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The video, below, was released on Aug. 9, 2009—before Obama-
care was enacted so the members of Congress could finally see
the "pig-in-the-poke" they bought, voting blind on a bill they had
had never read. On Aug. 30, 2009 I wrote a piece on my website
entitled "Meet Barack Obama's Death Board." Not enough people
read it to make an impact. The video below, which was released
three weeks before my article, reached over 3 million people...and
it wasn't enough, either. Just like the Jews in the Auschwitz con-
centration camp system during WWII, the American people chose
not to believe that our government plans to deliberately kill those
who will cost society more than they contribute.
Obamacare gives
government the right to determine not only how, but when, we die.

HR3200 converts free people into human chattel whose right to
breathe is now owned by the government of the United States.
When we no longer possess an inalienable right to breathe free air,
we will have surrendered the right to continue the journey through
life without the consent of the State.

The video (above) came out in August, 2009 as the Democratic super-majority Congress was crafting exemptions to specific legislators to guarantee the necessary Democratic votes the House and Senate leadership needed to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since neither the House nor the Senate needed a single Republican vote to enact Obamacare. That was the first problem. Never give communists control of either House of Congress, and never, never do that and then, compound that mistake by putting a Islamofascist in the Oval Office. It was a recipe for disaster. That disaster is called Obamacare. While surreptitiously posing as a health protection bill, Obamacare is an euthanasia bill that was really designed to "fix" Social Security" and "Medicare," not ailing American citizens who needed affordable healthcare. America just can't seem to grasp that notion, although they can easily see it in Canada's government healthcare system if they take the time to look, and those found in Europe where patients are regularly denied medical services—usually by being placed on a waiting list that never seems to get any shorter, and where its generally too late to save you when the hospital finally has a bed for you.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Congress initiated the Social Security system, they attempted to legislate a national healthcare system as part of it. Not even a super-majority Democratic House and Senate could pass it. They knew if they did, their political careers would be over in 1936. Why? Because while the healthcare part of Social Security would actually have provided healthcare for a majority of Americans, it would have mandated transitional care for the terminally-ill—death with dignity even if the elderly were not quite ready to leave this life with "dignity," when they envisioned leaving it while they were kicking and fighting to stay. Only patients with extremely painful terminal conditions such as cancer, or frightening pulmonary diseases in which the patient knew they would eventually suffocate, wanted help leaving this world with a death devoid of both fear of dying or excruciating pain. But these are the minority of sufferers. Most of us will leave this world kicking and screaming to stay alive.

Buried in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a provision which requires every patient to sign a Living Will that authorizes any physician (not just your physician) in the hospital where you are admitted to issue a DNR (do not resuscitate) order, if you are viewed to be a terminal patient.

When the Health Insurance Portability Act was enacted on Aug. 21, 1996, the mainstream media hawked it as the only measure that would safeguard the rights of American workers to take their healthcare with them when they left one job in search of another. No mention was made by the media that, buried in that legislation, was a poison pill—a living will provision that mandated that healthcare providers pressure patients to sign living wills or, if they refuse, the hospital would be authorized to designate one family member to make and death decisions for the hospitalized family member. Living wills are specifically designed to withhold or withdraw life support or life sustaining treatment if the patient is construed to be a terminal patient with a non-reversible condition. (Keep in mind, under Obamacare, old age is construed to be a non-reversible, terminal condition.)

Elderly people without chronic diseases should think twice about signing a living will because, in doing so, they have just given the hospital or hospice, the right to euthanize them. (Click on all of the hyperlinks attached to this article and read those attachments.) Old age is now the most common terminal disease.

On March 17, 2009 all living will registries in the United States were required to provide all living wills and advanced medical directive databases to HIPAA. What does that mean? It means if you were in a catastrophic accident say, 10 years ago, and thought you might die or become a vegetable from the accident, and signed a living will (or your parents or spouse did it for you), that document is suddenly, once again, going to become part of your medical case file. If you are elderly, or if you are a suitable organ donor, you will be flagged as a DNR patient. And, if you're a double dipper (you are on Medicare and Social Security), the odds of your leaving the hospital through the front door are greatly diminished.




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