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20 years


Let's face it.  Jimmy Carter needs to get a life that does not adversely affect the lives of every American he touches. As the worst president in the history of the United States, Carter managed an economy with the highest level of inflation in the history of the United States. He destroyed the pseudo-democratic monarchy of Iran and surrendered it to the extremist Islamist fundamentalists under the theocratic oligarch, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, by forcing Muhammed Riza Pahlavi, to abdicate his office as the Shah of Iran.

     Carter authorized the CIA to overthrow the U.S.-backed Nicaraguan government of Anastasio Somoza and allowed the Cuban-backed Marxist, Daniel Ortega to assume power. Finally, on the advice of several Council on Foreign Relations advisers that included Madeleine Albright, Carter agreed to surrender America's ownership of the Panama Canal and the Panama Canal Zone (which has since been “assumed” by the People's Republic of China in direct violation to the Monroe Doctrine). All of this was done at a time when Carter had to know that any power vacuum he created would very likely be filled by the Soviet Union--which is precisely what the Council on Foreign Relations wanted to happen in order to generate enough fear in the minds of the American people that they would be receptive to the notion of surrendering their national sovereignty to a world government headquartered in Brussels in order to eliminate what would ultimately have become a hemispheric threat of nuclear missiles aimed at the heartland of America.

     Since Carter can't do any more damage to the world in an "official" capacity, he has decided to open a new front in the battle for civil rights equality for African-Americans at home. But Carter’s new advocacy is not to protect hardworking African-Americans who may have been denied access to a level economic playing field as they compete with their white peers for a fair shot at capturing a piece of the great American dream--but rather, Carter decided to wage a new class war for black criminals in Georgia and around the nation. Carter, at the prompting of the NAACP, now sees black criminals as the newest victims of racial discrimination.

     They are victims because, in Carter's mind and in the mind of the other liberal elitists who have studied the statistics, there are more blacks than whites in our penal systems--and on death row. This, in their minds, is because poor black criminals can't afford high-priced lawyers like those who defend rich, white criminals or rich black celebrity criminals. And because poor blacks can't afford to hire high profile, expensive criminal lawyers they are more likely to be convicted of capital felonies than well-to-whites or well-to-do black celebrities. The solution to this dilemma in the mind of the NAACP--and their newest civil rights advocate, Jimmy Carter--is to enact new laws that will force the States to hire the best criminal lawyers (not those mediocre lawyers in the public defenders' office) at the expense of the taxpayers, to defend blacks charged with serious felonies and capital crimes.

     The logic behind this argument is not to provide a more adequate defense for innocent black men accused of crimes, but simply to get the guilty off on some legal technicality —like the white folks do—or by raising doubts abut their guilt with the juries who are contemplating the verdicts. The liberals argue that O.J. Simpson was found "not guilty" not because he was innocent, but because he had enough money to afford a star-studded defense—”The Dream Team”—that simply overwhelmed the jury.
     It just hasn't occurred to the liberals that, in our society, there are far fewer affluent whites (or blacks) committing capital felonies than there are poor blacks (or poor whites —whom nobody is championing). And it is for that reason that there are far more blacks on death row, in our prisons, or being tried for capital offenses than affluent whites who can afford expensive lawyers. Granted, when a wealthy or well-known white (or black) celebrity is charged with a capital offense, it makes sustained headlines. Just look at Kobe Bryant. Because the media finds it newsworthy, the story remains in the media spotlight—as the O.J. Simpson trial did, and as the Robert Blake trial will when it commences in February, 2004. And, of course, we now have Kobe Bryant.

     It is not likely that Bryant will be bound over for trial on rape charges. If he is, he will be found not guilty, not because of his high-priced lawyers, but because the prosecution chose to proceed with a case —and a victim—that was flawed from the start.

     The "victim" in the Kobe Bryant case led him on. Her actions, and the way the story is now unfolding, suggest that. It now appears when the sexual act was initiated and she cried "stop," Bryant stopped. That's not rape. Not content with the fact that there was no semen in her panties to affirm that the terrible deed did happen, it now appears that the victim may have changed into a pair of panties previously stained with someone else's semen before going to the hospital. That suggests she may have been trying to fool the hospital personnel and the police. It also suggests she was stupid. Then, due to a fluke in which the hospital released a report containing the DNA anomaly to the defense (and not due to expert litigation on the part of Bryant's expensive lawyers), a piece of information the prosecution very likely intended to conceal (since they had already destroyed their copy of the report) will likely preclude the prosecution of Bryant from going forward. Even a public defender could have pulled that rabbit out of a hat.

