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20 years

By Jon Christian Ryter
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
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     Where is Tailgunner Joe McCarthy when America needs him? When Appleton, Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Joe McCarthy decided to run for the United States Senate in 1946, he never realized that he would singlehandedly ferret out the communist cells not only in the nation’s capitol (which he pledged to do when he ran for office), but that he would also reveal that the communists had infiltrated the entertainment industry in the mid-1930s and were using the silver screen to indoctrinate America on the benign “merits” of communism. McCarthy was censured by the U.S. Senate in a 67 to 22 vote on December 2, 1954 not so much for his communist “witchhunts” in Hollywood or even his fingering of over 65 bureaucrats and political appointees in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations who were active communists working will communist cells that were trying to overthrow the American government, but because a money trail was established from the Rockefeller, Pew, and Ford Foundations and the Carnegie Trust through the Council on Foreign Relations to those communist front organizations and the Communist Party in the United States.
     America witnessed the vast philosophical divide between la-la land and mainstream America during the Election of 2000 when the liberal elites in the celluloid capital of the world sided with liberal Al Gore, Jr. and tried hard to convince conservative America that their contemporary politically-correct mindset was the view held by a majority of Americans. Hollywood’s elite, most of whom had been frequent guests at Washington’s finest bed & breakfast at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the Clinton era, held not only fundraisers for Al Gore, but held press conferences and vented their socialist political views which were printed in the mainstream media as “voices of authority” that should be heeded by the American people.
     Among the most recent liberals to express his unpatriotic rhetoric while America was in a state of war was West Wing creator and “magic mushroom” junkie Aaron Sorkin who, one might imagine because of the “presidential” nature of his hit NBC drama would be a somewhat patriotic guy. Sorkin, who was arrested on April 17, 2001 for possessing illegal drugs (i.e., hallucinogenic mushrooms) called President George W. Bush a “bubblehead,” implying that America’s 43rd president did not possess the intellect to lead the nation during times of strife. As it turned out Sorkin had a more personal reason for calling Bush a bubblehead. Like most Hollywood types who can’t distinguish between reality and fiction (and the real patriotic difference between Democrats and Republicans), Sorkin tried to convince the Bush Administration to allow him to use to the real West Wing in his make-believe made-for-TV fictional drama. When the Bush Administration denied his request, Sorkin resorted to name calling. Sorkin, who writes the speeches given by “President Andrew Shepherd” believes he is qualified to run for the office himself. His website features a banner “Aaron Sorkin for President.” Apparently Sorkin feels that because he had a couple things in common with the 42nd President—both appear to be “snorters” and both live in fantasy worlds—that he is equally qualified to be President.
     Sorkin is merely one of those Hollywood types who has indulged in too many magic mushrooms and has lost sight of reality—if he ever really grasped it.
     More dangerous than people like Sorkin are celebrities like Babs Streisand, Hanoi Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen Degeneres, and Alec Baldwin, who use their celebrity status to deliberately sell either the globalist utopian agenda or the anti-traditional family, homosexual/lesbian agenda to unwary fans who, failing to associate that advocacy with the money they spend, support the movies these socialist celebs star in, or in the case of Streisand, buy the CDs and cassettes she cuts. Liberals have always been good at boycotting conservative endeavors to the extent that conservatives, and the conservative media, suffers financially. Conversely, conservatives have never been good at making political statements by boycotting liberal companies, liberal products or movies made by liberal celebrities because they are able to rationalize the distinction between the personal opinions of the liberal and the movies in which they perform. The liberals, after all, have a constitutional right to their views as does Average Joe Citizen.
     What Average Joe Citizen does not realize, however, is that celebrities like Streisand, Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Rosie O’Donnell, Robert Redford, Martin Sheen and others use the celebrity status that Average Joe provided them—and the vast millions each earned from admissions paid for by Average Joe and his family—to promote his or her liberal advocacy.

