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20 years


December 10, 2001

By Jon Christian Ryter
Copyright 2001 - All Rights Reserved
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     As the American public had its eyes singularly focused on the tragedy that was unfolding at the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC on September 11, 2001, the nineteen Islamic terrorists who hijacked four 757 jet airliners stole the national spotlight from ALF—the Animal Liberation Front. Late on Monday evening, September 10, ALF claimed responsibility for the half million dollar firebombing of a McDonald’s™ restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. The Tucson Citizen and Arizona Daily Star received an unsigned statement from animal rights activists claiming responsibility of the fire through an email remailer (making it impossible for authorities to trace the email back to its source computer) saying they had burned the McDonald’s™ “...to serve as a warning to corporations worldwide.”
     McDonald’s™, which serves more beef than any other restaurant chain the world (and is the nation’s largest restaurant corporation), has been singled out across the world by ALF, which is waging war against what they term to be the unnecessary slaughter of animals for food consumption, ALF is being assisted by ELF—the Earth Liberation Front—which has admitted to masterminding over 30 radical eco-terrorist attacks over the past six years against Corporate America, the World Trade Organization [WTO] and several colleges and universities who are involved in reforestry programs aimed at increasing lumber yields as well as reforestation and forest conservation. Also targeted by ALF has been Kentucky Fried Chicken™ (or KFC™ as they now prefer to be called since serving anything that smacks of being “fried” is not cholesterolly-correct) as well as other fast food enterprises that specialize in meat products.
     ELF likes fire. Arson is their weapon of choice. Arson is a form of terrorism that scares people because it is completely indiscriminate. It destroys everything in its path. In 1998 ELF destroyed a hotel that was under construction in Vail, Colorado causing over $12 million in damage. In 2000 ELF terrorists began burning new homes under construction in Long Island, New York—again doing millions of dollars of damage —because ELF believed the new homes were detrimental to the environment.
     In the past, ELF selected its targets in fairly remote areas, taking care not to harm humans as they took a financial toll on the victims of their radical environmentalism, ALF has been much more indiscriminate. ALF, which began by vandalizing fur coat retail outlets, have expanded to attack animal research labs that use animals to test new vaccines and now, the burning of restaurants that serve meat products, has been described as the terrorist arm of PeTA although no authority has been able to conclusively link ALF to PeTA.
     ALF became more aggressive in 1997, attacking 20 restaurants in Salt Lake City including McDonald’s™, Arby’s™, and KFC™. That same year ALF vandalized a Kenny Rogers’ Roaster™ in New York, a Burger King™ in Cincinnati, a McDonald’s™ in Troy, Michigan, Burger King™ and McDonald’s™ in New York City, Roy Rogers’™, KFC™, McDonald’s™ and Burger King™ in New Jersey, and McDonald’s™ and Wendy’s™ in Ithaca, New York.
     In addition to these fast food chains, ALF is now attacking both butcher shops and delicatessens throughout the United States.
     While most of ALF’s attacks have been centered on vandalism: gluing the locks on the doors to prevent employees from gaining access to the buildings in the morning, tearing up the bathrooms and intimidating the consumers who frequent the restaurants, and spray painting the walls and windows of the restaurants with ALF and ELF graffiti, there have been instances where ALF has shot out the windows of restaurants.
     Before ALF burned down the McDonald’s™ in Tucson, they first vandalized a statue of Ronald McDonald™ that stood outside the Ronald McDonald House™ in that city (pictured above, left). In June, 2001 ALF held their annual conference in Crystal City, VA (just across the Potomac from Washington, DC). As part of their “conference” they picketed the Crystal City McDonald’s™, intimidating the patrons of the restaurant as they burned Ronald McDonald™ in effigy. It required over two dozen police officers to break up the “protest.”
     More commonly now ALF, like ELF, resorts more and more to terrorist violence. In 1999 animal rights terrorists (who failed to identify themselves) sent letters booby-trapped with razor blades to medical researchers and to the owners of fur farms. When the media asked PeTA president Ingrid Newkirk her opinion on the terrorist letters, Newkirk clarified her statement by first saying that “...PeTA does not condone... violent acts.” Then she said, “I hope it frightens [the researchers] out of their careers. If experimenters feel afraid now, that’s nothing compared with the fear, harm and death they have inflicted on their victims.” Newkirk recently authored a book on ALF called, “Free the Animals.” In it, Newkirk wrote: “Determined to cause economic injury to the exploiters, ALF members burn down their emptied buildings and smash their vehicles to smithereens. Perhaps after reading this book, you will find that you can’t blame them.” PeTA, in fact, contributed $42,500 to ALF activist Rodney Coronado who pleaded guilty to firebombing a medical research facility at Michigan State University in 1995.
     At an animal rights convention in 1997 she said: “I wish we all would get up and go into the labs and take the animals out or burn them down.” Somewhat more bold in 1999, she said: “I find it a small wonder that the laboratories aren’t all burning to the ground. If I had more guts, I’d light a match.”
     The medical research center at Michigan State University that was firebombed by Coronado in 1995 was seeking a cure for AIDS. All of the research notes and statistics when up in flames. Over ten years of research was lost. Newkirk had already expressed the view that “...even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, [PeTA] would be against...” the exploitation of animals to save human lives. In her mind, animals are equal to humans in all areas, and that humans are not entitled to “special rights” over them.
     ELF, which has been sponsoring eco-terrorism for over a decade, began in the primeval forests of Washington and Oregon where they spiked trees to prevent lumber companies from harvesting them. ELF has not hesitated to put human life in jeopardy to achieve their objective. Recently ELF, which is more prone to violence against people than its animal rights counterpart, has joined forces with ALF. Each has cross-linked the other’s websites. When the attacks began on America’s fast food restaurant chains began, ELF was an willing accomplice. The initials of both ELF and ALF were spray painted all over the walls of burned-out McDonald’s™ in Tucson. The fire in that building was started around 3 a.m. and raged until roughly 5:30 a.m., completely gutting the building, doing over $500,000 in damages. In claiming responsibility for the act, the ALF email said that “...as long as corporations enslave workers in other countries, waste our natural resources and torture animals (your next Big Mac™ or Quarter-pounder™—or your next order of Chicken McNuggets™, Whopper™ or Original Recipe™ bucket of chicken from Colonel Sanders) we will unite and stand in opposition.”

Radical Eco-Terrorism and Eco-Alarmism
     The Clinton Justice Department spent eight years labeling, and then apprehending, 2nd Amendment conservatives—both individuals and groups—as radical extremists. The liberal media judiciously painted every militia-minded rightwinger—or those who mentioned words like Bilderberger, Illuminati, or black helicopters too many times per email—as a threat to the security of the United States. As the Justice Department and the FBI worked overtime, struggling to construe enough evidence—even resorting to entrapment as the BATF did in an attempt to arrest Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge, Idaho to indict gun totin’ Americans whose only crime was ultra-patriotism—no effort was expended by Janet Reno or the FBI to investigate or arrest liberal environmental terrorists—even when their website contained photographs of their fiery handiwork (photo on right) at www.earthliberationfront.com. The problem is that the eco-terrorists who are now getting out-of-hand [from Greenpeace, the 60s-era Weather Underground, the Earth Liberation Army, and the Environmental Rangers and the more moderate ecoalarmist groups like the Sierra Club, the World Wildlife Fund, Ozone Action, Natural Resources Defense Fund, and the National Environmental Trust] were all funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Pew Foundation and the Carnegie Trust to promote the notion that people were causing global warming, and that if drastic—if not draconian—measures were not implemented (such as the creation of world government), that the world would become a desert by the end of the 20th century and that half of the world’s population would starve to death unless population growth was dramatically stymied and the consumption of fossil fuels [gasoline, fuel oil and coal] were greatly curtailed. Since the ecoalarmist groups were funded by the same invisible industrialists who funded the campaign war chests of the politicians at the top of the national political food chain, the government did try too hard to find them when fast food restaurants were razed or vandalized in what amounted to environmental “hate crimes.”
     The ecoalarmists were, after all, “sanctioned” and thereby they were quasi-protected. The globalists created them—and they needed them. Their job was to convince not only the American people but all of the people of the free world that excessive amounts of carbon dioxide from the use of too much fossil fuel [gasoline, fuel oil and coal] was causing the Earth’s surface to overheat. This overheating was going to cause the polar caps to melt. Melting ice caps would then flood the coastlands of all of the continents. Compounding that dilemma, the increased surface temperature of the Earth would create desert wastelands of the heartlands of all of the continents.
     Because the globalists needed the message to get out in a credible manner, the sins of the ecoalarmists were pretty much ignored, making them somewhat immune from investigation and prosecution by the Reno Justice Department unless they accidentally killed their targets. Even then, federal investigations were not launched under any existing federal laws. Ecoalarmists killing “exploiters of the environment” were not viewed as organizations who were committing “hate crimes” since, by definition, hate crimes are always committed by conservatives against liberals. Furthermore, curtailing not only the use of the nation’s raw materials but even access to the lands where those natural resources are was a key objective of the Clinton Administration—even to the extent of limiting Americans access to the nation’s national parks. (It was learned a month ago that the US Forest Service misled Congress a year ago on the number of Americans that visited the nation’s national forests in 1999. Testifying before a budget committee last year, Clinton Forest Service head Michael Dombeck told Congress that 920 million Americans visited national forest parks in 1999. In reality, the American Forest Resource Council, a timber-industry group, uncovered the fact that only 209 million Americans were allowed to visit the nation’s national forest parks in 1999. When Dombeck curtailed lumbering licenses in national forests, he assured Congress that tourism would more than cover any revenue shortfalls the USFS would experience by preventing the lumber industry from harvesting overgrowth. However, as the AFSC discovered, the recreation boom never materialized because the American people were denied access to much of the public lands through prohibitive fees for camping.
     ELF began its ecoalarmist “career” with expensive mischief: destroying the equipment of the lumber companies by pouring sugar in the gas tanks of bulldozers and backhoes. They graduated to more dangerous mischief when they began pounding spikes into the trees slated for cutting by the lumber companies. At the sawmills, when the saw blades hit the undetected spikes, the the spikes would explode like shrapnel injuring the mill workers. Because the Clinton Administration did little to apprehend them, ELF radical environmentalism spawned a vicious network of eco-terrorists that is now attacking the hand that nurtured it: the transnational industrialists who are attempting to create the New World Order.

Against Capitalism, Industry & People in General
     Today, human life amounts for little in the minds of the radical environmentalist who uses their anti-human, anti-freedom socialist agenda to justify radical environmentalism. ELF now justifies its ecoalarmist stance by declaring that “...the capitalist society is destroying all life on this planet...This year, 2001, we hope to see an escalation in tactics against capitalism and industry.” Of course, in its attack on capitalism and industry at the local level, ELF and its animal rights ally, ALF, is attacking their neighbors along Main Street, America. The capitalists who financed the startup not only of ELF and ALF but all of the environmentalist groups to promote ecological austerity as a means of curtailing the use and abuse of fossil fuels by frightening the world into believing that fossil fuels were causing global warming through increased carbon fuel emissions that are creating a greenhouse affect that will turn Earth into an oven. When the environmentalists learned that the industrialists did not really believe in ecological austerity but wanted only to curb the consumption of fossil fuels in order to preserve the supply of that commodity and manipulate the output in order to control the price both at the wellhead and at the pump, they turned on their host.

Battling the Home Grown Terrorists
     Before Timothy McVeigh’s terrorist bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, America did not pay a whole lot of attention on domestic terrorists. Before McVeigh the most notable terrorist in America was Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, the Unibomber. Interestingly, before McVeigh and Terry Nichols were arrested and charged with the Murrah Building bombing, America’s domestic terrorists were predominantly liberals and not, as one might imagine based on the fear of government that a vast rightwing conspiracy to overthrow the the government of the United States exists, conservatives.
     While the Constitution of the United States protects the right of Americans to peacefully protest, the eco-terrorist (like the Islamic terrorist) views non-violent protest as a sign of weakness. Like most liberals who believe themselves to be the embodiment of societal virtue, the leftwing extremists believe they possess the absolute right to use any means they desire to achieve their objective—even murder whenever necessary.
     Until 189 Americans died from the dual explosion triggered by a combination of a fertilizer bomb in a Ryder Rental truck parked in front of the Murrah Building by McVeigh and three well-placed charges of C-4 taped to the three main support columns in the basement of the building by McVeigh’s accomplices and linked to explode simultaneously by a single clock-set trigger, America tolerated the smaller acts of violence committed by the leftwing eco- terrorists (excluding Kaczynski) because their efforts largely resulted in property damage and not the loss of human life.
     When 16-year old arsonist Matthew Rammelkamp instigated a rash of fires in Long Island, New York in February, 2001, destroying several very expensive new homes, he confessed to the judge that he was a member of ELF and had learned how to burn down homes on the ELF website. (That same site teaches ELF members how to escape from the FBI when they come knocking at your door.)
     During the summer, ELF terrorists destroyed the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture as well as the Clatskanie Tree Farm in Oregon. Those two terrorist acts cost the taxpayers over $5 million, and it cost the American people incalculable millions in lost research.
     Both ALF and ELF are underground movements of autonomous terrorists who are largely invisible even to one another. They carry out actions according to guidelines but without specific target instructions from a “hierarchy” since both organizations have none. Individuals who are philosophically-linked control their own activities. Since there is no “chain of command,” when an ELF activist is apprehended for committing a terrorist act, he or she stands alone. Deals cannot be cut from federal prosecutors in which the ELF or ALF terrorist “rolls over” on a higher-up in a plea bargain. Likewise there are no membership rosters which can be uncovered and/or seized with a court order or warrant. The websites of both groups—and probably every other eco-terrorist group in existence— are filtered through file transfer protocols to conceal the site’s origins.

Eco-Terrorists Are Undermining the American Military
     The national and international “green” movement has been working hard to undermine the United States military for several years even though the media has chosen not to give it too much press coverage, and the American people have chosen not to take serious notice of the problem even though several anti-Green web sites have discussed the problem for years.
     There is little doubt that if Al Gore, Jr. had managed to steal the election of 2000 we would have a truly “green” military (not due to the color of their fatigues). The least of the “green” problems would have been the ongoing campaign from several ecologically-minded Congressmen and Senators to force the military to switch from lead-based ammunition to tungsten due, the “greenies” insist, to the “environmental threat” of lead bullets and other shells. Lead poisons the fauna when spent shells strike the Earth and are allowed to lay there and deteriorate, seeping into the Earth over long periods of time.
     The “green mandate” for tungsten bullets ignores the fact that tungsten costs twice as much as lead—and also ignores the fact that China has the most abundant source of tungsten in the world. A law mandating that military ammunition be made from tungsten would obligate the United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard to buy one of the two primary ingredients of ammunition from our deadliest enemy. While Al Gore, who received his most crucial campaign support in 1992, 1996 and 2000 from the People’s Republic of China would not see anything wrong with this idea, most Americans would.
     Adding to that stupidity, Congressman Robert Filner [D-CA] introduced the Military Environmental Responsibility Act of 2001 [HR 2154] that would remove all environment exemptions from all existing environmental, worker and public safety laws in the United States, obligating the military to observe all government regulations safeguarding the environment. Taken to its extremes, the Military Environmental Responsibility Act could prevent the USAF, Army or U.S. Navy from bombing enemy terrain. Had such an law been in effect during the Vietnam era, defoliage chemicals like Agent Orange could never have been used and hundreds, if not thousands, more American soldiers and Marines would likely have been killed by Viet Cong ambushes. In addition, all military vehicles would have to become more fuel efficient and “environmentally-friendly” or risk being banned from usage.
     Further compounding the ecological dilemma is American Public TV. The American government now subsidizes a program called America’s Defense Monitor which appears on approximately 65 PBS outlets and cable systems. The program’s host argues against the ballistics missile systems, against fighter planes, against nuclear submarines and ships, advocating that defense dollars would be better spent solving the problems of the environment.
     On September 11 as a shocked nation watched the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapse, the Earth Island Institute posted, and then pulled, an editorial from its website citing US energy and environmental policies as the reason for the attacks on America.
     About the only difference between the Islamic terrorists in the Mideast and in Afghanistan and the domestic eco-terrorists here in the United States, is that the Islamic terrorist is much easier to recognize


Just Say No
Copyright © 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved