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20 years

It was on Friday, Sept 20, 2013, that the House of Representatives voted 230 to 189 to fund the government through mid-December by completely defunding Obamacare. A day later Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee told Fox News that the Senate should back the House budget legislation due to Barack Obama's delay in the implementation of the employer mandate because, in the view of the left, Obamacare wasn't ready for public scrutiny. Remember also, that the Department of Health and Human Service [DHHS] had already spent over $675 million to put up the website (which needed to be functional by Oct. 1, 2013).

On Oct. 12 they were still frantically stumbling around in the dark attempting to launch the healthcare exchanges where, it turned out, that every American would be required by law, to line up like sheep and shop for healthcare under the adversarial terms of the Affordable Care Act. On October 1, America's healthcare insurance industry was preparing to mail termination notices to over 5 million privately insured taxpayers. On Oct. 12, Chairman Issa told Fox News that "...[e]mployees and non-employees are going to be required to try to find insurance from systems that weren't set up with security capabilities." Moreover, the system that Issa thought would direct citizens to a cornucopia of healthcare insurance options not only wasn't ready for primetime, it wasn't even ready for an afternoon matinee. And, if and when it is, the only movie ready for viewing will be Nightmare on Elm Street—or, more appropriately, Obama's signature law will forever be known as Nightmare on Independence Avenue.

"There really is a reason to delay Obamacare," Issa said. "And, that's really what defunding it for this year is all about...Obamacare is [simply] not ready for prime time. It's about not having it go forward before it's ready." Issa continued by saying that "...what the amazing thing [was] that [the House voted] to provide 99% of all the funds necessary. [But what Obama said] was, 'No, I want a full 100%.' The answer [to that] has to be, 'Well, you're not the...appropriator.' The House of Representatives has that [responsibility.]." In other words, the guy in the White House might want something, but the People, through the People's House, solely determines how much money the government gets to spend because the Constitution says the House of Representatives all by itself—not the Senate and especially not the White House—says what the government gets to spends because the People have to pay it back, out of their own pockets. Government's largesse does not come from its own pockets. It comes from the pockets of the little guy—the working class stiffs who've paid the cost of nation-building out of the pockets of their patched and worn "little guy britches." Because, believe me when I say this, the big donor rich guy already has a waiver. His "big, rich guy" personal plan, and his company's group plan are immune from the DHHS edicts that are going to cripple the rest of us financially as Obama completes the task of redistributing the wealth of the working middle class.

Which is the key reason Obama is still not ready for Prime Time. He's resided in the White House (as of this writing—Nov. 30, 2013) for some 1,790 days. During that time, Obama has spent more of our sweat-of-the-brow earnings than all of the previous presidents before him spent from 1985 until 2013.

Obama hasn't an inkling about what his role as an elected official is supposed to be since the only job experience on his honest resume are the following job descriptions: community organizer, Islamofascist-sociaist activist, Illinois State senator (who ran for office unopposed) and then, as a US Senator who ran against a morally-crippled Republican, Jack Ryan. Obama-backers used the Chicago political machine to have documents pertaining to the steamy divorce between Ryan and his actress wife Teri Ryan unsealed and made them public. Ryan dropped out of the race and...you guessed it—Obama ran virtually unopposed. (Former Ambassador Alan Keyes stepped into the race, immediately committing political suicide by running as a pro-life candidate in one of the four most virulent pro-abortion States in the country. Obama does better with no opponent, but running against Keyes was almost as good. Keyes won 30% of the vote and handed the Kenyan native, Indonesian citizen and Manchurian candidate a step ladder to the White House by giving him enough credibility to made him appear to be a legitimate US candidate for national office.)

You might say Obama was a maybe-elected community activist. He's used that elective office to demonize members of the Grand Ol' Party, leverage corporations, banks and other public institutions that stood in the way of his Islamosocialist agenda. He did pretty much the same thing as a US Senator—only with not as much political clout. As a duly-elected State Senator in 1994, Obama used his community activism skills to lobby Fannie Mae's vice-Chairman Franklin Raines to guarantee the mortgage loans of not-credit-worthy racial minorities with welfare checks as their primary incomes. Raines, through the advocacy of Obama and President Bill Clinton created what became known as the subprime mortgage industry. Thanks to Obama and Clinton, Fannie Mae became the guarantor of subprime mortgages that should never have been issued. In the end, the taxpayers ended up footing the bill. Did that make Obama ready for Prime Time? The Left thought so.

In the November, 2013 Manning Report, emailed to Rev. Dr. James David Manning's subscribers on Oct. 31, Rev. Manning interviewed a woman named Mia Marie Pope who was reportedly a contemporary of Barack Obama's when, as a high school student, he was living as Barry Soetoro with his white grandparents in Honolulu.To his peers in Honolulu in the late 1970s, Obama identified himself as a foreign student from Indonesia. "It was not until Obama became a Manchurian Candidate and received financing from then Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to attend Harvard that every minute of Obama's life, public and private, became shrouded in a cloak of secrecy which Obama, who certainly wasn't anymore ready for Prime Time then as he is now, called that opaqueness "the most transparent presidency in history." Did that diminish Obama's worthiness as the star of Prime Time in the view of the Left? Quite the contrary. In the view of the Left, Obama had become a demigod. He was even better than Teflon Bill Clinton. Obama was able to decree his past nonexistent before he held the "power of edict and decree." When you are a true Manchurian Candidate, the most powerful people in the world throw the shroud of total opagueness over your past to make you become what you never were by making what you are invisible.

As a teenager, Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) might have had aspirations, but certainly no realistic expectations, to ascend to high political office in the United States. Because, as a high school student in the mid-1970s—when the American public school system still taught American elementary and secondary school students US history as well as some rudimentary facets of political science—Obama would have had to know that foreigners who have never applied for US citizenship could not run for, or hold, political office this country. And, of course, his mother and grandmother very clearly knew that only natural, native born, Article II male citizens of the United States could seek the office of President.

And, clearly, everyone in the Obama and Soretoro families knew that Obama (aka Soretoro) failed the Article II sniff test. As a 16 year old Kenyan born, Indonesian-adopted foreigner in Hawaii, Soretoro knew he would never be ready for Prime Time because the price of admission was a US birth certificate—something he did not possess.

On top of that, Mia Pope said, the kids he hung out with all knew that Obama was a pathological liar. "Everytime he opened his mouth," Pope said, "the most outlandish stories would come out. So pretty soon I asked him, 'Barry, don't you ever get tired of lying?'" His lies, Pope told Manning, were self-aggrandizing fabrications that were designed to make him appear to be something he was not. Obama did not have many friends, she noted. He was one of those who hung out on the peripheral edge of the crowd—one of those who "almost belonged"—but didn't. Obama, or Soetoro as he was known to Pope, appeared incapable of ever telling the truth. And, today, Barack Obama has succeeded in doing, what Pope said he always tried to do—appear to be something he was not—and live his lie 24-7.

For that reason, when you examine the media-recorded instances of Obama selling the Affordable Care Act to the American public and, then compare his rhetoric that "...If you want to keep your current insurance, you can keep it. Period. If you want to keep your regular doctor, you can keep him. Period." with the now firmly established fact that Obama knew that the moment Obamacare became the law of the land, every private individual and group healthcare plan would be nullified by the new law. He continued the rhetoric up to the day that USPS mail carriers began delivering the cancellation notices that terminated over 5,400,000 individual healthcare plans because plans owned by post-menopausal seniors did not carry maternity or abortion benefits, and plans carried by 20-something job-hunting college grads and McDonald's manager trainees didn't contain catastrophic end-of-life health coverage and transitional nursing home care.

And, Obama also knew that the bureaucratic AMA was going to wean out the undesirable doctors—you know the ones I mean. The ones who believe the Hippocratic oath still means something in the Godless 21st century to doctors who still believe the primary role of a physician is to save or prolong life, but most of all, to do no harm.

The American people need to understand that the Affordable Care Act like all government healthcare systems is, first and foremost, a people eraser. Old age pension tax systems remain a profitable source of revenue for the governments who create them only until those paying into the system become its beneficiaries.

When the New Deal socialists overwhelmed the GOP, winning a super majority in the Senate and 333 Democrats in the House of Representatives, the newly inaugurated 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt knew that with the help of the princes of industry and the barons of banking, the 73rd Congress had just successfully overwhelmed the republican form of government in the United States—just like the social progressives of the 111th Congress would do in 2009 using the platform to steal elections that was created by the social progressives in the 103rd Congress under the tutorship of Bill and Hillary Clinton's National Voter Registration Act of 1993, more commonly known as the "Motor Voter Law."

In 1935 FDR tried to incorporate a national healthcare provision into the Social Security Act but Congress wasn't buying. Still struggling from diminished coffers due to the Great Depression, not even FDR's socialist magnetism could overcome, in the minds of Congress, the fact that there were millions of people out of work who could not afford to pay premiums for health insurance they could not afford. Unemployment insurance was far more important, followed by "old age" insurance.

On top of that, FDR's Committee on Economic Security feared that including a single payer healthcare system in the Social Security Act, which was opposed by the American Medical Association, would threaten the passage of Social Security—and threaten the reelection of any member of Congress who voted for socialized medicine. Healthcare was excluded from Social Security in 1935 and again from FDR's second attempt in 1939. Roosevelt's last attempt came with the Wagner-Murray-Dingell bills from 1943-45. The three were Sen. Robert Wagner [D-NY], Congressman Reid Murray [D-WI], and Congressman John Dingell, Sr. [D-MI] (father of current House member John Dingell, Jr. [D-MI] who seceded his father in 1955). Jointly, the Dingells have successively controlled that congressional seat for 80 years, from 1933. Originally, they held District 15. It is now District 12. Both father and son are, by every stretch of the imagination, communists even though they prefer to be called by communism's politically-correct name—"social progressives."

Wagner-Murray-Dingell called for a compulsory national healthcare plan paid for with a compulsory payroll tax. Roosevelt's Social Security Charter Committee was evolving into the Committee for the Nation's Health, formed by a group of organized labor representatives, social progressive farmers and liberal doctors who favored socialized medicine. Once again the American Medical Association killed the legislation. Why? First, the private free enterprise, entrepreneurial nature of medicine America made a communist-style healthcare system appear repugnant to the tradition of middle class voluntarism that has made the United States the greatest nation on Earth.

But that was precisely the type of law Obama was trying to pass in 2009. But the Democrats in the super majority 111th Congress knew America wasn't ready to accept a single payer system like the models created in the parliamentarian nations of Europe. There were too many ideological differences between the working middle class in the United States and the socialist "gimme" nation-states of Europe. Opposition from doctors, labor, insurance companies and hospitals took its toll on the will of politicians to risk their political careers. One of the strongest lobbies against the Social Security Act of 1935 was the life insurance industry because Social Security included a funeral benefit which, in the planning stage of the bill, would have offset much the cost to bury the benefits recipient. To get the support of the insurance industry, the death benefit was reduced to $255. In the 77 years that Social Security has existed, the death benefit has never been raised out of fear of losing the support of the insurance industry.

Today the average cost of a funeral is $7,500.00. The surviving family members of a taxpayer whose lifetime earnings averaged $50,000.00 a year, who paid into the system for 57 years and who retired at 72.5 years of age, but died three days after receiving his first benefits check will discover two things. With $426,500.00 (without interest) deposited to his SS account, the deceased will realize $255 for his investment with no beneficiary rights. Shortly after the funeral the family will receive a letter from the Social Security Administration advising the widow they had just tapped her deceased husband's checking account for whatever portion of his monthly benefit remained "unused" at the time of his death. That's right. The bony hand of the government's tax collector will even dig into the pocket of the dead. Who gets to keep the $426,245.00 in unpaid benefits to the deceased taxpayer? You guessed it. Big Brother. But, if you still have one, two or three days, or 27 days of your last Social Security check left when you die, Big Brother will withdraw it from your bank account—even if that's all the money your family has to live on. Or even if it was all spent by the widow paying out-of-pocket to open her husband's grave. What happens then is that every check the family spent since the retired breadwinner died will bounce, adding to the deficit the widow now owes.

Every effort to create a national healthcare system from the Progressives first attempts in the United States and Europe in the 1880s until Hillary Clinton's stealth Health Security Act in 1993 failed. In a minute I'll explain why. But first, you need to examine why Hillary Clinton's failed effort went awry; because that's where Obamacare came from—not from Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Hillarycare. Obamacare. Two completely interchangable words with subtle changes in the bills. Hillary Clinton's Health Security Act failed dismally, but Obamacare was enacted into law. Why? When Hillarycare was entombed in Box #1728 in the National Archive in Baltimore in 1994, Hillary Clinton remarked that she "...did not appreciate how sophisticated the opposition would be in conveying messages that were effectively political even though substantively wrong." Of course, they weren't wrong. The problem with Bill and Hillary Clinton was that they are mentally utopian social progressives. America is not. Hillary's plan was modeled after the Canadian single payer healthcare system.

