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20 years

he public education system of the United States is anything but a system of tutelage where honest brokers of education instruct our children with integrity by teaching them what they need to know to understand, promote and prosper under the system of liberty their forefathers fought and died to create and preserve in America in places like Lexington, Concord, Saratoga, Valley Forge and Yorktown. Or why America's youngblood died in places like Belleau Woods, the Marne; or at Normandy, or during the Battle of the Bulge, or at Midway or the Philippine or Coral Sea, or at Guadalcanal or Iwo Jima; at Inchon or the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, or in Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq or Afghanistan. In the view of the social progressives who teach your children today, or have taught your children's children since 1948, the patriotic reasons for these wars are no longer taught or discussed except to convince your children that your fathers, grandfathers, or ancestors were the imperialist aggressors who attacked peace-loving people who intended no harm to the American people.

Except, that is, in Korea. In Korea, according to then President Harry S. Truman when he addressed the UN General Assembly on Oct. 24, 1950, "...the [US Soldiers] who died in Korea died in order that the United Nations might live." The philosophical indoctrination of the students of America's public schools—the John Dewey progressive public school indoctrination system—was already being used to by European progressives, and had been since the mid-19th century, to shape the generational views of the students in Europe's schools.

Prior to the official creation of the Department of Education in 1980 by social progressive President Jimmy Carter in order to federalize the public school curriculum in the United States, each States had absolute control over the educational curriculum within their jurisdiction. There was a basic federal unity in what materials were taught at particular grade levels so that students taking SAT tests in Bangor, Maine had the same educational erudition as students in San Diego, California. The federal government, however, had no authority to dictate the political philosophy of the curriculum to the school systems at State level. And, for several years as the textbooks in the liberal Northeast mentioned documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution only in passing on to more in-depth dissertations on the UN Charter and the Covenant on Human Rights, the schools in the American South and West concentrated far more on American history and the American Bill of Rights.

In 1857 a labor union for teachers, the National Teacher's Association, was formed. In 1870 the union changed it's name to the National Education Association [NEA]. Prior to 1906 the NEA was singularly focused on advancing teachers' issues and, of course, traditional education standards and traditional American values. School teacher unions in 1879 were as patriotic as union workers today who identify themselves as Reagan Democrats.

In 1906 social progressive Teddy Roosevelt converted the status of the NEA from a traditional 501[c]3 corporation to a Congressional Corporation. In addition to funding it, Roosevelt, who was determined to transition the United States from a Republic to a socialist democracy, changed the mission of the NEA from teachers' advocacy to curriculum designer. With massive federal grants came voluminous increases in paperwork and a surreptitiously modified curriculum that appeared to be generated by the NEA when, in fact, it was being written by the social progressive bureaucrats in the Theodore Roosevelt Administration. By 1909 the social progressives were working hard to create a federal income tax, erase the States from the equation of federal power, remove the United States from the gold standard and evict the States from the equation of power in the federal government. This need for progressive government programs found their way into the classrooms and onto the front pages of the nation's socialist newspapers. (Sounds like the same type of multifaceted "changes" promised by Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. And, like Obama in 2008, no one asked Roosevelt when he ran for his second term in 1908—on a platform of change—to explain to the voters what specific changes he planned to make, and what would be the ramifications of those changes on the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of those changes.)

While documentary evidence does not publicly exist (that you would be privy to even with a FOIA] Freedom of Information Act request, the invisible force that sets the course and steers the engines of the State came to grips with the reality that to change the philosophical direction of any nation over a long period of time, it is first necessary first to control the perceived mental reality of its children. We know the process began in the United States under Theodore Roosevelt because in 1906 the NEA became the first government NGO (non-government organization). The government financed the NEA with grants in order to control it.

Most Americans, liberal as well as conservative, view the NEA merely as an extremely powerful labor union and political PAC without any patriarchal link to the federal government other than through the grants it receives. In reality, Teddy Roosevelt's NEA is as much a part of the federal government as Jimmy Carter's Department of Education. The NEA was chartered and funded by the federal government to create and surreptitiously manage a US government national education curriculum. Like most social progressive organizations funded by the taxpayers who are oblivious of the ties between the two, the NEA contributes millions of taxpayer dollars each year to social progressive candidates who will further the communist agenda of indoctrinating the youth of America by erasing the Constitution of the United States and deftly using the federal courts to surreptitiously replace it with the UN Covenant on Human Rights. And, America's parents, eternally vigilant and forever suspect of the motives of an increasingly intrusive government were none the wiser. The federal government America no longer trusts is a government America could not trust from the moment Theodore Roosevelt ascended to the White House upon the assassination of President William McKinley by Socialist Leon Czolgosz.

At the end of World War I the United States flatly rejected social progressive Thomas Woodrow Wilson's call for a world parliament governed by an alliance between the Old World Order in Europe and the emerging New World Order controlled by the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business in the United States and Great Britain. This world government would be called the League of Nations and would have an upper and lower chamber like the parliaments of Europe with the families of the dethroned royals controlling the World Senate and the newly rich controlling the Parliament.

The globalist indoctrination of America's system of higher education—our colleges and universities—began between 1920 and 1925 with the birth of the Council on Foreign Relations after the US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles which officially ended WWI and created the League of Nations, which required that all member States surrender their external sovereignty to the global government in the Hague. The Royal institute of International Affairs in Brussels and the Council on Foreign Relations were formed and largely funded by the remaining Crown Heads of Europe, the Rothschild Banks in Europe and the Carnegie and Pew Trusts, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation. (Over the years, executives from almost every major Fortune 500 Corporation has some key person in the CFR.) Foundations for the carbon fuel industry and the transnational industrialists who, today, are behind the transfer of wealth from the industrialized nations were the leading force in endowing every major American college and university.

Most of the "Chairs" in those universities were paid for, and thus "owned," by those foundations or corporations. Which, of course, means they not only handpicked the chairmen of those departments, they had considerable sway in controlling the political slant of the curriculum being taught. Which is why most of our institutions of higher learning—particularly the ivy league schools—are all social progressive institutions. And, that's why even Bible Belt universities now appear to abhor the mention of the name Jesus Christ. The first States to fall under the spell of social progressivism, shockingly, were the same New England States where liberty was born. Perhaps it's an ironic form of historic retribution that the States where liberty was born would be the same States to lead the nation into the shackles of communism.

The major preppy universities—Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Duke, Princeton, Vanderbilt, or Yale as well as some of the nations largest universities—have done the best job of brainwashing their students that social progressivism offers more freedom and, thus, more liberty, than the value system structured by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Socialism—Soviet-style communism—would not begin to seriously creep into the classrooms of America's schools until the New Deal years when Franklin D. Roosevelt's socialist Secretary of Commerce, Harry Hopkins functioned as FDR's emissary for every unofficial position in Washington. One of those tasks was to act as FDR's unofficial envoy to Joseph Stalin. Hopkins' liaison with the public school system, jointly with social progressive Eleanor Roosevelt, functioned through what would become the National Youth Association. The idea for a National Youth Association came from the socialist mind of an Alabama liberal named Aubrey Willis Williams who worked closely with both Hopkins and Eleanor Roosevelt. One of his lieutenants was an up-and-coming New Dealer in Texas named Lyndon Baines Johnson. The NYA recruited 327 thousand high school and college youths who were paid from $6 to $40 per month to participate in "work study" projects.

Obama, a student of the social progressive ideas of FDR, liked the idea so much that on July 2, 2008, speaking to liberal voters in Colorado Springs, some 4 months before the election, he called for forming a civilian security force that was compared by at least one media analyst to the "Hitler Youth."

The first organized German youth group, the Jugendbund der NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) was formed on March 8, 1922 (about the time Mussolini was taking power in Italy). Hitler, a rising but as yet almost completely unknown national socialist, formed his own Youth Group a few months later. His group was called Jungstrum Adolph Hitler, which means "Adolph Hitler Youth." The Jungstrum became a formal part of the National Socialist Party in 1933. Hitler used it to "educate" and train male youths 13 to 18 years of age in the principles of National Socialism. By 1935, 60% of all Ayran boys belonged to the Jungstrum. A year later it became mandatory for all German boys and a parallel organization, the League of German Girls, was formed to train girls to prepare for domestic duties and motherhood.

The indoctrination of children in Germany served a purpose for Hitler. The Hitler Youth were not Boy Scouts. They were militants from years of Nazi brainwashing. As the Allied armies crossed the Rhine, a 13-year old boy manned a machine gun, firing on American tanks as they advanced into Germany. An execution squad of 14 to 16 year German boys executed Polish hostages held by the German army. Most tragic, another youth reported his father to the Gestapo for being disloyal to the Fuehrer. The father was executed for treason. Most of the Hitler Youth were conditioned to spy on their parents. And many reported to their teachers when they caught them listening to wireless radio reports from the West, or any number of other "crimes against the State." In most homes in Nazi Germany, parents actually feared their own children.

Roosevelt, like Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Benito Mussolini understood that when you plan to steal a nation, expect a revolution every 10 to 20 years—unless government is able to institutionalize the children through educational brainwashing when they are young enough that teachers have more influence over them than parents to eradicate the homegrown values and ethnic culture of their families and replace those values with new concepts of right and wrong. Mussolini's task of brainwashing the children of Italy, Hitler's task of brainwashing Germanic children and Fidel Castro's task of brainwashing of Cuban children was a much easier chore than Lenin and Stalin's task of converting the minds and hearts of the many diverse peoples from many diverse ethnic cultures and backgrounds that were swallowed whole by the Soviet Union, they were able to succeed where the Soviets failed. .

The reason the Soviets failed is that nation grew through conquest, with various nationalities forcibly absorbed into the Soviet Union. Although the people became captive citizens of the Soviet Union they remained ethnically, culturally and nationalistically separate from the ethnic Russians who controlled their movements and decided if they would spend a few winters in Siberia or simply be shot in the town square. They remained ethnically diverse from their political masters in Moscow, because they had no desire to be assimilated into the Soviet society.

Stalin, like all dictators, used several means to penetrate the minds of the Soviet children, clearly understanding that if he did not ideologically convert them, a generation or two down the road when an aggressor nation—like Germany—invaded the Soviet Union, the Soviet people would greet the invaders as liberators and align with them to overthrow the communists. Stalin (as well as Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Castro and a new emerging group of dictators in South America like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia), used four primary tools to capture both the children and the weak-spirited who were afraid to resist tyranny.

[1] Censorship. Completely banning, and criminalizing anything that will reflect badly on the leader. (Most Americans are not aware that in 1798 Federalist John Adams pushed the Federalist Congress to enact the Aliens and Sedition Act of 1798 to make it a crime for any person to criticize the President of the United States. Ten Americans were charged with violating that law, tried before the US Supreme Court [which was the federal tribunal which tried all cases of sedition and treason.] All ten were convicted, had all of their assets seized by the government and were incarcerated for six months in a federal prison. It was this law which caused Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to issue the Kentucky and Virginia Resolves that made it clear to the federal government that the States retained the power to nullify any federal law that violated the Constitution. When they were delivered to Congress, the Virginia and Kentucky Resolves did nullify the Aliens and Sedition Act, although Adam's attorney general, Charles Lee, refused to release any of the men convicted under Adam's law while it was construed to be legal. On his first day as America's 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson freed those remaining in prison and pardoned all of them.)

[2] Constant propaganda everywhere. Remember when US and British troops crushed the Iraqi army? What did every TV news camera. liberal or ...well, liberal...focus on? Statutes of Saddam Hussein everywhere. Posters. Buildings and streets were named after him or family members. The most common forms of propaganda were [a] art posters (one of Barack Obama's favorite campaign ploys) [b] news (track the reporting by the mainstream media on all of the political candidates during the Campaign of 2008 and you will discover that positive stories about Obama more than doubled the combined total of all positive news stories about all of the candidates of both parties); [c] films—notice that in every political movie made since the Great Depression, Republicans are always the anti-Constitutional villains and Democrats—particularly social progressive Democrats—are always the patriotic good guys. And, finally, [d] youth groups.

[3] Word of mouth: teachers were obligated to teach their students that the nation's leader was the wisest man in the world. After the second generation in the Russian provinces of the Soviet Union, mothers began to teach their children that Stalin was one of the greatest, most admired men in the world. And, [4] all of the history books in the country were rewritten to coincide with the views of the tyrant who had seized absolute power . This, as each generation grows, there is less and less resistance to the tyranny that destroyed the liberty of the people because increasing, the restricted form of democracy that replaces liberty becomes normal, and when foreign news reports discussing democracy filter into those countries, they have been convinced that the democracy in parliamentarian nations and the liberty found in America is not that much different that the restrictive democracy found in their country.

As we witnessed the Berlin Wall fall, watched the TV news footage of US troops in Grenada, in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan and viewed old celluloid reels of news film and reams of photographs of the fall of Nazi Germany, if we were paying attention to the panoramic view of what we witnessed, we would have noticed the backdrops in each scene all had one thing in common—tyrants and dictators use posters, usually of themselves, to sell their message of hope and change when each of the tyrants knew what they had in store for of the serfs they had just conquered with bullets or ballots are chains and shackles not peace and prosperity.

When the United States was forged from wilderness by immigrants from all over the world who brought with them the customs of their native lands and, sadly, the African slaves their families owned, one nation and one people were poured from the melting pot from which nations are molded. When equality does not exist, racism, which is a blight on any society, does. There were four classes of people in early Americana, or perhaps we should say, there were 3 3/5th classes of people (since slaves counted as 3/5th of a person). Racism, in one form or another, was been used by the Jacobins after Dec. 6, 1865 to drive a wedge between the former enemies in the North and the South to make sure the former combatants of the Civil War did not bond solidly into one nation. As America evolved into the world's most powerful economic and political power, the social progressive movement, which was growing in America as progressives became "New Democrats," practiced "benevolent democracy" in the form of "social justice." Every law from from the New Deal (1933-1952) to the Great Society (1961-1973) violate the Constitution's evenhanded precept to law. Constitutionally, all laws must affect all people equally. Laws that deliberately disadvantage one class of people to advantage another class of people are unconstitutional—even of those laws are upheld by social progressive federal judges who believe that African-Americans or Hispanic-Americans are disadvantaged because of their ethnic backgrounds.

It is very important for every American, regardless of their racial, ethnic or cultural distinctions to remember that when this nation was formed, people of every race and ethnic origin from every continent in the world came to America over a period of 350 years and with the sweat of their brow built the greatest nation in the history of the world. There were no hyphenated-Americans. No African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Indonesian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Aussie-Americans or French-Americans. There were only Americans. They succeeded because, when they arrived, the law obligated them (and still does) to learn the language of the United States—English. No telephone system anywhere in the country offered "dial 1 for English," or ask for a Spanish or Ebonics (Ebony-English) operator. The people were one. Your neighbor might be a Irish, French, Polynesian, Samoan, Hispanic, or someone whose ancestors came from some African nation in shackles in the hold of a slave ship, but if they are mature adults today, they are assimilated-Americans. We are one because their ancestors, like yours and mine, came from the same melting pot that blended us into one. The adopted land of our ancestors became their psychological and ethnic home. They may still practice ethnic customs native to their forefather's heritage, but the blended heritage of America became their heritage. Speaking English as one's first language was a prerequisite to citizenship because to be a functional mainstream member of any society, every citizen or non-citizen member of that community must be able to communicate. That is the unifying factor. We are united not only by a common language, but by the immigrant character of America. Assimilation is, and has always been, virtually assured by customs laws that required applicants for citizenship to be reasonably fluent in English and understand the rudiments of Constitutional democracy.

Collectively, they were all assimilated Americans. And, all of them were as proud of, and loyal to, their adopted homeland. During World War II, naturalized or natural-born German-Americans and Italian-Americans to defeat their ancestral nations.

On the other hand, the various ethnic groups and the myriad of nationalities forcibly absorbed into the Soviet Union through conquest remained ethnically, culturally and nationalistically divided from the ethnic Russians throughout the entire history of the Soviet Union. As captive peoples, they had no interest in being assimilated into the atheistic Soviet society. For that reason, the forced assimilation of the captive races was problematic for the Soviets in 1917 to 1924, and it remained a problem until the faked collapse of the communist empire in August, 1991. Efforts on the part of the Soviet to successfully assimilate the captive states into the mainstream Soviet society would have resulted in a continuous civil war in some part of the vast Soviet empire. Stalin was finally forced to recognize the national diversities of the people by making his commissars and the Soviet bureaucrats assigned to oversee them learn the native languages rather than forcing the cultural separatists to learn Russian. While the separatist captives were forcibly integrated into the Soviet system, national unity was never achieved.

From the Soviet experience, the Social Progressives in the United States learned a lesson that is now paying them huge dividends. Diligently and ever so unobtrusively, they are now working with the cultural infrastructure of America, driving the wedges of ethnic separatism and cultural diversity between the races to deliberately weaken and ultimately factionalize the fabric of unity and patriotism in this country one thread at a time. Ethnic and cultural separatism has proven to be the Achilles Heel of this nation of immigrants which is no longer the strongest, most powerful nation on Earth. By destroying national unity, the people of the United States no longer function as "we the people." Instead, because they have been factionalized, what we have in the United States are core communities of "citizen aliens" within larger communities of their "citizen aliens," none of whom can effectively communicate with one another. Just as the separatists in the Soviet Union refused to blend into the societal landscape, the separatists in the United States—particularly the 25 to 40 million illegal aliens that live in the underground communities across the nation—are doing the same. Problematically, millions of legal Hispanics, many of whom are naturalized citizens are taught only in their native language—Spanish. The argument offered by the Social Progressives who very clearly, and very deliberately, need to factionalize the population to fracture and defeat them, is that non-English speaking students end up in an educational limbo when they are taught all of the school subjects in a language they either don't know at all or not fluent enough to understand all of the nuances of English. In most cases, in most school systems in the United States, the Hispanic parents of naturalized or natural born US students who do not speak English, want their children taught in English because they know their children cannot be fully integrated into the American economic system if they do not speak and understand English.

Because the social progressives who control most of the school systems in the United States are either adamantly opposed to teaching Hispanic children English as their primary language, and many times will not allow them to study English until they have mastered French, we are beginning to see a movement within the Hispanic communities to create Charter Schools that teach Hispanic children English as their primary language. Two English-first Hispanic Charter Schools opened in New York State. Other Hispanic charter schools are opening in other parts of the country where English is taught as a second language. In those schools, Spanish is still taught as the primary language. But, the founders of those schools recognize that to have a cohesive society, Hispanic children mist be taught to communicate with their peers in the language of their adopted country.

There is a battle raging in our schools today that became focused on the school textbook debate in Texas. The same debate took place in California. Few people heard of the California debate since the newspapers failed to report it, and the protesters were viewed by the liberals who control everything in Sodom on the Pacific as Christ fanatics. The first inklings that changes were taking place in the California public school curriculum came when students in Brentwood, Byron and in San Luis Obispo (the pilot projects) returned to class from Christmas vacation in 2002 to discover that they were going to study Islam in a three week test program mandated by the California school system. (Keep in mind that California is the the toughest separation of church and state State in the Union. What infuriated Christian parents when the news of the latest attempt on the part of the California school system to brainwash their children reached home that evening is that an attempt was being made to force their children to study a religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ while that same school board denied their children the right to wear crucifixes or other symbols of Christianity or Judaism because, the school board claimed, that jewelry defied the Supreme Court's standing "separation" theory—which, clearly, it did not. The standing precedent, based on Everson v Board of Education in 1947 and McCollum v Board of Education in 1948 has flipflopped from its original intent. The Constitution forbids government from forcing the people to practice any form of religion.

Yet, while forbidding ordinary citizens from carrying a Bible into a government-owned building, or wearing jewelry that is symbolic of Christianity or Judaism, those same courts that find nothing wrong with forcing Christian and Jewish children to study Islam in the classroom. In fact, in a blatant constitutional slap-in-the-face, Gov. Pete Wilson [R-CA] allowed the State of California Board of Education to lease a couple of classrooms in the Carden Hall Elementary School in Fountain Valley, CA in the late 1990s to Shabbi Mansuri, the founder of the Council on Islamic Education [CIE], where he created the first of three Islamic textbooks for non-Islamic students in the public school systems not only of California but, he hoped, all across America.

Mansuri gained a toehold in the California school system through his Islamic connections with several oil shieks on the Saudi peninsula who were in partnership with the Seven Sisters oil companies. The oil giants own behemoth foundations that give millions of dollars a year to political candidates and incumbents who want to keep their jobs and are willing to be the lackies of the oil giants to get that money.

In 1998, Mansuri completed his first three textbooks—funded in part by the oil Shieks and their friends in the oil company foundations. The first two were hardbound books:"Across the Centuries" and "World History and Geography: Medieval and Early Modern Times." The third was spiral-bound: "The Crusaders from Medieval Europe." The three books, together with copies of the Qu'ram were then donated to elementary and secondary schools, first in California and then across the nation—all from Mansuri's office in the Carden Hall Elementary School. The books were promoted as studies of ancient history for children and not religion. In reality, the State of California became the first US State to openly and clearly violate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. When the Islamic brainwashing program was officially initiated in 2002, Bryon Union School District teacher Elizabeth Lemings told the Washington Times that "...we can't even mention the name Jesus in the public school. But over there..." she pointed in the direction of the school across the street, "they teach Islam as the true religion. Students are taught about Islam—and how to pray to Allah." Christian children who are barred by State court and social progressive federal judges from bringing Bibles to school were given copies of the Qu'ram by the California school districts—without any cries of outrage by anyone except Christian or Jewish parents—forced to read them and learn how to pray to Allah. Had any school board anywhere in the United States attempted to make any students—even Christians—read the Holy Bible and pray in the name of Jesus Christ under the guise of calling it ancient history, the ACLU would have filed a federal lawsuit before the first student read the first page. And, what's more they would have won it because such a decision would violate the 1st Amendment's prohibition of the establishment of a State religion.

When the Washington Times broke the story on Feb. 13, 2002, Peggy Green, the superintendent of the Bryon Union School District defended the school board's decision by saying the schools were only teaching about Islam, not promoting Islam as a faith. "We are not teaching religion," she said. "We are teaching the California state-mandated standards with state-adopted textbooks. Dressing up in costumes, role-playing and simulation games are all used to stimulate class discussion, and are common teaching practices used in other subjects as well."

Roger Wolfertz, Deputy General Counsel for the California Department of Education told the Washington Times that the school system was aware that promoting any religion in the public schools violated not only the Constitution but State code. Wolfertz insisted that was not happening in California since the Islamic studies were studied in ancient history and not theology. If wearing a crucifix in a California public school constitutes the practice of religion, by what stretch of his imagination could Wolfertz not think that forcing students to memorize and recite verses from the Qu'ram could be construed as not promoting religion? As I noted the first time I wrote on this topic in 2002, a terrible double standard exists. It is perpetuated by the federal courts that view Christianity as an enemy of government and Islam as its friend. (Islam is the friend of government only because the oil giants under the umbrella of the Seven Sisters view Christianity as the enemy of government because Christians understand that liberty and the freedom to speak and think as one pleases is a gift from God, not the bureaucracy of government. As long as freedom comes from God, man has no authority to abridge it. If government is the grantor of freedom, government also has the right to abridge it at will.

When the case, filed by the Thomas More Law Center ended up in the US District Court for San Francisco in 2003, US District Court Judge Phyllis Hamiton ruled that the school board was not indoctrinating students about Islam, but was merely teaching them about the Muslim faith. Edward White III, the trial lawyer for the Center, argued that the school district crossed the line with respect to both the establishment clause and the free exercise clause and they were, very deliberately, indoctrinating the students about Islam. With the social progressive 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its unpublished decision on Nov. 17, 2005, the three judge panel ruled that the school district did not violate the establishment clause, and dismissed the action.

In April, 2007 a substitute teacher at Carver Elementary School in Oak Park, California, Mary-Frances Stephens, observed a teacher's aide leading Muslim children in prayer during a "Muslim prayer break" (a program initiated in Sept., 2006 when Carver merged a failing Islamic Charter School into its campus) and reported it as a violation of the establishment clause. The school board "investigated" but failed to corroborate the allegation. It did, however, bring California and the teaching of Islam back into the public spotlight. The immoral California school system hypocritically took the moral high ground, defending religious freedom. When asked about the rights of Christians to pray openly in school, legal scholars claim its a murky area since nothing in the Christian faith requires its adherents to pray in a specific manner at specific times of the day. The federal courts insist that the only clear right Christian students have with respect to prayer is to say grace over their lunch—as long as they pray silently so as not to offend anyone else.

California, which more than Texas, influences what goes into textbooks nationwide, attempted as far back as 2002 to ban home schooling since, increasingly, Christian and many times secular conservatives who understand just how corrupt the US government is, and how hard the social progressive bureaucracy is trying to rewrite the history of the United States and the value of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Home schooled children understand the Bill of Rights as the fundamental roots of liberty. Public school-raised children do not. They have been brainwashed, or rather, brain-scrubbed, since elementary school to believe that the only safe world is a world in which all nations are merged into a single global economy, with a single global monetary system, with laws crafted by a global parliament.

The problem in fulfilling the Utopian dream is the patriot Christians and secular conservatives who persist in hanging onto a historic past that the social progressives have slowly changed over the past six decades. History as we know from living through it, reads like a different world in the newest textbooks—particularly when compared to the boxes of old books in grandma's attic or at the local flea market. Take a day and compare. Visit a few flea markets and look for old history books and encyclopedias published before 1952. Check grandma's house for those dusty, mildewed old books in the basement or the attic. You have just found a fountain of knowledge. Take them home and clean them up. If they are mildewed, use a piece of cheesecloth dampened lightly with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Clean the pages and proudly display them in your book case. Then when you have a few hours to enlighten yourself, compare the history of this nation through the eyes of honest writers in the 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s before the social progressives had a change to educate them with the history as seen through the eyes of the globalists who are determined to destroy this nation and create the global nightmare George Orwell warned us of in his book, 1984.

In 2002, California enacted a law that was, and still is, being used to frighten parents from home schooling their children that appears to require teacher certification for home schooling parents. The clause is found under California Education Code 48220-48232. Exempted from the requirements are children attending licensed private, full-time days schools operated by people qualified to teach in English according to Section 30.

The home school teacher who, under California Education Code, must be qualified and verified by the Board of Education, to teach, must keep a written record on attendance according to the provisions of Section 31190 and verified by the attendance supervisor of the district, or any other person designated to do so by the Board of Education. Home schoolers, taught by parents or by tutors must be regularly instructed between the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I could go on, but this would just get tedious is already getting there. I think you get the idea. The rules were established to discourage home schoolers. The law then goes on to make it clear that only credentialed homeschool teachers can teach home-schooled children. And, of course, in the end, the California Board of Education expects home schoolers who use certified teachers to use materials approved of by the California Board of Education. On May 31, 2000 the Berkeley Unified School District in California filed a lawsuit in US District Court to outlaw home schooling in California. Four Berkeley, CA families were targeted by the School Board. The school board used taxpayer money to deny taxpayers the right to control how much social progressive trash their children must endure in the name of education. On March 7, 2008 a California State Appeals court upheld that decision. It took the federal government from 1912 (when it created the NEA as a congressional corporation) until 2008 to gain absolute, dictatorial control over the legal brainwashing of your children.






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