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20 years

In 1991 a young Muslim Harvard Law College graduate named Barack Hussein Obama (who has denied his Islamic past and Muslim roots for as long as he has been a public figure) became a civil rights community activist working out of the Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama worked as a community organizer for Trinity in poor black neighborhoods. Trinity's senior pastor Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr, a black racist who preaches radical Afrocentric theology and doesn't mind delivering profanity-spiked sermons found a congregation-builder in Obama. Because of what Wright called Obama's multiple-faith background and his Harvard education, he was a natural community-builder.

hen Obama broke onto the national political scene in 2004, not only did he attempt to erase all traces his Islamic childhood, but he also tried to erase the nature of his relationship with Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr, the pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ. (When your country is at war with Islamic extremists being a Muslim is not the shortest route to the White House.) Obama has told the media his reason for shielding his pastor was because "...he respected Mr. Wright's work for the poor and his fight against injustice." In reality Dr. Wright's work appears to be to denounce the United States as a white racist nation. That's not good press for an African American candidate who needs to win a majority of the white vote to win the office of President.

It would have been not only natural, but expected, for Barack Obama—when he decided to run for the presidency—to make the announcement from the pulpit of the 8,500 member Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama would later state he did not in order to shield his pastor from the spotlight of the media. Dr. Wright has never shunned positive publicity. It was obvious to the media—in particular the New York Times which noted in an April 20, 2007 article that Obama was very deliberately distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright. Instead, Obama announced his candidacy on the steps of the old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois—where Abraham Lincoln announced his candidacy—on Feb. 10, 2007. Obama sees himself as an archtype of Lincoln who will "free his people from the tyranny of the oppressor." What people are those? The inner city people of color whom Dr. Wright believes are part of the Black Value System? Or does he see himself as the man who will free the Muslim world from the Great Satan since his first action, he says, as President of the United States will be to pull all Americans troops out of the Middle East? The voters need to figure out exactly who Barack Obama's constituents really are because when I add 2 + 2 + Obama, it doesn't come out four.

When Obama's early history and his Islamic upbringing was first reported, Obama's website posted a statement dated Nov. 12, 2007 with the headline: "Barack Obama is Not and Has Never Been a Muslim." The statement reiterated that Obama was not a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian. It's time to peel back the layers of history and look at Obama's family, beginning with his atheist mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

Dunham was born on Nov. 29, 1942 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Her father, Stanley Armour Dunham, gave her his name. Her mother was Madelyn (Payne) Dunham. The family moved to Hawaii shortly after Ann's graduation from high school in Mercer island, Washington. Dunham's parents were actually Hawaiian citizens who migrated to the United States after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. While in high school, in the opening days of Vietnam, Dunham drifted to the radical leftist. Her mother described Stanley Ann as an "Adlai Stevenson liberal." In point of fact, she was a a typical 60's radical in the 1950s. Mercer island High School was the subject of an investigation by the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee when it was learned that the Communist Party, USA had infiltrated the school and several members of the faculty were Marxists. Two of Dunham's teachers, Jim Wichterman and Val Foubert, were active Marxists who brainwashed many of the students from Mercer Island High School before they were "outed."

She was an ardent atheist and she would debate atheism with anyone who wanted to challenge her views. Her best friend in high school, Maxine Box, said Dunham knew everything about atheism and would argue the point with anyone because she was "...always challenging and arguing and comparing."

From high school on, Dunham was attracted only to African American males and, according to one of her high school friends, Susan Blake, she never dated white boys. Once in Hawaii, Dunham enrolled in the University of Hawaii at Manoa where she studied cultural anthropology. At age 18 she met graduate student Barack Obama, from Kenya, in her Russian language class. They married on Feb. 2, 1961 in Maui. Six months later, on Aug. 4, 1961, their son, Barack Obama, Jr., was born. Two years later, Obama, Sr. left his wife and son to go to Boston to study at Harvard. The senior Obama received his Masters in Economic degree from Harvard in 1963 and returned to Kenya where his family's connections netted him a position in the Kenyan government. Two years later, when Obama, Jr. was 5, Stanley-Ann met and married Lolo Soetoro, the Wahabbi Muslim who would become the greater influence in Barack's life. Soetoro was an Indonesian Muslim who was an executive for an oil company. In 1967 the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where Ann Dunham-Obama-Soetoro found a job teaching Indonesian staffers at the American embassy English. Dunham divorced Soetoro in the late 1970s. Obama, Sr. was killed in an car accident in 1982.

On Dec. 22, 2007 at the Smoky Row Coffee Shop in Oskaloosa, Iowa, the locals asked Candidate Obama about his Muslim roots. He said: "My father was from Kenya. A lot of people in his village were Muslim. He didn't practice Islam. Truth is, he wasn't very religious." That was a lie. Obama's father and stepfather were devout Islamics. Both faithfully practiced their religion. His stepfather, who had a much greater impact on Obama's upbringing, was a radical Wahabbi Muslim. "My mother" he added, "was a Christian from Kansas." That was also a lie. Obama's mother, his material grandmother and grandfather were all atheists.

Stanley Armour and Madelyn Dunham were reportedly born into Baptist and Methodist families but neither of them had the "born again" experience. Stanely was the Baptist. Madelyn's parents were stern, by-the-book Methodists who didn't believe in drinking, playing cards or dancing. Nor did they believe in Stanley Armour Dunham. Madelyn secretly married Stanley during prom week in 1940, and kept the marriage a secret until after she graduated from high school.

Both of his grandparernts remained secular humanists through the rest of their lives. Nevertheless, on his resume, Barack Obama, Jr. continued to insist that he was raised as a practicing Christian solely to conceal his Muslim upbringing. The only church his maternal grandparents ever claimed membership in was a Marxist Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington before they returned to Hawaii. Their ties to that church were political, not theological. As you can see, Barack Obama, Jr.'s philosophical underpinnings were as a Marxist Muslim. And as you listen his political rhetoric, he has never wavered from the philosophical brainwashing of his youth.

"They married and then divorced. I was raised by my mother. So, I've always been a Christian. The only connection I've had to Islam is that my grandfather on my father's side came from that country. But I've never practiced Islam...For a while I lived in Indonesia because my mother was teaching there. And that's a Muslim country. And I went to school—but I didn't practice Islam." When Obama's mother moved to Indonesia after her second Muslim marriage—she enrolled her son in Francis Assisis Catholic School. While he would attempt to use that fact to support his view that he was raised a Christian, he was enrolled as a Muslim because he was a Muslim. The enrollment form required each student to choose one of five state-sanctioned religions when enrolling: Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or Protestant. Had he been a lifelong Christian, or even a recent convert, he—or his mother—would have circled Protestant.

When confronted with this information, Obama said he couldn't understand how such an error could have happened. Los Angeles Times reporter Paul Watson, who dug into Obama's allegation of error, said "...his former Roman Catholic and Muslim teachers, along with two people who were identified by Obama's grade school teacher as childhood friends, says Obama was registered by his family as a Muslim at both schools he attended. The registration meant that during the third and fourth grades, Obama learned about Islam for two hours each week in religion classes. The childhood friends say Obama sometimes went to Friday prayers at the local mosque.." (Something else Obama claims he never did.) "...Obama's younger sister, Maya Soetoro, said in a statement released by the campaign that the family attended the mosque only 'for big communal events' not every Friday." (The family—i.e, all members of the family including Obama's atheist mother.)

Barack Obama, who still belongs to a church that teaches that the Muslims of the world were wronged by both Israel and the United States (even though Wright has stepped down from the pulpit and retired), cannot afford to be labeled as a "Muslim" by voters who expect the United States to win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where their sons and daughters are being killed by Muslims anymore than he can afford to be labeled a "racist" by those who understand the theology of Dr. Jeremiah Wright's Christian church. Obama's new pastor, the Rev. Otis Moss III. preaches from the same racist pages as his predecessor. In his sermons, the Black race is as much a victim of white racism as they were Wright's sermons. And Moss is just as anti-American as Wright. All the Trinity United Church of Christ.did was place a new "dust cover" on Jeremiah Wright's playbook.

Jim Wallis, a Christian antipoverty community activist and a friend of Obama's said Obama comes from a very secular, skeptical family. His faith is a personal and adult choice. His maternal grandparents—who were professing atheists—had previously been Baptist and Methodist. His mother's tutelage leaned towards Islam only because her new husband was an ardent Muslim—and he demanded it. She was not, however, the docile Muslim housewife most Muslim men expected. Obama's half-sister Maya admitted that her "...whole family was Muslim, and most of the people I knew were Muslim." Because religion of any type rubbed his mother the wrong way, when he was 10, Obama's mother sent her son back to Hawaii to live with her parents. By saying that her whole family was Muslim, Maya was confirming that her step-brother, Barack, was also a Muslim.

In 2005 Obama met his paternal step-grandmother (whom he calls his grandmother). Sarah Hussein Obama, 85, lives in Kenya. She told the New York Times that she is "...a strong believer of Islamic faith," adding that she still rises at 5 a.m. to pray for an hour before tending to her crops and the three orphans she has taken in.

A camera which caught Obama on the political stage during a fund raiser for Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa with presidential candidates Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton shows his lack of respect to this nation during the singing of the National Anthem. Angered that the photo was released (and because the reporter erroneously stated the photo was taken during the Pledge of Allegiance rather than the singing of the national anthem, Obama said: "This is the classic dirty trick. This was not the Pledge of Allegiance. The woman was singing the Star Spangled Banner."

As a sign of respect to their nation, many Americans place their hand over their heart when the National Anthem is played as well as when they recite the Pledge. In his case, Obama said "...I was taught by my grandfather that you put your hands over your heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. The Star Spangled Banner, you sing." Only, when you look at the photo, its very clear that neither Obama nor the others on stage are singing. It was, however, the singing of the national anthem. This statement also needs to be scrutinized.

All the time he was around either his father or stepfather, Obama was either in Hawaii or Indonesia. Thus, neither his paternal grandfather nor the father of his stepfather would have tutored him on placing his hand over his heart during the US Pledge of Allegiance, nor the singing the American Star Spangled Banner. Rest assured that Indonesian homes don't recite the Pledge or sing the US national anthem. And while Hawaii had been a State for three years before Obama was born, logic suggests its not likely an atheist mother and an Islamic father would teach him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner.

In his teen years Obama moved back to Honolulu where he lived with his maternal grandparents. In his rebuttal, you will recall, Obama claimed his grandfather had taught him to place his hand over his heart during the Pledge, and to sing the national anthem. History has a problem with that on both sides of the family. Like his mother who was an atheist, so were her parents. Obama's grandmother, he said in interviews, "...was too rational and too stubborn to accept anything she couldn't see, feel, touch or count." His maternal grandfather was also an atheist who "...had an innate rebelliousness and a complete inability to discipline his appetites...who...experimented with marijuana and cocaine." An atheist is not going to teach his grandson to respect the Pledge of Allegiance which pays homage to God.

In August, 2006 US Senator Barack Obama [D-IL] made a special trip to visit a special man in Kenya. The man's name was Raila Amolo Odinga. He is the head of the National Muslim Leaders Forum [NAMLEF] in Kenya. The political party he heads is called the Orange Democratic Movement [ODM]—although there is definitely nothing democratic about his political party of NAMLEF. The ODM is dedicated to overthrowing the legitimate democratic government of Kenya. Odinga is not really concerned how he achieves his objective. It matters little to him if he assumes power through a free election—or by revolution. But, by hook or crook, he is determined to become the president of Kenya. If he succeeds, he will be president for life and Kenya will become another Afghanistan.

When the US Senator visited Kenya to meet with Odinga in Nairobi, the Kenyan government officially denounced the visit. And, most specifically, they denounced Obama. According to a Kenyan government spokesman, Obama's bias for his friend was so blatant that the government found it necessary to complain that Obama appeared to be Odinga's stooge. Not only did Obama campaign for his Islamic friend, he convinced former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to become Odinga's campaign adviser. From his own personal wealth, Obama contributed close to a million dollars to Odinga's campaign.

Odinga bothers the US State Department for a couple of reasons. First, after losing the democratic election on December 27, Raila Odinga cut a deal for support from Vladimir Putin and the former Soviet Union. Odinga knows he has to overthrow the government to gain power. When he lost the election, he protested that the vote was rigged to keep him from claiming an election he won. He incited tribal followers to go on a murderous rampage in towns that were primarily Christian. Throughout Kenya, hundreds of people were murdered in what the African bloggers reported appeared like "ethnic cleansing." . What shocked the west is that the Kenyan media—and the political power brokers within the country—out of fear of Odinga, appear to suggest that perhaps the election should be held over to stop the violence and the potential for long term Muslim terrorism. Reuters, CNN and BBC reported on the violence, stating that "...the violence..." which escalated rapidly "...has taken a very ugly turn toward ethnic cleansing and mob rule., especially in the Rift Valley region."

In a wave of violence aimed at protesting what they call the illegal election of newly-elected Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, a group of Christian women and children—some entire families—barricaded themselves in a church in Eldoret, Kenya. Muslim mobs, inflamed by Odinga, torched the church and burned to death everyone inside. This is the man Obama campaigned for in Kenya, and sang the praises of. This is also the man who claims that Barack Obama is a close, personal friend—and his cousin. One of Odinga's followers in Kenya claimed to me by email that Odinga was Obama's cousin—and a Christian like Obama. What Odinga meant was that Obama was his cousin in a figurative, rather than biological, sense. The Odinga supporter also claimed that Odinga had no intention of implementing Sharia Law in the nation if he won. That was also not true or, if by some thread of a chance, it is, it would a dangerously stupid thing for a man who is not a Muslim, to promise and then not do.

Odinga pledged, in a signed oath, that Christianity would be outlawed in Kenya—or at least, greatly restricted. There would a complete ban on the public consumption of alcoholic beverages and a ban on western-style dress for women since this type of garb is considered immoral and an offense to the Muslim faith. Raila Odinga, it seems, would impose the same type of Shariah law that was imposed on Afghanistan by the Taliban. Odinga would degree that no Muslim living in Kenya—whether a citizen, visitor or relative of a citizen of Kenya (such as Obama, whose grandmother is a citizen of Kenya)‚shall be subject to any legal process involving the laws of a foreign country and in particular any Muslim arrested for, or suspected of, terrorism, or of any other international crimes shall only be tried inside the borders of Kenya and shall be granted a competent lawyer of his or her choice at the expense of the government.

The American people need to be asking Barack Obama a whole different list of questions when they attend his political rallies on his quest to become the leader of the free world. They need to ask the man who he really is because, up to this point on the campaign trail, he has lied to them. The American people need to find an honest candidate. Barack Obama is not that man.


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