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20 years

Give Me a Break - News from the Left

March 10, 2001

European Union Agriculture Heads Want To Do Away With Mass-Produced Agriculture

     (No reflection on the ladies out there who will read this, but the globalists behind the European Union phase of the New World Order really screwed up naming three women to fill the primary agricultural roles on the European Union's Agriculture Policy Board. The new "green" alliance which I have dubbed the ladies organic home gardening circle, last week called for a complete shake-up in Agriculture Policy in the European Union because they feel mass produced food is not healthy. They are determined to make some radical changes in the way European farms grow food. Those changes will affect the world. Of course, initially, the farm combines in America will love it, but ultimately it will fuel the global warming ecoalarmists when their predictions that the world cannot feed itself, comes true.
     The Financial Times of London reported that the new female heads of the EU's nation-state Agriculture Ministries, prodded by Sweden's Green Party Agriculture Minister Margareta Winberg (who, because Sweden currently holds the revolving presidency of the European Union, heads the Policy Board) is planning to rewrite farm policy in Europe and mandate that Europe move away from mass produced farm products and into organic gardening. These three ladies believe people would rather eat organic food than mass produced tomatoes.
     Of course, they may be right.
     I prefer organically farmed produce.
     Who doesn't?
     I love fresh, trunk farm raised tomatoes. They taste much better than hot house tomatoes (which are virtually mass produced year round in climate controlled mass production combine farms).
     But, have you compared the prices?
     Of course you have.
     Organic tomatoes cost two to three times as much as hot house tomatoes. Why? Because they are not mass produced on an agricultural assembly line.
     Why would these ladies: Winberg, who chairs the Agriculture Policy Board that decides farm policy for Europe; Renate Kunast, Germany's Farm and Consumer Affairs Minister; and Ritt Bjerregaard of Denmark want to make such radical changes in farming policy in Europe? And, apparently without too much forethought of the cost that will ultimately be assessed to the consumer because of their decision? They are member of what I affectionately call the ladies organic home gardening society--since that is where they should be...tending their little organic gardens and sharing recipes instead of attempting to influence farm policy that will shortly have a very devastating impact on all of Europe if their "healthy scheme" flies. Each of these women are "greenies." Each grows organic foods in little home gardens. Each knows how much better that produce tastes. Each knows that because the food they grow contains no pesticides, it will be much healthier for their families to eat.
     There is no argument from this quarter.
     On the other hand, I am not a fan or supporter of multi-billion dollar agricultural dynasties that have virtually destroyed the family farm in America and Europe. My argument is a common sense argument--probably the same one that is now being waged across Europe as the traditional farmer, who is charged with the responsibility of producing enough food to feed Europe, is wondering who let these women escape from the kitchens where they obviously belong.
     Winberg, who was an ardent Europhobe before the EU gained power now argues that Europe should move away from mass factory farming and create legislation designed to "encourage" small scale, environmentally-friendly organic farming. By "encourage," Winberg means taxpayer-subsidized encouragement. To the consumer this ultimately means less availability, higher prices--and a much higher tax bill to boot. To the farmer who is subsidized it means less profit even with the subsidy that is ostensibly designed to offset his losses. But to the farmer it means one other thing: the government will have much more control over his life.
     Winberg, according to the Financial Times, thinks the new EU farm policy would result in an end to farm quotas, price cuts for farm commodities...and reductions in farm subsidies. Winberg is, of course, a true socialist who sees the world through green-colored glasses. She clarified her position on subsidies to the Times when she said: "I believe that agriculture without some subsidies is not possible if we want biological diversity and healthy animals." Like most politicians, Winberg has learned the art out of speaking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time and appearing not to contradict herself.
     Regardless how the European Union moves on this issue Winberg made it clear that under her stewardship, she will turn 20% of Sweden's farmland into organic farms by the year 2005. And, she added, other EU nations should do the same. If they do, American farmers need to learn how to say "thank you" in Swedish.
     So, by the way, should the ecoalarmists who are screaming at the top of their lungs that the world is not capable of feeding itself. Because when Winberg, Kunasat and Bjerregaard get through converting Europe's mass production farms into organic gardens, they will have achieved a self-fulfilled prophecy. And, while those who will be able to afford to eat Europe's home grown veggies and fruit will have undoubtedly enjoy more tasty and healthier morsels, far too many will find the supermarket shelves empty...or the food priced beyond their means to pay.
     Welcome to the green world of Utopia.



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