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Protesters in front of a Romney rally in Bedford, Ohio just outside of Cleveland became more important than the protest or the Romney rally because one protesters told the media that Obama is a good guy because he was buying cell phones for the 47% of the voters in Cleveland that Romney said would not vote for him. I guess Obama thought he might as well make a "phone pitch" for their votes.

In Bedford,Ohio minority Obama supporters from the Cleveland area waved anti-Romney placards at passing motorists as they stood in front of a building where a Mitt Romney rally was being held at that moment. Members of RealFreedom 1776 videographed the protest and spoke with one unidentified protester who made a shocking statement. "Every minority in Cleveland got an Obama phone. We vote Obama in as President, you know. He gave us a phone." The videographer asked how Obama gave them a phone. She replied: "You sign up. You're on food stamps, or Social Security. You got low income. Disability." Obama has previously shown a virulent, unconstitutional anti-Christian bias. Black and Hispanic citizens in the United States are predominantly Christian. Obama buying, and a voter selling, their vote for a cell phone is a felony. But, Obama needs to win Ohio to prevail in November and, as far as the left is concerned in politics, whatever works is fair game—as long as the left does it.

In Nevada 7 ACORN workers were indicted for submitting fraudulent voter registrations. At least 48% of the "Motor Voter" registrations submitted by ACORN were clearly fraudulent. In Washington State in 2009, ACORN was fined $25,000 after several of their employees were fined for vote fraud. In 2005, 2 ACORN employee were convicted for submitting false voter registration forms. The same thing happened in 2004—ACORN falsified documents that allowed 3 people to vote 40 times.

In Cleveland, Ohio in 2008, Project Vote recruited a Domino Pizza employee, Chris Barkley who admitted to selling his vote 15 times (or rather, that was the number of fraudulent vote charges filed against him by the State of Ohio). ACORN used Cleveland resident Freddie Johnson to vote 73 absentee ballots.

ACORN's damage control expert in Cuyahoga County, Kris Harsh, tried to minimize the fraud in Ohio by saying that his Cleveland group collected over 100 thousand voter registrations and that, to date, "...only about 50 of them were questionable." ACORN insisted that even with a few fraudulent registrations it would be impossible for anyone to actually steal an election with fraudulent votes. In Cleveland, in 2008, three fraudulent vote bundlers—Chris Barkley, Freddie Johnson and Lateala Goins who sold her vote over 30 times (but claimed only a few of them counted because she didn't put addresses on several of them) amounted to 114 illegal votes for Barack Obama. ACORN and Project Vote came under investigation in 11 States for massive vote fraud in 2008, with the other swing states preparing to investigate Motor Voter registrations.

In Pennsylvania, where the investigation was ongoing before the 2008 election—as it was in Nevada—State GOP Chairman Rob Gleason and Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico held a news conference on October 11 to talk about problematic ACORN-collected voter registration forms and absentee ballots. Gleason said what was going on in Pennsylvania was "...the most massive voter fraud in the United States." Philadelphia alone delivered 50,663 bogus voter registration forms to the US Attorney. In other areas of the State Gleason said ACORN had submitted 252,595. Gleason said just a cursory examination of those ballots produced 35,888 which were duplicates, 689 were completed by children, 2,108 contained no signatures, 5,093 had phony addresses and 6,161 were ineligible because they were felons or illegals. Without the need of anything more than a cursory examination, 57,435 were rejected as bogus.

Michigan found the same problem as did pretty much every State in the Union. To punish ACORN for stealing what amounted to 35,626,580 votes—over 50% of the total votes Obama "won" in the Election of 2008—then Sen. Obama inserted a $6 billion earmark in the Omnibus Budget Bill of 2008 for ACORN (the last budget bill passed by the Democratic Majority). The ACORN quid pro quo was killed, but they sued to get their money. After all, they earned it. They received $5.2 billion in taxpayer dollars for stealing the Election of 2008, or about $146 for every fraudulent vote counted for Obama in 2008.

This after the Obama Justice Department and liberal voting rights groups brought lawsuits against the States of Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, and Wisconsin to suspend voter ID laws enacted to curb vote fraud by making voters prove they were who they claimed to be and—more than than anything else—that they are US citizens. Attorney General Eric Holder argued there was no vote fraud in 2008 to speak of, and making minorities prove who they are unfairly discriminates against them.

Spending $4 to $5 million on cell phones for votes is a cheap price for the White House since in 2008, at $5 per registration and absentee ballot, it cost Obama $178,132,560.00 to buy the 35,626,580 fraudulent votes that put him over the top. According to the election results before the official FEC election tally was replaced, there were 132,818,580 votes in the ballot boxes of America. The problem is, only 96,992,000 registered voters voted in that election. If Obama gets to pocket Ohio for $4 or $5 million in cheap cell phones, and wins because of it, he also saves a big bundle of money.

As Obama's "2012 reelection campaign" was officially launched the day after the left lost of the House of Representatives on Nov. 3, 2010, so was the initial planning of fraudulent ballot bundlers as the planners of the 2012 determined which States would become "battleground States" based on leftwing Senators and Congressmen who would likely lose their congressional or senatorial seats in 2012. As Obama campaigned for the real votes that were going to elude him, the ballot fraud bundlers hustled for the financing they needed to pay for the bogus Motor voter registrations and absentee ballots that would be essential for Obama to pull off another electoral victory.

Based on the fraud of 35 million votes in 2008, the Republicans stepped up their vigilance on Democratic voter registration bundlers. One of Obama's bundlers is a 56-year old Hispanic woman, Deisy Penton de Cabrera, who gets unregistered voters registered—and then, it appears, she votes their ballots.

Cabrera, a Hialeah, Florida Hispanic resident who has been actively registering voters for years, was filmed for about a week by a private investigator, Joe Carrillo, who turned his surveillance videos over to police on July 23 after filming her and another woman collecting ballots. Police then tailed her. Among the things Carrillo turned over to police was a business card with Cabrera's name on it. On the back of the card, written in Spanish, was scrawled: "When the ballots arrive, call me because I work all the elections." According to the felony arrest warrant one of the places Carrillo followed Cabrera was to a nursing home where she visited an elderly infirmed woman referred to as "Z.G." Cabrera was overheard telling Z.G. that her sister sent her to get Z.G.'s signature since the sister, Olga Gomez, said Z.G. had arthritis and couldn't sign her own name. Police arrested her on July 25, 2012. At that time they collected 31 absentee ballots for the Miami-Dade local election on Aug. 14.

When police attempted to interview Z.G. shortly after Cabrera's visit they found Z.G. unresponsive and unaware of her own surroundings due to her illness (which told them she was not coherent and willing to let her visitor vote for her when Cabrera was there). She likely was not even aware that she had a visitor. When police spoke with Olga Gomez she admitted that Cabrera helped her fill out her voters' registration form and ballot before she went to Z.G.'s room in the nursing home. But, she said, she did not complete the ballot because she was not sure who she was voting for. Her ballot was completed. So was her sister's.

Police also retrieved 19 absentee ballots from a local post office that Cabrera had just mailed. They found an additional 12 completed absentee ballots in her car. Another woman told the El Nuevo Herald that the year before Cabrera filled out absentee ballots for her and her husband—twice—after assuring them that she could "move them up" on a public housing waiting list.

WPLG Channel 10 in Miami tried to find out who hired Carrillo, even pushing the State Attorney who filed charges against Cabrera, to force Carrillo to reveal the name of the client who hired him to tail her. Today, more conservatives are watching to see who's bundling voter registration cards, and whether or not people who can't vote are submitting absentee ballots "through" Project Hope or ACORN ballot bundlers. As you can see, voter fraud like all forms of election fraud, is a crime.

• On 9/28/12 John Fernandez, 61 of Belleville NJ was found guilty of conspiracy to commit election fraud, absentee ballot fraud, tampering with public records fraud, and forgery. Reporting on that conviction was Darryl Isherwood. (Editor's note: Isherwood, the reporter of record on the Fernandez conviction was inadvertently mentioned as one of those convicted of ballot fraud. Jon Christian Ryter's Conservative World sends a most sincere apology to Mr. Isherwood, and commends him for his work in reporting the story. Never let it be said that we would ever deliberately shoot the messenger. I hate being a part of my story, but then, I expect Mr. Isherwood hated it, too. Again, my apology.)

• On 9/26/12 Amos Sanders, Lisa Burns, Deshay Lorenzo Parker III, Leroy Grant were charged with absentee ballot fraud.

• On 9/25/12 Ken Bennett, the Arizona Secretary of State said that charges of double voting in 2008 are being investigated under a new cross-state program where they may now access the voting records of neighboring States to make sure that residents of other States are not voting in Arizona's elections. The crime is a felony.

• On 9/20/12 the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation filed election fraud charges against Albert Harte-Maxwell, Linda Harte Maxwell and Maria Ayon-Fernandez for registering to vote although they were not US citizens; and for voting in at least one national election. It is a felony for a non-citizen to vote in a US election. The Maxwells are Canadians; Ayon-Fernandez is Mexican.

• On 9/7/12 a Mexican who was deported for drug trafficking, Ricardo Lopez-Munguia pleaded guilty to living under a false identity in Escondido, CA, and voting in the 2008 presidential election.

The Republican National Lawyers Association is now tracking vote fraud in present and past US elections.




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