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Minnesota like Michigan has an open primary. What does that mean?
Since Barack Obama is running without a competitor, union leaders
urged rank and file Democratic union members to vote in the GOP
primary—for Sen. Rick Santorum just as the media leaked that union
officials in Michigan are recruiting crossover votes for Santorum in
that State. Why? To kill Romney's chances of winning the GOP
nomination before the convention. A major problem lies ahead for
Romney because the following States which have not yet voted have
open primaries: Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana,
Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Ohio, North Dakota,
Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin. And, by the way,
South Carolina—Newt Gingrich's only win—also had an open prim-
ary that let rank and file union members cross over and vote for any-
one but Romney. Allowing Democrats, who want to win in November,
to influence which Republican candidate becomes the GOP nominee
should not be allowed since their purpose is to make sure the
weakest Republican candidate faces Obama. THOSE LAWS NEED TO
. And, they need to be changed NOW.

In the early February GOP primaries, Rick Santorum had an unexpected upset win over front runner and the presumptive victor of the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, Mitt Romney in Minnesota (which Ron Paul also expected to win), in Nevada and Missouri, tripling Newt Gingrich's sweeping victory in South Carolina—with virtually no one wondering how either candidate did it. It's a safe bet that Gingrich knew he was going to get some union help in South Carolina, just as an increasingly cocky Santorum had to know the labor unions were asking their rank and file members to skip the Democratic primary this year (since Obama is running unopposed in the open primary States) and vote for Santorum.

In South Carolina, Santorum was an "also ran." Gingrich was the player who was challenging Romney's frontrunner status. The unions did to Romney in Jan., 2012 what they did to him in 2008 when union voters crossed the line and voted for McCain to protect the Democrat in November when they voted for Barack Obama. In South Carolina another element also plays into the equation—all retrievable evidence of how the voters actually voted disappears when the voters cast their votes on the ES&S iVotronic touch screen voting system.

The ES&S iVotronic system touch screen voting machines used in South Carolina are the same ES&S iVotronic system touch screen machines that awarded the US Senate Democratic primary nomination in South Carolina in 2010 to a completely unknown, unemployed, and intellectually-challenged army veteran, Alvin M. Greene. In that race Greene, who had no money, no staff, and no campaign faced a well-financed, very well-known Democratic Charleston, SC County Councilman and a former State lawmaker, Vic Rawls who was running for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate seat held by Republican Jim Demint. While not everything in life is black and white, this was. Green was black. Rawls was white. The touch screen voting system said Greene won 59% of the vote without any campaigning—except to pass out a few mini-flyers that said: "Democrat. Vote for Alvin M. Greene."

Political pundits in South Carolina said Greene's chances of actually winning that race was a statistical impossibility—including the $10,400.00 filing fee Greene had to pay to run. Three days after the primary the Democratic Party demanded that Greene surrender the nomination to Rawls. The State launched an investigation. Since there is no vote trail on the ES&S iVotronic system touch screen computers, the only thing the State discovered (from police records) was that Greene had been arrested for disseminating obscenity. Well, I guess that, by itself, qualifies him to run for office as a Democrat.

But I think if I was a South Carolina voter, I would be demanding a paper ballot and a #2 pencil in 2012. Particularly since the ES&S iVotronic system was also used in the Arkansas primary in 2010, too. In that race thousands of votes just seemed to vanish off the screen and out of the system as the votes were being reported by the Secretary of State. To this day, neither State nor County election officials can, or will, explain what happened to them. The ES&S iVotronic system was also used in Clay County, Kentucky in 2006 where election officials actually changed the votes cast by voters after the voters left the voting booth. Eight election officials including a Circuit Court Judge and the County Clerk are collectively serving 156 years in a federal penitentiary for attempting to alter the outcome of the 2006 election.

With crossover "play" in play, in the "first-in-the-South" Republican primary in 2012, Gingrich was the one chosen to benefit from the Democrat voters voting Republican in South Carolina. He likely would have been the recipient of the votes in Minnesota, Missouri and Nevada as well but Gingrich became a bad taste in the mouth of GOP voters for bad sportsmanship when he lost Florida. Santorum won the votes by default since pundits are suggesting that the Texas governor Rick Perry had already shaken hands on a Gingrich-Perry ticket. I'm surprised that conservative journalists weren't scrutinizing the votes in Minnesota, Missouri and Nevada to find out who, and what, put Santorum over the hump in those States. Minnesota and Missouri are open primary States and half of the touch screen voting machines in Nevada are controled by SEIU under a contract signed by SEIU and Sen. Harry Reid's son, Rory Reid, when he was the chairman of Clark County's County Commission. The contract ran out around 2008-09, but SEIU continues to control the voting machines through a loophole in the contract.

Christian conservatives viewed the win as a gift from God, not from the labor unions working for the Soros-left. I can just about guarantee one thing: the union members who voted for Gingrich in South Carolina and Santorum in Minnesota and Missouri aren't planning to vote for him in November. The unions expect them to vote for Obama.

While, by no stretch of the imagination could I ever prove it, I'm convinced that Santorum knows big labor gave him his trifecta-win in February because one of his fumbles in the CNN presidential candidate debate on Wednesday, Feb. 22 was not a fumble. It was a case of simply "biting the bullet" and taking the hit to avoid saying anything negative about the teachers' unions. Since Romney pulled the trigger on that one, its likely Romney knows how Santorum won the trifecta. Romney waylaid Santorum with a loaded question about "No Child Left Behind," which Santorum voted for. I think it wasn't until he started to answer the question that Santorum saw the trap, which is when he got the "deer-in-the-headlights" look on his face and said that while he voted for President George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind program, he admitted he now realizes he was wrong to do so—although every Christian conservative in the audience favored the program because it made the public school systems responsible for educating—not just indoctrinating—our children, and weeds out substandard teachers and removes them from the classrooms.

(But the school systems don't get rid of them because when school teachers have tenure, they can't be fired. No Child Left Behind helps keeps inferior teachers out of the classroom, but the NEA has a billion dollar slush fund to pay the incomes of disenfranchised union teachers, and puts those it can in administrative roles in the school systems they taught in. Others are simply paid for doing nothing. Barack Obama issued an Executive Order and wiped out No Child Left Behind a couple of days before the last CNN presidential debate.)



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