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When the co-presidency of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton assumed the White House their true colors—or rather, Hillary's—showed almost immediately. The first thing Hillary (the first lady without the constitutional authority to do so) fired the White House Travel Staff. She awarded the contract for the very lucrative travel business for the White House to wealthy Clinton friends and, of course, political donors. When the proverbial media brown stuff hit the fan, Hillary Clinton issued a statement that the travel staff—seven people—were fired on May 19, 1993 due to unexplained shortages in their bookkeeping. Hillary created the first of many scandals. The first one was media-dubbed as Travelgate. The White House accused Travel Office Manager Billy Dale of the theft of $86,000 over several administrations (when, in fact, no thefts or shortages had occurred), claiming that internal audits performed by the new administration proved the theft. On the orders of Hillary Clinton, White House Administrative aide David Watkins called the FBI and filed embezzlement charges against Dale. Dale was arrested and Watkins fired the remaining six Travel Office employees a few days later—but only he was threatened by Hillary Clinton who ordered him to clean out the Travel Office.

Hillary Clinton had Billy Dale framed so she could reward some Arkansas political cronies with the $31 million contract. After all, it's those political quid pro quos which grease the wheels of government. Usually quid pro quos come in the form of cash taken from the pockets of the taxpayers to enrich the donors for helping elect crooked politicians. In the case of Travelgate, Hillary Clinton was willing to donate the freedom and liberty of Billy Dale for 5 to 10 years in a federal prison for committing a crime that never happened so Hillary Clinton could reward her friends for their bribes. Wow! Think about that.

In 1993 Hillary was only a First Lady. Constitutionally, First Ladies have no political power—except, perhaps, the power to make their president husbands miserable (which Hillary was known to do). She wielded "threat power" not given to First Ladies under the Constitution. She also had the power to take the West Wing office of Vice President Al Gore, Jr. and move him out of the White House and into the Eisenhower Executive Office Building where most of the lesser important Executive Office appointees had their offices. With Gore out of her hair, Hillary created her own her parallel Executive Branch. which was sarcastically referred to as "Hillaryland" by Bill Clinton staffers. Hillary took her role as co-president very serious. She became her husband's Sherman Adams. (Adams was Dwight D. Eisenhower's chief-of-staff. Many of the presidential decisions from 1952 to 1958 were made by Adams, not Eisenhower. Adams was forced to resign in 1958 after the media learned he had taken an expensive vicuna topcoat and an oriental rug from Bernard Goldfine, a Boston textile manufacturer who was being investigated for Federal Trade Commission violations.)

Moreover, in her case, Hillary assumed the power to have an innocent man incarcerated. Just think what she will be able to do in the Oval Office with Barack Obama's pen and cell phone. If that doesn't scare you, then you're functioning with only two live brain cells. I guess that's why Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakhan has been warning America's black community not to vote for Hillary Clinton. Oh, by the way, Billy Dale stood trial for an embezzlement that never happened. The jury found him "not guilty." Congress restored the Travel Office employees and Clinton's friends lost their quid pro quo. But, I expect Hillary found some other way to compensate her Arkansas buddies for their generosity. You and I, of course, would have paid that bill, too.

The American people need to understand that political donations are, 100% of the time, bribes. Congress enacted legislation that made bribing politicians legal. Whatever president was in office when the legislation ended up on his desk signed it because he needed those quid pro quo gratuities as much as those running for Congress. It's important to understand that major donors would never donate large sums of money (called bribes in plain English) to any political candidate without the promise of a handsome consideration for that "investment." In the case of Travelgate, after the FBI and an independent counsel found no wrongdoing on the part of the fired Travel Office employees, Congressman William Clinger [R-PA], Chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform, launched a congressional hearing in 1996 and secured an independent counsel to investigate the incident.

The independent counsel who investigated Travelgate found that Hillary Clinton played the pivoted role in the firings, although in her sworn testimony before Congress, she played innocent, claiming she was not involved. The independent counsel found her statement to be "factually inaccurate," and that she lied under oath to Congress. Interesting, a memo from David Watkins to White House Chief of Staff Thomas F. "Mac" McLarty incriminated both HIllary and White House counsel Vince Foster who would be murdered as Whitewater popped up like cream in fresh milk. In his note to McLarty, Watkins said: "...we both know that there would be hell to pay if we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the First Lady's wishes," adding that "...once this made it onto the First Lady's agenda, Vince Foster became involved, and he and Harry Thompson regularly informed me of her attention to the travel office situation—as well as her insistence that the situation be resolved immediately by replacing the travel office staff." (Thompson's wife, Linda Bloodworth-Thompson created Designing Women, Evening Shade, and a series called Women of the House, which was supposed to debut on Sept. 11, 2001 but was preempted by the World Trade Center disaster.) But Bloodworth produced a documentary called "The Man From Hope" which made the unknown governor of Arkansas a national figure and likely contributed much to his election. To Hillary, who craves power more than life, that was worth the $31 million the Travel Office booked from media people wanting to fly in Air Force One with the President of the United States. Which is why the media played this story down from 1993 until 1996. They didn't want to be bumped from their seat on Air Force One.

Hillary's dictatorial policies within the Executive branch offices triggered investigations by the FBI, a fake investigation by the DOJ and a real investigation by the General Accounting Office which found the White House allegations of embezzlement by the Travel Office to be bogus. The media, which liked Billy Dale suddenly came alive and defended the former Travel Office Director. On trial, Dale was found not guilty. Congress then launched its investigation, and one of those they targeted for questioning was White House Counsel Vincent Foster, who had close ties with Hillary at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. Foster, who carried the water from Hillary to Watkins, feared he would be hung out to dry when the firing was orchestrated by Hillary. He was merely a member of the choir.

On Mon., July 19, 1993, Foster was called to the Oval Office for a chat with the President. The conversation appears to have concerned the likelihood of Foster being called to testify before Clinger's committee. Foster told Bill Clinton that he did "...not intend to go to prison for anyone." Foster's death, I believe, was triggered by what he did next. According to Ambrose Evans Pritchard in his book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton commented that, at that moment, Clinton saw Foster as a loose cannon, and that he was about to divorce himself from Clinton's "good ol' boy" team—a fact confirmed, Pritchard noted, when he declined Clinton's offer for Foster to stick around for a private showing of Clint Eastwood's new movie, "In the Line of Fire" in the White House movie theatre later that evening.

According to Pritchard, later that evening Foster received a call from Hillary Clinton who told Foster to meet her "...at the flat" the following afternoon. Hillary was in California and, when Foster died the next day, she was flying back to DC on Air Force One. If Pritchard was correct in his assessment in that 1997 best seller, Hillary Clinton, the First Lady of the United States, in power less than 7 months, was an accessory to murder. By the time Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park in Maryland, Clinton staffers had illegally removed from his office all communications concerning the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, and Travelgate.

Within weeks of the inauguration, Bill Clinton put Hillary Clinton in charge of creating a National Healthcare plan. He did so because although she was the First Lady she was also, so to speak, a "civilian" not attached to any government agency over which Congress had oversight. Which meant no committee had jurisdiction over what she was doing. Hillary was later forced to admit that she wasn't a healthcare expert nor had she ever studied healthcare.

Everything her task force did, they did in secret. When Congress refused to buy a 1,342 page pig-in-a-poke, Hillarycare, the Health Security Act, was sealed, stamped with a number, Box 1748, and stored at the National Archive in Baltimore. The cost to the American taxpayers? $32 million. For dishonesty and concealing what they were doing from the American public, the members of the task force were fined $450 thousand (which, I'd guess, the taxpayers paid). In addition, the court costs assessed to the taxpayers to reach that verdict was $725 thousand. Obamacare (which was modeled after Hillarycare) was enacted because Obama included the entire medical profession and the insurance industry in the rape of America. The only way he got Congress to sign on was to exempt them from being obligated to participate.

Hillary is the only First Lady summoned before a Grand Jury. It was over the billing records of the Rose Law Firm for matters dealing with a real estate scheme called Whitewater Development Corporation jointly owned by the Clintons and real estate developer James McDougal and his wife Susan. Fraud accusations against the Clintons were leveled which ultimately forced Attorney General Janet Reno to "investigate," leading to the appointment of an independent counsel. The target of the investigation was Hillary. But all of the Rose Law Firm billing records which had been in Vince Foster's office had disappeared. Nevertheless, the federal investigation found a pervasive conflict of interest between the Rose Law Firm and McDougal's bank, Madison Guaranty.

Nineteen months later, following Hillary's acquittal, the billing records turned up in the residence of the White House. It is believed that one of her loyal staffers hid them in her own home during the investigative period. Since the records were covered with Hillary's fingerprints, she was then accused of obstruction of justice. Susan McDougal refused to testify against her and was sentenced to prison. Bill Clinton pardoned her. Through the presidency of Bill Clinton, 15 Clinton cronies were convicted of some 40 federal law violations—all of them associated with Whitewater dealings. The independent counsel accused Bill Clinton of perjury and abuse of power. The cost of the Whitewater investigation? $145 million, paid by the taxpayers.

Remember Cattlegate? I know. It was just a little thing. Tyson Foods, a state-regulated company in Arkansas needed the rules eased a little. So it was suggested that Hillary invest in cattle futures. Someone (not Clinton) put up the initial $5,000 betting for and against the price of cattle at the same time. Result? In her first ever venture into the futures market, with no knowledge of cattle except knowing that the one with udders was the female, Hillary netted a cool profit of $490 thousand and Tyson Foods saw an easing of regulations in the poultry industry. The futures trade, which Hillary insists she made on her own "hunch," was actually made by James Blair through the brokerage firm, Refco. Blair was the lawyer for Tyson Foods. An investigation of that deal led to Refco paying the largest fine in the futures market's history. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When you think you're God, you will ultimately act like God. Putting Hillary Clinton in the White House would be like making Al Capone head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or John Dillinger the head of the Fed.

I'm exhausted and we still have Filegate and Chinagate to go. We'll make Filegate brief. When the Republican sweep in Congress happened in 1994 the Clintons had the FBI do background checks on over 900 Republican officials, both national and at State level, looking for dirt they could use to silence Republicans or smear them and ruin their careers. The trail led directly to Hillary Clinton who wanted to add the names (and sins) of those she could hurt, to her Enemies List. In 1996 this led to 30 separate investigations. The head of the Office of Personnel Security refused to name the First Lady under oath and was forced out of office. When Hillary told the media she was innocent of the charges, the New York Times called her "...a congenital liar."

Of all of the crimes the Clintons and Al Gore committed in 1996, Chinagate is worse than all of Hillary's other crimes put together because accepting close to a billion dollars in campaign contributions (i.e., illegal bribes) from America's deadliest enemy put this nation in perpetual risk for all time. Bill Clinton gave the People's Republic of China's People's Liberation Army Intelligence head access to the industrial secrets of America, controlled by the Commerce Dept. (The Cox Report, which should still be available over the Internet, was the summation of the 105th Congress's Select House Congressional Committee which investigated the evidence largely exposed by then Judicial Watch President Larry Klayman. If you haven't read it, you need to—before Election Day.)

When Hillary won election to the US Senate from New York, her husband founded the Clinton Foundation, a giant washing machine designed to launder illegal contributions and make them squeaky clean when they completed the wash cycle. Rather than rehash what I've already written, I would rather direct you to two articles: First, Hillary's Constituency, and then Chinagate II. When you read them, you're going to find yourself wondering why Hillary and her husband are still walking around free. And, in that thought process, you're going to convince yourself that the allegations can't be true because you know, if you did those things, you'd already be in a federal lock-up. Therefore, you'll mentally reason, there apparently wasn't enough proof to convict them.

It's marvelous to live in "the land of opportunity." America is the greatest nation on Earth because it encourages everyone to succeed with their own intellect, and by the sweat of their own brow. Sadly, once we hit the financial big league, and find ourselves in that top one percent (or that invisible 0.01% that virtually owns the world), you get your first taste of real power. Power imbues wealth. You will become so powerful that you are no longer accountable to governments or men for your sins. However, at the moment you pass from this life to the next, you will find that Heaven is approached only through a single large gate—which will be locked. Beside it you will see a small gate that children can run through with ease. That small gate is called "the eye of the needle." Perhaps you remember the term from Matt. 19:24. Christ warns us that the rich man (or woman), cloistered in their wealth, will not be able to pass through it.


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