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The "Virtual President" in this video, making his "virtual" State-of-the-Union address, continued by saying, "There are people in this room tonight, and all across the country...who seem to think the way to stop the leopard is to cut the horns off the gazelle. That by somehow making it easier for the predator that the predator will go away. Friends, this is insane. When you make it easier for the predator, you get more predators."

The Virtual President was right. The reason New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and any other cities, counties or States with dictatorial gun bans that violate the 2nd Amendment have high crime death rates from gun violence is because owning or possessing firearms is against the law. Gun ownership is illegal is simply because the leftwing social progressives who want to have absolute control over their own gazelles have made sure they sawed off their horns. Not because they are afraid lawful gun owners will use their weapons to commit crimes of passion or rob convenience stores to pay for their drug habits, its because they're afraid the descendants of colonial Americans (like the patriots in Lexington and Concord Massachusetts on April 19, 1775 who used their muskets in the first military skirmishes of the Revolutionary War) will rise up and overthrow the social progressives who are well on their way to destroying what is left of this nation.

Today, the social progressives who control the federal government fear that today's Tea Party is the 21st century version of the 18th century Boston Tea Party who dumped 342 chests of East India tea into Boston Harbor on Dec. 16, 1773.

Revolutions are sometimes triggered for reasons hard to explain. In 1775 the American Revolution started because the British Parliament levied a new 10% tax on tea—in addition to re-imposing the three pence Townshend Tea Tax which Parliament repealed in 1767. (In total, seven "tea ships" arrived in the New World in December, carrying 2,000 chests of tea containing some 6,000 pounds of tea. Four anchored in Boston Harbor, and one each in New York, Philadelphia and Charleston, South Carolina.) In the view of the British, the American Revolution was started by two men: John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

It didn't start over tea, nor the tax imposed on it. The Revolutionary War started over the inherent right of the American people to control their own destiny, their own government and their own monetary system rather than living under a punitive system with a government that rigidly regulates what the people can, or can't, do. The Founding Fathers of the United States created a nation with a government of the People, by the People, and solely for the People of the United States of America. These points are not lost on the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business who literally own the politicians who write, and administer, the laws and the judges who adjudicate them. They bought them with legal bribes called "campaign contributions."

And, make no mistake, this cabal of millionaires and billionaires that buy politicians like penny candy can break them just as easily. In other words, we no longer have a government of the People, by the People and, least of all, for the People. We have a government of the entitled, by the entitled and, solely, for the entitled. And, of course the money Mafia and their lackey's in Congress know we know that, too. That's the primary reason we can no longer be trusted to own guns—regardless what the Constitution says.

Collectively the politicians and the princes of industry have enslaved us with debt created by the elite for the benefit of the elite. Which is one of the reasons they believe the Tea Party will ultimately turn on the elite socialists in Washington since the Tea Party is convinced the princes of industry and the barons of banking are determined to destroy the Republic their forefathers died to build. The socialist elite who control the bureaucracy and administer the laws written by socialist lawmakers and adjudicated by socialist magistrates are erasing our liberty and abrogating our God-given rights—as we waste our time glorifying football, basketball, baseball and hockey; or watching soap operas or reality TV which makes celebrity stars out of human garbage. It's time America woke up before it's too late. That's why this primer on America's birth is so important. You never know, if the American people somehow manage to take back their country, it might save America from extinction just as the first Tea Party brought this great nation into being..

The colonial militia formed after the first Tea Party was routed in the first skirmish on April 19, 1775 shortly after daybreak in Lexington, Massachusetts. The 700 British regulars under Lt. Col. Francis Smith were too much for the citizen soldiers who greeted them with musket-fire. Smith's orders that day was to go to Lexington and to arrest and hang Samuel Adams. When he seized the munitions from John Hancock's warehouse in Concord he was to hang Hancock in the village square. By making an example of Hancock and Adams, the British Crown believed Smith would sap the strength out of the rebellion, and the Tea Party movement of 1775 would die.

When the irregulars defending Lexington scattered, Smith moved on to Concord and Hancock's warehouse and what was believed to be the bulk of the colonial stores of weapons, gunpowder and musketballs. Spies warned the colonials that Smith was on his way with orders to seize all munitions. Even before the British regulars hit Lexington, the munitions in both towns had been moved.

When Smith's troops reached the North Bridge at the outskirts of Concord, a small group of citizen militiamen were waiting for them. As Smith's troops crossed the bridge, the colonials opened fire, killing two Redcoats and wounding scores of others. But the farmer-soldiers were no match for regular army soldiers. Eight farmers died in the first volley. The price of freedom was not cheap. It was paid for with blood—and human life. But the farmers who died bought Sam Adams and John Hancock the time they needed. As Smith fought his way to Hancock's now empty warehouse, 500 minutemen swarmed over the countryside, hitting Smith's troops from behind every tree and hedgerow, decimated Smith's troops who practiced the traditional European style of warfare: rows of soldiers stood and volleyfired lethal rounds from a mechanical formations into the opposing force, also firing in formation. The colonials chose to survive the battle, firing from cover. Smith had to sent a messenger to Boston for reinforcements. But long before reinforcements arrived, the Minuteman drove the Brits into full retreat back to Boston. Shortly before Smith reached Boston, 1,200 British reinforcements arrived to help them under the command of Sir Hugh Percy. They were likewise routed, almost 2,000 Redcoats broke ranks and ran for their lives.

During America's first military engagement with an enemy, the British suffered 73 killed, 154 wounded and 26 missing-in-action. The colonial militia suffered 49 dead, 39 wounded and 8 missing-in-action. While Percy momentarily checked Smith's retreat, not even Percy's men were a match for the unorthodox fighting style of the Minutemen. The rout was complete. What was left of Smith's 700 men and Percy's 1,200 men limped back to Boston. By that time, Minutemen from all over Massachusetts and, within days, from New York, Vermont and Connecticut encircled Boston and laid siege to the city for 11 months, from April 19, 1775 to March 17, 1776. Protect the right of patriotic Americans to own firearms and they will preserve this nation from those who would destroy it. Let the "Redcoats" (the social progressive communists among us) have their way and erase the 2nd Amendment and the United States will cease to exist as a nation within 3 years of that abrogation because an unarmed population will not be able to stop the social progressive elite from erasing the Bill of Rights and converting free men into human chattel.


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