     During the Clinton era, Attorney General Janet Reno attempted to manipulate the federal prosecution and sentencing guidelines by demanding that U.S. attorneys not aggressively seek the death penalty for black offenders who commit capital offenses except under certain circumstances, and that they demand the death penalty any white offender who committed an offense that was punishable by death. In Reno's mind, she wanted to "balance the scale" by executing as many whites as blacks in the federal system. Likewise, a litmus test was applied to federal judge nominees to make certain that they believed in tempering the rule of law with the liberal's concept of social justice when it came to administering justice to minorities.

     It hasn't dawned on the liberals yet that there are more blacks on death row than whites not because whites can afford better lawyers, but because blacks, nationwide, commit more murders. Over 73% of all capital murders that are prosecuted in the United States are committed by African-Americans, which means, logically, that blacks should outnumber whites on death row by almost 3 to 1. What bothers the liberals is that African-Americans, who outnumber whites on death row by 2 to 1, comprise less than 35% of the population in the United States, not that they commit 73% of all the capital offenses prosecuted in this country.

     In the world of political correctness---the system of redefining the administration of justice based not on the rule of law but racial quotas---liberals like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton who are both still trying to create their historic legacies, are championing the notion that black criminals are victims of discrimination because they can't afford expensive lawyers who can get them off even though they are guilty of the crimes for which they were charged, convicted and sentenced.

     Carter, who was governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975 appeared at a special guest at a "racial reconciliation forum" with current Republican Georgia governor Sonny Perdue. Over 400 black leaders from around the State and the nation were in attendance. Carter denounced Georgia's two-strike law, stating that a disproportionate number of blacks were serving life sentences for second offenses. (What Carter did not reiterate was that a life sentence is mandated for a second felony and that Georgia judges have no latitude--or that lawyers cannot play on the sympathy of the court to get lesser sentences for affluent white criminals. That means if white felons are repeat offenders, they likewise receive a life sentence.) Carter merely noted that since more blacks than white commit repeat felonies, more blacks than whites end up with life sentences in Georgia. For that reason, Carter argued, the two-strike law needed to be repealed because it was "...the most severe [career criminal statute] in the nation."

     I guess the people of Georgia feel that parasites who wish to continually feed on society need to be continuously incarcerated. Good for them. Every State in the nation should adopt laws that make crime unprofitable. When crime stops being profitable, criminals will stop breaking laws.

     And, of course, like any good liberal, Carter is attempting to put the monkey on the back of Sonny Perdue--whom he believes needs "sensitivity" training on punitive penal issues so he can understand how black criminals feel when they are incarcerated.

     Frankly, I couldn't care less how criminals--black or otherwise--feel when they are incarcerated. I am more concerned about how their victims felt when the felon stuck a gun in their face and took from them what they earned through the investment of their own sweat equity. Nor do I wonder what a killer thinks as he is being executed. They should be executed. Their victim is dead and will remain dead forever. Ten years, twenty years, or life in prison cannot offset that loss. Particularly when, after civil activists and death penalty foes invest time, energy and money for as many as ten years or more fighting in the courts to to keep the death row inmate alive. Many times, due to that advocacy, some bleeding heart liberal governor who believes that social justice trumps the rule of law, makes a political statement by commuting his sentence or by giving him a pardon. Of course, after ten years or so of appeals and petitions, the general public has usually forgotten the face of the victim who suffered the loss of his or her life. And no one thinks about the family members and loved ones who still anguish over that loss and still ache for justice. Killers (whose guilt is conclusively and scientifically established) should be executed--immediately. We should not be forced to support them.

     Carter used the podium at forum to insist that the governor and the top prison officials in the State needed to meet regularly with black leaders in Georgia to gain a better understanding of how penal issues affect blacks. It's a good thing that Carter is now out of politics and that the American people now know him well enough not to make the mistake of electing him to anything else because I can almost picture our Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president and former governor being re-elected to the governorship and deciding to pardon all of the underprivileged blacks because they couldn't afford top flight lawyers to keep them out of prison.

     In fact, Carter urged Perdue to pass a new law to do precisely that--create a taxpayer-financed fund to provide better lawyers to poor blacks who are accused of serious crimes. That way, I guess, the public defenders' office will become the exclusive legal advocates for poor white criminals or poor blacks who commit "junior felonies" since Johnny Cochran will be called in to defend all of the poor blacks who participate in drive-by shootings, turf war executions, or drug deals gone bad.




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