day, per the Constitution—to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November—like our ancestors did. If they could get their butts out of bed before sun-up, do their chores and climb in the horse -drawn wagon, or walk the fifteen to 20 miles to town, and vote we should be able to jump in the car and drive the 10 or 15 minutes to the polling place, sign in, show the poll worker our voter ID card and our driver's license, and vote.

If you get all these things done quickly enough, those social progressives in the House and Senate who stand for election in 2014, will be gone. Hopefully, we can replace enough social progressives in the Senate to repeal Obamacare. If we don't get the job done in 2014, if you turn your good ear towards Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC you'll hear that social progressive whirlwind sound, sucking what's left of your paycheck out of your pockets.




Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved