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It's not enough that the Social Progressives (i.e., communists) in Congress want to create amnesty-green card laws that allow illegal aliens from Mexico to steal even more jobs from US workers, now Sen. John Kerry [D-MA] has introduced the International Professional Exchange Act of 2010 (S.3688) that purportedly will "...establish a two-way professional exchange program between the United States and select Muslim-majority countries to promote career development and cross-cultural understanding for young to mid-career professionals (all of whom, it appears, will be Muslim)." The purpose of the program, according to Sec. 3 (5) of the bill, is to promote international cooperation and peace. As the population-starved nations of Europe are now realizing they made a pact with the devil when they opening the doorway to Europe to massive immigration from the Muslim nations of the world, Kerry is now doing the same thing—making a pact with the devil under the guise of a work exchange program with the Muslims nations which the globalists still think they can bribe into becoming "good neighbors" in the world community of nations.

The Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange, which will play a key role in the exchange program, is a globalist organization compromised of 76 UN NGOs that was framed at the beginning of the Clinton Era as the "New Democrat" (i.e., social progressive) ignored the radicalism of Islam and, rather than treating the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center as an act of military aggression during which radical Islam declared war on the United States, Bill Clinton chose to treat an act of war as a crime. And rather than respond with appropriate levels of military force against the Muslim nations which offered the extremists sanctuary, Clinton used the FBI to "investigate" the "crime."

Clinton's pacifism with respect to Islam caused the World Trade Center encore in 2001. Today, apathy combined with stupidity due to a lack of understanding about Islamic customs after the Muslims are victorious in battle, will compound the tragedy that happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

The 13-story "community center" which the Muslims plan to build at Ground Zero cleared the final hurdle they need to proceed with their $100 million 13-story mosque when New York City's Landmarks Preservation Commission voted 9 to 0 to deny the petitioners landmark status for 45-47 Park Place.

The Muslim American Society, the public face of the Cordoba Initiative insist the mosque, which will be modeled after the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain is actually a community center modeled after the New York YMCA and the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. After the Lower Manhattan Community Board voted unanimously to block the efforts to grant historic protection to the building at 45-47 Park Place in Lower Manhattan, the group theoretically formed by Sheikh Naeem Abdul Wali of Sydney, Australia was one step closer in achieving their goal. (The Cordoba Initiative is a "front" that screens the curious from learning who actually put up the $100 million needed to build the Ground Zero mosque since the Cordoba Initiative Foundation only has assets of $20,000.00. Which means Sheikh Wali is not the backer of the mosque, but the mask that hides the real money source.)

Had 45-47 Park Place, which had been leased to Burlington Coat Factory and is owned by Stephen Pomerantz, been designated as a historic landmark, the building could not have been demolished. The question is, why that building and not some other building in that proximity? Pomerantz's building has been abandoned since 9-11. On top of that, he was asking for $16 million for a building that was unsafe for use even though the buyers planned to tear it down. Forty-five, 47 Park Place is 600 feet north of the South Tower. When the plane penetrated the building, part of its landing gears and fuselage went completely through the building and crashed through the roof at 45-47 Park Place, demolishing two floors. In the minds of radical Muslim, 45-47 Park Place was part of their victory over the Great Satan on Sept. 11, 2001, and is a fitting site for the memorial of that victory.

The group, formed by Sheikh Naeem Abdul Wali of Sydney, Australia (who is American-born Gary Edwards from Crossville, TN), is determined to convert the world to Islam, and convert the legal system of every nation on Earth to Shari'a Law. As Neighborhood Community Board 1 met to discuss whether or not the 156-year old building qualified as a historic landmark, close to 100 opponents to the mosque showed up to oppose any move by the Community Board to approve the demolition of 45-47 Park Place. One of those who came to protest was the former chairman of New York's Community Board 3, David McWater, who told the Board-1 chairwoman, Julie Menin. "I don't know if it's our position to say you're all horrible, hateful people...I understand how people are still upset [about the mosque]." Helen Freedman, who opposed the mosque, called it a "Trojan Horse." It is. Joyce Boland spoke to the Community Board, opposing the mosque. On her sweater was the photo of her son, Vincent Boland, Jr., who was killed in the Twin Towers. Nearly all of the nearly 100 people who attended the hearing opposed the mosque. Nanette Rayman-Rivera, an Upper East Side resident, decried Islam as evil. So did Linda Setlech, who worked at Ground Zero. Eunice Hanson, who lost three family members at Ground Zero and Lee Hanson, who lost family members on 9/11, protested committee members who were actually considering allowing the Cordoba House to be built..

The United States and the rest of the industrial world needs to come to grips with the fact that the Muslim world is not a friend of any non-Muslim nation—particularly one that has close ties with Israel. One need only look closely at Europe to see the validity of that statement. As Muslim populations grew in Europe, Islamist radicalism increasingly showed its ugly face as benevolence towards the non-Islamic host populations was replaced with open hostility and threats of violence against anyone not Muslim. Muslim extremists rioting in the streets of England, France, or the Netherlands became increasingly commonplace as the Islamic populations became more and more demanding that Christian Europe accommodate the customs of Islam.

The first nation to curb Muslim migration was France. Immigrants now make up 25% of the French population. France was smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall. They now pay native white French middle class families to have white French children in an attempt to reverse a frightening trend in one of the two most Catholic countries in Europe—the Islamization of France. What caused the problem? Legalized abortion and a system of governance that encouraged population control. The Muslim world does not condone abortion. Today, the Muslim world that has had to buy its weapons of war from the industrialized nations, realizes it cannot conquer the Great Satan of the West militarily, has chosen to conquer them by populating them with Muslims and taking over their governments through the ballot box and their laws through Shari'a courts.

The June, 2010 elections in the Netherlands shifted the balance of power in the land of tulips and wooden shoes. As the Dutch tired of the growing Muslim threat in their land as Islamic extremists demanded that the Dutch adopt Shari'a law, the electorate had tired of their nation's participation in America's war in Afghanistan and the European Union's lack of economic stability. The Christian Democrats, who held power for eight years lost half their seats. The Freedom Party, which campaigned on increasing internal security in the Netherlands held fewer seats than the Liberals, Labor, or the Christian Democrats, picked up half of the seats the Democrats lost. What won the increased seats for the Freedom Party was their platform—a end to all immigration from any Muslim country and a ban on the construction of any new mosques in the country. The Dutch people, who are tired—and frightened of Muslims—want their country rid of Islamic extremists and the moderate Muslims who aid and abet the extremists by doing nothing to stop them.

It is important to note, and acknowledge, that in the United States and around the world, radical Muslims are a minority in the Islamic faith. Given a choice, most of the Muslims in the world would rather accept those portions of the Koran that teach peace, understanding, benevolence and love, and reject those passages that teach hate and demand retribution on those who do not accept the tenets of Islam. The majority fears the minority. In any European-style Fascist, Marxist, or Islamo-fascist system of governance that is run with an iron fist by a small minority, those in authority remain in control by assuming for themselves the arbitrary power of life and death over their subjects.

The Soviet Union, from the birth of the Bolshevik Revolution, launched pogroms in which the communists killed hundreds of thousands of peasants in the captive populations in Central Europe and northwestern Asia. When the Nazis, a very small minority, took control of Germany, it took Adolph Hitler 39 days to destroy the Weimar Republic and abrogate its written Constitution. To hold power, Hitler (like the Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union) outlawed the private ownership of guns and began the roundup of dissidents who lacked the means to defend themselves. Before World War II ended and the Third Reich collapsed, Hitler's Nazis killed over 6 million people. Most of those arrested never saw the inside of a courtroom. They were shipped off to concentration camps where most of them became part of the "Final Solution." As long as any radical element in any society remains a single digit minority with no political base from which to derive power, they remain closet radicals. it is not until they become 15% to 20% of the population that the radical element becomes vocal, and the demands on the majority are filled not only with threats of violence, but sufficient violence that the public begins to fear them. Fear puts enough muscle in their demands and the governments of Europe have been caving in to them. Expect that to happen in the United States as the Muslim population gets stronger. Americans living in communities with strong Muslim populations are already discovering this to be a fact.

Intelligent Americans are watching the hate unfold in Europe. Those living in communities with only token Muslim representation are thankful that what's happening in Europe is not happening here. But when you have a man in the White House who warned the the American people in his book, Dreams of My Father that he would "...stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction," you know he does not plan to limit Muslim migration to the United States. On June 4, 2009 when he was visiting Egyptian president Hosni Mubarack Resident Barack Obama promised Mubarack that he was going to initiate "...a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world—one based on mutual interest and mutual respect....Faith," Obama continued, "should bring us together..." This portion of Obama's speech is incorporated into Kerry's legislation.

In June, 2010 Obama's plan materialized through Kerry's International Professional Exchange Act of 2010 when the Massachusetts senator announced that "...in the coming weeks I will introduce a bill in Congress to create a professional exchange program between the United States and Muslim-majority countries. This pilot program would allow young American professionals to spend six months overseas experiencing a new culture in Muslim countries while gaining new work experiences. And it would allow citizens of those countries to spend six months in the United States where they will gain valuable work skills and see what life in America is all about...." The Muslims already know what life in America is all about. They abhor it. In their mind, the symbol of American imperialism was the World Trade Center. They tried to blow it up in 1993 and succeeded in 2001. Yet, the globalists believe they can bargain with the Muslim world which views them with contempt. The only world government the Muslim world will accept is an Islamic government that practices Shari'a law. And, while the social progressive globalists, who are largely atheists or at least nontheists, are willing to force the world to practice Islam in order to bring them into the "family of nations" they intend to create, the Muslim world will not accept the Great Satan as its ruler.

Yet, the Muslim world as a whole appears willing to accept the horrible punitive realities of Shari'a Law. On the left is an 18-year old Afghan girl featured in the Aug. 9, 2010 issue of Time Magazine who paid dearly for trying to escape an abusive husband in an arranged marriage. (Note: if you have not read the Time article, buy a copy on the newsstand if you can find one, or click here and check out www.Time.com.)

Under Shari'a law in Afghanistan, the liberties won by shed blood during the Bush-43 years are vanishing as Afghan President Hamid Karzai who, fearing for his life when American and Allied forces pull out of his country in July, 2011 under an already published edict from Barack Obama, climbed into bed with the Taliban. In May of this year, the Shari'a Council in Herat Province in Afghanistan issued an edict that forbids Muslim women from leaving their homes unless they are accompanied by a man. Civil rights for women in Afghanistan are rapidly vanishing.

Under the Taliban, who took control of the government in 1996 and held it until the US response to the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy, women accused of adultery were stoned to death. Women who exposed a bare ankle from under their burqas were whipped in the public square. Karzai and the Obama Administration claim the fears of the Afghans and the harbingers of Afghanistan's fleeting liberty are overstated since Afghanistan's constitution promotes gender equality. Tell that to Aisha and see if she agrees with that Karzai-Obama shared view.

The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights protects free speech and freedom of religion. In fact, the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution makes it clear that the government cannot make any law [i.e., enacted or unenacted edicts] restricting the right of Americans to worship God wherever and whenever they please. If the strongest Constitution in the world can be breached on whim by the secular left who understands that American patriotism is tied to Christianity and that to dissolve patriotism Christianity needs to be outlawed, how secure is the least secure Constitution in the world?

Aisha is now in a secret women's shelter in Kabul. She has been there since having her nose and ears hacked off in 2009. When she was being interviewed by Time Magazine, Aisha heard in a radio broadcast that the Afghan government had, or was about to, make some sort of political "consideration" with the Taliban that Karzai believed will preserve his life when the US-led military forces leave his country. The broadcast upset Aisha, provoking her to say, "They are the people who did this to me. How can we reconcile with them?" Governments all over the world, becoming increasingly more fearful of radical Islam, are as Aisha said, "reconciling" with them—out of fear. Watching the spread of Islam around the world is like watching the rebirth of the Third Reich in slow motion—only on a global scale.

Because they don't grasp the world domination agenda of Islam and its Koranic edict to convert the world to Islam, secular politicians who have virtually trampled Christianity into the dust believe that by making concessions to the Muslim world—initially centered around creating Shari'a courts to hear minor disputes between Muslims—that Muslims will make theological compromises that will allow all religions to live together in peace. But the only ones making concessions are the secular governments in Europe and, now, the United States. Europe has tired of the game and is now curbing new immigration by Muslims to the non-Muslim European Union countries. America, of course, is doing the reverse. Barack Obama has announced his "open door" policy towards the Muslim world and Sen. Kerry, his new lap dog, is engineering the legislation needed to guarantee that Obama's open door policy to the Muslim world extends well beyond his reign in office.

Kerry's Law will not only open the door by creating a Muslim exchange program, it will remove the door from its hinges and create a permanent portal for Muslims to enter the United States under the guise of "work exchange." Initially puzzling, however, is why the Obama Administration thought he needed a law in order to expand on existing educational fellowship exchange programs currently used by colleges, universities and the federal government? Muslim minorities in the United States will participate in the exchange program as will "minority" Muslims in the Muslim-majority nations. This is being done, according to Sec. 3 (4) of the bill to "...improve mutual understanding, change perceptions and strengthen the people-to-people ties which unite Americans with people in Muslim-majority countries." Kerry's Law will provide the opportunity of thousands of Muslim "fellows" to enter the United States on three to six month fellowship programs and disappear into the woodwork of Americana, rapidly creating in the United States the same radical Muslim agenda the world is witnessing today in Europe as radical Islamists fight to overthrow not only the governments of the countries in which they have taken up residency, but the Christian lifestyles and traditions of those whose ancestors built great nations from feudal states through the ages.

The only reason the riots by Muslim extremists that have swamped Europe like a tsunami have not happened here is that the Muslim communities in this country are not as dense as they are in Europe—except in places like Michigan, New Jersey and Minnesota. Michigan has the largest Muslim population outside of the Mideast and the fear of Islam is growing in this nation as it is in Christian Europe. While it isn't politically correct to speak of the growing fear Americans feel towards radical Muslims, it is an unspoken reality. The American people, who fervently want to believe that only a small percentage of the Muslim population has been radicalized, are finally asking themselves why, if that's true, do the moderates not join in the fight against the extremists? The moderate Muslims themselves who find the early writings of Muhammad that speak of peace and love comforting, are themselves troubled by the passages of hate they find in later writings since one cannot be reconciled with another. In Islam, the rule of thumb is that the later writings always supersede the earlier ones. Which raises the question: since this fact is now becoming obvious to the world, why do governments of the industrialized nations [a] appear oblivious of this reality, or [b] choose to ignore it?

Because the globalists, who believe the world will survive only if all of the nations on Earth merge into a global union controlled by a world government in the Hague, they are willing to sacrifice whatever they have in order to create the illusional global peace they mistakenly think will happen when all of the countries of the world surrender their external sovereignty and become one global nation governed by a socialist world parliament in the Hague. One need only look at the Netherlands, where this world parliament will be headquartered to see that the Dutch both hate and fear the Muslims they initially thought they could tame by expanding religious freedom rights to Islam and constricting the religious liberty of all other religions. France has already closed the door and is now trying to reverse three decades of misguided immigration policy that now threaten France's existence as a Christian, or even a secular, nation..

Europe appears to be trying to close the door on Muslim immigration as the social progressives in the United States, led by a man who appears to be a closet Muslim, Barack Obama (who pretends to be Christian but who, himself, abhors the ostentatious trappings of Christianity), is opening that door with legislation which will have to be repealed by some later President or some future Congress before that door can be closed. The social progressives, of course, hope for the same type of miracle that put Obama in the White House to keep them in power beyond the Elections of 2010 and 2012.

By that time, socialism will be so firmly entrenched at all levels of government in this country that the final destruction of the US Constitution will be easy to accomplish. At that moment in history, Barack Hussein Obama and the communists in the US government and those in control of America's largest circulation newspapers and network TV will have converted the world's greatest nation into a bankrupt banana republic that will meekly submit to the overlords of the New World Order.

Oh, by the way, remember what I said about totalitarian governments: they can seize control of any nation once they have enacted the laws that give them the power of life and death over the population. Barack Obama has already achieved that. Through the bureaucracy he has enabled, he now possesses the power of life and death over you, me, and everyone else who might fall ill with some catastropic illness that requires extensive medical care. You might expect it to be found in Obama's socialized healthcare system since the grandest gratuities always assess the stiffest penalties on the people the legislation is supposed to endow.

In this case, the Obama Death Board—15 medical bureaucrats handpicked by Obama—already possesses the power to deny anyone on Medicare not only medical procedures that will save their lives, but medicines that will keep them alive when medical treatment is no longer an option. It will be used first to end life at both ends of the age corridor—the newly born or nearly born and the elderly—who are viewed as "double dippers" by taking money from a bankrupt Social Security system that can no longer afford them as they ask the taxpayers to foot the bill for their healthcare. And, no, that power is not found in Obamacare. It was enacted a year before Obamacare was forced through Congress without a single Republican vote, the Death Board (the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research) was attached to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as a financial accountibility measure to bring the cost of Medicare, Obamacare and Social Security back in line. If you forget everything in this article, please remember this: it was Edmund Burke who said: "For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing."


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