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An American educator, Professor Lucila Chavez, teaches her
students the philosophy of the Mexica Movement that
Mexicans, not Native Americans are, and have been since the 15th
century the indigenous people and the "collective owners" of
North America. The Mexica Movement claims that the Mexicans were
driven out of North America beginning in 1492 when Columbus dis-
covered America—the fact that Columbus landed, first, in the Baha-
mas archipelago
on Oct. 12, 1492 thinking he had circumvented the
globe and landed in the East Indies. From there he sailed along the
coast of Cuba. As far as I know, there were no Mexicans living in
either the Bahamas or Cuba at the time. But, that doesn't matter to
revisionists with an agenda. The agenda? Stealing the American
Southwest for the "indigenous people" who claim they were driven
out of what is now the United States by the Europeans in the 15th
century. How do you accomplish such a coup?

Do what the Albanian Muslims did to steal Kosovo. Infiltrate the area,
grow the Muslim population level to 40% or more, start a civil war by
committing enough terrorist acts against the lawful population that,
out of fear, that nation will be forced to retaliate in kind.

When they do, in the United States, the Reconquista Movement will
petition the United Nations and NATO to intercede in order to protect
the maligned indigenous people of Aztlan (Southwest America) from
the aggressors in the United States government who stole the land
through the illegal Treaty of Guadeloupe in 1848.

That's how the Albanian Muslim population in Kosovo convinced
NATO to wage war on the Christian Serbs in order to steal the mineral
rich province of Kosovo.
Almost two decades and 44 million European
Muslims later, I wonder if the European Union, with enemies posing as
good neighbors living next door, plotting the destruction of Christian
Europe is now rethinking their benevolence in opening the door to
immigrants from anywhere in order to "restock" a needed population
that was foolishly depleted by abortion.

Note: there are three videos here. Take time to watch and listen to all three. You are about to learn something that is going to leave you wondering how the County, State and federal politicians we elect would have the nerve to spend YOUR tax dollars to brainwash our children (or, in this case, Hispanic children who are NOT citizens of the United States) to undermine this nation by advocating that "chicanos" (i.e., Hispanics—both legal and illegal)—revolt and seize the land the revisionists claim was stolen from them by Europeans 150 to 400 or more years ago. Even more astounding, in the second video are examples of text books—paid for by the American taxpayers who actually pay taxes—that were written specifically to brainwash and incite Hispanic students into accepting communism as a logical form of government.

Part-time California State University at Northridge and East LA College Professor of Chicano Studies Lucila Chavez teaches elementary and secondary school Hispanics (many of whom are illegal aliens) that because their ancestors were, what she wrongfully calls, the original inhabitants of this land, they are not illegal aliens. They are described by the Mexica Movement as the "indigenous people of this continent." For that reason, Chavez claims, they have a right to be here, to walk freely throughout this land because, she insists that even though millions of Hispanics stole across the border "illegally," they actually have to legal right to be here. "We belong here."

Chavez claims she is simply awakening Hispanics to Anahuac Education. Anahuac is a Nahuatl word that means "the land between the waters." (They claim Anahuac refers to the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans when what it refers to is the land between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.) Culturally, those who follow the reconquista path believe that Mexico, or Anahuac, rightly owns all of the lands from the Arctic Circle to the southern border of Nicaragua, or Nican Anahuac (the ends of Anahuac). Have the ancient Mexicans ever been that far north—or south? No. But it doesn't matter what you've actually done, what matters is what you are able to convince others you've done. Once again, their claims are based on the collective heritage of the indigenous Anahuac identity of the all of the central American Mayans, Hopi, Navajo and Mixtec dating back to 2500 BC. What ties all of the pre-American societies together in their argument? The cultivation of corn as a food source which, of course, dates back to around 2500 BC

The "nation" of Anahuac is, in the view of the Mexica Movement, divided in nine European descent controlled areas: Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and of course, the entire United States. The Mexica Movement believes what makes all of the people of all of these nations "one people" are their "shared heritage" with the Olmec civilization.

The only problem with their theory is the Olmec were not a universal people in the Americas. Granted, Olmec was the first acknowledged major civilization in Mexico—but they existed only in south Central Mexico (where the modern day states of Vera Cruz and Tabasco are located).

The Olmec civilization existed from roughly 1500 BC to 400 BC. Pre-Olmec mesoamerican cultures existed in various parts of Mexico from as early as 2500 BC, predating the Olmec by a thousand years. The Olmec society became extinct between 400 to 350 BC because contrary to the claims of the proponents of Anahuac, the Olmec were not killed by Europeans who infected them with small pox, they were simply poor farmers and not good caretakers of the land. Serious environmental changes—many caused by the same solar cycles that impact climate change today, caused sweeping droughts that made the land unsuitable for farming. As the land dried up, wildlife left as well.

The origin of the Olmec is not known with certainty. What is known, however, is that the Olmec never settled any lands other than a small area in southern Mexico. But, when you possess the ability to create your own history with pen and paper instead of archeological finds, your ancestors can be whatever or whomever you want them to be—and you can claim whatever lands you ambitiously want to claim. Who is alive today who was there at the time, and can dispute the "science" of the revisionists?

The reality about any lie is that if you tell it often enough to enough people, the lie picks up a facsimile of truth simply from repetition. When the ear hears something enough times, the mind eventually accepts the verbiage as truth—if there is no other data stored in your mind to challenge its veracity. That's why government brainwashing of children works so well.

Social brain scrubbing originated with socialist John Dewey (you know him best as the author of the Dewey decimal system). History knows him best as the socialist who, along with public education progressive Horace Mann, were the first education revisionists to change the future of America by revising its past. Dewey saw the role of teachers to shape the minds of children to be unquestioningly obedient, with the academicians controlling how the children in their custody thought and behaved. This meant removing the influence of the parents over their children. Today, years after the death of Dewey, the propagandists have succeeded. They have usurped the role of the parents with the help of social progressive judges who believe since teachers spend more time each day with the children than their parents, the State now has a quasi-legal "shared custody."


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