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This should be my America. Only, it's not. Mall owners in the
United States today would likely not allow this shocking display
of Christianity. This event took place at the Seaway Mall in Well-
land, Ontario, Canada. Which is likely why it was untouched by
the anti-Christian social progressive ACLU. Nor was it colored by
the anti-Christian bigotry of George Soros' "Open Society," nor any
other social progressive globalist organization which recognizes
that before they can create world government they must confront,
and destroy, man's Faith in God because Patriotism lives, grows
and flourishes on Hope. Kill Faith, and Hope dies. To enslave man,
destroy his Faith and you will kill his Hope. Today, when you look
at the mess we face in this country and around the world, Faith is
all that is keeping us going. When Faith dies, Hope will wane and
the United States of America will die. Too bad the public war to
defend God isn't being waged here as openly as it is in Canada.

On Nov. 13, 2010, shoppers at the Welland Seaway Mall on Niagara Street, North in Welland, Ontario, Canada got a pleasant surprise as they ate their lunch in the Food Court. Over 80 participants, strategically placed throughout the Food Court showered the shoppers with a tsunami of heavenly song as they ate. When the video begins, note the man in the Santa hat on the piano. The sign behind him appears to say "Niagara Falls Community Outreach." Several of the approximately 80 singers in the Chorus Niagara are from the Highway Pentecostal Church in Brockville, Ontario. The video went viral got when it was released by Jennifer Blakeley of Alphabet Photography, who dreamed up the idea. Blakeley is a former member of Chorus Niagara which staged the choreography.

Chorus Niagara had the support of Seaway Mall president Mike Belcastro. After eight weeks of practice and seven hidden video cameras (strategically placed throughout the Food Court by Blakeley), Chorus Niagara singers blended into the shoppers throughout the Food Court and began their performance. The female singer who opened Handel's Messiah was Stephanie Tritchew. By the way, as you look at the crowd of smiling onlookers, many filming Handel's Messiah on their cell phones, there did not appear to be any angry spectators who were offended by this display of Christianity.

So please, remember this: when people become apathetic and assume it's someone else's responsibility to defend what they cherish most, they always lose it. Sadly, when the cherished gifts of God and liberty are gone, they are usually gone forever. The time to fight for what you cherish is not after your rights have been stripped away by a politically-correct social progressive state, but while our families still possess them. The best gift every American can give to their country this Christmas is to reaffirm the Oath of Allegiance to the United States—particularly the part that says: "...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" because today we are governed by people whose interests—which have been bought and paid for by "campaign donors" like George Soros and the special interest groups on K Street—do not dovetail with the interests of the American people.

We want our borders sealed. We want a less intrusive government that understands they work for us—we are not a revenue stream that is owned by them. We expect the laws that govern us to apply equally to those who write those laws. We expect those legislators to fashion laws that prevent goods made by factories and jobs that were exported from the United States to be banned from being imported back into the country under any circumstance, by any devious route. The princes of industry wanted to take the jobs which made those goods from Americans—fine. We don't want the goods foreign labor made. Let the barons of business sell them in the stores they are building in the 3rd world. America prospered and grew when the manufacturers of the products sold here were made in family-owned factories that sold their goods to their neighbors. Let's remake America on the 1946 model and forget the 2006 model.

And, finally, more than anything else, we need to make sure that US law is not tainted with socialist international law. Particularly the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution that is now interpreted by both federal and State courts as clones of the International Covenact on Civil and Political Rights. Article 18, paragraph 3 conditions our right to pray and worship God on whether or not those who disagree with "patriotspeak," or who do not believe in God, can stifle our 1st Amendment rights by simply arguing that their rights are being trampled by ours. This, of course, makes the rights of the social progressive superior to ours. We need to impeach judges who co-mingle law and legislate from the bench. We need to impeach federal and State legislators who drag their heels on impeaching judges who violate the separation of powers. And, we need to impeach legislators at both the State and federal level who [a] don't understand the limits placed on government by the Constitution, and/or [b] enact laws that violate the Constitution. If we all make that our New Year's Resolution, and begin the new year by putting our legislators—both State and federal—on notice that they are on an "impeachement watch," we will probably have a very Merry Christmas this year...As long as we remember, we can't rely on "the other guy" to make it a Happy New Year.


Just Say No
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All rights reserved