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20 years

October 12, 2001
By Jon Christian Ryter Copyright 2000 - All Rights Reserved
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Because Sarah, Abraham’s wife, could not conceive after God promised the patriarch of both the Jews and the Arabs that his seed would be as numerous as the stars in the heavens, she decided that she would have to help God out. Because she was barren, she offered Abraham her Egyptian maidservant Hagar as a surrogate. Through Hagar, Sarah believed she would fulfill God’s promise to her husband. Under the Code of Hammurabi (circa 1700 B.C.), any children conceived by Abraham through this surrogacy would be legally construed as the children of Sarah and Abraham, not Hagar. As chattel of the household of Abraham, Hagar had no rights. Under Semitic law, Ishmael—the product of chattel—could be viewed as either the first born with the right of inheritance, or merely as the property of the natural seed of Sarah and Abraham. Only the master of the household could decide. While Ishmael was the first born of Abraham, he was also he property of Abraham’s household. As long as Sarah remained barren, she was content to call Ishmael her son, believing that she was fulfilling God’s word through her handmaiden.

Sarah meddled with God’s plan. God always intended to make Abraham’s offspring as numerous as the the stars. Because God wanted mankind to understand that He was deliberately “creating a people unto Him,” He held Sarah barren until such time in the lives of her and Abraham that childbearing was viewed as an impossibility. To have a man of 86—Abraham’s age when Hagar gave birth to Ishmael—produce an offspring was extremely uncommon, but it was not a miracle. Hagar was, after all, a woman of child-bearing age. However, when she conceived, Sarah was in her 90s and Abraham was over 100 years old. In the Age of the Patriarchs when most nomads died before age 60, producing an offspring at age 100 could be termed a scientific rarity if not a miracle.

When Sarah found herself with child some 14 years after the birth of Ishmael, she realized she had erred. From the time of Ishmael’s birth, Abraham favored Hagar, the natural mother of his surrogate son. Hager, realizing her elevated status in the household, began to treat her mistress with the contempt a first wife might feel for a second wife. When Sarah gave birth to Isaac, Ishmael treated his half-brother with animosity, since Isaac represented a threat to his birthright.

Concerned that Hagar and Ishmael would harm Isaac, Sarah went to Abraham and demanded that the patriarch get rid of “...the slave woman and her son.” Abraham was distressed over the demand and went to God in prayer. God spoke to Abraham and said: “Do not be distressed about the boy and your maidservant. Listen to whatever Sarah tells you, because it is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned. I will make the son of the maidservant a nation also, because he is your offspring.” [Gen. 21:12-13; NIV].

Hager and Ishmael were driven from Abraham’s camp into the desert near Beersheba. God was with Ishmael as he grew. Ishmael became a desert warrior. From his loins came the Arab nations. After the death of Sarah, Abraham took another wife whose name was Keturah. She bore him several additional sons: Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. Jokshan was the father of Sheba and Dedan. All of these sons became part of the Arab world.

Because Abraham knew that Isaac was the son of God’s promise, he left everything he owned to Isaac when he died at age 175. To each of his Arabian sons, he gave gifts of cattle and sheep but not land. On his deathbed, he sent them away to the lands in the East where Ishmael had gone years earlier.

Ishmael lived 137 years. His descendants settled the lands from Havilah to Shur, up to the borders of Egypt. Throughout the remainder of his life, he remained an enemy of Isaac, and vowed to regain his lost birthright.

Isaac’s Sons: Jacob and Esau

Knowing God had set Isaac apart from the Canaanites and that He did not want Isaac to take a wife from Egypt, Ur, or from the idol worshippers in Canaan, Abraham ordered his chief servant to find Isaac a wife from among Abraham’s relatives. Abraham sent his servant to the Canaanite settlement of Aram Naharaim. There he met Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel (the son Milcah bore to Nahor, Abraham’s brother). A marriage was arranged between Isaac and Abraham’s grand-niece, Rebekah.

Like Sarah before her, Rebekah was also barren in her youth. Isaac was 40 years old when he took Rebekah as his wife. He was 65 when she bore him twin sons. God spoke to Rebekah while she was in labor. “Two nations are in your womb,” God told her. “One will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” When it came time for Rebekah to give birth, the first son to come from her womb was red. His whole body was covered with fine red hair. Because of this, Isaac named him Esau. Grasping Esau’s heel was his brother, Jacob.

As the boys grew, Isaac favored Esau. Esau was a skillful hunter. Rebekah favored Jacob. God favored Jacob as well. As they grew into manhood, Esau returned home from a long, fruitless hunt. He had gone several days without eating and was famished when he arrived at his father’s tent. His brother had cooked a lentil stew. Famished, Esau demanded that his brother feed him. Jacob bargained with his brother, insisting that Esau sell him his birthright in exchange for the stew. Famished, Esau stupidly agreed, and sold his birthright to his brother for lentil stew and bread. Esau, of course, had no intention of keeping his word since he knew there were no witnesses to the promise. Soon, Esau’s barter for food was forgotten.

When he was 40, Esau took two wives: Judith, the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath, the daughter of Elon—also a Hittite. The Hittites, like the Egyptians and those from the cities of the plains, were idol worshippers who did not believe in the God of Abraham. Esau’s wives were a source of grief to both Isaac and Rebekah. Nevertheless, although Esau became an idol worshipper and turned his back on the God of Abraham, he remained Isaac’s favorite son. Isaac, feeling he was close to death, intended, on that particular day, to bequeath to Esau all of his wealth—and all of the land God promised to the heirs of Abraham. Wanting one last meal of wild game before he died, Isaac asked Esau to hunt his favorite game and fix him a meal.

As Esau left his father’s tent, Rebekah had Jacob kill two choice goats so that she could prepare the meal Isaac desired. Rebekah then took the clothing of her eldest son for Jacob to wear. She then covered Jacob’s hands and the smooth part of his neck with goatskins. Because Jacob was wearing Esau’s clothing, he smelled like his brother, and this convinced Isaac that Jacob was Esau. Through Rebekah’s deceit, Jacob received the blessing, and the inheritance, of the first born. When Esau returned from his hunt a short time later, the error was uncovered.

According to the Code of Hammurabi, once an inheritance was pledged before God—even in error—it could not be withdrawn. Jacob received the inheritance of the firstborn, which Esau recklessly sold him years earlier—and had likely long forgotten—for a bowl of lentil stew.

Esau was now destined to serve the brother he hated. “You will live by the sword,” Isaac prophesied to his first born son, “...and you will serve your brother. When you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from your neck.” Angered, but afraid to seek revenge while his father still lived, Esau pledged that he would kill his brother and take back his inheritance. From that time, some 1,700 to 2,000+ years before the birth of Jesus, the descendants of Ishmael and Esau pledged to kill the descendants of Isaac and Jacob.

Due to that pledge, war between the Jews and their Arab neighbors have raged with only brief reprieves for over 4,000 years.

The Role of Woman in Islamic Society

Two women bear the total blame for the role Muslim women are forced to play in Islamic society. According to Muhammad, Ishmael and Esau lost their inheritances due to the treachery of two women. To top that off, when Muhammad was forced to leave Mecca in 619 A.D., his wife Kharijah, who had financial interests in Mecca, refused to give them up and go with him. (It is not known if this arrangement was acceptable to Muhammad, or if he tolerated it because he had no choice.) To the Muslims today, women cannot be trusted; nor do they possess the right to make decisions independent of their husbands or fathers.

Historically, Ishmael lost his status as the first born of Abraham due to Sarah. Sarah had Hagar and Ishmael banned from Abraham’s tent to protect the right of inheritance of her own son who was born 14 years after Ishmael. Because Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham for the purpose of bearing his children, according to the Code of Hammurabi, Ishmael was legally the firstborn son of Sarah and Abraham and thus, he was entitled to the inheritance of the firstborn.

Although Esau actually traded his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentil stew, to the Muslims his inheritance was stolen by his mother who favored his brother. It is due to the perceived treachery of Sarah and Rebekah that Muslim women have been relegated to subservient roles, and in Shi’ite societies, may suffer extreme abuse at the hands of the Islamic male. When Muhammad penned the Qu’ran in 610 AD, women were blamed for the loss of the inheritance God gave to the Jacob.

The land mass we think of today as the Promised Land is not just Israel. It is all the land between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates River in Iraq. The Promised Land consumes the entire Arabian peninsula. This is the land which God gave to Isaac instead of Ishmael; and a century later, it was the land that Isaac gave to Jacob instead of Esau. Because of two women, all of the land in the Mideast that is currently controlled by the Muslim world—is legally, and in God’s eyes—the inheritance of Israel. It is no wonder that the Muslims treat women like second rate citizens. For 4,000 years the Muslims have blamed womanhood for the loss of Ishmael and Esau’s inheritance—and the fact that Israel, as a nation, exists today.

The Expansion of Islam

From the death of Muhammad on June 8, 632 A.D., there was a power struggle within the Islamic movement to assume the vacancy Muhammad created by dying. Only, no vacancy actually existed since according to the Muslim faith, Muhammad was God’s only prophet. Muhammad expounded that view hoping to discredit the prophets of Jehovah Whose prophecies would be at odds to the views of Muhammad.

