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I find it interesting that from the Kennedy-Johnson Compaign through the Clinton-Gore Campaign, all of the election fraud committed by the Democrats was poophahed by them—and the mainstream media which was constitutionally designated as the watchdogs of liberty—was casually swept under the rug with a shrug and an arrogant snort, repeating the offhand comment that, "Everyone does it, and the amount of vote fraud committed by both parties combined in each election cycle, if added together, wouldn't produce enough votes to elect one Congressman or Senator." The vote thieves, of course, are always quick to share the blame by insisting a little vote fraud is simply a political quid pro quo since everyone does it—although, even though accusations are thrown back and forth, the Democrats are the only ones with their hands in the voters' cookie jar.

That doesn't mean the left doesn't throw accusations at the right. The best defense is always a dynamite offense. On Friday, October 19, 2012 Salon Magazine reported that a man working for the Virginia Republican Party was accused of destroying hundreds of voter registration forms by throwing them in a dumpster. The GOP employee, Colin Small of Phoenixville, PA,reported that the voter registration forms he destroyed were completed by illegal aliens and others not eligible to vote in federal elections. A month earlier the same thing happened in Palm Beach, Florida—again with ballots confiscated by illegal aliens whose votes, in Liberal Land, are viewed to be worth much as those of US citizens—or, in the social progressive mind, more so, since the overlords of the Democratic Party knew that those with no right to vote in the United States will illegally vote for gratuities promised to them by the left if the liberals win. After the vote fraud uncovered in 2009 concerning the election of 2008 (a little too late), the Republicans began paying attention in 2010 to the fact that more votes were in the ballot boxes than there were registered voter who are eligible to vote.

That's the purpose of registering voters. When you go in the balloting place the attendant is supposed to check you in and mark the number of your ballot against your name. Both the ballot and the vote are accounted for. One vote. One voter. In 2008, across the United States, 96,998,000 registered voters cast a ballot for the candidate of their choice. The only problem is, there were 132,618,580 ballots in the ballot boxes—35,626,580 more votes than voters.

In 2012, 57.7% of the registered voters voted.. The media suggested Obama had been campaigning hard for the disenfranchised vote which came out in droves to vote for him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only did the disenfranchised neither register nor vote, many of those who believed Obama's bullcrap the first time around didn't waste their time voting in 2012. The Republican hit groups working undercover within the Democratic voter registration camps found and destroyed what appears to be slightly over 43 thousand bogus voter registrations. But remember one thing—thank's to Bill Clinton and the Motor Voter Act, destroying the fake registrations merely erased the fake information about the phony voter that likely would be used two or three times or more on Election Day. But, destroying the fake registrations didn't get rid of the fake vote which was placed in a ballot box shortly after the bogus voter's registration was theoretically destroyed. The fake ballot would be tallied in the final number of votes cast. In 2012, the number of votes counted were 126,985,809 although only 90,682,968 legitimate registered voters. (But since you weren't supposed to know [and likely didn't] that the destroyed registrations were fake—you are were led to believe the bad guys in the fraud department are the Republicans who were trying to keep eligible minority Americans from voting when what they trying to do was keep illegal aliens from voting in US elections because the social progressives—whose agenda is becoming increasingly transparent—find they need a little more help today than they did in 1960 when all they needed was the Daley Dead in Chicago, a few thousand dead Confederates from Texas—and the segregationist Dixiecrat Party founded by Democratic Senator Harry Byrd [D-VA] and Congressman Strom Thurmond [D-SC] to drain segregationist votes from the Republican Party to the Dixecrats. It worked. The Dixiecrats, a Democratic politician party, pulled 17 electoral votes from the Republicans and instead of Nixon, Kennedy won the election.) In 1961 Thurmond changed parties and became a Republican. Byrd ran as a Dixiecrat while serving as a Democrat US Senator. He was reelected to the US Senate as a Democrat in 1964 and died in 1966.

The Democrats have been stealing, or at least attempting to steal elections since 1960, and more seriously since the Motor Voter Act (the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (42 USC § 9 1993gg) that expanded voting rights, and eliminated much of the power of the States to verify that the voter was [a] really who they said they were, and [b] were actually eligible to vote. This law was followed by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 which forced every state to enact some form of electronic voting machine that made vote theft so easy that regardless what type of apparatus was used to cast a ballot, it would take those who count the ballots less than 2 minutes to rig the voting machine to produce the results those in charge of the voting machines need to achieve to win.

On Election Day in 2006 the Democrats trailed the Republicans 206 members to 225. The day after the election, the Democrats won 27 seats. On Election Day in 2008, the Democrats controlled the House 256 to 175 and the Senate in 2008, the Democrats picked up eight Senate seats, up from 51 to 49 (counting Independents who vote with the Democrats. The problem with the election results when you surveyed voters about crooked, long-tenured left wingers who were reelected, nobody voted for them. Buying the electronic voting machine was much less costly than buying hundreds of thousands of votes.

The leftwing media always attributes the Democratic victories to [a] the Republicans did not listen to women and respond to women's issues, [2] Republicans never listen to black voters and fail to make the same never fulfilled campaign promises to minorities that the Democrats make and, of course the Democratic Senate buries ever bill the GOP House proffers that would help blacks advance in society. And, the newest and largest minority today, is the Hispanic vote. Hispanics are predominantly Christian, hardworking men and women. The Democrats campaign directly to those new Americans, but the Democratic PACs support the radical Hispanic groups like the National council of La Raza, or human traffickers like Coyotaje because the Democrats know that traditionally, the legals who are not secessionists, are economically moderate and theologically Christian.

Democrats see nothing wrong with stealing votes or hiring people to vote multiple time or, in the case of Mitt Romney in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina and Nevada,their's nothing wrong with outsmarting the opposition by stealing the voting records of the Republicans to determine what voters vote early, and which always vote on election day.. Their philosophy is "all's fair in politics and war..." (which to them is the same thing.) The purpose of the political battle during the campaign is, of course to win. And, in life, they believe, there are no rules as long as you prevail. in 2012, as noted above, the Democrats stole over 6 million Republican votes by learning which Republicans in the "battleground states" always vote on election day., and early voted their ballots. When the rightful voter showed up on election day, they were denied their right to vote because someone had already voted their ballot. (This only worked in the battleground states where liberal federal judges suspended the photo ID laws which had been enacted by the3 States "as unfair to minorities." (NOTE:in every State where an Obama judge waived the need to show a photo ID to prove they are who they claim to be, Obama won the State. In every State where the federal courts upheld the photo ID law, Mitt Romney won. If you need a photo ID to open a bank account, cash a check, drive a car,or buy a pack of cigarettes, it would seem the most sacrosanct thing a citizen does—vote for those who will lead the nation and spend the nation's money—must be obligated, by law, to prove they are who they claim to be,) It should also be noted that the Constitution of the United States gives the right to establish those rule3s not to the federal government (which the Founding Fathers created as a servant who worked for the States, did not completely trust the central government they created to work for them. When the Federal government (Republican House and Democrat Senate) created HAVA in 2002 ( Help America Vote Act—or should we say "help America vote the right way act") and activated it before the mid-term elections that year, forcing every state in activate an electronic voting system, they violated the Constitution which gives, to the States, the exclusive prerogative how the elections in their State is conducted. The sneaks in Congress, who needed to control how the votes were counted, cre3ated a law which allowed the States to pick one of several options how the voter marked the ballot. But in the end, the State decided how the electronic machine counted the votes, and what union or other political organization serviced those machines and tallied the votes. No electronic tabulation since 2002 has ever been challenged even when they tabulate more than 100% of the registered voters who cast ballots.

The election counts in 2008 and 2012 proved that the fraud which was happening based on how the "service providers" who maintained the electronic tabulators was not miniscule as suggested by De3mocrats and hawked as truth by the social progressive media, proved not to be slight hundreds of votes—some benefiting's Republicans and some benefiting Democrats—actually proved to be thefts in the hundreds of thousands, not for Re3publicans and Democrats,.but for Democrats only.

It was the fraud discovered in 2008 that caused about 2/3 of the States to enact photo ID laws (which, when I first started voting, was a common sense verification which every State did. And, if ,memory serves me correctly, never one time did I see any American citizen object to producing their drivers' license. But, in the Clinton years, with Bubba and Bimbo needing more voters to continue using the offices in the White House as bank deposit drop boxes, the Clinto9ns and Gore needed more money to bribe the major newspapers with ad revenue to keep them from revealing that Communist China was not only financing the White House, but a large majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate—and had been since 1982 when China desperately wanted to dump Ronald Reagan and strengthen the Democratic grip on Congress and the White House.

But the Democrats didn't perfect the vote theft tactics they now use until the Clinton years. In 2012 as Obama won precincts in Pennsylvania and Ohio by 99% to 100% even where Gov. Mitt Romney pulled crowds of over 100,000 people; the Democrats saw victories in several of the other "battleground states," like purple Colorado for example, where he won several counties by margins of over 100% (which, of course, is impossible). Ten counties in Colorado had Democratic voter turnouts of 104% to 120% in a race with a voter turnout of 57.7%. Wonder how they did it? The video (at the top of the page) which was an undercover video done by GOP operatives provides the answer. '

According to Meredith Hicks the leftwing director of Work For Progress funded by a Democratic Party super pac) (which, more aptly, should have been named "Work for Social Progressives," as she interviewed by James O'Keefe who she believed was a fellow traveler who told her he knew where there were hundreds of voter registration forms that had been received in the mail and simply thrown away by the recipient. and he had a lot of friends at the college he went to who would fill them out (for a price, I imagine, although money was not mentioned. Hicks replied to his statement by saying, :Hicks said that when you find discarded ballots in a trash can, :"...that's not even like lying or stealing, if someone throws out a ballot. If [you don't want to vote], you should do it." O'Keefe said he was told that "if they are not [going to use] the ballots, and all these people are throwing them out, let's use those ballots to vote."

O'Keefe told Hicks that he has a bunch of buddies in fraternities, and the mail in ballots is coming. You know, like a bunch of seniors are going to move out of all those frats, that I'm friends with. And we think they're all registered; but they're all moving out of State."

Christen Topping, another member of Work for Progress, added, "I mean its really putting those ballots to good use. So really, truly like yeah, that's awesome."

Colorado is one of three States in the country that are using their mail exclusively to vote. No voter precinct to enter and be checked off. And no way to check how many voters showed up and were checked off the roster, affirming they came and voted. What you get instead is the number of ballots in the ballot boxes—without having any idea of the exact number of voters who actually appeared to vote.This is a constitutional violation. If you have no idea how many voters showed up to vote, you have no idea how many fraudulent ballots are in the ballot boxes...nor now many of the voters who filled out the ballot voting for Democrat Mark Udall actually voted at all, or what his or her name was. This is as close as you get to uncatchable fraud. The candidate the princes of industry and the barons or banking and business want to will always win since, if the legitimate candidate, say Mark Udall, losses by say, 6.933 votes to his Republican opponent, and you're the caretaker of the electronic ballot that only the party officials touch, you hastily add 8,000 or 9,000 more e.votes for Udall, and he wins reelection. If 140% to 160% of the registered voters show up to vote, the media will not question how, in an election where 57.7% of the voters voted, how is it possible for more than 100% of the voters who exist to vote?

Greenpeace—you know, the the ecological freaks who think its people and not the sun behind global warming and cooling—approached Work For Progress to advise them where a frat apartment house had just dumped a cache of Colorado ballots. They were smart enough not to take possessions of the ballots since that would be a felony under US postal laws. Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary of State warned that mail-in ballots is the most popular and hardest to prove form of vote fraud. In Colorado, a Joe Salazar staffer named Nicole Hanlon was shopping for thrownaway ballots for her boss. He was interesed in voting in both Colorado and Oregon since he needed building permits in both States and, in the event of regulatory problems, waivers in one or both States.

Whenever the Republicans find a way to put a crimp in the left's vote fraud scheme, they simply figure out a way around it, and enact another law to outlaw the new regulation to stop the right wing racism against minorities. If you're paying attention astutely you can figure out how the games are played by the left, and their illegal ploys are never designed to give the minorities an even break at life. They are designed to help the left strengthen the3ir fiefdom where the minorirties the left claims to be helping are forever chained to the poor man's feeding trough on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, and aside from the hands-full of Americans who escape the shackles of the food stamps and a lifetime of welfare, and achieve middle class success, the majority of the minorities in American remained shackled to the political overseer in their Congressional District and the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world who have become millionaires from their plight and anguish.

Black or White. Do you want an even economic break in this nation? Vote Republican this year, and vote Republican in 2016. Dump the crooks in Washington. If you wonder if that's a good idea, ask yourself one question: Are you, your children and your grandchildren better off today than you were six years ago—and do you have any reason to believe that the politicians who have lied to you over the two or three decades are suddenly going to keep their word? And, even more, if you are over 72 yeans of age and have been getting some form of welfare check for the past forty years, how good do you think your chances are of surviving some catastrophic illness if you were hospitalized under Obamacare (which includes Medicare or Medicaid? If you don't know the answer to those questions, here it is: Absolutely none.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved