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Why is it that, in the United States, we are now seeing American-born and Christian-faith baptized radical converts to Islam flexing their terrorist muscle in this country? How is it that the FBI and State law enforcement have arrested, in this country over the last two and a half years, over 75 homegrown terrorists—all Muslims—either Christian converts to Islam, or those born into the Islamic faith, trying to attack the United States of America and kill Americans?

Why is this happening here? Because we, as a nation, are allowing radicals in our country and overseas (particularly in Saudi Arabia) to bribe our educators with endowments to brainwash our children. That is why we are seeing a rise in "homegrown" terrorism in the United States. The following colleges and universities in the United States are being endowed by oil-producing Muslim nations who are buying "chairs" in our universities (which Brigette Gabriel succinctly calls "occupied territory" in the United States). There is an Islamic agenda being planted in our colleges and universities. Because oil wealth provides the Saudis with the wealth to do it, extremist ideologue Muslims have literally poured millions, if not billions, of oil dollars into United States universities, setting up Middle East studies departments, political science departments, Middle East history and culture departments—with the proviso that the colleges and universities appoint anti-American and/or anti-Israeli Arab professors to head those new departments—and approve the curriculum of the departments they finance.

Among those Saudi "gifts" to US education is a $20 million grant for a Middle East Studies Department at the University of Arkansas and a new $5 million grant to Berkeley's Middle East Studies Department. Harvard received $22.5 million; $28.1 million went to Georgetown University; $11 million to Cornell University; $5 million to MIT; $1.5 million to Texas A&M; $1 million to Princeton; Rutgers and Columbia University received grants of $5 million. Columbia lied in an attempt to conceal where the money came from. Johns Hopkins, UC Santa Barbara, Rice University, American University, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, Howard University, Duke University, Syracuse University, and scores of other institutions of higher learning from the Ivy League to the small community colleges and everything in between have received grants from the Saudi government—all with strings attached. In the video (above) Gabriel noted that "...we pump the gas and they pump poison into the hearts and minds of our future generations. And this," she said, "is why we must be energy independent and cut off the money we are sending to the Saudis."

Today, the Muslim world, led by the Muslim Brotherhood which is currently in a life and death struggle to overthrow Syrian strongman Bashar Assad, has joined forces with radical environmentalists who are engaged in the largest transfer of wealth between the industrialized nations and the third world, and with the world's largest labor unions under the umbrella of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, who are also financing department chairs in the world's largest universities in order to brainwash not only our children when they march off to college, but early in life in the elementary and secondary school systems.

When our kids run the education gauntlet today, they come out of those colleges and universities with a new understanding of America. The United States is evil. They are taught to loathe America and have contempt for the American people who, they are taught, are arrogant, rich, with an air of superiority because they are part of the "have everything" generation. They have been taught that America is bad. They have been taught Israel is bad and, like the United States, wants to dominate the world and force the free enterprise system on all peoples around the world.

Radical Islam is trying to change America, culturally, from within—through our education system; through our schools and through the teachers the American people trust to properly educate, not indoctrinate, their children. But, education is not the rule of the day. Indoctrination is. Why? To destroy our society. To destroy our nation. And, even more, to destroy our God by making His name a curse, and His promises a form a racism.

As you listen to this video, you are likely going to say, "Wow! Why didn't someone tell us this before now? I scraped and scrimmaged to send my kid to college. And this is what I get for my money?" In fact, the word about this has been in the public domain since Gabriel's tell-all book, Because They Hate, published by St. Martin's Press in 2006. The video shown here, left, was from a Sept. 1, 2007 Glenn Beck Show—5 years ago (a whole bachelor's degree at any one of these fine "occupied" institutions of higher learning)—which, by the way, are also "occupied" by social progressive professors and environmentalists who also spew hatred for America and the American people. All of them pay for the right to brainwash the next generation of American workers, managers and, of course, politicians.

We let them do it through our apathy. Public colleges and universities in the United States receive taxpayer dollars. Your dollars. As parents of students in the nation's institutions of higher learning, and as students in those institutions ourselves, we are also paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition and other fees to learn career skills that will provide our families with a more prosperous life than our parents, and better than what we enjoyed. When we send our Christian children off to a college or university our parents could not afford for us, we expect them to return with the same Christian code or moral and spiritual values. Sadly, when we scrimp and save to send our offspring to the most prestigious Ivy League colleges because we think that names like Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, Columbia, MIT or Johns Hopkin, assures them of a better job and a better future. Instead, what we give them is a secular worldview mindset that is at odds with the character-building Christian moral value system that made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world.

While the Muslim world claims the philosophical clash between old values and new ideas is simply a struggle between Islam and Christianity, insisting that it's simply a theological clash of religious philosophies, of cultures and civilizations. In reality, the global struggle for "Islamic equality" is a clash of opposites from two different eras in the same time continuum that combines the past and the present in a single construct that pits the merits of democracy with the steel shackles of dictatorship. It's a clash between a modern civilization and backward tribalism. Backwardness is winning the struggle. It's a time continuum that pits the Middle Ages barter system of Islam with the 21st century free enterprise system—and free enterprise system is losing because the princes of industry and the barons of banking made a deal with Islam, and the Quorum tells the Muslims it's okay to cheat the infidel.

Today there is an evil, triune alliance emerging between the Muslim Brotherhood (which is consolidating the Islamic world into a "born-again" modern Ottoman Empire), the communists who pretended their social progressive empire collapsed in 1991 (working in tandem with radical environmentalists who now control most of the natural wealth in North America), and with Big Labor which was duped by the princes of industry over NAFTA (but now shares power with them) poised to destroy the nation state system and with it the free enterprise system in order to replace western-style commerce with a utopian statist economic system that will be regulated by the UN through the World Trade Organization (the global commerce department) and the International Monetary Fund (the global central bank) with the UN General Assembly acting as the world parliament to "equitably" distribute the world's wealth.


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