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20 years

January 13, 2003

By Jon Christian Ryter
Copyright 2003 - All Rights Reserved
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pparently new Democratic Minority Leader, liberal Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] thinks that since the Immigration and Naturalization Service was eliminated when the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush, that she--as the leader of the loyal opposition in Congress--had the right to assume the mantle for the former office although the INS has been replaced with Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (Title IV, Subtitle E of the Homeland Security Act). When the INS was abolished (Subtitle F, Section 471) on November 30, 2002 INS Commissioner James Ziglar, the former Sergeant-at-Arms of the U.S. Senate found himself out of a job. Replacing Ziglar as Acting Commissioner of Immigration in the Justice Department is attorney Michael Garcia who is awaiting Senate confirmation. Pelosi who is now the ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives is apparently oblivious of the fact that the new Bureau of Citizenship Immigration Service is an Executive Branch department, not a Legislative Branch department (which means it doesn’t really matter what she thinks how aliens should be acknowledged, or even if they should. It isn’t her call). Pelosi, who has been the House Minority Leader since January 6 has already developed illusions of grandeur that compare with Jim Wright’s when he was Speaker of House and thought that since he was third in line to the presidency that somehow he was co-equal to the President of the United States. That’s the problem with liberal Democrats. As socialists, they believe they were elected to rule the common folk. In Pelosi’s case, those common folk apparently include illegal immigrants that Pelosi feels are entitled to the same constitutional rights as legitimate American citizens. But then, Pelosi knows that these illegals represent votes--Democratic votes--if she can get them access to the voting machines.
     Knowing that making demands on the Bush Administration that the United States government accept Mexican ID cards as valid identification for all US government purposes (which suggests using it to secure a Voter Registration Card or to collect welfare benefits in America) would get her no where, Pelosi took her case directly to the bureaucrats housed within the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco. Pelosi successfully argued that the identification cards in question, which are issued by the Mexican government through its embassies and are known as Matricula Consular Cards, were currently being used in Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities as a form of identification used by Mexican businessmen to gain access to city and county government buildings when they met with business prospects to bid on contracts. In defense of her actions, Pelosi insisted her request was centered on the “need” of cardholders--both legal and illegal aliens--to have access to Internal Revenue Service offices so these Mexican nationals could obtain taxpayer identification numbers which, according to Pelosi, would facilitate their working and paying taxes--even if they are in this country illegally.
     Pelosi like her cloned counterparts, Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton, really believe the American people as as stupid as they think they are. And, of course, they have every reason to believe it. After all, the people of California not only elected them, they re-elected Barbara Boxer once (in 1998, she comes up for re-election in 2004) and they reelected Pelosi eight times. But even worse, after watching the most corrupt woman in American politics lie and scheme against the American people for eight years as the First Lady, the people of New York (who would vote for pond scum if the AFL-CIO told them to) elected Hillary Rodham Clinton to the US Senate. New Yorkers are apparently more gullible, or more mentally-deficient, than the “rubes” of Arkansas. Hillary knew the traditionally conservative voters from Arkansas would never elect her to any State or federal office. They never liked her...and they never trusted her. The machine-controlled voters of New York, like the machine-controlled voters of California, are largely feminist, pro-abortion, pro-Sodomite socialist liberals who believe America would be a much, much better place to live if all heterosexual middle class white males were sent to Mars or Jupiter, and the country was entrusted to the care of globalist male-haters and ecoalarmist environmentalists who are trying hard to convert America into a Gaian, New Age Garden of Eden in which the God of Abraham would be banned from admittance.
     Per Pelosi’s request, the Phillip Burton Building has embarked on a four-month trial program. Cindy Jimenez, a spokesperson for the Congresswoman told the Washington Times in December that “...the program improves safety because people will have an incentive to register with the Mexican consulate while they are in the United States. The intent of the effort,” she said, “is to allow these individuals to have access to the federal building if they want to go pay their taxes as well as use the post office, and also be able to talk to their representative.”
     If Jimenez was a lettuce or broccoli farmer from California, she could have fertilized about 100 acres of prime farmland with her statement. Pelosi, it turns out, has a field office in that building. The phone number is (415) 556-4862. Pelosi apparently was upset because she learned that some of her “constituents” (i.e., Mexicans without valid American identification) were denied access to the building. And Pelosi, like Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez [D-CA] and Sen. Mary Landrieu [D-LA] need every vote they can get to maintain their positions in Washington. Sanchez and Landrieu counted on illegal vote in 1996 to get elected, and it was those questionable votes that secured their elections.
     First, as shocked as Congresswoman Pelosi might be to learn this, and while she might expect the Mexican illegals in her congressional district in California to vote for her, she is not their representative in Congress. They have none since, to put it bluntly, they don’t belong here. Second, you don’t need identification to walk into any post office in the country to buy a stamp or mail a letter. Finally, the illegal Mexican, Chinese, Haitian, Saudi, Yemeni, Iraqi, or Iranian workers in the United States are not filling a 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ forms, nor are they paying their “fair share” of the American tax burden. They are here to pillage the taxpayers of the United States and to rape the economic system of the States they have invaded. Illegals (or as the liberals call them “overstayers”) from any foreign country do not file income tax forms since that is akin to waving a very big red flag that says, “Here I am...here is my address. Instead of sending me a refund or an income tax credit, come and get me.” If you are a legitimate alien worker in the United States, you’ve applied for a green card, and the IRS already has your taxpayer information--and they know where you are already.
    Clearly, as Congressman Thomas G. Tancredo [R-CO], Chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus said: “There is no one in the United States of America that needs a Matricula Consular ID Card other than someone who is here illegally, or someone here who is a felon.” Tancredo was upset that Pelosi, the highest ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives would back the plan which she proposed. In an interview with the Washington Times, Tancredo called Pelosi a co-conspirator to lawbreakers. “I know that we are not supposed to be surprised by even the most bizarre behavior emanating out of San Francisco,” he said, “but we should at least be taken aback when a member of Congress from that area encourages people to violate the laws of this nation.”
     It was a decision by the General Services Administration, and in particular, the GSA’s Federal Protection Service, that allowed Pelosi’s suggestion to be enacted. Bethany Rich, a spokesperson for the GSA said the US marshals Service “...reviewed the security risks and deemed them to be minimal.”
While one might feel that the General Services Administration, which is an Executive Branch office, would be tightly under the control of the White House, and that security in federal buildings would be firmly in the grasp of Homeland Security, it must be remembered that the 4th branch of government--the unelected bureaucracy that is “hired” and “tenured” rather than “elected.” It controls enough decision-making power over the rules and regulations of the administrative offices that it can not only embarrass any president, it can actually derail any program implemented by any Administration (which is the reason George W. Bush demanded the right to fire tenured employees within the federal government who put America at risk.
     Under the Pelosi “test,” Mexican ID cards (issued by the Mexican government without the benefit of FBI, US Marshal, CIA, DIA, or Secret Service security checks) would be accepted as sufficient identification without further investigation by US Marshals who control security at the Phillip Burton Federal Building. In other words, because she thinks they might cast their illegal votes for her, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives wants to give Mexican President Vincente Fox the right to grant access to American federal buildings in the United States. (I guess she takes her title, “minority leader” a little too literally.)
     Angered that the GSA had granted Pelosi a four-month test, Tancredo argued that the Phillip Burton Building “...had better be the the last federal building to recognize the ID cards.” What frustrated Tancredo and other Republicans most is that, as Pelosi’s recent action proves, even after the devastating defeat the Democrats suffered in the November mid-term election, the Democrats still don’t get it. Political correctness is something that the American people can no longer afford. The American people will not tolerate another attack, of any type, on American soil. And, the American people expect its elected representatives to take whatever steps are necessary to [a] keep illegal aliens out of this country, [b] find the ones who are here and deport them, and [c] find those within terrorist cell groups and lock them up.
     The American people are tired of watching aged, white grandmothers and middle class white males searched at airports while those who obviously appear to be Muslim (even if they are actually turbaned Hindu travelers) are given a wide berth so that airport security officers cannot be accused of “ethnic profiling,” or out of fear that Muslim advocacy groups will sue them for violating the civil rights of an ethnic group whose extremist members have promised to kill Americans wherever and whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself.
We expect our government to do precisely what the Bush Administration is doing: demanding that all resident aliens (including the “overstayers”) register at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service. We expect that when the FBI, the Secret Service or the US Border Patrol (or whatever it is now being called) finds aliens who have attempted to avoid registration, that they are immediately taken into custody, held without bail until the government can verify that the individual has not plotted against this country. If they have not, they should be fingerprinted, photographed, DNA-typed and then deported. A fingerprint and DNA database of deportees should be compiled and distributed to every consulate office worldwide so that if any of these people ever attempt to apply for a visa, they can be found in this database and denied entry.
     What we don’t expect, particularly from the ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, is the creation of a free pass for illegals that is recognized by the federal government as a “stay in this country” card that effectively grants any illegal alien with a Mexican ID card the same employment opportunities as the American citizen.
     Frankly, we’ve already sent enough jobs to Mexico and nations south (to the tune of over 100,000 in November and December, 2002 alone) to sit back and allow that labor force to illegally cross our borders and take more of them. We need to make sure the Democratic Party understands that when the American people talk about securing our borders, we expect that the illegal aliens who are here are sent back to where they came from. Our borders will be secure only when the threat from illegal aliens within our borders is eliminated. That will not happen if our politicians are allowed to pass out “stay in America” cards to ethnic groups just because that ethnic group may be essential to their political careers, or to give illegals “welfare and medical benefits” at the expense of the American taxpayers because the Mexican government does not provide them.




Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved