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Krauthammer on Kelly

The first—and, initially, the easiest—way to stop Obamacare was camouflaged by the trifecta lie of the century. And, where it would have permanently stopped the implementation of Obamacare because the Affordable Care Act violated the Origination Clause of the Constitution and is, therefore, unconstitutional. Sadly, the easiest way to end Obamacare can't be done now without Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV], former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] and current House Speaker John Beohner [R-OH] being impeached, removed from office and charged with high crimes. A charge, by the way, that would ultimately lead to almost every House and Senate member being charged with committing the same crime—concealing very costly quid pro quos to campaign donors, paid for by the taxpayers—which, of course, means almost every House and Senate member will perjure themselves to protect those (i.e., everyone else) who has repeatedly committed that type of fraud. Which means that every member of Congress knew that Obamacare did not originate in the House of Representatives since it's common knowledge that HR 3590, which Reid, Pelosi and Boehner swore was the original House version of the Affordable Care Act which passed in the House on Oct. 8, 2009.

What passed on that date wasn't the House version of the Affordable Care Act, but HR 3590, the Service Members Home Ownership Act of 2009. And it had absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. It was a bill to provide service members with a tax credit when they bought their first home. All of the healthcare bills which had anything to do with Obamacare originated in the US Senate. None of them began in the House. The "original" Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was HR 3962. The House designation notwithstanding, that bill also originated in the Senate. There were five versions of HR 3962, but none of them originated in the House. Obamacare is the only revenue bill in the history of the United States that did not originate in the House of Representatives.

HR 3570 which Boehner, Pelosi and Reid all affirmed fulfilled the terms of the Origination Clause, was a lie. HR 3200, which died in the Senate and narrowly passed in the House, did originate in the House. But Reid, Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff, weren't trying to create a real healthcare bill. They wanted an arbitrary healthcare system which gave the unelected bureaucracy arbitrary control over the lives and deaths of America's seniors. People were simply living too long and government could not afford the bill. The plan by the brand new Obama Administration which promised the American people "change," was about to do more than just change how people survived economically in the post-Bush America, but whether they would be granted or denied the lifesaving medical procedures and medications needed to keep them alive.

Those provisions were found in the very first piece of legislation Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel rammed through Congress. The Death Board was adroitly concealed in HR 1, The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009. Interestingly, although the Affordable Care Act would not be enacted for another year, The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 listed still the nonexistent Affordable Care Act as the authority which would control the Independent Payment Advisory Board [IPAB] through 15 medical bureaucrats who would decide whether people in need of lifesaving medical attention would live or die. If they lived longer than the life expectancy estimates of the Obamacare actuarials, their odds of surviving their next hospital visit were slim—particularly if they signed a living will.

And, to think—Obamacare might not exist today if 535 dishonest politicians never initiated the practice of gutting dead bills that never had a prayer of passing, just so they could hide earmarks that would hypothetically net a bundler $10 million for a hypothetical experimental race track for paraplegic grasshoppers in order to repay a donor for helping a crooked politico win just one more term. That's how quid pro quos work. You pay me real dollars to get me elected. I arrange for you to get taxpayer dollars to make your pet dream come true. You hide your donation. I hide my quid pro quo in an earmark that no one is supposed to ever see because it's added to the bill on the way to the floor vote—but not until after the bill is read on the floor and the public learns who's giving away your hard earned tax dollars.

Since no one talks about quid pro quos in public conversation, and no one talks about how earmarks are used to hide what politicians don't want the public to see, both remain somewhat invisible. Which means no one is going to openly discuss how using an earmark to make it appear that HR 3590 fulfilled the Origination Clause when, in fact, the Law of Nations refers to this type of crime as piracy (i.e., high crimes) against the nation. The penalty for piracy in the days when pirates terrorized the seven seas was death by hanging from the yardarm, or having an anchor bound to your ankles, your hands tied behind your back, and being thrown overboard. Both are ugly deaths, to be sure, but fitting the nature of the crime.

Had the self-allowed high crimes which give freedom to members of Congress to conceal their accepting bribes from the princes of industry and barons of banking and business who enriched themselves tenfold from the pockets of the taxpayers, then all of the guilty—the richest and most prosperous and the most deviously evil and corrupt politicians committed the most heinous of crimes—committing an act of piracy against their own nation. Five hundred thirty-five men and women, entrusted to hold sacred the Constitution of the United States, turned a blind eye on the commission of multiple crimes all of them are guilty of fraudulently committing. Somewhere in those 535 men and women must be a dozen politicians honest enough to stand up in front of Congress and admit that HR 3590 is not, nor ever was, a healthcare bill.

If they do not, their souls will pay the price the deaths of hundreds of thousands of elderly mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and lonely souls no one cared for, or will miss, who will be euthanized by a government which increasingly mismanaged the Social Security Trust Fund from the beginning, who feels they have the right to kill off the elderly of America who lived healthier lives than the rest of us and because they committed the sin of living too long.

If there are not a dozen pious politicians willing to stand up and admit that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner committed perjury when they affirmed to the US Supreme Court that HR 3590 met the Origination Clause test by originated in the House of Representatives as the Affordable Care Act and not as Charlie Rangel's Service Members Home Ownership Act of 2009then not one man or woman who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States has the right to serve in that hallow body. All of them need to fired—and prosecuted. There is not a Democrat anywhere in the United States worthy of a seat in either the House or Senate, because as a party, they sold out the United States of America, and because they did, millions of elderly Americans will be euthanized under the Affordable Care Act—which Barack Obama proudly calls Obamacare.

Today, only Fox News is encouraging the Republican effort to make Obamacare implode. The idea originated with Charles Krauthammer who says he believes he has the most effective way to derail Obamacare.

In an interview with Megan Kelly on the Kelly File, the blonde Fox News favorite said she finds Krauthammer's theory more than theory because Kelly noted that David Cutler, one of the authors of Obamacare who wants this plan to succeed, told Kelly that when Obama began meddling with his "fix" (designed only to delay Obamacare past the 2014 midterm election), the insurance companies, who need the premiums, could extend the canceled plans due to the Obama delays.

According to Krauthammer, "...this scenario would work if the insurance companies, acting as the middleman, to make it through all this financially alive, they need to have a certain number of enrollees and, most important, they have to have a ratio of young and healthies who pay the premium and derive the least amount of medical cost to subsidize the older and the sicker. You gotta have a lot of young people paying in because the older ones are going to be draining the treasuries of the insurance companies. Now, when we look at the rollout disaster numbers, and the fact is that it looks to be unbalanced...All of the fixes this administration has unilaterally imposed on the insurers, lets the young off the hook. It allows them to stay out of the plan, there is no employer mandate which leaves out of the exchanges a lot of the people who would be able to pay the premiums. So what the Obama Administration is doing with each of these steps is to undermine the financial structure of the insurers. And that's why after the last tweak that was done last week, the insurance companies spokesmen said this was producing instability into the market, which is a way of saying "we can go under."

The one thing that would save the insurers, Krauthammer noted, would be a bailout from the White House. There is a provision in the law that lets Obama use taxpayer dollars to bail them out. Krauthammer noted that John Boehner "...needs to pass a law that denies Obama the funds to bailout the giant insurance companies who were a party to the creation of the whole Obamacare scheme...If you don't allow the bailout, I'm not sure the insurers will be able to get through this. Without the insurers, there is no Obamacare."

What is the likelihood of such a law passing? According to Krauthammer, pretty good. According to my thinking, not so good. It will pass the House, and it will gain the votes of Senate Democrats in blue States who are up for reelection, but there are not enough votes to be viewed as a veto-proof piece of legislation. But, it depends on the individual States, how many AARP seniors cancel their memberships this year, and how much pressure 60 Plus Association can apply on Democrat senators as 60 Plus launches an effort encouraging Americans with mothers and fathers not to vote for politicians who favor denying life saving benefits to the elderly because Obama thinks they've already lived too long.



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