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PowerLine Blog produced one of the best eye-opening videos
on the theft of the social progressives who are robbing the wealth
of the American people...and just who's wealth they are stealing.
This video shows why the Tea Party was born...and why it's impera-
tive that their voice remains. And, this is also the reason why the
anti-Tea Party rhetoric abounds with the far left in Congress. This is
also why the left fears to the Tea Party and calls them "terrorists."

If the left still doesn't get it, maybe this video will help them understand. If its simplicity doesn't speak to your mind, let's take a couple of numbers from the General Accounting Office. The Federal budget (the last one we had, whenever that was) was $3,820,000,000,000.00 (that's three trillion, eight hundred twenty billion). Last year, the social progressives in all three "houses" on Pennsylvania Avenue blew the ceiling off the debt limit by spending $1.65 trillion more.

Obama was throwing money around the third world like he...well...had a printing press in his basement and was just printing whatever he wanted to spend and didn't have to worry about the $14.271 trillion national debt. He didn't have to worry about it because his political mentor and key financial backer, George Soros told him he didn't have to worry about it.

And, social progressives never worry about the debt they create because they make sure it doesn't have to be paid back until long after they're gone. That's always worked in the past. No reason for them to think it won't work in the future. Except now, there's a problem. Since 1995 when Bill Clinton's "New Democrats" (new term for old communists or new social progressives) enacted NAFTA, the left started exporting all of our jobs...and our factories...to the third world countries. They said they were doing that because they felt bad for the impoverished people in the third world because they had no jobs and no material possessions...and we, the elite capitalists of the world, had everything. So, they decided to give them a little.

We were assured if we imported goods from them, they would take our exports, and everyone would prosper. The princes of industry and the barons of banking and business were right. We bought their imports, and they took our exports. But all we were exporting were our factories and our jobs. Today, we are running out of both. We have few factories left in the United States; and those factories are no longer producing jobs. Our rapidly shrinking job base is now produced a rapidly shrinking tax revenue base. Even though the tax base is shrinking, the government's voracious appetite for an even bigger slice of your shrinking paycheck continues to grow.

Today's tax collector knows you're tapped out. Today's workers couldn't pay off the debt the politicians have saddled them with if they paid every cent they earned to Uncle Sam. Today, the government wants those IOUs signed by our grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren who's children will still be making the installment payments on the debt we allowed to happened by not firing the social progressives who, stupidly, are still convinced tomorrow's day-of-reckoning will never arrive although what is now happening in Europe attests to the fact that it has.


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