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When Republicans blocked Obama's $447 billion "The American
Jobs Act" in the US Senate in October, Obama
held a White
House conference where he charged that the GOP had not offered
anything better. "Frankly," Obama said, "we have not seen a lot of
ideas come from the Republicans that would indicate that same
kind of commitment to job creation..."
A month earlier, Obama
demonstrated his commitment to job creation in the United States
in a photo op in front of a $407 million renovation of the Alexander
Hamilton bridge in New York. One of Obama's "shovel-ready" jobs.
Obama's stimulus program and US taxpayer dollars at work. The
only problem is, the contract went to a Chinese government com-
pany who is using Chinese labor...and Obama gets the TV photo
ops that are worth millions of dollars of election publicity for the
White House—but not a single minority Obama voter is drawing a
paycheck on scores of "shovel ready" jobs that only Obama's
friends in Beijing are profiting from. Hmm—where's the quid pro
quo? Are Clinton's Chinese fundraisers are working for Obama?

When ABC News investigative reporters broke the story on the Chinese contractors and Chinese labor taking over bridge and road construction in the United States, they reported that, in addition to the New York bridge repair, a Chinese contractor got a $7.2 billion contract to build a new bridge that will connect San Francisco and Oakland. And in Alaska, they received a $190 million bridge project. The problem? The Chinese government owns contracting firm—and the US taxpayer money that is financing the job is not putting Americans back to work. Of course, when you hear Barack Obama talking about using stimulus dollars to put America back to work, and you watch him in his photo ops thumping his chest like an economic Tarzan defeating the GOP foe's efforts to thwart him, you might be deceived into thinking that Obama is actually trying to put US citizens back to work. The silver-tongued community organizer is really good manipulating the art of illusion.

Not only that, but the steel that is being used on the bridges is coming from—you guessed it. China. At least, as far as the San Francisco-Oakland bridge is concerned, 5,000 tons of steel was shipped from the Shanghai Zhentiua Heavy Industry Construction Co. in eight batches of 450 tons two years ago. Clearly, this "shovel ready" project, which Obama uses to suggest he's putting Americans back to work, was not negotiated by the federal government. It was negotiated by the California State government using US taxpayer dollars—during the Bush-43 years.

The $407 million contract to renovate New York City's Alexander Hamilton Bridge was won by China Construction America, a subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. It is China's largest construction conglomerate and, of course, it is owned by the communist Chinese government. The Alexander Hamilton Bridge project, which Obama championed as his effort to put Americans back to work, is a project run by a Chinese contracting firm run largely by Chinese executives with some American executives thrown into the mix. When asked by the New York Times about their employees, CCA president Ning Yuan only said that their 500-man labor force is union. The ethnic mix was not made available. China Construction America won its first New York State contract in 2003, renovating the W 8th Street New York Aquarium subway station in Brooklyn. Since then, China Construction America has won scores of contracts in New York. It seems when there are restrictions that would forbid foreign contractors from bidding, China Construction worked some deals in a consortium arrangement with Halmar International, a transportation system contractor based in Pearl River, NY. China Construction America is the fastest growing regional contractor in the eastern United States. And, with all of that Obama stimulus money, why not?

Congress needs to enact a law mandating that the bidding on all taxpayer-funded jobs projects in the United States of America must be conducted by US corporations which are American-owned, American managed, and who employ only verified-legal US citizens and/or legal US residents; and that no US taxpayer funds spent on any government-contracted work may be paid to any foreign entity or foreign labor. What happens in the United States needs to stay in the United States.



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