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20 years

June 21, 2002

By Jon Christian Ryter
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
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ithin four weeks of the World Trade Center-Pentagon disaster, after the American government launched its initial military response against Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda and their Taliban supporters in Afghanistan, ABC-TV—the AMERICAN Broadcasting Corporation—decided that the news was slanted too much in favor of the United States. A memo from the ABC News executive offices ordered Set Directors and graphic artists to rid the news sets of the American flag because the Stars and Stripes were viewed as too prejudicial to “unbiased” news reporting. The red, white and blue ribbons that most newscasters wore regardless of their network (except CNN which does not allow any PC ribbons except those that promote homosexuality) suddenly vanished. Reporters were discouraged from wearing flag lapel pins—even their own. ABC was the first to “go stark.” Quickly following ABC’s “neutral” position on patriotism was CBS and then NBC. Changing, at the same time, was the mainstream media “slant” on the “news.”
     Suddenly, the Afghanistans were the victims and America was the aggressors. CNN tapped into the Arab news service and broadcast Al Qaeda news reports as facts and press releases from the Department of Defense as propaganda. Patriotic Americans began to wonder about the news executives at all of the mainstream news networks, and viewership at Fox News skyrocketed.
     Yet, although most Americans had become disillusioned with ABC’s biased slant on the news, they continued to watch ABC’s evening programming—even though most Americans were offended by ABC’s “diversity programming” (featuring glaring homosexuality or lesbianism in most of their prime time sitcoms and action series). Because of her blatant selling of homosexuality on her sitcom “Ellen,” Ellen Degeneres, the out-of-the-closet Queen of Sodom and Gomorrah, found herself sitting out the season when her show was canceled due to a firestorm of protest from viewers...and the complete lack of an audience during her time slot.
     ABC merely replaced Ellen with another program, and continued to generate revenue in that time slot with another “diverse” sitcom. Christian Americans should have been boycotting ABC-TV for the past five years, but their attention span extends no longer than a one-minute issue...and the liberals who control the news media know that about us.

ABC Rescinds Toby Keith’s Spot on July 4th Special
     When ABC began putting together their star-studded “patriotic” 4th of July salute (apparently a salute to political correctness), they signed on country singing star Toby Keith (a favorite with the military and with veterans) to headline the program. However, when Peter Jennings, who will host the program, learned that Keith planned to sing a song in which the lyrics talk about kicking Muslim extremists in the ass, Jennings reportedly told Keith the song was unacceptable and needed to be dropped. Keith refused. ABC dropped Keith and hired Hank Williams, Jr. in his place.
     When word spread that ABC had canned Toby Keith for wanting to sing a patriotic, “war on terrorism” song, ABC began to back pedal—not on their position of refusing to allow a singer the freedom to select the songs they wish to sing, but on whether or not they had actually “hired” and then “fired” Keith.
     ABC insists they had never really hired Toby Keith. The ABC spin is that the network merely approached him and asked him—IF—they hired him, what songs would he sing? And then, ABC insists, after reviewing the lyrics he would sing IF he was offered the slot, they decided against offering him any role on the July 4th salute. Toby Keith, on the other hand, insists that ABC did “hire” him, and when he refused to drop the song about kicking terrorists in the ass, terminated the arrangement. The flack got so bad that Good Morning America decided to bring Keith on the program on Thursday, June 20 to discuss Keith’s flap with ABC Entertainment. At the last moment, ABC canceled Keith’s appearance on Good Morning America as well.
     Apparently ABC executives, who have been trying to bury this news story since it happened, thought it was rather stupid for anyone at ABC to air the story since not that many Americans were even aware that a story existed...and ABC does not want the American people boycotting their “patriotic salute” to liberal America on July 4 (since ABC has made it clear they don’t want conservative, patriotic Americans to participate in their “celebration.”)
     While that is reason enough to boycott ABC, there is more.

ABC “Bleeps” Jesus’ Name from Program
     On May 23, ABC aired a taped broadcast of the talk show "The View" co-hosted by Joy Behar. Talking that day about health fitness, co-host Behar expressed her feelings over a successful diet by candidly exclaiming: "Thank you, Jesus!"
     The program aired live on the East Coast, so Behar’s comment was heard by those in the East and Central time zones. However, when the taped version of the program aired in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, the name of “Jesus” had been bleeped out—as if it were a profanity.
     The censoring of Christ’s name was noted by Media Research Center which constantly monitors all programming on the mainstream media networks, and by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who commented: “The only way to get the attention of the networks is to create a massive groundswell of outrage that cannot be ignored....I believe ABC's decision is nothing more than bigotry toward Christianity. This should make every Christian in America sit up, take notice and take immediate action! Once we start down the slippery slope of censoring references to Jesus, it may only be a matter of time before the networks and their affiliate stations refuse to even allow religious programs on the air for fear they may "offend" someone.”
     Falwell is likely unaware that, at least on radio, that is already common practice. Just ask television and radio evangelist Reverend Phil Arms of Houston, Texas.
     In 1995 Arms broadcast his televised services across much of the Southwest. A local Houston station broadcast his taped services each Sunday. Arms received a telephone call from the station one day. He was told the station had some complaints about his program, and the station was going to have to “review” the text of his sermons before they could be broadcast. It seems that a Muslim resident in Houston became incensed when he heard, on the program, that we are saved only through Jesus Christ, and complained that the programs should not be aired. Arms refused the TV station’s demand. From that day forward, the station ran a streaming banner that the program was a “commercial message.” While it angered him, Arms tolerated the intrusion of his rights since that was the only way the program could be aired on that station. Two months later the station pulled his program completely because Arms denounced homosexuality as an abomination in the eyes of God.
     Falwell’s statement was seven years late. When Christian programming offends the atheist, the monotheist, the Muslim or the self-ordained messiah, the Christian message is silenced by the mainstream media. And, when a nationalistic, patriotic American stands up for his nation and condemns the cowards who attack mothers and children by condemning the terrorists through the words in a song, and the mainstream media attempts to silence that patriotic message, then it is time to silence the media.
     Under our free enterprise system this happens only when that industry is deprived of capital. In the case of a major television network that deals annually in hundreds of millions of dollars derived exclusively from the sale of commercial time to sponsors, to impact their revenue we must deprive them of a sufficient viewing audience that it affects their Neilsons and drives the price of a prime time 30-second spot into the cellar.
     When we deprive ABC of its prime time audience, the value of each 30-second spot is dramatically diminished. If an audience boycott grows into millions by the fall sweeps week, it will impact ABC’s revenue stream for a whole year.
     There is a no more effective way to let a television network know you don’t appreciate their politics than by hitting them in the pocketbook. ABC’s stockholders vote with their pocketbooks, too. If ABC’s shareholders are not receiving an adequate return on their investments, they do one of two things. They sell their stock...or they fire the officers of the corporation responsible for their revenue losses. It is time to encourage ABC’s stockholders to make some philosophical changes on ABC’s board, and in their senior management.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved