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Crystal Gail Mangum who accused three Duke University Lacrosse
players of rape has now been indicted for first degree murder in the
stabbing death of Reginald Daye. Mangum was in jail since April 3 for
aggravated assault after stabbing Daye seven times while she was
engaged in a domestic dispute. When he tried to stop her from
throwing his clothes in a bathtub and setting them on fire, the
dispute went viral.

It appears that Crystal Gail Mangum who falsely accused three Duke University Lacrosse players of rape to avoid being arrested for public drunkedness is about to get a second 15 minutes of fame—even more notorious than her first bout with media attention. Once again, she is the perpetrator and not the victim. On March 13, 2006 the Duke University Blue Devils men's lacross team held a party at the off-campus house rented by two team captains. Mangum, and another stripper, Kim Roberts, were hired to strip at the frat party. When they left the party a couple of hours later, Mangum (who was getting a ride home from Roberts) and Roberts began to argue. Roberts stopped her car and tried to push Mangum out. Mangum refused to leave. Roberts drove to a Kroger Supermarket and found the securty guard who told Mangum to get out of the car. Mangum refused and the guard called the Durham police.

When city police arrived they asked to get out of the car. She refused again and was taken into custody. It was at the Durham Access Center, a substance abuse facility, that Mangum—who was about to be charged with substance abuse—told police she had been raped. She was then transported to the Duke University Medical Center. A doctor's examination revealed diffuse swelling in Mangum's vagina, but it was unclear if the injury was consistent with rape. It was later determined that it was caused by her masturbating with a vibrator for a couple in a hotel room just before the jig at the frat house. Earlier that evening she appeared to have had sex with several partners. The DNA found in semen in her vagina was from different sex partners.

DNA was taken from 46 of the 47 Lacrosse players at the party. There were DNA matches. Yet, Durham Prosecuting Attorney, Mike Nifong, who was in a tough reelection campaign in predominantly black Durham, decided to make an example out of the white Lacrosse players, put them before a grand jury and orchestrated their indictments although there was absolutely no evidence that a crime had even been committed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mangum was never charged with filing a false crime report which is a misdemeanor in North Carolina that gets you 30 days to 6 months in jail. Today, she sits in the county jail she avoided in 2007. On Sun., April 3 Durham police responded to a 911 call to Mangum's residence and found an out-of-control woman battling with her boyfriend.

Mangum, 32, had thrown Daye's clothes into the bathtub and was attempting to burn them up. In the course of the struggle, screaming, "I'mn going to [expletive] stab you!" as she stabbed him seven times. The wounds, after two months, proved to be fatal. Initially, she was charged with attempted first-degree murder, five counts of arson, assault and battery, resisting arrest and child abuse.

Daye died on April 18, two weeks after the assault, and police immediately charged Mangum with first degree murder. Last year Mangum was convicted on misdemeanor charges of setting her house on fire with her three children in the dwelling. She was in a confrontation with a different boyfriend, and burned his clothes, smashed the windshield of his car and threatened to stab him.



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