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Atlanta, Georgia's ABC affiliate WSBTV Channel 2 originally reported
this story on Nov. 11, 2010. The Obama Administration gave $770
million to refurbish mosques in Mideast Muslim countries at a time
when the United States is suffering its worst financial crisis since the
Stock Market Crash of 1929 and decade-long Great Depression in the
1930s caused by FDR's tinkering with the economy.

NOTE: I had to substitute the wsbtv video with a YouTube version. The soundtrack is off, but the verbiage is correct and dovetails with the original wsbtv-2 video which I could not link up correctly..

The U.S. Ambassadors' Fund was created in 2000 by a Republican House and Democrat Senate. It was signed into law by William Jefferson Clinton. The first grants were given by then President George W. Bush. Bush authorized grants, recommended by US Ambassadors, totaling some $13 billion over a period of eight years. Since the program began 10 years ago, $23 billion in grants have been given. Bush's Ambassador grants equaled about $1.6 billion per year. Obama's grants—$6.5 billion per year. In 2010, as Americans struggled to save their homes and feed their children, Obama's State Department donated $6,729,811,000.00 in grants (which includes the $770,000,000 grant to Egypt, made in November, 2010 which does not show on the State Department's US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation Awards report for 2010).

Fifty-five of sixty-three 2010 grants went to Muslim countries. But some of the grants to non-Muslims countries—like China—were nevertheless used to refurbish mosques or other Islamic artifacts.

Taxpayer groups in the United States are demanding to know why, when the people are demanding that government cut spending, that the Obama Administration reached into our pockets and doled out $770 million to Egyptian government to refurbish a 1,300 year old mosque in Cairo after it was flooded with contaminated sewer water That mosque, and several other mosques in Egypt were saved by US taxpayers who also agreed (through Hillary Clinton's State Department) to rebuild Cairo's ancient sewer system.

Let me emphasize this one more time if you aren't feeling the pinch yourself. The State Department is using money this country simply does not have. Because, at this moment, no country on Earth is buying American debt bonds. (The sleight-of-hand bankers use to pretend that our fiat scrip.—money to you—has value.) So what do we do when no one will buy our debt? We "monazite" the debt ourselves. How do we do that? We write out a check and buy it.

To put it in words a home budgeteer will understand, let's imagine you are paying your monthly bills and you realize that not only is your family not going to be eating this month, but you have a short fall of $1,000 from getting your monthly bills paid. If you were the government, you would simply write a check for $1,000 and deposit it in your account, and the money would magically be there. If you did that, as a consumer, the $1,000 check you deposited would bounce. With a bounced check fee added to it, you would now have a shortfall of about $1,250.00. When the government does it, the government printing presses fire up and deposit cash in the government's account. The government calls that monatizing debt. in less politically-correct quarters, we call that counterfeiting. In pre-Hitler Germany they called it hyperinflation. And, in today's America with a very vocal taxpayers telling Congress to stop spending money we don't have, it's called "stop the presses."

Government needs to wake up to the fact that, beginning in 1993 when Bill Clinton and the Democratically-controlled House and Senate created the swinging doors along its northern and southern borders to allow the princes of industry to pull their factories out of the United States to escape America's punitive labor laws and use the third world's cheap labor pool and bring their slave labor products back into the country without paying tariffs, they were creating a jobs drain in this country that would leave fully 25% of the nation jobless by virtue of their job vanishing, or new job seekers finding no employers willing to hire them. Add to that the loss of another 10% whose potential job was taken by an illegal alien who was willing to work well below minimum wage—paid cash under the table to avoid taxes—and without any benefits whatsoever.

The American people are literally tapped out. Many of those who were just making ends meet a year ago find that rising prices and no rising income are causing them to fall behind. Taxpayers (those still fortunate enough to have incomes) were angered by this video largely because the US government is callously giving away their hard-earned money when, increasingly today, in many US homes, those dollars would have been the difference between making ends meet and ending the month with budget shortfalls they can't cover.





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