To stop that advocacy it is necessary to restore the celebrity with “private citizen” obscurity or make them understand that their advocacy comes with a price—reduced attendance at the movies in which they appear, or reduced sales of the products they create or support. In the case of TV la-la land which lives by the reality of the Neilson ratings, turning the channel sends a powerful message to those who use their celebrity status to make political statements. It tells them, very clearly, that advocacy has a price.
     Streisand, like most of those who live in the fantasy world of la-la land, has a velvet voice with an acid tongue when it comes to conservatives and conservative family values. Streisand, who lives in Sodom-on-Celluloid, thinks like fellow star Alec Baldwin who believes conservatism is so bad that when his buddy Al Gore, Jr. was running for the White House against Texas governor George W. Bush, Baldwin promised to move to England if Bush won.
     Bush won.
     Baldwin was conspicuously silent about when he was planning to emigrate to England—as if England wanted him anymore than the people in the United States. If Baldwin was half as smart as the liberal media claims he is, he would have kept his mouth shut after failing to keep his promise to leave the United States.
     Instead, Baldwin—a board member of the ultra liberal People For An American Way (a Sodom-inspired advocacy group founded by TV producer Norman Lear) decided to shoot off his mouth in a speech delivered to a predominantly black Florida A&M University audience at St. Mary’s Primitive Baptist Church. (It was black Florida A&M students who complained that they were denied the right to vote in Florida during the election of 2000). Baldwin told his audience that the tragedy of September 11 overshadowed public doubts about the 36-day recount of Florida’s presidential ballots. Baldwin said that the war made it hard for Bush’s critics to remind the voters of “...this other disaster that we faced in this country—a disaster that...has done as much damage to our country as any terrorist attack could do...”
     When the “mainstream” media nailed him for his coarse, unsympathetic remark, Baldwin admitted it was a “...harsh thing to say, perhaps, but I believe that what happened in 2000 did as much damage to the pillars of democracy as terrorists did to the pillars of commerce in New York City.” Where was Baldwin’s compassion for the innocent “pillars of humanity” that died in New York and Washington, D.C.? Baldwin, by the way, was addressing Florida A&M on the second anniversary of Jesse Jackson’s post-election demonstration.
     The actor and former husband of Kim Basinger was being used by DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe to question the legitimacy of the election of George W. Bush in order to bounce Jeb Bush from the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee and elect a Democrat as governor of the State of Florida in November of this year.
     Baldwin is functioning as a Democratic lobbyist.
     He needs to decide if he wants to be an entertainer or a lobbyist...and YOU need to help him make that decision. How? S
top wasting your money on movies in which he or any member of his family perform and make certain the owners of the movie theatres you generally attend understand that you will not frequent their establishments anytime they play a movie in which Baldwin performs. While the movie industry moguls are all socialist-leaning liberals, they couldn’t care less if you don’t attend the movies they produce. The theatre owners are much farther down the liberal food chain. They care. Let them know the American theatre-going public “employs” actors and actresses to entertain them, not indoctrinate them with liberal rhetoric.
     When asked by his detractors (who are many) why he’s still living in the United States Baldwin now says he cannot leave until he “corrects” the Election of 2000. George W. Bush, he maintains, was “selected” president by a majority of conservatives on the Supreme Court and not elected. Baldwin apparently did not read the liberal media which concluded that had the counts in Florida continued, George W. Bush would still have been elected. Of course, as Baldwin and McAuliffe both knew, if Al Gore, Jr. had been allowed to count as selectively as he was counting, he would have been able to steal enough votes to have himself declared the winner of the contest.
     Also attacking Bush since September 11 is another vocal liberal—feminist Sandra Bernhard, a 46-year old comic who is so ugly that she has to smear dog food on her face before her own dog will lick her. Because she resides in New York, a Washington Post writer, Lloyd Grove, asked her in an interview what she thought about George W. Bush and his performance in the war on terrorism. Bernhard answered, “It’s pretty dismal—and pretty scary.” She continued by saying that she thought “...Bush is amateurish and self-serving.”
     “Frankly,” she added, “its disgusting. I think everybody is covering their asses in the Enron scandal and it was very convenient that September 11 came along to deflect the fact that they should never have been in the White House in the first place. What happened in the election was completely corrupt.”
     Here was another page out of the Bill Clinton playbook. If you recall when Clinton was in the White House, all of his spinmeisters would spin the story the same way—using key phrases that did not change from talk show to talk show, from person to person, and interview to interview. Said enough times, the spun story became fact through perception. Because the politicians burned themselves out spinning the fiction that the people in Palm Beach County were confused by the butterfly ballot, and that Gore was somehow being cheated out of votes he was entitled to because he was not allowed to recast them to his liking, they opted to use movie icons like Robert Redford, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin and others to convince their fans that the ultra-liberal philosophies of Al Gore and Hillary Clinton are “normal” and that the conservative philosophies of the constitutionalists in the Congress and across America are abhorrent to true democracy.
     That was, after all, the message that came from la-la land after the patriotic flag and glory era of World War II when Hollywood did its part to keep American patriotism at a fever pitch—and realized it possessed the ability to brainwash any captive movie audience to believe any philosophy they wanted it to believe given enough time. Since the communist party had infiltrated the labor unions of America in the 1920s, and Roosevelt’s Administration in the 1930s, it was an easy matter for them, with the assistance of Frances Perkins, Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, to infiltrate the Actors’ unions in Hollywood as well. By the end of World War II most of the industry’s producers, directors and many of the industry’s most important stars were members of the Communist Party. That continues to this day.
      On February 3, 1950 a British physicist, Dr. Klaus Fuchs, was arrested as a spy. His arrest triggered the investigation that led, on June 16, to the arrest of Armand Hammer hireling Julius Rosenberg (Prince Albert: Prophet of Utopia; Jon Christian Ryter © 2000; Picadilly Square). Rosenberg and his wife Ethel were ultimately convicted of atomic espionage during wartime and sentenced to die in the electric chair. Eleven days before Rosenberg was arrested, the North Koreans crossed the 38th parallel and overran South Korea down to Seoul. The Korean War started and the Soviet Union, along with the People’s Republic of China, was now our newest and most deadly enemy.
     The communists in the Truman Administration and in Hollywood came into the crosshairs of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy. Commencing his attack against the communists in America during a speech given in Wheeling, West Virginia on February 8, 1950, McCarthy’s initial thrust was more bluff and bluster than it was grounded in fact. Holding up a folded sheet of paper before his audience of stalwart Republicans and conservative veterans, McCarthy claimed to hold the names of 200 members of the Truman bureaucracy that were active communists whose job it was to undermine American democracy. Within a matter of months, by the time the Rosenbergs were convicted of espionage and sentenced to death in Sing Sing’s electric chair, McCarthy had become the most feared commie-hunter in America. McCarthy identified almost 80 Soviet agents in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. Among them were Frances Perkins; Adolf Berle, assistant Secretary of State; William Bullitt, Ambassador to France; Benjamin Cohen, Executive Advisor to Roosevelt; Abe Fortas, General Counsel, FEA (who would be appointed to the Supreme Court by Lyndon Johnson); Col. William F. Friedmann of the Cryptographic Division of the War Department; Nathan Golden, the Commerce Department’s Chief of the Motion Picture Industry; Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior; Henry Morganthau, Secretary of the Treasury; Harry Dexter White, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; and Alger Hiss, who would become the temporary Secretary General of the United Nations.
     When McCarthy turned his crosshairs on Hollywood, he was already the most feared man in America. Using his position on the Senate Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments to crack open the door to investigate communists in the bureaucracy, McCarthy used communism as a wedge to force the door open wide enough to investigate anyone and everyone suspected of being a communist. And Hollywood had an ample supply of communists to go around. Many of America’s top box office stars and star makers shrank before the McCarthy juggernaut. Careers ended abruptly. Only a few of the most popular stars who were linked to communists, communist cells and the American communist party—people like the roguishly popular Errol Flynn—survived. Larry Parks, the very popular rising star of the 1940s who immortalized Al Jolson on the silver screen, was one of the first casualties. Parks, like many of his peers, found the utopian principles of communism much to their fantasy world liking.
     Parks, who epitomized the boy next door, mom and apple pie, joined the communist party when the Soviet Union was a wartime ally of the United States. Now, in the mid-1950s, his career ended abruptly as his communist leanings were revealed to the American people by McCarthy. Because she defended her husband and refused to cooperate with McCarthy’s committee, Parks’ wife, Betty Garrett was blackballed as well. Scores of up and coming actors and actresses who joined the Communist Party believing that joining the communist party would fast track their movie careers discovered a dead-end instead. Being a red Pepper was suddenly not politically-correct. Just as the Illuminati, the Jacobins and the Masons went underground in the early 19th century to keep from being killed by the royals of Europe, the communists in Hollywood went underground as well.
     But the liberals did not remain hidden long.
     John F. Kennedy decided to support the government of South Vietnam in 1962 and sent American military “advisors” and CIA operatives to Saigon. As American advisors began coming home in body bags, Kennedy and then Lyndon Johnson sent more troops to Southeast Asia until finally the civil war in Vietnam evolved into another Korea. The Democrats had committed America to another major war. It was the 4th time in the 20th century that a Democratic president had committed America’s youth to someone else’s war. Only this time, the media and the movie industry would project America as the aggressor, and the American soldiers as not much better than renegades who smoked marijuana and used cocaine to get rid of the nightmares they suffered from raping and killing innocent Vietnamese women and children. Vietnam was a war of the making of the military-industrial complex. It first became Johnson’s War then Nixon’s. There would be no glory in Vietnam. The movie industry, now even farther to the left than the liberal mainstream media, churned out such movies as “Apocalypse Now” and “Born on the 4th of July.” And NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN brought the deaths of what appeared to be Vietnamese peasants into America’s living rooms and turned the American people not only against the war effort but the American soldiers as well. As the media spun the news to make America the villain, the “reasons” that American troops were in Southeast Asia became so obfuscated that today no one today can accurately explain why it was that America was ever in Vietnam. The 60s happened because Tailgunner Joe wasn’t there when America needed him.
     As the Soviet Union “collapsed” in July, 1991 (we know it did because we watched it happen on CNN during an ironhanded “news blackout” orchestrated by the Soviet hardliners who were determined to overthrow the U.S.-friendly regime of Mikhail Gorbachev) as Boris Yeltsin drove into Red Square on a Soviet tank for a showdown with the Kremlin hardliners.
     It was a made-for-TV special that even John Wayne would have been proud to star in.
     It was Yeltsin’s night. But, it was pure fiction.
     The Soviet Union “collapsed” and was replaced with a union of independent “states” much like...you guessed it...the United States. And, since the communists in Russia were no longer our enemies, communism lost its McCarthy-era stigma and the Red Peppers in Hollywood and the Pinkos in Congress crawled out from under their rocks and once again began sprouting their Marxist rhetoric.
     During the Clinton era, Marxspeak was considered to be politically-correct. Patriotspeak was spoken only by the extremist rightwing. Heterosexuality was out, homosexuality was in. Granting women the right to kill their babies was called “pro-choice” and wanting to preserve the lives of the unborn was “anti-choice.”
     The world was suddenly upside down.
     Where is Tailgunner Joe when you need him?
     McCarthy fell victim to the Rockefeller Foundation in 1954.
     With commie-hunting becoming America’s favorite pasttime, and with Julius and Ethel Rosenberg consuming the front pages of America’s newspapers, it was only a matter of time before the House of Representative discovered that uncovering communists was good for votes. In July, 1953 B. Carroll Reece formed a committee to investigate communists within the Executive Branch. leading Reece to launch an investigation not only of the Council on Foreign Relations and other Foundations and Trusts owned by some of the wealthiest industrial families in America.
     Reece was able to do what McCarthy had been unable to do. Reece linked the communists through the Carnegie Endowments to J.P. Morgan & Company and through J.P. Morgan to a complicated network of interlocked global tax exempt foundations. But what startled Reece even more was that the link reached some of the nation’s most powerful newspapers, including the New York Times and the Washington Post—two of the three most liberal and loudest voices of socialist liberalism in the United States. (See Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World In Our Time; Carroll Quigley © 1966; The McMillian Company; pg. 954-55.)
     Unlike McCarthy who fearlessly took on the demons of socialism, Reece recognized what he inadvertently uncovered as a “career-buster.” He decided he was not ready to retire and buried the information, issuing a watered down version of what he had uncovered. Unfortunately, Reece had uncovered information that he could not be trusted to possess—and remain in power where he might, someday, change his mind and issue an honest report that showed that the wealthiest families in the world were attempting to overthrow the Constitution of the United States in order to perpetuate their own wealth.
     Reece, one of the most powerful men in Congress—and one of six men considered for the GOP nomination in 1952—could not muster enough support in the GOP to secure the nomination for his own seat. The voters of Tennessee gave Estes Kefauver Reece’s seat in 1954.
     But in 1952 and 1953 Reece and McCarthy were not the only communist hunters. Several Republicans joined the fray. Most notable were Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio; House Minority Leader Joe Martin; New York Governor Thomas A. Dewey who lost to Truman in 1948; and Rep. Clare Booth Luce the widow of publishing magnate Henry Luce who contended that “...on orders from Moscow, the American Communist Party has gone underground...after the fashion of termites, into the Democratic Party.” In 1952, as he tried to grab the GOP nomination one more time, Dewey said: “Democratic party policy, as enunciated by its officially chosen spokesmen...bear a made-in-Moscow label. That is why I believe I am justified in saying that from a long range viewpoint the choice which confronts Americans this year is between Communism and Republicanism.”
     Out of 68 Hillary Rodham Clinton-type liberals in the House, only 22 were re-elected in 1954.
     A Gallop Poll taken that year showed that 66% of Americans expected Congress to enact legislations to curb the growing power of the labor unions whose ties to the American Communist Party had been clearly established by Tailgunner Joe. McCarthy was now the best known and most popular Senator in the United States.
     Liberals in both Houses were threatened with the loss of financial support from angry campaign contributors due to communist branding. The Democratic National Committee and the CIO pressured Senate Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson to “...launch a Democratic counteroffensive. Aware of the danger of taking on McCarthy too early, Johnson resisted. ‘If I commit the Democratic Party to the destruction of McCarthy in the present atmosphere of the Senate, we will all lose and he will win. I’m not about to commit the Democratic Party to a high school debate on the subject, “Resolved, that communism is good for the United States,” with my Party taking the affirmative.”’ (The Walls of Jericho: The Struggle for Civil Rights; Robert Mann ™ 1996; Harcourt & Brace; pg. 137.)
     Johnson knew that before he could take on, and destroy McCarthy, his popularity with the voters had to be diluted. That task fell on the New York Times and the Washington Post and several other liberal newspapers which began hammering McCarthy, comparing him to the witchhunters of Salem.
     In the view of the media McCarthy was no longer the patriotic crusader who ferreted communist infiltrators from every corner of Washington and Hollywood—and from America’s colleges and universities where they were indoctrinating the youth of America with textbooks paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Trust as they brainwashed movie-going audiences with subtle socialist messages. Instead of a hero, McCarthy was now an ogre who “...unjustly ruined many lives and brilliant careers...[with the]...smear of ‘guilt by association’.” By the time the media and movie industry finished its smear campaign, McCarthy was adjudged guilty of “...pander[ing] to the resentment of the less well off against the privileged...[because] McCarthy declared that the traitors were not found among the poor or minority groups (as was been the case in Russia), but among those who have had all of the benefits.” (A History of the World in the 20th Century; J.A.S. Grenville © 2000; The Belknap Press of the Harvard University Press; pg. 510.)
     After an effective media smear campaign, the Johnson forces in the U.S. Senate were ready to take on a greatly weakened Joe McCarthy. The Democrats had a firm grip on both the House and Senate and controlled not only all of the floor activity in both houses of Congress but the outcome as well. They could have censured McCarthy at any time, but until they successfully branded him as a opportunist who was ruining careers of good men just to enhance his own, those who attacked him would likely have lost their own seats in the Congress. Nevertheless, every tenured Democrat in the House and Senate was a New Dealer. And every one of them was either soft on communism, was a communist sympathizer, or was a communist. On December 2, 1954 Senator Joe McCarthy was formally censured by the Senate. His career as a communist fighter was over.
     And the communists in Hollywood and in the mainstream media breathed a sigh of relief.
     They could now continue with their socialist agenda without the eye of America watching their every move. And Hollywood was relieved as well. Without skipping a heartbeat, the moviemoguls in Hollywood intensified their efforts to make liberals look like the “good guys” and conservative Americans look like racists and bigots.
     While the brainwashing has continued unabated on the silver screen, it has intensified on the small screen since television viewers are even more captive audiences than those who attend the movie theatre. And the brainwashing crosses the entire programming spectrum on TV from the news to the sitcoms and drama series.
     One of the most popular political dramas on TV today is The West Wing starring ultra liberal Martin Sheen as moderate Democratic President Andrew Shephard. In this program, the Democrats are the good guys whose only thought is to protect the rights of the American people. The GOP is presented as one step above pond scum, with the Republicans determined to destroy democracy as we know it. In the magic mushroom mind of West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin, who sees himself as president someday, America—with all of its gun-totin’ freaks—needs to be protected from themselves...and the government knows best.
     The Shephard crowd is determined to protect the right of American women to kill their unborn babies while deriding the conservatives for their despicable lack of compassion for wanting to curb a woman’s right to “choose.” Because they are “pro-choice” (carefully not pro-abortion) they are the good guys. Those opposed to free choice are evil. When the program first aired two years ago, the political messages were more subtlety hidden. Now they are “in your face.”
     CBS, which offers one of the most popular dramas on television—JAG—has a new offering this year: First Monday, a drama about life on the United States Supreme Court. In this drama we have the cigarette smoking conservatives fighting the morally upstanding liberals. The issues each week pit the conservative minority against the liberal majority which is victorious during each episode. Clearly, the high court depicted on First Monday would not only have not “selected” George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States, it would have ordered the canvassing boards in Florida to award all disputed votes to Al Gore, Jr. And, for good measure it would then have impeached Jeb Bush simply for being George’s brother.
     Being liberal, as far as the media—and Hollywood—is concerned is not only good, it is necessary to be a good American. Conservatives are wackos. Most have large caches of illegal guns stored in their homes. Most are planning the second Revolutionary War. Those who aren’t are isolationists who want to retard the growth of the global economy by excluding the United States.
     Conservatives are not good parents, either. They are overly protective. They force their children to believe in a God who demands blind obedience to an arachic set of dogmas that no longer fit our evolving world. It is for that reason that one of the primary tenets of good government is to wrest control of the children from their parents since the State can raise them better than the parents. It is only when the parent—single and lesbian—is a celebrity that the rules change. In September, 2000 comedian Paula Poundstone was arrested for child abuse. Allegations of sexual misconduct leaked to the media but were denied by Poundstone and her attorney on January 22, 2002. Poundstone insisted that she did nothing “...sexual,” nor did she “...hit anybody.” Poundstone said what she did was “...colossally stupid that’s probably more embarrassing that anything else.” Nevertheless, the State of California—the most liberal State government in the nation—saw fit to take Poundstone’s two adopted and three foster children from her. (Apparently even in California they draw the line somewhere when it comes to abuses by celebrities.)
     When she was interviewed on Dateline on January 22, Poundstone said “...I think, you know...there are kids in orphanages in...the Balkans that the State of California believes are better off there than with me. It’s not a very good feeling.” Perhaps when we pack Alec Baldwin off to England, we can send Poundstone to Kosovo.
     In the entertainment industry, liberals outnumber conservatives on a five-to-one ratio. There are few conservative stars in Hollywood simply because conservatives find it hard to secure good roles unless they keep their politics private until they are established.
     Charlton Heston (you remember him—Moses or Ben-Hur) who now heads the National Rifle Association, was one such. Two others are Aussie Mel Gibson whose most recent hit, The Patriot, was attacked by Rosie O’Donnell as pandering to guns rights wackos; and James Woods who starred as Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s homosexual attorney (see Cohn in photo with McCarthy during the Senate censure hearings).
     When Mel Gibson agreed to appear on Rosie O’Donnell’s TV talk show to promote his movie, The Patriot, he discovered that instead of a promised promo, he was attacked by O’Donnell for advocating (in his movie) a child’s right not only to own firearms but to shoot people with them.
     Caught with an unexpected broadside, it took Gibson a minute to realize that O’Donnell never intended to provide him with the promised promo, but intended to create a gun control issue from the scene in the movie in which Gibson and his two youngest sons are forced to attack and slaughter a British garrison that had just killed one of his other sons and was planning to hang his eldest.
     O’Donnell, who is so liberal that even her right hand writes with a left slant, apparently is unaware that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was inserted in that hallowed document solely because the British government attempted to disarm the American colonists in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts on April 17, 1775 in order to subdue them. It was these two pitched battles that started the Revolutionary War and brought about America’s independence from England.

The Celebrity Battle for Florida
     The battle between communism and capitalism for control of the emerging global government has continued unabated since the “collapse” of communism in August, 1991. The made-for-TV event in Moscow was scripted for consumption by the American people. Communism is alive and well not only in Russia but in the Congress of the United States and in the Parliaments of Europe. We have been assured that whatever communism exists today is a benign form of socialism that is beneficial to mankind since it will provide all men with equality.
     The midterm election of 2002 will be the most important election of the decade since it will determine who controls the legislative agenda for the next two years, but more important, from redistricting to the allocation of federal dollars to the States, if the Democrats gain control of the House in 2002, they will expand that majority in 2004—and George W. Bush will likely not get re-elected. If the GOP expands its House Majority and regains control of the Senate, Bush will get re-elected in 2004.
     Just as the battle for the White House in 2000 ended in the State of Florida, the battle for the White House in 2004 will begin in 2002 in Florida. The liberals are trying, once again (even though the liberal media now concludes that had the U.S. Supreme Court not weighed in, George W. Bush would still have won Florida’s 25 electoral votes and the White House) to recast the Election of 2000 in order to affect the outcome of the gubnatorial election in 2002.
     Tossing out all the stops, the liberals are bringing out their big guns to convince the voters of Florida to dump Jeb Bush. Only the big guns they are bringing out are not political types. Nor are they the media spinmeisters like James Carville and Paul Begala that Bill Clinton used so effectively for eight years. The Democrats are importing their talent from Hollywood and from the small screen in your home. They are using liberal advocates like Alec Baldwin, Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Barbra Streisand, Martin Sheen, Julia Roberts, Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Reiner, and scores of others to use their “box office influence” to convince the voters not only in Florida but across the United States that George W. Bush did steal the election of 2000 and managed to use the events of September 11 to divert the attention of America from the election fiasco in Florida (even though the question of the legitimate winner was determined prior to 9-11).
     With their socialist beliefs concealed behind a red, white and blue backdrop of patriotism, an armada of liberal celebrities will attempt to convince the Florida voter that George W. Bush managed to steal the election only because his brother was the governor. For that reason, Jeb Bush has to go. Then using the liberal media and the same Hollywood shills, the DNC will take its star-studded parade on the road, from State to State, in an effort to regain control of the House of Representatives and increase their lead in the Senate in the most critical election of the first decade of the 21st century.
     Where is Tailgunner Joe when you need him most?
     McCarthy died unexpectedly on August 2, 1957 of peripheral neuritis.
     Will the sovereign America our Founding Fathers created die in November, 2002?
     We will have the answer to that question on Wednesday, November 6.
     Until then, you have my two cents worth on the subject...well, perhaps, this time, you have a nickel’s worth.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved