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Dave Lamorte, a retired CIA officer said, "All military operations depends entirely on intelligence. No one commits troops blindly in the field. It hasn't been done since the days of Napoleon, and even then intelligence was necessary. Intelligence nowadays is crucial just to get the authorization to do even the most minor operation." 'Simon,' another retired CIA operative noted that "...you need intelligence to be able to identify your targets, the capabilities of your enemy, and to determine how you are going to operate against them. It's the foundation of everything." Navy Seal Ben Smith agreed that "...good intelligence is the difference between wasting lives on a mission or getting a mission done to the exact specification as ordered. The success or failure of the mission of the Navy Seals, Special Forces, or US Rangers depends on the quality and accuracy of the intelligence they receive—and how secure that intelligence was before, during and after the mission is completed. Compromise that intelligence after-the-fact and you compromise the nature of how that intelligence was gathered and assimilated. And, you also compromise the lives of those in enemy territory who also risked their own lives to provide that critical information that made that mission successful. When the White House chooses to leak that information to the media in order to make Obama appear to have international leadership skills they don't possess, very quickly our allies no longer trust us sufficiently to take us into their confidence, nor will those living in harm's way in enemy countries throw their lives away by providing us with critical information to help us capture and kill enemies like Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.

There is a tremendous price paid by the American people when their leaders grab the glory of the men in uniform. Politics should never come before national security. When it does, and when a President publicizes what should remain a national secret, he should pay a price. That price should be being stripped of his office and made to face a jury of American citizens who will decide whether he is guilty of high treason and misdemeanors. His name should be expunged from the roster of Presidents, and he should be sentenced to spend every day of at least 20 years in a federal penitentiary without parole or pardon and, once released, be permanently expelled from the United States.

While military technology and techniques has changed radically over the years, one thing remains constant: human intelligence—penetrating the plans and operations of the enemy requires "feet on the ground" human intelligence, not just equipment. This human intelligence is central and critical. It is the eyes and ears that determines the "who," the "what," the "when," the "where" and the "how."

Without human intelligence telling Navy Seal Team Six that Osama bin Laden would be at his home a mile from the Pakistani military barracks on the night of May 2, 2011, bin Laden would still be alive today. Human intelligence is the best intel money can buy because it's the only intelligence that can provide you with the thinking of the enemy's leaders. All of the technological intelligence you possess in the field is unable to discernl what's in the mind of the leader of an enemy. That comes only from human intelligence. That's why keeping secrets matters. You never let an enemy know what you are or were thinking in a current or past campaign because, once you reveal how you think, the enemy's human intelligence will be able to ascertain how you will likely react to similar situations in the future based on what you did in the past. Maintaining secrecy means the difference between a successful mission and failure. When your operational objectivity is compromised you have given your enemy the upper hand—not only in that mission, but future missions as well.

That's why War Colleges—those of our enemies as well as our own—study the histories and personalities of the field commanders as well as the supreme Commanders of past wars. You can rely on them to use the same tactics that won their biggest victories in previous wars.

When the White House began leaking information to make Obama look like a brilliant military strategist, FBI Director Robert Mueller, who had to know who was behind the leaks, said, "Leaks such as this threaten ongoing operations, puts at risk the lives of sources, makes it much more difficult to recruit sources; and damages our relationships with our foreign partners."

This is why our Founding Fathers penned into the Constitution of the United State a provision that mandates that only natural born US citizens may serve as the President of the United States. A nation must be certain that the absolute loyalties of its leader are firmly rooted in America; and that there are no bonds that tie any President to any nation other than the United States. While I have engaged in the birther debate from time to time over the past four years, I have argued since 2007 that what flimsy evidence does exist points to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama was not and, to this day, is not a citizen of the United States—of any type. That's why, when Pennsylvania lawyer Philip J. Berg filed his first lawsuit against Obama, he petitioned US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick to require Obama to produce the following documents:

• Obama's certified birth certificate
• Obama's Certificate of Live Birth (handwritten hospital copy)
• Obama's Certificate of Citizenship
(an immigration document)
• A certified copy of Obama's Oath of Allegiance to the United States
(another Dept. of Immigration document)

Berg, who it appears was initially hired by Hillary Clinton, was the only attorney in all of the birther cases who asked for Obama to produce something other than a birth certificate. (Other than Orly Taitz who sued for Obama's application for a Social Security card.) Berg apparently knew something none of the other attorneys appeared to know—Obama was not just "not a natural born citizen," he wasn't a citizen of the United States at all. The evidence—or public lack thereof—says that not only does Obama not possess a genuine, non-forged US birth certificate, he does not have a valid Social Security Card issued by the Social Security Administration to either Barack Hussein Obama or Barry Soetoro, nor does he possess a genuine Selective Service card. Why? Because you need a certified copy of your birth certificate or evidence of citizenship or legal residency to obtain a social security card or a Selective Service card. You used stolen Social Security numbers or a forged Selective Service card only because you lack a verifiable birth certificate. If you have a real birth certificate, you also have a real Social Security card and a real Selective Service card.

Obama has no evidence whatsoever that he is either a natural born or naturalized citizen of the Unitedc States. He does has evidence that he was born in British East Africa (known today as Kenya) and is, therefore British citizen. And he does have papers to show he is a naturalized citizen of Indonesia. What he does not possess is one dot or tittle to prove he's a citizen of the United States. For that reason, using national security secrets to bolster his ambitious political posturing during what is going to be a tough election year was a natural thing for someone to do if he has no loyalties to the United States, its people, or what it stands for.

Several current and former military intelligence leaders and members of the Special Ops teams that carry out covert missions in hostile lands at the risk of their own lives have had enough and are now speaking out. They're determined to make sure the American people understand what's going on in order to stop the politicians from politically capitalizing on US intelligence operations and secrets. In the case of bin Laden, Barack Obama held a press conference to inform the American people that a plan put into motion by him through then CIA Director Leon Panetta brought about the death of bin Laden. A Navy Seal named Ben Smith refuted Obama's claim that he killed bin Laden, telling him "the American people did it."

In point of fact, when Navy Seal Team Six captured bin Laden, they telephoned the Situation Room in the White House to get authorization from the commander-in-chief to kill bin Laden. If you watched the official White House video, you saw that Obama sat stone-faced and frozen, and did nothing. He could not speak the kill order. CIA Director Panetta finally gave the okay to shoot bin Laden. A short time later Obama reported it to the world—and did everything except name the members of Navy Seal Team Six who conducted the mission. Special Forces Col. Jamie Williamson, Ret., said he was appalled to hear military secrets he had protected for 25 years being tossed about like confetti in a political parade to make leftwing dove politicians who hate anything that even sounds hawkish pretend they are pro-military during an election year. Campaigning in 2008, Obama refused to wear a US flag pin on his lapel and refused to let anyone in his campaign wear them either. As a result, the far left TV networks: ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC shielded Obama from criticism by refusing to let any on-air personality wear them either, claiming it would offend people who don't like the United States.

Another retired CIA official, Fred Rustman, said the Obama Administration "...compromised very complicated details of the raid on the bin Laden compound. It entailed a lot of very sensitive information. All of it was compromised. And, in this case," Rustman said, "it was done deliberately." Moments after the raid—long before Navy Seal Team Six was safely out of Pakistan—it was announced. Retired Marine Lt. Colonel Bill Cowan, said that Obama "...exploited the information within minutes instead of waiting a few weeks so the US intelligence committee could exploit the information they got out of the compound." The rush to make the announcement rendered all of the files the Navy Seals captured in the bin Laden compound virtually worthless to the military because al Qaeda quickly discarded every plan bin Laden was working on, and sub-leaders quickly moved to other hideouts. Another retired CIA operative said as much. The hit, he said "...should not have been announced when it was. Unfortunately, the early announcement defeated our ability to exploit any of the intelligence we might have gathered from the bin Laden compound—computers, files, paper files, and any number of other things we found there."

Hopefully America has learned a valuable lesson about who they trust with the power of the Oval Office—if it's not already too late. You don't trust it to an inept Marxist community organizer whose only work experience came from organizing minorities to protest against "the man." Barack Hussein Obama is a Saul Alinskyite community organizer with no real hands-on political management experience as a job producer or an economy builder.

America has personally experienced the inexperienced side of Barack Obama since Jan. 20, 2009. Todsay they're experienced the "change" he promised—and delivered. Record unemployment. Massive national debt that Obama doubled since taking office. And worse, Obama's Treasury Dept diverted $780 million in TARP funds enacted in the closing days of the Bush-43 Administration. Half of the money was supposed to be used by the Resolution Trust Company to buy up foreclosed homes and get them out of bank inventories to free up credit. The balance was to be used to refinance private homes worth less than what was owed on them. Because Congress failed to insert precise language to make that happen, Obama used the money to rescue the Wall Street bankers who financed his run for the roses. Neil Barorsky, who was appointed the Inspector General of TARP, called it abandoning Main Street to rescue Wall Street. Obama called it "Bush's fault."


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