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As the Obama crowd musters its supporters to pretend to be a
spontaneous protest in favor of Obamacare, the House held a
hearing in which Rep. Tom McClintock [R-CA] put Obama's Chief
Medicare Actuary on the hot seat with two yes or no questions.

Chief Medicare Actuary Richard Foster, who may very well be job hunting in a few months, was asked two very blunt "yes" or "no" questions about Obamacare based on the core promises made not only by Barack Obama, but by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] who—like the rest of the House of Representatives—was actually clueless what surprises lay in Obamacare and equally clueless Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] who assured the American people that Obamacare was a good thing because [a] it would lower costs, and [b] Americans would be able to keep their current private coverage plans as long as they wanted to.

In reality, Obamacare forces EVERY American, young and old, insured or not (or better stated, those who wish to buy insurance or not), to subscribe to Obamacare or pay a fine equal to the healthcare premium—without the benefit of coverage.

To drive that point home, Congressman Tom McClintock [RCA] dropped two "yes" or "no" questions on Foster. When McClintock asks the question, watch how nervous Foster, who is under oath, gets. The bureaucrats who testify before Congress are generally asked questions which allow them to spin all of the truth out of their answers without actually committing perjury. It's really hard to spin your answer when its only one word long.

McClintock's questioning of Foster should become the standard form of questioning witnesses in congressional hearings. Make all Executive Branch department heads answer "yes" or "no" questions only. If they are a department head who either refuses to answer by suggesting they don't know, the hearing should change into an immediate impeachment hearing since a witness who doesn't understand his or her job well enough to answer a simple "yes" or "no" question should not be living on the taxpayer's dime.

The House has repealed this monstrosity. It is up to the American people to force the Senate to do the same. First, the people in Nevada need to launch an immediate recall of Senator Harry Reid for no reason other than the voting irregularities that took place in Las Vegas on election night when all of the compute voting systems in Vegas went down for about a hour. But even more important, because those systems were tacitly under the control of Reid's son...and because the systems were "managed" by the State's biggest labor union—SEIU (which actually lost their contract to control the voting machines a couple of years ago but still continued to do so through a loophole in the contract.) The official signing the contract for the State? Rory Reid (who dropped his father's last name from his campaign ads when he was running for Governor in 2010). Rory Reid is the Chairman of the Clark County Commissioners, and the person whose signature was on the maintenance contract for Clark County's voting machines. Wonder if he signed the voting machine maintenance contract with the union without using his surname?

If the people of Nevada were smart, they'd put the Mafia back in charge of Vegas. When the mob ran Vegas, it was the safest city in America. Once the politicians ran the mob out of town and took it over, it became as corrupt and deadly as Detroit, St. Louis, and Camden, New Jersey—three Democratic-machine run cities.




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