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20 years


In a political career that has spanned 32 years, Massachusetts Senator John Forbes Kerry used what appears, at least on the surface, to be an exemplary military recordÑ3 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver StarÑto get elected to the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Kerry is a genuine wolf in sheep's clothing who has posed as a patriot as he adroitly concealed his Benedict Arnold past.

As he climbed high upon his red, white and blue soap-box and waved his ill-gotten medals for his working class Massachusetts constituents to see, Kerry cast his votes against the military and the American intelligence community that is charged with the responsibility of protecting America against its political and military enemies. That is, he would do so unless the media spotlight was focused on the U.S. Senate and Kerry's patriotric working class constituents were watchingÑas they were when the vote was cast to support President George W. Bush's decision to take the War on Terrorism into the nations of the despots who financed the Islamic Jihad against the United States.

Generally speaking, John Forbes Kerry always votes with the liberal doves who believe if you give a conservative president a military strong enough to win a world war, the conservative will start a world war (even though our participation in both world wars was instigated by a Democratic president with a Democratically-controlled Congress).

Kerry has consistently voted to close military bases and to downsize the U.S. military in order to use available tax revenue for domestics spending programs like protecting America's 70-year old generational welfare program that shackled four generations of poor Americans to the public feeding trough to make sure their votes went to Democratic candidates on election day. Kerry voted to increase abortion funding, increase funding for NEA political advocacy, and to create a federal slush fund to finance sex education programs for adolescents that included advocacy for both heterosexual and homosexual safe-sex programs under the guise of preventing sexually-transmitted diseases.

The votes cast by Kerry on "military readiness" reduced the U.S. military by 8 divisionsÑfrom 18 to 10Ña loss of about 40%. America's "military readiness" vanished almost overnight. Kerry's "military readiness" votes helped cut the U.S. Air Force's tactical ability in half as 24 combat fighter wings were reduced to 12. Kerry's "military readiness" votes also eliminated 232 strategic bombers and 2,000 other Air Force and naval aircraft. Not content there, Kerry also voted to reduce his own alma materÑthe U.S. NavyÑfrom 567 fighting ships to just over 300. On top of that, Kerry has consistently voted against money for the Cruise missile which is the backbone of America's offensive and defensive military readiness programs. Self-proclaimed war hero and 21st century JFK-wannabe John F. Kerry is not, nor has he ever been, a friend of the United States Department of Defense.

The view of the modern liberal is, and has been since October 24, 1950 when former President Harry S. Truman told the U.N. General Assembly that ";...[t]he men who died for the United Nations in Korea...died in order that the United Nations might live..." is one in which the globalist eagerly awaits Utopia. It is the view of the pacifist who believes any compromiseÑeven the surrender of the sovereignty of their nation and their freedomÑis justified for the greater good of mankind. It is in that world that John F. Kerry has been a card-carrying member since 1971.

In light of the Watergate scandal and President Richard Nixon's complicity in the conspiracy, the socialist-left of the Democratic Party which had felt the sting of Nixon-instigated IRS audits, unwarranted FBI background checks and surveillances, as well as Nixon's covert and very illegal use of the CIA to investigate the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the communist recruitment of college-age, draft-age student activists like Bill Clinton and disgruntled and patriotically-challenged veterans like John F. KerryÑthe Huston PlanÑdecided it was time to clip Nixon's wings by eliminating the supra-powers granted to presidents by the Wilson era Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917. A committee, headed by Sen. Frank Church was formed in July, 1973 to specifically terminate the national emergency powers of the presidentÑbut not eliminate that power. The power would simply be transferred to Congress through various oversight committees. When Congress felt the President need extraordinary powers, they could grant them to himÑtemporarily. That, of course meant whenever a minority party President occupied the White House, Congress would then possess the authority to restrict the executive powers of the presidencyÑsomething that was, in and of itself, unconstitutional since the concept violates the separation of power between the legislative and executive branches of government.

Because of Nixon's illegal use of FBI, CIA and DIA intelligence assets to investigate Democratic members of the House and Senate (as well as a handful of liberal Republican doves who usually voted with the liberals), the Democratic leadership also decided it was time to clip the wings of the intelligence community which, after all, was not supposed to be plying their nefarious trade within the continental United States anyway.

After Nixon's resignation on August 9, 1974. the Church Committee (the Special Committee on the Termination of the National EmergencyÑwith the unwilling cooperation of the nation's first appointed president, Gerald FordÑdefanged the intelligence community, thereby setting into motion the devolution of the intelligence community that ultimately brought about the intelligence debacle known as September 11, 2001 which the Democratic Party is now attempting to blame on President George W. Bush.

It is important that the American people understand that nothing happens overnight, and the guy working in the Oval Office when the brown stuff hits the fan is not necessarily the guy that caused the political diarrhea (unless his name happens to be FDR who was elected four times and could not escape his own brown stuff). NAFTA, which caused the hemorrhage of over 2.5 million jobs that is being blamed on George W. Bush was caused solely and exclusively by Bill Clinton when Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement into law in 1993. Once NAFTA was signed to law, nothing could be done to stop the jobs drain other than the repeal of that piece of legislation and the restoration of tariffs on foreign-made American branded goods.. Clinton further caused the problem to escalate when he signed the Kyoto Protocol and backed it up with an Executive Order authorizing the EPA to implement the restrictive emissions standards that forced hundreds of small manufacturers to close their American plants and move to Mexico, Pakistan, India...or China since all of the third world nations are exempt from the strict emissions standards. In other words, pollution is only pollution when its coming from American factories. When Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter began deconstructed the American intelligence apparatus, it took twenty years before it noticeably affected usÑthanks to anti-war doves Bill and Hillary Clinton who finally pulled the plug that drained the intelligence pool in Arlington.

War doves like Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Frank Church, Walter Mondale, J. William Fulbright, Alan Cranston, and Edward "Ted" Kennedy in the Senate and doves like James G. O'Hara, George E. Danielson, then House Speaker Carl Albert, Edward Boland, Ronald Dellums, Otis Pike, Father Robert F. Drinan (the first Catholic priest ever elected to Congress), John Conyers, and Hugh Carey in the House were among those who led the fight, or contributed their support, to curb the influence and authority of the intelligence community. In February, 1975 the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which was created as a result of the Ervin and Church Committee findings on Nixon Administration abuses, initiated a very hostile investigation of the intelligence-gathering agencies of the Executive branch. Their intent was the very deliberate, well strategized deconstruction of the intelligence community that Richard Nixon used so adroitly against the socialist, anti-war faction within the Congress and within the Hollywood crowd that Sen. Joe McCarthy tried, but failed, to ferret out in the mid-1960s.

The Church Commission investigation was the beginning of open warfare, waged very effectively in the media by the anti-war liberals in the House and Senate, during Gerald Ford's brief tenure as President of the United States. The war against the FBI and the CIA was waged much more secretively during the Carter and Clinton years. Ford started the devolution. It was, perhaps, Ford's price of admission to the Oval Office.

Assisting himÑor rather, leading the chargeÑwas CIA Director William Colby, whose liberal credentials more comfortably dovetailed with Carter and Clinton than they did with Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford, blew the whistle on his own agency. In doing so he weakened the nation. On Dec. 22, 1974 Colby invited New York Times reporter Seymour Hersh to the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. In that meeting Colby told Hersh that CIA operatives led by James Angleton (who headed clandestine operations for the OSS during World War II) were covertly investigating American citizens. The American citizens being investigated were people like Jane Fonda and John Kerry and several communist party members who were working not only with the Tinseltown crowd but were key financial contributors to many of the most vocal anti-Vietnam doves in Congress. Although Angleton took the heat, the covert surveillance which included mail tampering, was approved by Nixon not because those whose mail was read were his political enemiesÑbut because they were viewed by the FBI as political enemies of the United States of America. Today, under the USA Patriot Act, protesters like Bill Clinton, John Kerry and Jane Fonda not only could be arrested and detained as enemy operatives, they very likely would have been.

When American lives are at stake, the United States cannot afford to view seditious protest as free speech. In 1917 Eugene V. Debs, the socialist union organizer, was sentenced to ten years in a federal prison for doing nothing more sinister than advocating that the workers he was trying to organize go out on strike as America's doughboys were coming under enemy fire in the trenches of France, Germany and Belgium. Clinton, Kerry and Fonda provided psychological comfort to an enemy of the United States at a time when the American soldiers fighting them were shedding their blood. Nevertheless, their protest was somehow viewed as "free speech" rather than sedition.

Democrats in both houses of Congress were incensed by Colby's revelations in the New York Times article. They charged the CIA with domestic spying. Hearings were heldÑnot just on the CIA but every intelligence agency including the super-secret National Security Agency. Overwhelmed by the potential fallout, Congress created the Select Committee to Study Government Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities on January 17, 1975. The mirror committee in the House of Representatives was shortened to the Select Intelligence Committee. In May, 1976 the Senate followed suit, shortening its committee name so it would fit easier in newspaper headlines and on the evening news.

Because the DemocratsÑthe McGovern liberalsÑcontrolled the leadership in Congress, likeminded liberals overwhelmingly controlled both the House and Senate committeesÑand the official media feed from both. Because the liberals were determined to paint the intelligence community as gestapo agencies that posed a serious threat to the liberty of all Americans, they needed to find a way to silence the minority members on the committees. They chose to do so in a very unique way. They offered the GOP a golden carrot the Republicans could not refuse.

National security was too important for party politics, the Democrats staidly announced. For that reason, the Select Intelligence Committee needed to remain above the fray of party politics. To prevent petty partisan sniping, the DemocratsÑwho had controlled Congress with an iron fist for most of the 20th centuryÑannounced that the Senate Select Intelligence Committee would be nonpartisan. Democrats and Republicans would co-chair the Senate committeeÑand they would share information equally and without reservation. By proffering the golden carrot, the Democratic leadership knew the Republicans would not be able to resist. And because they didn't, when the liberals attacked the FBI, the CIA, THE DIA and the NSA, all they could do was sit back in a polite, partisan stupor and bite their tongues.

When the Democrats finally sat down and shut their own mouths, they had completely eviscerated the intelligence community. A new "intelligence" group had been empowered in WashingtonÑthe Democratic Party. And the Democrats had already decided that its primary function was to dismantle the intelligence community so it could do them no harm.

Father Drinan [D-MA] promised his liberal colleagues on the House Select Intelligence Committee that the FBI would never get their hands on a computer system that would do them any good. Drinan was so good to his word that long after the Catholic priest left Congress the FBI's communications system was so antiquated that FBI employees on the 5th floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building on 9th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC had problems emailing other FBI personnel on the 3rd floor when the two 747s crashed into the World Trade Center.

The House Select Intelligence Committee was so prejudiced against the intelligence agencies of the United States that when the House hearings began in June, 1975, its chairman, Congressman Lucien Nedzi [D-MI] resigned in protest over the way the liberals were strongarming the committee. Nedzi was, himself, a liberal Democrat. When Nedzi resigned so did all of the GOP members of the committee.

The hearings were cancelled and the committee was dissolved. On July 17 a new Select Intelligence Committee was formed. Its chairman was Otis Pike [D-NY]. The committee was now even more prejudiced than it was under Nedzi. Pike told Colby in their first meeting at the end of July that he believed the CIA was a rogue elephant that had been operating outside of government control, and that it needed to be restrained since it was, in Pike's words "the devil incarnate."

When Jimmy Carter assumed the housecleaning task in 1977, he fired Colby and replaced him with Admiral Stansfield Turner. Turner was as qualified to run the CIA as a burger flipper at McDonald's is qualified to serve as a master chef at the Waldorf Astoria. Because he received a mandate from Carter to cut the CIA, Turner arbitrarily cut over 800 critical intelligence jobs, virtually destroying the Clandestine Service. The covert division of the CIA never recovered. Also cut were about 90% of the CIA's linguists. I guess Turner thought if there weren't any clandestine agents there was little need for interpretors. From 1977, the CIA has lacked the ability to put more than a handful of qualified covert agents in the field at any given timeÑproviding they are sent to English-speaking nations. Carter and more important, Bill Clinton, replaced qualified, military-trained field agents with lawyers, accountants, career bureaucrats and affirmative action activists for lesbian, homosexual, and feminist equal rights.

Under Bill Clinton, CIA counterintelligence chief Paul Redmond was fired by Clinton appointee George Tenet who wanted his own man, David CohenÑan analyst with no experience in espionageÑto become Deputy Director of Operations (the man who heads Covert Ops). Tenet replaced John Deutch who came on board in 1995 and left after a year on the job. (Deutch replaced James Woolsey who served Clinton from 1993 to 1995.) Deutch is remembered as the CIA director who took reams of highly classified top secret CIA intelligence files home and stored them on an unsecure home computer. The files which Deutch emailed to himself through his unsecure AOL account were discovered on his MacIntosh computer in 1997Ñtwo years after he left the CIA. It is unclear why Deutch had the files on an unsecure home computer in the first place. It is unclear why those files still existed two years after Deutch left the government and no longer possessed the right to have access to that material. What is not unclear is that Deutch committed a felony. The FBI launched an investigation of Deutch in the spring of 2000. Just as the Justice Department was preparing to indict him, Bill Clinton, who was hurriedly cleaning up loose ends before leaving office, pardoned him.

From Turner to Tenet, CIA Directors have been prevented from hiring terrorists as double agents. The deconstruction regulations implemented by the liberal-dominated House and Senate Select Intelligence Committees from 1977 until 1995 prevented the intelligence agencies from hiring "unsavory assets" who would be viewed as criminals or terrorists in the United States. In 1995, when the primary chairmanship of those two committees switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party, nothing happened even though what was called the "Deutch Rule" was rescinded. Bill Clinton, of course, was a Democrat and the intelligence agency departments heads were all Clinton appointees who knew better than to cross Hillary since she tacitly possessed the power to fire any of them.

When George W. Bush assumed control of the American intelligence community, there were reportedly only two CIA covert operatives in the Agency who spoke Farsi. In December, 2001Ñ90 days after the World Trade Center disasterÑCongress passed the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2001 that rescinded the "Deutch Rule" concerning the "qualifications" and employment of foreign assets. Even with instructions from both Congress and the White House to do so, Tenet refused to rescind the "Deutch Rule". To date, Tenet has not complied with the Intelligence Authorization Act. Tenet has insisted before the Select Committee that field agents do have the option to utilize unsavory people who have committed serious crimes or have a record of human rights abuses. All they have to do, Tenet said, is notify the Agency at least a week before they initiate the recruitment. Of course, if any field agent did violate the "Deutch Rule," his career in the CIA would be over. To date, none have publicly done so. Colby, Turner, Woolsey and Tenet succeeded in ransforming the world's most daunted espionage agency into a bureaucratic quagmire that couldn't find their way to the rest rooms if the doors weren't clearly marked.

Randall Scheunemann, an inside-the-beltway foreign policy and intelligence expert who served as a special advisor to Senate Majority Leaders Bob Dole and Trent Lott once described the CIA as a miniture version of the State Department where diplomacy is more important that doing. Even with George W. Bush and the USA Patriot Act, the bureaucratic system that has been in effect since 1995 rewards those who play the game by the "Deutch Rule" and penalizes those who actually attempt to protect their nation from foreign aggression.

As the rapidly shrinking field of Democratic candidates pretended their televised DNC-staged, hour-long anti-Bush tirades were actually political debates that were calling into question the qualifications of their Democratic adversaries to lead this nation, when it was actually only well-rehearsed liberal diatribe that chimed the same off-key melody: why was the President's Iraqi intel so mediorce? And, whose fault was it that there the military has found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

The fault belongs to Richard Nixon for abusing the trust of the American people, and it belongs to Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton because they were not good caretakers of the security of the United States. And, it must also be shared equally by William Colby, Stansfield Turner, James Woolsey, John Deutsch and George Tenet. Since Tenet is the only bureaucrat still in office, he should be fired before the sun sets on too many more days.

But, that's enough of the blame game. I think we've figured out what's wrong with our intelligence system. Let's get busy and fix it before the Democrats get control of Congress again and ruin it so bad it can't be fixed at all.



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