Because Islam taught that there was no prophet other than Muhammad, none of Muhammad’s lieutenants could declare themselves to be his prophetic successor. While none claimed the role of prophet, Muhammad’s father-in-law, Abu Bakr, the father of his favorite wife, Ashia, declared himself Caliph (the administrator of the law), the political successor of his son-in-law. Abu Bakr established the precedent that Muhammad’s “successors” would be Caliphs. As the administrators of the law, the Caliphs could interpret—or, if necessary, reinterpret—Muhammad’s prophecies.

Muhammad claimed to have received a “vision” in a cave on Mount Hira outside Mecca in 610 AD. He claimed that he was called to preach a message entrusted only to him by God. The revelations he claimed to receive over the next decade were recorded in what would become the Qu’ran [the Koran]. Living in a polytheist world, Muhammad preached a monotheist god: Allah. Needless to say, to the other tribes in Arabia, Muhammad was a troublesome thorn in their sides.

Muhammad married a wealthy widow, Khadijah. Khadijah paid Muhammad’s uncle, Abu Talib (who headed the powerful Hashim clan within the Quraysh tribe), to protect her husband. Most of the tribal heads in the Quraysh community—who were polytheists—wanted to kill Muhammad but they were afraid of the Hashims.

In 619, Abu Talib died and the new clan leader, who needed the support of other clan leaders to hold his position, refused to protect Muhammad. Without the protection of the Hashims, the Meccans demanded that Muhammad either be expelled or executed. Muhammad and 70 of his followers were forced to leave Mecca and began a pilgrimage to Medina, a settlement about 250 miles north of Mecca where they began to build the Islamic society that would, within a decade, dominate the entire Arabian peninsula. From Medina, the Islamics launched raids against Mecca and against the trade caravans that traveled through that area. On three occasions Muhammad was attacked by Jewish forces from Palestine, but in each event, he beat them off.

Although she continued to provide him with funds, Khadijah, Muhammad’s wife, refused to leave Mecca since the wealth of her first husband was invested in Mecca. To Khadijah, her personal fortune was worth more to her than her husband’s theological obsession. Muhammad’s six children, two boys (who died early in life) and four daughters, migrated to Medina with him. One of his daughters, Fatimah, would ultimately marry Muhammad’s cousin, Ali. After marrying Fatimah, Ali became the Caliph. Fatimah and Ali would become the best known of the Caliphs since Ali was the founder of the Shi’ite sect from which the Islamic terrorist groups that exist today all stem.

The first Caliph was Muhammad’s father-in-law, Abu Bakr. He served two years before meeting a violent death. He was followed by one of his generals, Umar I, who reigned ten years. During this period, the Muslims overran most of the Arabian peninsula. In 641, Umar conquered Persia, followed by Egypt a year later. In less than a decade the Muslims conquered all of Mesopotamia except Anatolia. Within three hundred years, the Shi’ite Fatimids would control almost all of the African continent and much of southern Europe, extending their conquest from Spain into the Balkans in central Europe. It was the northern thrust of the Muslims into the Catholic world of Europe which triggered the Crusades into the Holy Land.

As invading hordes of Muslims slaughtered Christians and Jews alike as infidels in the Christian nations they invaded, the Vatican ordered the Catholic monarchs of Europe to strike back. In 1071 the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem, crushed the Caliphs and suppressed Islam by forcing the Shi’ites to convert to Christianity or die. Most chose death.

The lands along the Mediterranean, from Antioch to Jerusalem were carved up into feudal kingdoms and awarded to the knights who fought the Muslims in the Crusades. The power of the Christian crusaders was crushed a 100 years later by Saladin, the founder of the Kurdish-Turkish dynasty of the Ayyubids, whose members ruled Egypt, Syria, and parts of Arabia until 1250. From this dynasty, the Ottoman Empire arose. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1920.

Fractionalization of Islam

When Umar I, also a father-in-law of Muhammad (who conquered most of the Arabian peninsula) was killed by a Persian slave, he was succeeded by Uthman. Uthman belonged to an Islamic faction called the Umayyads. The Umayyads were wealthy Islamic Syrians. They converted to Islam late, but due to their financial influence, gained most of the important administrative positions in the new empire.

Uthman brought Islam to Spain, northwest Africa, and as far away as India.

Uthman’s most dangerous opponent was Ali, the husband of Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima.

Ali’s group was originally called the Kharijites (named after Fatimah’s mother, Kharijah). The Kharijites were egalitarians who claimed that any pious Muslim could become caliph. When the Umayyads, who had no blood link to Muhammad, took the caliphate, the philosophy of Ali and Fatima changed radically. Unlike the wealthy shieks who possessed wealth, Ali and Fatimah could claim direct lineage to Muhammad. They intended to use that blood lineage to their advantage—their sole advantage.

The Kharijites, who were true believers in the message Muhammad taught, were able to mentally separate politics from religion. They were more democratic-minded than the Umayyads (who believed that the wealthiest members of society should control the government since they were better educated and therefore better equipped to administer the law). As the Umayyads tightened their grip on power, it became obvious to Ali’s closest followers that even the most pious Muslim—even a direct relative of Muhammad—could never become a Caliph if he lacked wealth. Those closest to Ali and Fatima formed a splinter group called the Shi’ites (which literally means “partisans of Ali”). The Shi’ites insisted that only Ali and his descendants could claim the position of Caliph since only direct descendants of Muhammad could claim the title of Caliph.

To get rid of Uthman, Ali had him assassinated. Then, to silence the Umayyads who protested the killing of Uthman, the Shi’ites introduced a technique they still use today to gain and hold power: terrorism. As the Shi’ites massacred the wives and children of some of the most powerful Umayyads, the others quickly got the message. Ali was recognized as the Caliph, and the Shi’ites learned that terrorism could be used to gain and hold power.

The majority of the followers of Islam who were formerly called Kharijites are now known as Sunnites, or Sunni Muslims. They disagree with the Shi’ites that only Ayatollahs (holy men) related to Muhammad could rule. They also disagree with the views of the Umayyads, who believe that only the wealthy shieks have a right to rule. The Sunnites, or Sunnis, show a preference for the western lifestyle (although not necessarily western democracy). Most Muslims worldwide are Sunnis. The Sunni nations are most moderate theologically. At the same time, they are the most progressive economically. They have the most developed, most modern infrastructure. Theologically, they profess to be Sunni. On the other hand, the Shi’ite nations—Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Albania, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen—even with billions of dollars of oil wealth beneath the shifting sands of their deserts—are nations of poverty where all except the elite at the pinnacle of power suffer extreme privation on a daily basis. Nations whose only export is hate cannot expect to import either prosperity or hope.

We all reap what we sow.

These are nations of the descendants of Ishmael and Esau.

The hate they carry is over 4,000 years old, but it is as new as yesterday.

Like the Christian and the Jew, they proudly trace their ancestors back to Abraham.

Abraham, like Muhammad, is their patriarch.

But unlike the Christian, who was never promised a physical inheritance in Abraham’s land, the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael and the descendants of Jacob and Esau, all claim the land that God very clearly intended to give to the Jews.

And, for that reason, the Shi’ites have declared a Jihad not only on Israel but on the United States as well. When you look at a map of the Mideast, it is clear that Israel consumes less than 2% of the land mass. Even though Israel has the 4th most powerful army in the world, the Muslims are convinced that they would have beaten them shortly after the United Nations created the State of Israel in 1948 if the United States was not supplying them with military hardware, munitions and supplies. If the United States had not been supplying Israel with military hardware, money, munitions and supplies, the Arab world knew they would easily have destroyed Israel before the Six Day War in 1976 when Israel—without any help from the United States—defeated Egypt, Jordan and Syria in six days.

Today, the Shi’ite Jihad—the Shi’ites war of terrorism—against the United States is being waged for two reasons. First, it is being waged because on September 8, 2001 the United States, to stop Israel from being labeled as the only racist nation in the world during the United Nations Convention of Racism, walked out of the UN Conference with the Israeli delegation.

This designation was critical to a plan orchestrated by Syrian dictator (i.e., President for life) Bashar Assad, called Operation Jerusalem. Assad, Saddam Hussein, and the other Islamic rulers in the Mideast decided if they could have Israel labeled as a racist nation, they would have cause to argue before the United Nations Security Council that Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world not only for the Christians and Jews, but the Muslims as well, could not be administered in a theologically unbiased manner by the most racist nation in the world. As such, the Islamic nations petitioned the United Nations to force Israel into surrendering Jerusalem to “the world.” Jerusalem, under Assad’s plan, would become an “open city,” administered either by the United Nations, or a consortium of the involved nations.

The Shi’ites who have launched this Jihad against America will not quit. Afghanistan, a mountainous, cave-filled land will be leveled into a flat, pocketless plateau by Tomahawk missiles and smart bombs long before the Shi’ites will willingly surrender Osama bin Laden for trial to an infidel—or even to a Sunni Muslim who is allied with the United States. If, by luck, Navy Seals, Green Berets, Rangers or British Commandos capture or kill bin Laden, the terrorist centers will merely move to another nation and continue their Jihad. But even if bin Laden is captured or killed during the current operation, it is important that he had two accomplices when he attacked the World Trade Center. Those accomplices were Bashar Assad, the new “president” of Syria and Saddam Hussein, who drafted the initial game plan for teaching terrorists how to fly 747s, 757s and 767s, and then how to coordinate hijacking of several jet airliners in the United States and converting them into weapons of mass destruction. Hussein is convinced that a Jihad driven deep enough into the heartland of America will cause Americans, whom he feels lack the stomach for adversity, to back down and demand that its leaders not only to get out of all Islamic nations (even their closest allies), but that they would willingly desert Israel as well even though 80% of America feels biblically committed to protecting Israel. If America could be forced by the Afghan Taliban to quit to avoid increased terrorist activity in the United States, Hussein knew that the continuing UN resolutions against Iraq since the Gulf War would also come to an end; and Hussein would emerge (at least in the minds of his Islamic neighbors) as the ultimate winner of the conflict.

Add to that the Palestinians, the Hamaz, the Islamic Jihad (headquartered in Egypt), and the Hezbollah, who felt America started the Jihad in August, 1990 when they “invaded” Saudi Arabia, and in February, 1991 when they invaded Kuwait and Iraq with ground troops during the Gulf War. According to the Qu’ran [Koran] when an infidel (that would be us) invades Islamic land, they have initiated a Jihad against Islam. In such an event, every Muslim everywhere is obligated by the Ou’ran [Koran] to attack the infidel until they are destroyed. Interestingly, in the Koran, an Islamic nation cannot “invite” the army of an infidel into its land. Those guests—although invited—must be construed by Muslims everywhere as an invasion force.

The United States was an invited guest in Saudi Arabia in 1990. It had pledged to protect the government and people of Saudi Arabia from Iraqi troops that were contemplating an invasion of Saudi Arabia in the Fall of 1990 after its blitzkrieg victory over Kuwait. Yet, many Saudi citizens were so angered by the presence of American troops (particularly female troops) on Saudi soil that they were swayed by Shi’ite instigators to join one or more of several Shi’ite terrorist groups in the Mideast. Many of them joined bin Laden’s group which was, at that time, located in Sudan.
Many applied for temporary student visas or work visas in the United States and became sleeper agents. Once they arrived, they “Americanized” their appearance and vanished into the American landscape. Unfortunately, when their visas expired, they remained submerged. Yet, even with expired visas, they seemed to have little trouble leaving the United States (the easy part), and returning at will without the INS even noticing their visas had expired.

At least four of the terrorists who crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center or into the Pentagon on September 11 arrived in the United States from Europe that morning. All of them should have been challenged when they disembarked from their European flights. None were.

Expanding Ishmael’s Feud into a Terrorist World War

America, for the first time in its history, is experiencing a war in which its enemy—a religion rather than a nation—expects to win even by losing. The bigger its losses today (it believes) the more complete its victory tomorrow. As America began its assault of Afghanistan, the Taliban hoped to see a massive civilian death toll in order to inflame the moderate Islamics who abhor the terrorist tactics of the Shi’ites and who agreed to sit on the sidelines, or who promised passive assistance by allowing U.S. military jets “flyover” rights; or by allowing them to take off or land from their nations. It should be noted that when the Afghan assault began on the night of October 7 (late afternoon, EDT) no Islamic nation had agreed to allow American military planes to fly over their nations armed with missiles or bombs that would be fired at targets in Afghanistan. No Islamic nation allowed fighter jets or bombers to take off or land on their soil. Onlhumanitarian mission flights or search and rescue flights could originate in Islamic nations, or have “flyover” rights. The support of America’s Islamic allies, who secretly support any form of terrorism that is ultimately aimed at destroying or weakening Israel, was largely lip service for the world community. The reason should be obvious even to those who don’t fully understand the Muslim “faith.” Each of America’s Muslim allies, being Islamic, could not violate the tenets of the Qu’ran once Osama bin Laden initiated his Jihad against the United States. What does that mean? Simply stated, it means our Islamic allies cannot (and probably do not want to) assist America (even if they abhor what bin Laden did). The Qu’ran would condemn them if they helped an infidel or a Jew bring about the death of Islamic brethren. Once a Jihad is declared by the imam against the infidel, every follower of Islam in the world, whether they want to or not, is expected to aid their brethren—or risk being killed themselves.

Strange as it may seem, that is very likely the reason that Kenneth Ranger, a 23-year old American-born Muslim-by-conversion black man from Capitol Heights (just outside Washington, DC), jumped the rail at the Temple Hill Metro station in Prince George’s County, Maryland on Tuesday, October 9 carrying a a gun, a knife and a spray bottle containing an unidentified toxic fluid that turned out to be cleaning fluid. When Metro police tried to stop him for failing to pay his Metro toll, Ranger chanted an Islamic prayer in Arabic, and began spraying passengers with the noxious liquid. By the time the struggle was over, 35 passengers were sick. As police struggled with Ranger, he pulled the revolver and fired at least one shot before he was disarmed. (As it turned out when the 35 passengers were “decontaminated” by a hazardous materials crew, it was learned that the people got sick not from the cleaning fluid sprayed on them by Ranger, but by the pepper spray the police used on Ranger.) Unfortunately, more and more incidents which will involve American citizens who are Muslim by birth or by choice—due to the hate teaching against infidels which permeates the Koran—will feel obligated to “obey Allah” and attack their fellow American citizens.

That is likely why the “mentally unbalanced” Croatian Muslim “attacked the Greyhound bus driver whose passenger coach left Louisville, Kentucky on its way to Nashville, Tennessee. Just as the 19 bin Laden-inspired Saudi Shi’ite Muslims jockeyed themselves into “front row” seats on the four jet airliners they hijacked on the morning of September 11, the Croatian “bus-jacker” attempted to do the same, only the elderly lady who occupied the first seat behind the driver refused to surrender the seat to him. Duplicating the methodology applied by the jet liner hijackers, the Croatian continually returned to the front of the bus, inquiring as to the time. Finally, he acted. Once again, on the pretext of asking the time, the Croatian Muslim pulled a knife, grabbed the bus driver, and slit his throat, sending the driverless bus careening across the median of the four lane and into the oncoming Interstate traffic. When the bus finally came to a stop, it was on its side. Six passengers—the “bus-jacker” included—were either dead or dying. The event was staged for one reason and one reason only—to kill innocent people. While the terrorist passenger was not linked to the World Trade Center or Pentagon terrorists, they were Islamic fundamentalists who, listening to Osama bin Laden’s messages on the satellite broadcasted Qatar-based al-Jazeera al-Qaeda television station (the most widely watched TV satellite channel in the world) blamed the West—and Israel—for the September 11 on the Twin Towers...insisting that the United States and Israel initiated a holy war against Palestine. The United States military needs to nuke this television station—and Qatar with it. As a shiny glass parking lot, Qatar would make a excellent staging ground for the USAF to launch its air strikes against Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and any Islamic nation in the Mideast that did not surrender of living members of Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Front. Then, once the terrorists are executed with pig-blood stained bullets, and buried in pig entrails, the nuclear glass parking lot could then be cut up into six inch cubes and sold as souvenirs against terrorism. It would no longer exist except as a reminder to those who might think about promoting terrorism against the United States.

The latest threat: anthrax spores delivered via the US Mail and directed at the media is very likely being orchestrated by militant Muslims in America who befriended the alien Islamic terrorist cell headed by Mohammad Atta when the cell group was learning how to take control of 757s in midair and crash them into skyscrapers. Those “friends” remained behind when

In the past, Mideast terrorists could count on America’s liberal media to take hammer the anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim message. The media was sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians, and argued in favor of carving a Palestinian State out of Israel. CBS, CNN and ABC were in favor of making taking Jerusalem from the Jews and making it an open city. Even the New York Times—singularly the most liberal newspaper in the world—became a pillar of patriotism. The New York Times, which has championed Yassar Arafat as a patriot as it called Israeli patriots like Benjamin Netanyahu a terrorist, now echoed the views of mainstreet America.

War Without End: Amen

If President George Bush is true to his word and, one-by-one or two-by-two, the American military continues to pursue the all of the terrorists responsible for the inhumane carnage suffered by the people of the United States on September 11 (and those acts that will continue to follow) over the next few months and next couple of years, and if we believe the Word of God, the United States military will ultimately be forced to attack every Islamic nation in the world. [Ezek. 39:9] (Surprise, surprise.)

During the Biblical endtime, when Antichrist (who, by Scriptural addition and subtraction, must arise from Jordan, Egypt or Syria—and most likely will arise from either Jordan or Syria) signs his 7-year peace accord with Israel to end all acts of terrorism and bloodshed in the Mideast, ten nations will rebel against the Mideast Peace Accord and will launch an attack against Israel. Those nations are: Turkey [Meschech], Ethiopia [Cush], Libya [Put], Armenia [Tubal], Iraq [Togarmah], Iran [Persia], and the as yet undefined eastern Russian confederation States [Gomer] that will likely be most or all of the “Stans”, Yemen, Kuwait and South Yemen [Sheba] and Saudi Arabia [Dedan].

While Saudi Arabia has been America’s key ally in the Middle East, and was pivotal in helping George H.W. Bush defeat Iraq in the Gulf War by allowing the US military to use their nation as a staging ground to launch Desert Storm in February, 1991, the Islamic clerics who control the theological mindset in the Mideast (and therefore the psychological mindset of the Saudi people) and who have an intense hatred of Israel—and find the American penchant for equalizing women and allowing them to serve in male roles in the military equally despicable—were determined to make sure that what happened in 1990-91 did not happen again. The Saudi royal family has been taken to task by the Saudi clerics for allowing the United States to use Islamic land in 1991 to attack and kill other Islamics. In this new conflict, King Fahd bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud has been warned by Sheikh Hamoud bi Oqla al-Shuaibi, an 80-year old blind cleric, who is the most powerful imam in Saudi Arabia not to give their protection to the infidels—in this case, the United States. Hamoud issued a fatwa just days after the September 11 attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon in which he said: “Whoever supports the infidels against Muslims is considered an infidel...It is a duty to wage jihad on anyone who supports the attack on Afghanistan.” Support, according to the fatwa, could be assistance “by hand, by tongue, or by money.”

The fatwa has been issued by imans and clerics throughout the Arab world which is friendly with the United States. The militant Shi’ites are promising America’s allies in the Mideast that if they help the United States in Afghanistan, or if they help America as long as the United States is supporting Israel “by hand, by tongue, or by money,” that the United States will be the target of terrorism by al-Qaeda, the Islamic Jihad, Hamas or Hezbollah. Bashar Assad and Saddam Hussein know that as long as America supports Israel by hand, by tongue, and with money, they will never succeed in getting their wish—converting Jerusalem into a UN Open City that will be controlled by them.
While most Americans view the Saudis as close allies of America, they are political allies out of military necessity only. And, they are economic allies due to their ties to the Rockefellers which owns Standard Oil and the Seven Sisters; as well as the Rothschilds and the Nobels who own what Standard Oil does not own. But theologically, they are allied only with the Islamic nations of the world. And, while the Saudi royal family are members of the Sunnite sect of Islam, they are philosophically much closer to the militant Shi’ites than they are their “friends” on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

The American people need to understand that when we think of terrorist nations, or those who finance terrorist nations, Saudi Arabia usually does not come to mind even though very clear evidence exists—and has existed for over a decade—that the Saudi royal family knowingly and deliberately funds several of the Muslim charities (including the Red Crescent) that secretly divert large amounts of revenue from their “charitable interests” to fund terrorist organizations like Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

Fahd Saved Saddam in 1991

When America was driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait during Desert Storm, Sheikh Hamoud bi Oqla al-Shuaibi forced King Fahd bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud to pressure the American military to stop short of achieving total victory. Killing Hussein, a devout Shi’ite Muslim, the Sheikh insisted, would have violated the Koran. Hussein could not be killed. At the same time, the King was reprimanded for allowing the United States to bring female soldiers on Islamic soil. This was probably one of the stupidest acts of the Bush-Quayle Administration since they ignored a theological taboo of an ally, and to serve the self-serving interests of politically-correct ultra-liberal, socialist feminist bureaucrats in the United States, placed America’s political rapport with the Saudi royal family in jeopardy.

Young George W. Bush is already experiencing the same dilemma with his 2001 coalition. Because the terrorists Bush is determined to eradicate have found haven in 64 nations worldwide, he has embarked on what is pretty much an impossible task. Even though the evidence against Osama bin Laden is so overwhelming—a video confession broadcast worldwide—many within this fragile coalition are attempting to force Young Bush to end America’s war against terrorism prematurely since a fatwa which has been issued by the hardline imans and clerics is impossible to ignore, and many of the Islamic leaders who have publicly sided with America now fear that militant Shi’ites might attempt to overthrow their regimes if they don’t back away from the United States. When King Fahd’s nephew, Prince Alwaleed bin Talel, gave New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani a check for $10 million for the World Trade Center Fund, his aides were passing out press releases in which the Saudis declared that the attack on the United States occurred only because America sided with Israel on September 8 when the United States and Israel walked out of the UN Convention on Racism; and because the United States has insisted on siding with Israel against the Palestinians.

A Different Kind of War

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, America knew they were at war with Japan. And, clearly the enemy was defined. The enemy was a small, slant-eyed dark-eyed oriental. Granted, there were thousands of loyal Japanese-Americans living and working in the United States, but America did not intend to take any chances. Violating the constitutional rights of every naturally-born Japanese-American, the Department of Defense with the help of the Justice Department, initiated a roundup of Asian Americans and held them in internment camps throughout the war years. Racial profiling, which is perhaps never politically-correct, was the rule of the day—and it should have been.

There is always an argument launched by the liberal do-gooders that protecting the “privacy” (a right NOT guaranteed anywhere in the Bill of Rights) of minorities supersedes even our right to live in a secure America—although those same do-gooders will go out of their way to abrogate the rights of the majority without a second thought.

Within weeks of the September 11 disaster, police agencies were being flooded with calls from Americans reporting potential terrorists spotted in their neighborhoods, buying train tickets, bus tickets and plane tickets. All of the suspected terrorists had two things in common. First, they all sported beards; and second, they all wore turbans. Many, however, were not Islamic. Many were Hindus. Others were Sikhs.

Americans have been told not to assume that bearded men with turbans are Islamic terrorists. That is a good point to remember since the Islamic terrorists who hijacked the four airliners on September 11, who were instructed to do everything they could to “fit in” to the American society, disposed of their turbans and shaved their beards.

We will not easily recognize our “enemy” in this new war because that enemy may not come from the Mideast at all. He could be an African Muslim, an Indonesian Muslim, or a white Muslim from Chicago, New York, Montreal, Berlin, or London. Being Muslim has little to do with nationality. The Muslim stereotype may be Mideastern, but they can be from any nation on Earth—and be any nationality.

We have a problem in America because we are fighting an entirely different type of war. We are actually fighting the same type of war that Israel has fought since 1948. We should call it a war against terrorism because the faceless enemies who are determined to destroy America are terrorists.

Each party knows they are fighting a Jihad. They’ve been doing so for over 4,000 years. To Americans, homefront terrorism is a brand new type of warfare. It is a war against a religious sect that transcends nationalities. It is a war in which theological perspectives supersede national boundaries. But there is nothing new about this type of war. America, like Israel and its ageless Islamic enemies, has rejoined the Crusades—the Holy War of King Arthur and the Roman Catholic kings of central Europe, Portugal and Spain and the Eastern Orthodox Catholics of Turkey.

All that is missing today is the decapitations which marked the manner of death of the Christians captured by the Muslims in the 11th century. According to Scripture, beheading will be the manner used by the Tribulation Muslims in the endtime to kill those who interfere with the laws of Antichrist.

The Muslims from the Mideast to the Asian subcontinent remember the sieges as though they were yesterday. Even now, the Arabs fester under centuries-old traumas which arouse anger at the slightest mention of the harb salabiyeen (the war of the cross-bearers). The hate that is skin deep today was created with the blood that started to flow in 1095 when Pope Urban II ordered the Crusades. The cross-bearers—the knights, the mercenaries and the peasants who were the chattel of the wealthy landowners of Europe —carried the image of their blue-eyed, blonde haired, white-skinned Messiah deep into Palestine as they laid siege to the walled cities of Islam and Judaism. Jerusalem, the third holiest city of the Muslims, fell to the Christians in 1099 and the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, the Shroud of Turin, became part of the loot which the Knights Templar took with them to Spain.

Creating Esau’s International City in the time of Jacob’s Trouble

In 2000 AD, after Roman Catholic Pope John Paul II visited Jerusalem and declared it to be the holiest city in Christiandom, Muslim clerics called upon the Pope to apologize to the Muslims for the Crusades, which was ordered by the Roman Catholic Church. John Paul II (who is necessarily as privately prejudiced against the Muslims as the Muslims are publicly prejudiced against both the Christians and the Jews) ignored the Muslims demand. Adding Christian insult to Muslim injury, several Christian commentators noted that the lands taken from the Muslims by the Knights under the papal bull were later taken from Christians—who were slaughtered and beheaded—by Muslims.

In 1187, Saladin, an ethnic Kurd and Muslim general, took Jerusalem back—and beheaded all who would not convert to Islam. However, unlike the Knights of the Templar, who showed no mercy to either Jew or Muslim, Saladin was known not only as a brilliant military leader, he was a compassionate man who often struck deals with the Crusaders allowing them to purchase their lives and the lives of their men.

Last year, new Syrian President Bashar Assad devised a scheme called Operation Jerusalem that would ultimately cause the United Nations to declare Israel a racist nation (during the aborted UN Convention on Racism which the United States and Israel walked out of on September 8). Once that was done, the UN would then declare Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world, to be an “open city.” As an open city, Jerusalem would be ruled by a commission comprised of its Arab, Persian and Coptic Christian neighbors. The Islamic imans, Muslim clerics and ayatollahs refer to the current world tensions as the result of modern Crusaders led by the industrialist Crusaders of modern times who control the trade routes, the trade goods, and looted treasure (oil). And, while the 11th and 12th century Crusaders cloaked their activity under the garb of religion, the 21st century Crusaders call the religious war terrorism when it is, according to the Muslims, economic rape.

Osama bin Laden, the hireling of Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad, calls this conflict a Jihad. In reality, it is merely the final chapter in the final saga of the family feud between Ishmael and Isaac, and between Jacob and Esau. While the Muslims call this struggle harb salabiyeen (the war of the cross bearers), America calls it a War on Terrorism.

And Christians, if they know their Bible well enough, understand it is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.


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