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20 years


he apple never falls far from the tree. Or, more aptly, the peanut doesn't rot far from vine. When Jack Carter's daddy, Georgia's former peanut farmer governor James Earl Carter, Jr., visited the godfather of the international Money Mafia, David Rockefeller, with hat-in-hand in 1975 carrying the endorsement of the Council on Foreign Relations in his pocket, he was "interviewed" for the job as President of the United States. And, because he was willing to do what the international princes of industry and barons of banking wanted in their quest for a global economy followed by global government and a one-world monetary system, Carter and Rockefeller shook hands on the deal. Where brother Billy Carter, who spent four years trying to parlay his brother's lofty position into money, looked like a redneck snake oil salesman, Jimmy Carter didn't. Jimmy Carter looked like a typically-devout small town Baptist church elder. When he was wearing his Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, he was a very much a big city snake oil salesman whose soft-spoken country demeanor concealed his ultra-liberal utopian motives—and the ultraliberal agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations that was implemented through the man whose historic legacy was that of the worst president in the history of the United States.

During an abortive primary campaign for Georgia governor in 1970, Jimmy Carter ran as the struggling Christian underdog against former Georgia Governor Carl Sanders—who ran as an "Old South" Democrat. Carter refused to join the segregationist "good ol' boys" White Citizens' Council, prompting a politically-staged boycott of his peanut business—Carter Warehouse—that did not help his election chances in the deep South. Carter lost the primary but forced Sanders into a runoff that led to the election of segregationist Lester Maddox.

Thirty-two years later Carter's little boy Jack would be using the same ploy against Nevada US Senator John Ensign, a licensed, practicing veterinarian—who is by no means part of the wealthy elite as he is painted by Carter who, by repeatedly telling potential Nevada supporter the dearth of his own campaign war chest by comparing the $271 thousand left in his purse to the $2.8 million Ensign has in his own. Hopefully, Jack Carter will learn the same lesson his Daddy learned in 1970—don't play poor boy when everyone knows you're rich.

In 1974 a carefully retooled Jimmy Carter was back. This time around he didn't play the Bible-thumping Southern Baptist poor boy farmer. This time around, he played the pious walking-in-the-shadow-of-God-personally-opposed-to-abortion-but-very-protective-of-a-woman's-right-to-kill-her-unborn-children snake oil salesman. Carter mastered the art of looking the voters in the eyes and lying to their face. And, like a good Democrat, he said only what the voters wanted to hear. This time around, according to Georgian historical E. Stanley Godbold, "...he said the things that the segregationist voters wanted to hear." The Democratic machine that had endorsed Sanders didn't expect to get blind-sided by the Baptist elder who had apparently taken political lessons from the devil.

Carter passed out photos of his opponent, Sanders—which showed the former governor posing with African-American basketball players. Carter, playing the racial bigot to the hilt, even chastised Sanders for not inviting Alabama Gov. George Wallace to address the State Assembly during his tenure as Governor.

Carter edged Sanders out in the primary, and went on to beat Republican Hal Suit in the general election. Carter, who blatantly lied to the segregationist voters of Georgia to get elected, took it all back during his inaugural address. In his speech he renounced racial discrimination, declaring that it had no place in the future of Georgia. Following his address, Carter added injury to insult to the segrgationists who elected him by appointing scores of African-Americans to Statewide offices and regulatory boards. Had he not springboarded his governorship to the White House, the people of Georgia would not have returned him to the Governor's mansion. In four short years—from 1970 to 1974—Carter evolved from a rural peanut bumpkin to a snake oil salesman. After four more years, he graduated to spokesman for global government.

Again, the peanut doesn't rot far from the vine. Carter's oldest son, John William "Jack" Carter has been walking in Daddy's footsteps for several years. Only, while he was not as good as Dad scholastically, he's a much better snake oil salesman than Daddy ever was. His campaign demeanor is about as genuine as a $3 bill.

Fifty-nine year old Jack Carter almost cloned his father's early steps into adulthood, except that he floundered scholastically where his father excelled. The elder Carter attended Georgia Southwestern College and the Georgia Institute of Technology before entering the US Naval Academy. James Earl Carter received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1946. He finished 59th out of his Naval Academy class of 820 cadets. Lt. (sg) James E. Carter was selected to participate in a nascent nuclear power program to prepare him for nuclear submarine command. He resigned his commission in October 1953 upon the death of his father. Jack Carter, who acknowledged he was "...ill-equipped for college," flip-flopped between Georgia Tech, Emory and Georgia Southwest State University before following his father's path into the US Navy. After serving a year in the South Pacific on the USS Grapple, the younger Carter received an honorable discharge from the Navy and returned to Georgia Tech where he received a degree in nuclear physics. However, unlike his father who left the Navy and returned to Plains, Georgia to run the family business, Jack Carter entered the University of Georgia and graduated with a law degree in 1975. Carter practiced law briefly in Calhoun—where he met and married his first wife, Judy Langford. But law was not his forte. Nor, for that matter was his first wife. They divorced in 1989.

After helping his father win election to the White House, Jack Carter landed a berth on the Chicago Board of Trade. In 1981 he became a commodities trader at Rockefeller-controlled Citibank. It was during this period that he met his second wife, Elizabeth Brasfield. They married in 1992. In 1996 Carter took a job as manager of the Bermuda branch of the Irish pension and investment consulting firm, Invesco Funds Group's mutual fund division. In 2003, the Securities Exchange Commission filed criminal charges against the pension giant's Denver-based CEO for fraudulently accepting investments from dozens of market timers form its mutual fund division to enhance management fees. In doing so, Invesco violated market timing policies and breached their corporate fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders of Invesco. With the charges came a more far-reaching investigation.

When the preliminary investigation of IFG began in 2002, the Carters could see the proverbial handwriting on the wall being etched by the SEC long before the first shoe dropped. Carter and his wife, Elizabeth, who jointly owned their own investment company—Global Carter—in tax-haven Bermuda, began shopping around in the United States for a safe place to park their company. While it could be said that they picked a suburb of Las Vegas, Nevada as their new home because Jack Carter had a weakness for cards, it's much more plausible that Elizabeth got on the Internet and purchased a condo in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin because Nevada corporate laws provide business owners with a veil of secrecy second to none in the United States. The corporate veil in Nevada has been pierced only twice in the last two dozen years and, in one of those two instances, the company was originally incorporated in California and its corporate veil was pierced in that State. By incorporating in Nevada, the officers and directors of the company are immune from personal liability should the company fail for any reason. This is the reason that CitibankCarter's former employer—is domiciled in Nevada. (In most States, directors are immune from personal liability for the wrongdoing of the company officers except when the director is also an corporate officer. Corporate officers, however, are not. In Nevada, both are protected.)

That means the clients of Global Carter can't sue either principle partner for any financial gaffes of the company's investment advisers (themselves)—including any construed to have not been done in good faith. Furthermore, Nevada does not share financial information with the Internal Revenue Service although IRS Code §6103(b)(1) requires every State to do so. In Nevada, for an officer or director to be held liable for losses to shareholders the plaintiff in any action must proof that specific director or corporate officer was personally negligent. Therefore, we can reasonably assume the snake oil salesman and his wife picked Summerlin, Nevada not because Jack Carter had a fetish for playing Texas Hold'em but because it was the safest place to park their Bermuda investment company. Snake oil salesmen never tell the truth—even about the most basic things. So, if you can't trust them to tell the truth about themselves, you just can't trust them—period.

The younger Carter, like the elder Carter, is a far left liberal whose political views dovetail with those of Ned Lamont, Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, or liberal Democratic Senators John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. While he poses as a grassroots candidate with almost no money, he is tethered to the barons of banking and princes of industry—and thus, beholden to them. In the second quarter of this year—long before his campaign organization against incumbent GOP Senator John Ensign went into overdrive, he raised $1.1 million. Not bad for a grassroots candidate. Ii is, in fact, unheard of for an independent candidate who honestly is not beholden to special interest groups to raise a million dollars in less than three months.

In an interview during the summer, a reporter asked Carter why Nevadans should vote for him and not Sen. John Ensign. Former Citibank executive Jack Carter replied: "Well, in the first place, I'm independent. John isn't." Wrong. If Carter was truly independent and not relying on his banker friends (i.e., the transnationalists who are pushing the throttle to create world government) to fund his campaign, there would be no way he could have raised $1.1 million dollars in less three months from grassroots supporters whose contributions were limited to $2,000.

Thus, the snake oil salesman isn't quite as "independent" as he wants the voters to think he is. But, like any real good snake oil salesman, I expect Carter wore his best Plains, Georgia country-boy smile as he continued: "The Congressional Quarterly puts out—there are 40 or 50 votes the administration puts out there with the stamp on it. And the Congressional Quarterly keeps up with how people voted and John Ensign has voted with the Administration—I think I calculated somewhere in the neighborhood of 96% of the time over the last five years, though I haven't kept up with it since December—and so he's very much a pawn of the Bush Administration."

Most people don't realize that almost every Congressman and Senator on both sides of the aisle votes the "party line"—or rather, the special interest agenda backed by the leadership of their party—except on the more radical "ideological" issues like abortion, homosexual rights, same sex marriage, and the dilution of the rule of law in order to provide special rights to special constituents. If he was the incumbent , his opponent would likely be able to say precisely the same thing about him. That's the nature of party politics. To Carter, who is every bit as liberal as his father, it wasn't so much the fact that John Ensign voted with the Administration, its that he voted with the conservatives. Carter continued: "I'm an independent kind of person. I've only been in Nevada since 2002, but I don't anything to the party here, any individual here, or the power structure—and that's a plus and a minus."

Not only is Carter already indebted, he's indebted to the ideological far left that funds the socialist candidates who will vote for their utopian Old World globalist agenda. Among those supporters is MoveOn.org. Much of his campaign contributions are coming from the special interest groups that fund the radical left. His daughter, Sarah—a neuroscience Ph.D candidate—blogs on friend Markos Mouitsas Zuniga's Daily Kos blog website, spinning far left fantasies of utopian glee in America when the evil right is banished from the halls of Congress. In one of her latest tirades against Ensign—loosely disguised as George W. BushSarah Carter delighted in telling the far left followers of Daily KOs that John Ensign tried to expand the Bush Administration terrorist interrogation policies only to have the Senate vote to grant terrorists suspects broader civil rights. From the mouth of the children comes the philosophical views of the parent. Protect the terrorists and tie the hands of America so it can't defend itself.

Little in politics amazes me as much as the ability of the left to successfully hobble popular GOP congressional or senatorial candidates with whatever high profile Republican is currently in the political doghouse—or leads the liberal "fear factor." Just as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Howard Dean couldn't mention Tom Delay's name a few months ago without also mentioning Jack Abramoff; or hobbling Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney or George W. Bush in their worst moments to any sorry GOP incumbent in a close race anywhere in the United States, the snake oil salesman from Global Carter can't mention John Ensign without adding George W. Bush and/or the Minutemen and/or Iraq and/or same sex marriage in the same breath.

Enough "likely voters" of Nevada have suggested they might vote for the "independent" Democrat that Sen. John Ensign is now in a competitive race—and a man the voters of Nevada should not trust stands a coin-toss change of getting elected to the US Senate where he would have an opportunity to add to the damage done to this nation by his father. But what amazes me is that traditional values candidates like John Ensign choose to play by the rules of "political correctness" established by far left liberals who could never get elected if their globalist philosophical leanings were ever closely examined by the voters.

Ensign, who believed he had a safe lead over Carter, chose not to make an issue out of Carter's far left liberalism. Instead, he concentrated on his own record. However, since Carter was attacking Ensign's "record" as an extension of George W. Bush's policies, Ensign's popularity with the voters of Nevada nose-dived with Bush's. And Ensign's standing on his own record appeared, to many Nevada voters, as a feeble defense of a war record the liberals believe should not be defended. When he was questioned about his tactics, Ensign said: "I'll let Jack Carter focus on the differences in the race. What's important is that people know what I've done the last six years and what I will do in the next six years." Ensign's record says he is a fiscal conservative who has bucked both the GOP leadership and the White House. Since his election in 2000, Ensign garnered a 94% rating from the American Conservative Union and an "A"-rating from the National Taxpayers' Union.

The only problem is that the snake oil salesman, Jack Carter, is too smart to lay out the philosophical differences between his views and those of Sen. John Ensign. After all, Carter wants to steal an election. (When you conceal what you are from the voters, you are attempting stealing their votes.) Carter is very careful not to let his stripes show because he knows Nevada is not Massachusetts, New Hampshire—or California. Conservative voters in Nevada are conservative. Most moderate Nevada voters are working class conservatives more commonly known as Reagan Democrats. The Jimmy Carter liberals in the State are clustered in the large cities like Las Vegas. Carter will continue to pose as a moderate before the cameras while his daughter Sarah speaks his views as his advocate to the MoveOn.org far left through the pro-Communist, antiwar website, DailyKos. I would suggest, therefore, that the voters of Nevada supplement their daily reading diet with a doze of www.dailykos.com to get genuine insight into the mind of snake oil salesman Jack Carter through the daughter Sarah's blog. Because the media in Nevada is as liberal as it is in Washington, DC, New York or Los Angeles, it is unlikely you will read anything in the newspaper that will scratch below the surface of the veneer of the snake oil salesman and expose the real face behind the mask of gentleman-farmer investment-councellor.


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