Obamacare was modeled after both. Like the Canadian system, both Hillarycare and Obamacare gave social progressive minions the right to determine when it was pointless to waste the taxpayers' money providing costly care for chronic or end-of-life medical conditions from which the patient would not fully recover from what was medically diagnosed as a terminal illness. In the Clinton Era, those three most troublesome terminal illnesses were cancer, AIDS and, of course, old age. Under all three systems, old age was considered to be a fatal disease—even if the elderly recipients of Social Security and Medicare were otherwise in good health.

The single payer US Health Security Act of 1993 like the Canada Health Act of 1984 required universal coverage of all insured services for all insured peoples. In Canada, Canadians without national healthcare cards were ineligible to receive any medical care of any type from any medical facility. Initially, physicians in Canada were not allowed, by law, to treat patients even if the patient is amiable to paying for care out-of-pocket. In fact, Canadian doctors who opted out of the national healthcare system were deemed, by the government, as no longer certified to provide care in public health hospitals. Which is why Canadians, like many Europeans under similar systems, come to the United States for treatment for either seriously chronic medical problems or catastrophic illnesses. It isn't because US doctors are better than European or Canadian doctors, its because Europe has the same problem the United States has today. People live too long and they are bankrupting the old age pension system.

Obamacare "premiums" will be based not only on the actuarial risk, but the gross income of the "insured" as well. The middle class will be assessed a fee well in excess of the cost of the coverage. The higher the income, the more egregious the fee. The subsidies Obama alluded to which might be available to those who got "sticker shock" from their insurance company's proposed replacement plan when they received their termination notice from their current insurer will not be available to the working middle class. In other words—you.

What Americans will face under Obamacare as it evolves into a single payer system (which it will if it is not repealed), is what Canadians face every time they need medical care, regardless of their medical history, income or standard of living. Canadians theoretically receive the same access to hospitals and the same medical treatment from primary care physicians as everyone else. But like every healthcare system on Earth, the privileged received privileged healthcare with immediate access to medical tests and even more immediate access to lifesaving medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. The government pays 70% of the cost, and the patient pays 30%—plus a hefty healthcare tax. Like all single payer healthcare systems anywhere in the world, the Canadian system cannot deliver medical services in a timely manner. Most elderly patients and those with chronic or catastrophic illnesses in Canada die while waiting for lifesaving surgeries that come too late, if ever.

In 2005 a 47-year old Canadian physician, Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, one of a growing number of Canadian doctors who opted out of the Canada Health Act, sued the Province of Quebec to allow Canadians to purchase health insurance and medical services in the private market—and be treated by private healthcare practitioners. Quebec enacted the Quebec Hospital Insurance Act which prohibited patients of private practice physicians from buying insurance to cover any part of their private medical costs. The Canadian medical bureaucracy wanted to make sure that common working class Canadians could not afford to go to private healthcare physicians where illnesses were diagnosed and treated within days instead of months..

On June 9, 2007 as the junior Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama, was putting the final touches on what he dubbed his signature legislation to provide all Americans with free healthcare based on the "Canadian model," the Supreme Court of Canada [SCC] ruled on what was known in Canada as the "Chaoulli Decision." As the liberal media in the United States touted Obama's Canadian-style healthcare system as the best thing since sliced bread, there were no headlines in the US media about the SCC overturning the exclusivity of medical care in all Canadian provinces and territories because the Canada Health Act was allowing too many Canadian citizens to die due to what can only be described as deliberate medical neglect.

In a 4-to-3 decision that shocked the political bureaucrats who had ruled Canada's healthcare system with an iron fist and no mercy for those who needed medical care, the SCC struck down the 23-year old law that forbade Canadian citizens the right to go outside the public health system for care—giving Canada's private practice physicians a resounding victory. The dissenting three members argued in the minority opinion that it was not the job of the court to settle long-standing debates between private enterprise and the public health system.

SCC Chief Justice Beverly McLachllin and Associate Justice John Major, who wrote the majority opinion, said: "The evidence in this case shows that delays in the public health care system are widespread, and that, in some serious cases, patients die as a result of waiting lists for public health care." The Canadian high court ordered all ten Canadian provinces and Canada's three territories to make their healthcare systems comply with the Chauolli Decision. The Canadian high court further ruled that Canada's insurance companies were required to create new insurance products modeled after the insurance plans used in the United States. Ironically, this decision came three years before US insurance companies, who should have fought Obama and the communists in the US Congress, climbed into bed with the social progressives who planned to use public healthcare as a devise to euthanize the elderly in order to keep Social Security solvent and prevent the collapse of the US dollar which will bring about the global collapse of the world's fiat money system.

As candidate Barack Obama campaigned as the savior of mankind through his public healthcare initiative, the GOP argued that with Social Security on the verge of bankruptcy, adding the financial burden of a mandatory Canadian-style healthcare system to the back-breaking financial deficit the nation already faced with its pension-liability, Obamacare would do nothing but increase those deficits, collapse the dollar and create a domino-effect that would bring down the monetary systems of every industrial nations on Earth.

To which Obama asserted: that his "...national healthcare system will strengthen Social Security" without explaining how that would happen. We know from indisputable evidence over the last five years that Mr. Obama's whimsical rhetoric is always based on the fantasy of the lie-of-the-moment and never on fact. As Mia Pope, who knew him well, observed, "Everytime he opened his mouth, the most outlandish stories would come out." Obama, she noted, was incapable of telling the truth. America knows that today as well as Pope. "If you like your current healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period." I've seen 28 difference video tapes, in different settings, as recent as October, 2013—even as the media exposed the fact that the Obama DHHS, which wrote the rules that would require insurance companies to terminate roughly 90% of all private sector healthcare plans—of Obama assuring the American people they could keep their healthcare plans if they wanted to, and in the next breath, villainize the insurance companies for sending out over 5 million termination notices to individual policyholders.

Since Obama knew his plan was going to jack up the premiums forced on every American (or have the IRS fine them for not complying—and suspend their drivers' licenses if they failed to pay up when they filed their taxes), he knew if the insurance industry did not cancel those programs, no individual or employer was going to voluntarily drop their individual policies or group plans and enroll in a program that would limit the quality of the care they received while charging them more. The termination of those plans had to be mandatory.

If you recall, when Obama began his 2008 campaign rant on the need for a national healthcare system, his logic was that there were about 30 million Americans not covered by any type of healthcare. Obama argued that government had an obligation to provide coverage for everyone. Obamacare, he promised, would remedy that. On Nov. 14, 2013 the Obama White House announced that when the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented all but about 10%—or some 30 million—Americans will be covered. Excuse me? Before Obamacare, there were 30 million Americans without coverage.

Under Obamacare, there will still be 30 million Americans without coverage. What's the difference? Only the "who" who will end up uninsured. Among, the "who" who should not be eligible but who will be included are those legally not eligible due to their lack of US citizenship. Among the 30 million uninsured will be many who will lose their jobs and homes because Obamacare will bankrupt them by forcing them (or the companies they work for) to subsidize healthcare for those on the bottom tier of the population spiral who possess nothing—least of all citizenship. And, among those 30 million who were not covered prior to Obamacare simply because they didn't want it, not because they couldn't afford it. but, rather, because they believed they didn't need it. These are the people being targeted by Enroll America since these are the subscribers Obama needs.to make the Affordable Care Act at least reasonably affordable. Someone to pay the premiums but young enough not to drain the coffers.

Since it doesn't make sense to knowingly trade 30 million uninsured Americans for 30 million uninsured Obamacare recipients, logic suggests that insuring people is not the real purpose of Obamacare. Obamacare appears to have been designed to serve three key purposes. First, and most important, is people control. Second is to redistribute the wealth of the middle class of America downward to create a single classless serf society like that found today in the third world. And, finally, third and most important, every nation on Earth that offers national old age benefits has to have a failsafe system—a national healthcare system that allows the bureaucracy to correct their actuarial mistakes. Prior to the full court press signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law with the stroke of 22 pens on March 23, 2010, the United States was the only country offering its citizens an old age pension without healthcare. FDR tried to include a single payer healthcare plan in Social Security, but even with a super majority in the House and Senate he couldn't do it. The AMA and the pharmaceutical industry opposed it. The healthcare lobby in the United States was second only to Big Labor. The Democrats on the Hill were not about to risk their political careers to give Franklin Roosevelt a bone. Mainly because there wasn't any meat on that bone for them. In 2009 Obama made sure there was a lot of meat left on the bone for the Democrats who agreed to blindly sell their votes for an Obamacare "aye."

One was Sen. Ben Nelson [D-NE] who received what the GOP called the "Cornhuskers' Kickback as other members of the Senate lined up for deals from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's [D-NV] Obamacare firesale. What did Nelson wrangle for Nebraska? A permanent exemption from Nebraska's share in the expansion of Medicaid (which currently amounts to $4.5 million per year). As Medicaid costs spiral upward, the taxpayers in 49 other States will feel it, but Nebraska will still be exempt. Sen. Carl Levin [D-MI], like Nelson, did the same thing. He sold out for an exemption for non-profit insurers from a hefty excise tax imposed through Obamacare. Senators Bernie Sanders [D-VT] and Patrick Leahy [D-VT] did the same thing, only in the case of Sanders, he got a bigger slice of the bureaucracy pie. He got $10 billion in new funding for community health centers in his State. Pennsylvania's two Democratic Senators, Arlen Specter and Robert Casey got in on that deal. As did New York's Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer and, also, Sen. Bill Nelson [D-FL]. When you feel the bony hand of the bureaucracy in your pocket looking for anywhere from double to five times what your old healthcare plan cost, remember these Democrats by name, and the rest of them who, without a single Republican vote, stuck you with Obamacare. The Democrats are counting on your forgetting by Election Day on Nov. 4, 2014. That's why they put off the real financial pain until after the election. The Democrats know that if you aren't feeling the pain of Obamacare, you won't remember it until you feel that bony hand taking your money to help pay the subsidies for the Democrats who sold their votes for subsidies for their States and for Big Labor which helped muscle the Democrats who voted for the law since they will pay much less for Obamcare than you.

Holdout Sen. Mary Landrieu [D-LA] received a $300 million Medicaid increase for Louisiana. Landrieu is one of those who is now pretending she didn't know there were bad things in Obamacare. The clue that there was should have been the $300 million bribe Sen. Harry Reid had to give Landrieu to get her vote. Reid was under immense pressure from Obama to get the Affordable Care Act through Congress by Christmas, 2009. In reality, what Reid was under pressure from Obama about was just getting Obamacare through Congress. Period. The Senate did not have the votes to get the job done in the upper chamber, and the House of Representatives was waiting for Reid to pass the only healthcare bill in existence before Nancy Pelosi would tackle it. (Pelosi would not agree to tackle HR 3590 (the Senate-refurbished Charlie Rangel [D-NY] Service Members Home Mortgage Tax Act which passed the House and died in the Senate.) Reid gutted all 714 words in the original HR 3590 and "amended" the bill with the 379,926 words found in the Senate-originated HR 3952, creating an Origination Clause fraud. Pelosi would not agree to tackle HR 3590 (the Senate-refurbished Charlie Rangel [D-NY] Service Members Home Mortgage Tax Act which passed the House and died in the Senate.) Reid gutted all 714 words in the original HR 3590 and "amended" the bill with the 379,926 words found in the Senate-originated HR 3952, creating an Origination Clause fraud. Which is likely why Reid had to buy votes to get the bill through the Senate. Every member of the US Senate who voted for Obamacare had to know they voted for a lie. Which makes every Democrat in the US Senate guilty of a crime.

Reid remains unapologetic for his deal-making management style since, in his mind, the process of legislating requires deal-making and, when needed, a little chicanery.. The worse the bill and the bigger the lie, it seems perhaps, the bigger the bribe.

The reality of government and the bad laws it breeds is that in the end, when the bill becomes law, the content of the legislation created by the United States Congress will always deliver the exact opposite of what the name of the bill promises. In other words, the one thing you know about the Affordable Care Act without ever reading it is that when it was signed into law, it was nothing that remotely resembled "affordable." And, in the case of HR 3590, it was nothing that remotely resembled constitutional.

And the guy Obamacare was named after? Whatever else you say of him, or about him, the one thing you can say with impunity is that, Barack Hussein Obama—whom the Left claimed was ready for Prime Time when he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention—is not now, nor ever will be, ready for Prime Time. Unless, of course, its the announcement of his successful impeachment and removal from office on the evening news. Of course, before Obama can be impeached, or before Obamacare can be repealed, the Republicans must take serious control of the US Senate. The American people need to remember what's happening today so when they step into the voting booth on Nov. 4, 2014, and finish the job on Nov. 8, 2016, the usurpation of the free enterprise system by the social progessives will end forever.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved