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The dilemma faced by members of the US Supreme Court who are not medical doctors—of which none are—is that, when Roe v. Wade came before them none of them knew at what point between the time the zygote met the egg and a fully developed baby was born, the fetus could medically be called a "human" life. The force driving the Roe v Wade decision was not the "rule of law." It was the personal bias of one man: Associate Justice Harry Blackmun, whose daughter Sally, had an out-of-wedlock baby with her 20-year old college boyfriend. She quit college and married him. Shortly after the wedding, Sally Blackmun had a miscarriage. In an interview with an e.magazine, Women's e.News not too long ago, Blackmun said her hastily arranged marriage dissolved in 1972, just a few months before her father's famous Roe v. Wade decision. She told the e.magazine that her father sought out her views before forming his opinion in Roe v Wade. She told him the unwanted baby ruined her life. "It was one of those things," she said, " that I was not proud of...It was a big disappointment to my parents. I did what many young women in my era did. I quit college and married my boyfriend. It was a decision that I might have made different had Roe v Wade been around."

The question: How much did this experience impact Associate Justice Blackmun's decision, and his attempt to influence his fellow justices? You can bet, plenty. It was Sally's out-of-wedlock pregnancy experience, her pain and trauma, and the social embarrassment it cost Blackmun and his wife that cemented Blackmun's views, and chiseled his Roe v Wade vote in stone. I suspect Blackmun's vote was cast to protect the privacy rights of parents of wayward daughters more than it was to protect the rights of the wayward daughters by correcting their sexual errors-in-judgment. By the way, Sally Blackmun, embittered by the stigma of getting "knocked up in college," went back to college, got a law degree, became an advocacy lawyer and also became the chairwoman of Planned Parenthood in Greater Orlando, Florida. Justice Blackmun rightly should have recused himself from either hearing the arguments or casting a vote in the decision on Roe v. Wade because he was prejudiced by his daughter's experience.

Presenting this astounding, almost minute-by-minute development of a living person within the womb was Alexander Tsiaras, Chief of Scientific Visualization for Yale University in the Dept. of Medicine. Tsiaras visually dispels the myth that a baby is not a baby until the full term fetus' umbilical cord is severed and mother and child are officially two separate people. Tsiaras' job at Yale, he noted, was to write medical algorithms and codes for NASA. "NASA," he said, "created a new scanning technology that lets you see things that have never been seen before. Not only in disease management, but also that allowed us to see things about the body that just makes you marvel."

At the National Institute of Health, Tsiaras became involved in a project that would allow the NIH to scan the development of a human fetus—from conception to birth—by algorithms and codes. The videograph shows the zygote inseminating the egg, The video then begins showing the cell development—which begins in 24 hours. The fertilized ovum divides a few hours after the fusion of the zygote and the egg. Those cells divide anew every 12 to 15 hours. While the abortionist will never admit it to a pregnant woman who thinks she wants an abortion, personhood has already happened.

In 25 days the four heart chambers of the unborn person are developing. Six days later, the life within the womb has developed arms and hands. In five days more, on day 36, a rudimentary spinal column is developing. The first five weeks of life are the most rapid weeks of development because on day 36 this is a person. Little perhaps, but a person. And a person who is totally dependent on a loving mother to protect them. Tsiaras noted that if the baby continued to grow at this speed for the entire 9 months, it would weigh 1.5 tons at birth. At 45 days, the circulatory system is complete, and the baby's heart is beating. Even a slower developing fetus will have a beating heart by the 52nd day at the latest.

Which brings us to Alabama's, Arkansas' and North Dakota fetal heartbeat laws that that ban abortion. In the case of Arkansas, their Human Heartbeat Protection Act is too lax. Since we know that at 45 days (6.5 weeks) the baby within the woman has a fully developed, working heart and the fetal heartbeat can be measured. Waiting twelve weeks allows abortionists to butcher living babies. The vocal cords are not yet developed, so the baby who is given a saline bath that burns the flesh from its developing body cannot scream. But a D&C gets rid of the tiny corpse—the evidence that the murder of a real person had taken place. In the D&C, the abortionist slices and dices the fetal corpse and extracts the now dissected body parts, meticulously assembling the parts like a picture puzzle on a linen towel out of sight of the patient, to make sure he's extracted all of the body parts...little hands and feet, legs, chopped up parts of the chest cavity, the baby's organs and of course, the head.

Arkansas' Human Heartbeat Protection Act law was approved by the State Senate on Jan. 31, 2013. The Arkansas General Assembly voted in favor of it on Feb. 13, 2013 and the bill was sent to Gov. Mike Beebe for his signature. Beebe [D-AR] vetoed the bill. The Arkansas legislature overrode Beebe's veto and the toughest anti-abortion law in the country goes into affect this summer. It bans most abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected. The law protects women who were impregnated during a rape.

Alabama lawmakers took a slightly different approach than Arkansas. Their bill, which is now law, is called the Alabama Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Their law ends all abortions at 20 weeks—when the nervous system is complete, brain-function is occurring and all of the pain receptors are active. Alabama answered Justice Blackmun's caustic statement in his Roe v Wade majority opinion, when he arrogantly said since the medical community cannot decide at what point life begins, the court would do it for them. "Human life," Blackmun said, " begins at birth." In Blackmun's socialist world, life began when the baby's lifeline to the the mother is separated, and the baby could breathe on its own—without artificial means.

At 20 weeks, the person in the womb will experience pain, and can experience physiological and behavioral reactions to pain. Science has brought the evidence to the debate. The arrogance of men like Harry Blackmun who suffered embarrassment at the hand of his unmarried pregnant daughter has caused the deaths of over 50 million babies in the United States, and reduced the working population of the United States over the past 40 years. Abortion has not only single-handedly bankrupted Social Security, but the princes of industry who paid billions upon countless billions of dollars since 1962 to frighten the American people into believing if they did not abort most of the babies being born in this country and around the world, by the year 2000, half of the people on Earth would starving to death and the other half would be killing each other for what little food was left. Oops—wait a minute. That was 13 years ago. And it didn't happen. The liberals lied. Surprise. If they lied about that so easily, how can we believe them about global warming?

When are the American people going to wake up and realize that liberal voodoo science is just made up mumble-jumble to drive a socialist political agenda that no intelligent American would buy into if they weren't terrorized by the doomsayers? The videos we've all seen of starving people in Haiti and Somalia are starving not because there isn't enough food in the world, but because socialist, fascist or Islamic warlords with AK-47s (that the UN has no interest in trying to seize) are stealing their food and selling it to other overpopulated third world nations with money to pay for it. The countries with too many people are those third world nations. But with the UN doing everything in their power to entice the poor, under-nourished people in the third world, even the poor with no hope know you don't kill your own baby like a predator in the reptile world. So where money means more than life, the princes of industry are shifting the world's financial capital to the overpopulated countries from the underpopulated nations as they move their factories from the industrial nations to the countries which contain the world's richest commodity—human capital—where the potential consumers have nothing and need everything, especially jobs.

Add to that the eco-idiots like Al Gore who are still trying to outlaw carbon dioxide. I wonder why the leftwing imbecile professors at Vanderbilt University never taught Gore that carbon dioxide is the food that plants eat to produce the crops we eat by creating oxygen? And that oxygen is what we breathe to live, and with an abundance of hydrogen in the air (hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen), it creates the ground water we drink, and the rain water that grows the crops we eat? Eliminate carbon dioxide and you eliminate both food and water. Now if you really want to see millions of people dying of hunger and thirst, that's the way to go—outlaw carbon dioxide. Oh, wait—they did that, too. The US Supreme Court has ruled carbon dioxide is a toxin and they have authorized the EPA to find ways to greatly reduce it.

And finally, on March 27, 2013 North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple [R] signed what is now the nation's toughest abortion law—it bans abortion after six weeks. When the heart starts beating, North Dakota says human life exists. Makes sense since, when the heart stops beating the doctor in the emergency room declares you dead, and if your are an organ, they begin harvesting your organs. Dalrymple, who triumphantly signed the North Dakota bill into law, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood's Action Fund said: "North Dakota's governor today effectively banned abortion in the State with an outrageous and constitutional law that will not stand." Her words troubled Dalrymple who said the issue was still an "open question" since the Supreme Court has never considered the fetal heartbeat in the equation of when life begins. He said: "Although the likelihood of this measure surviving a court challenge remains in question, this bill is nevertheless a legitimate attempt by a State legislature to discover the boundaries of Roe v Wade."

It should also be a wake-up call for the American people who are watching the benevolent communists in this country destroy America by killing off the next generations of job holders and taxpayers. Today, Social Security is close to bankrupt due largely to the massive job exodus to the third world where the human capital in the third world need incomes to become the most sought after consumer-base in the history of mankind.

How do we solve the problem and return jobs to America? It can be fixed easily by doing one thing. Stop killing our babies and let them grow up and contribute to keep America as the greatest nation on Earth.

Second, as much as I oppose "amnesty" in any form because I don't believe you reward criminals by legalizing the prize, I do believe there are millions of Hispanics from Mexico and Cuba (particularly Cuba) who, although they may have entered the United States illegally a decade or more ago, those who have economically assimilated into the country, have a valid Social Security card (unlike the one used by the guy in the White House), pay taxes on the incomes they earn here and contribute into the Social Security system, have committed no felonies in the United States, love this country and are about as American as one can be without the benefit of papers. By the end of this decade (2020), the balance of the baby boomer babies will retire. First, there will be no workers to replace them.

Third, there will also not be enough laborers left working in the scant few jobs to be found in America to support those new Social Security recipients. Since the social progressives cannot create either the workers or the jobs needed to replenish the coffers of government the only solution open to them is killing the seniors who they now view as the cause of the problem. To the left whch does not value human life other than their own, this is the only way to prevent a global monetary collapse.

The only solution is to grow a new America by ending abortion. If we start in 2015 (giving us a year to win back the Senate and create a veto proof Congress, it would be about 2035 at the earliest before these new post-abortion era citizens would be ready for jobs—from 5 to 10 years too late to save America. The only stopgap available to keep America alive is to provide citizenship to at least 20 million illegals—but only those who have shown that they, like our ancestors, want to rebuild a nation with the sweat of their brow—just like our ancestors,

That is the only way to prevent the killing of all of the seniors in America over 75 years of age through a draconian healthcare system designed specifically to eliminate the elderly who now outnumber all other population segments who are now bankrupting the finances of America. It seems to me the choice is ours. We dump every communist in government, and prosecute those we can and replace them with Americans who still remember what the Founding Fathers of this nation fought and died for. So, if you're anti-immigration, and will resist any effort to offer citizenship to well-vetted alien residents, be prepared to say goodbye to your parents and/or grandparents and, if you are over 70, be prepared to be euthanized yourself. Because your next trip to the hospital after January, 2014 will likely be a one-way trip.

God created a marvelous planet in Earth. It is self-fulfilling and self-sufficient. Since, as Mr. Al Gore has delighted in telling us, humans contribute to the promulgation of carbon dioxide. Scientists discovered several decades ago that when people begin to spread into sparsely vegetated areas, building homes and work places, rain increases and crops grow. What makes it happen? God's miracle plant food. Carbon dioxide.

Want to see more food growing throughout the world? Get rid of the dictators, the communists, the fascists and the leftists who think the solution is to kill off 70% of the world's population. Do that—and pray that the rest of that population is living in the same neighborhood, because when the population gets too sparse, and the food that plants eat to create oxygen will be in short supply. When that happens, the water will dry up and droughts will kill the crops. Then all the bad things Al Gore has been telling you for years will happen, will actually happen. Not because he was right, but because he was wrong.

And, a million years from now, when the space travelers the left has been looking for to prove there's no God, look at the barren, lifeless rock formerly called Earth and someone will say: "If I didn't know better, I'd think that at one time long, long ago, there may have been life on this planet."


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved