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Even today, the American people appear to be oblivious of the fact
that they actually, constitutionally, elected four Socialists to the White
House. The first was Theodore Roosevelt. He was followed by
socialist Woodrow Wilson and closet communist Franklin D. Roose-
velt. Thirty years later, we elected the most inept president in history.
Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. The benchmark of all of these
presidents was the strangulation of the free enterprise system. But
the worst socialist to hit the White House was the current occupant
of the Oval Office. Barack Obama's "bonafides" are still being con-
tested because, as of yet, this "occupant" has not only not yet shown
that he has meets the Constitutional eligibility requirement of being a
"natural born" citizen of the United States, he has not yet produced
evidence to prove that he is a citizen of the United States of any type.

People rightly attribute the unconstitutional creation of the unelected
4th branch of government to FDR. What they don't realize is that
Barack Obama has created more self-serving federal agencies in less
than 2 years than Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and
Jimmy Carter did in the 31 combined years of their presidencies. When
the free enterprise system collapses, and the United States of
America as we know it dies, then what will be left will more closely
resemble the type of totalitarianism the world saw in Nazi Germany
and the Soviet Union.

Socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was bought and paid for by the Wall Street investment bankers and the bankers who own the Federal Reserve, came to Washington with a simple mandate from the Money Mafia: "Whatever it takes, remove the United States from the Gold Standard and give the bankers an elastic money supply." Roosevelt was determined to take it a step farther. He would give the bankers what they wanted, and take from them what he needed to transform America into a socialist quasi-democracy with "trickle down authority" that emanated from the new federal bureaucracy. The unelected 4th branch of government FDR planned to create would control every facet of life in America.

To achieve his objective, Roosevelt rammed hundreds of new laws through Congress, creating agencies to control virtually every aspect of life in America. FDR was able to achieve his objective by aligning himself with the world's largest banks and the nation's largest corporations. To gain their support—and the money to bribe Congress into submission—FDR let Big Business make the rules that favored them, but penalized the small business owners on Main Street. Between 1935 and 1937, most of the New Deal laws were declared to be unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. After Roosevelt offered the Judicial Reorganization Act of 1937 (which failed to pass) in which he planned to forced the Supreme Court justices into forced retirement and stack the high court with New Dealers from his own administration and from Congress, the justices suddenly were not so critical of blatantly unconstitutional edicts which gave the federal government power it did not constitutionally possess. Roosevelt had politicized the guardian of liberty.

Roosevelt created the following federal agencies: Agriculture Adjustment Administration (the first New Deal to be found to be unconstitutional because it let the White House set food prices), Civil Works Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Commodity Credit Corporation, Farm Credit Corporation (which foreclosed on thousands of family farms in the 1960s and 1970s), Farm Security Administration, Federal Communications Commission (which FDR used to control the slant of the news on radio), Federal Emergency Relief Board, Federal Art Project, Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (a Hoover program that Sen. Carter Glass forced Roosevelt to sign into law), Federal Housing Administration, Federal Loan Agency, Federal Music Project, Federal Surplus Relief Corporation, Federal Theatre Project, Federal Works Project, Federal Writers' Project, Fair Labor Standards Board, Home Owners' Loan Corporation, National Labor Relations Board, National Recovery Administration, National Resources Planning Board, Public Works Administration, Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Resettlement Administration (to help those who lost their homes), Rural Electrification Administration, Securities & Exchange Commission (which FDR was also forced to sign into law to keep his New Deal alive), Social Security Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority, United States Housing Authority, United States maritime Commission, and the Works Progress Administration. Within these agencies of government are several peripheral sub-boards, agencies and/or federal corporations. The federal bureaucracy was largely created from 1933 to 1939, but the sub-agencies of that bureaucracy evolved throughout the sixteen years of the New Deal White House (1933-1949)--Truman's completion of FDR's 4th term in office.

These agencies now usurp over half of the liberty granted by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. In the first year of the Obama Administration, he generated over five times as many federal agencies of government that were created by FDR and Truman. On the average, ten new regulatory laws—each of which will trigger 100 to 500 new regulations that will impact your life—accompanied each of the new agencies. The mechanism to completely destroy liberty in the United States now exists at the federal level.

When the Election of 2012 arrives, remember this: when the guy with the trillion dollar war chest (financed by George Soros and the socialist billionaire's club) who tells you he's running to "help the little guy," you don't even have to see his lips move to know he's lying. Take a lesson from Roosevelt since it is his playbook that Obama is using. The rich bankers and industrialists write the laws that emply your pockets. By the way...the $2.3 trillion in stimulus funds that is now bankrupting you, and will bankrupt ten generations of your offspring—who got that money? Was it working class stiffs like you or me? Or was it rich bankers, big labor and fat cat industrialists who used that money to shore up their holdings in the emerging nations where the financial crisis you paid for was really happening? Like I said, remember that lessson of life on Nov. 8, 2012. If you don't, we will all likely be living in "Gulag America" before the end of 2013.


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Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved