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20 years

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sen. Nancy Schaefer is a friend and a family rights advocate who has fought hard to preserve Christian integrity in America.She is the founder of Family Concerns. She is also the first person I have ever invited to place an article on my website. Nancy is a rising star in conservative America and deserves the financial support of every American who cares about liberty. Nancy needs to be in national office and we need to help put her in the US Congress. With a national platform behind her, Nancy's common sense approach to government will help all Americans.

Medicating Our Kids to Death

Lets get right to the point. Mental health monitoring of children and adults is not a Tom Cruise, nor a celebrity, issue. It is the drugging of children and adults that demands the attention of every American.

Children in America are being medicated to death—death by mind-altering drugs. Children are coerced into mental health screening, they are forced into psychiatric treatment and they are prescribed dangerous psychotropic drugs. America's children are oftentimes denied contact with their parents, they are restrained without parental knowledge and they are given many different psychiatric medications.

Children in America are victims of fraud and death. Millions of them are diagnosed with alleged mental disorders because they are easily distracted, or they talk out of turn in class, or because they don't follow directions. Because they have discipline problems, they are subsequently drugged on substances equal to heroin and cocaine.

It is unconscionable. I am a mother of 5 children. I have four sons and one daughter. They were youngsters who, at times, were distracted, talked out of turn, or didn't always follow directions. In today's schools system and psychiatric world with forced mental health screening, my children would have been placed on deadly drugs and potent pills that are capable of completely debilitating that child—or driving them to violence or suicide.

The deadly drugging of our children should be on the front page of every paper in America. In a Family Concerns, Inc. newsletter in 2004 {a paper I produce), I wrote an article on the subject of the dangers of mental health screening of children. As a Georgia State Senator, in the 2005 General Assembly, I authored a resolution, SR128 (http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2005_06/sum/sr128.htm) opposing the mental health screening for all children.

Since Illinois was the first state to pass the Illinois Children's Mental Health Act (ICMHA), which created a $10 million Children Mental Health Partnership, I fearfully expected other states to follow suit and pass this dreadful piece of legislation. I want to prevent this at all costs in Georgia. The Illinois legislation calls for a social and emotional exam to be administered to all children without parental consent and for women to be examined for depression during pregnancy.

It is my understanding that many Illinois legislators were shocked when they learned what they had voted on and passed. The policy included: (1) Periodic development exams for children ages 0-18 years of age, (2) Statewide data reporting tracking system on each and every person; (3) Social emotional screening with mandated school exams for K, 4th, and 9th grades; and (4) Report cards on children's emotional development

How could this happen? And, even more important, why is this happening? In April of 2002, the Bush administration established the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. This Commission was to carry out a "comprehensive" study of the United States mental health service delivery system. According to Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy, in his article "Mental Health, Education and Social Control", Part 5, as of the end of 2004 there were "...27 sites around the country piloting various aspects of the New Freedom Initiative," which provided for strong antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs as treatment for the many "so called" mental health problems detected. Additionally, Dr. Cuddy revealed that the most powerful force behind this initiative is the pharmaceutical industry, including Eli Lilly & Company. Eli Lilly manufactures Prozac™ and the antipsychotic drug Olanzapine™. In my research, I discovered that Eli Lilly is a financial supporter of Planned Parenthoodthe largest abortion provider in the worldand is a proponent of population control.

Eli Lilly CEO, Sidney Taurel, I am advised, is on the Homeland Security Council. Several years ago, I interviewed Beverly Eakman about her book: "Cloning the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education." Now, in her more recent book "What, Are You Crazy? The Screening of America" she wrote: "In August 2003, the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation announced the results of their $1.2 million taxpayer-funded study. It stated that 'traditionalists' are 'mentally disturbed'. Scholars from the University of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford had determined that social conservatives in particular, suffer from 'mental rigidity,' 'dogmatism' and 'uncertainty avoidance,' together with associated indicators of mental illness. It is worth remembering that both the Nazis and Communists used mental health screenings to identify their adversaries. Globalists and internationalists must have complete control over the population to promote their faith of 'world patriotism' or should I say 'internationalism.'"

Congressman Ron Paul authored the Parental Consent Act, HR 181 (Mental Screening of Children), to keep federal funds from paying for universal or mandatory mental health screening of children. His bill exposed the undermining of parental rights to raise their own children and make decisions of what is best for their children. Once it became clear that there would be the absence of parental consent and that children would become victims of drug abuse, many House and Senate members in Washington took note and Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) and James Inhofe (R-OK) sent a letter supporting Ron Paul's legislation.

Now, Congressman Paul, a practicing physician for over 30 years, has introduced the Parental Consent Act of 2005 [HR 181]. This bill prohibits the use of federal funds for any universal mental health screening.

School children across our land—or any children for that matter—should not be medicated by dangerous drugs based on vague assessment of the child's social and emotional development by school nurses or glorified social workers—or even by licensed physicians—without the consent of the parents of these children.

Parental rights must be protected. Parental notification regarding children must be made a priority in this nation whether it is about clubs and organizations at school, abortion, graphic surveys for children to answer, or health issues. Children belong to parents—their parents! Children are not the property of the State.

Parents are responsible to make decisions regarding their children and their children's health. Children and "the family" are under dangerous assault today! Parents are coerced to put their children on psychotropic medications and children are dying. In the United States alone, 8 million children and adolescents are on mind-altering drugs that puts them at risk of violent and suicidal side effects, all while being told by the American Psychiatric Association that it is for your good.

Behavior programs such as outcome based education, values clarification, mastery learning, psychological and psychiatric questionnaires, and self esteem are nothing more than a psychologically controlled environment to induce certain beliefs or politically correct thinking.

Anyone with a grain of common sense knows where there is less parental notification and less parental involvement, there is more crime, more abortion, more drug abuse and more suicide. And may we remember, that radical psychologists and psychiatrists have always targeted the education of children as the means to destroy morality, faith and freewill.

Illinois legislators voted for the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership (ICMHP) in September 2004. It has been signed into law. Will the mental health screening be looking for politically incorrect beliefs that do not conform to the liberal position of tolerance? Will a disruptive child who is only full of energy, or a dissenter child with typically childish conduct be classified "positive" with a mental disorder?

What about the parents who refuse to cooperate with the mental health screening of their children? How will they be labeled? Will they be found guilty of "child abuse?"

This Federal program must be stopped. Remember, children have God-given gifts and talents. Children have the right to be loved, protected and cared for by parents and by communities that want them to reach their potential in life. So stand up, speak out, and get involved. If you don't, you empower the likes of the American Psychiatric Association and their claim to a totalitarian stronghold on all real and alleged mental health issues of our day.

Senator Nancy Schaefer • Georgia State Senate • Office:(706) 754-1998 • Fax: (706) 754-1803 Email: senatornancyschaefer@alltel.net


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