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I've been hearing about Comet 2010X1 Elenin (named after amateur
Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin who discovered it) for most of
the year, with no official public reports or rebuttals. A NASA video
on Comet Elenin was posted on Buzzword. NASA posted the data,
but pulled it when the conspiracy crowd began misinterpreting the
data and creating a firestorm of fear. The
second video is from a
Brit who, using both NASA data and first hand information he got
from Leonid Elenin, sarcastically debunks the conspiracy view.
Other video links below shows how quickly conspiracy theories
start...and how fast they travels through cyberspace. Almost as
fast as real comets travel through celestial space.

On Aug. 15, 2008, BBC broadcast released a video of a comet striking Jupiter. The video, found on YouTube, is entitled BBC: Jupiter Explosion—A Comet's Tale. The explosion is the biggest ever witnessed by man—as it happened. Had that comet hit Earth the Van Allen Belt would extend from Venus to Mars. Earth would no longer exist. If you saw the BBC video in 2008, 2009, 2010 or yesterday, you have to be wondering about Comet Elenin. The video, below, was created on Feb. 20, 2011 by a Brit named "Max" who has a video archive under the NuggetsOfTruth. Max, who uses a comical approach to belittle the conspiracy crowd, correctly denounced the conspiracy crowd who predicted that Comet Elenin would cause the Earth to shift on its axis on the Ides of March. Ignore the foolishness of the video, and it's accurate.

Which is why the email I received about Comet Elenin merited a closer look. When Elenin was still some 545 million kilometers away, NASA was projecting a safe miss between Elenin and Earth somewhere around Oct. 15-16, 2011. When you look at all of the computer models—and if all of the calculations and guesswork are right, when Elenin crosses Earth's orbit, according to NASA, there will be a distance of 0.232 AUs between Earth and Elenin. (An "AU" is the astronomical distance between the Earth and the Sun. That distance is 92,935,700 miles. [0.232 AUs is 21,561,082 miles.] In astronomical closeness, that's almost a collision.) One other video, www.youtube.com/watch?v-CVs7glXfXzM&feature, says Elenin will come within .15 AU or closer, to Earth—that is 13,940,355 miles on or around October 16, and that Earth will pass through Elenin's tail.

Then, going out to the fringe extreme, we have the "Truther Girls" who is actually just one conspiratorial woman reporting that [a] Elenin is the reason FEMA is stocking up on supplies, and [b] that it will be the cause of the Polar Shift. Her philosophy is that "just because no disaster happened where you live doesn't mean nothing happened," as she said [c] "...the comet is coming into our orbit and might hit the Earth...and [d] the economy collapsing." Of course, if Elenin hits Earth a lot more than the economy is going to collapse.

Max, by the way, is probably the only non-media related bloggers who actually spoke with Leonid Elenin about "his" comet. The core mass of Elenin is 4 to 5km in diameter within an 80,000km diameter comet. Leonid Elenin who, by the way, found Comet Elenin using a robotic telescope, lives in New Mexico not in the former Soviet Union.

NASA acknowledged that when comets are first discovered their orbits are uncertain. It generally takes several months to firmly establish it. In the case of Elenin, NASA believes it takes Elenin about 10,000 years to orbit the Earth. In September, NASA believes Elenin will come within 45 million miles from the Sun. Comet Elenin will be closest to the Earth on Oct. 16, about 21 million miles away—nearly 100 times farther than the Moon. With a mass of less than one billionth that of the Earth, Elenin doesn't have the gravitational pull necessary to cause earthquakes or tidal waves—or the mass needed to cause a polar shift on Earth.

The only thing the inhabitants of Earth have to worry about is if NASA's calculations about how close Elenin gets to Earth are correct. From September 15 to October 16, Earth will orbit through the tail of Elenin. The only thing Earth inhabitants have to worry about is just how close Earth gets to the mass in the aphelion of Comet Elenin. It appears a certainty that Elenin will miss Earth by a span of about 90 lunar astronomical units.



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