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Talking to a nearly empty chamber (as has been the policy in the
Pelosi House—not forcing Democrats to endure Republicans
arguing against their legislation), acting Speaker, Congresswoman
Laura Richardson [D-CA] refused to give retiring Congressman
Steve Buyer [R-IN] the floor when he asked the Chair to address
the House, first for five minutes, and then for one minute.

Most Americans are not aware that since Nancy Pelosi assumed the trappings of House Speaker in January, 2007, the Democrats instituted a rule that, since they did not need a single Republican vote to pass any piece of legislation they wanted, Republicans who wanted to get their objections into the Congressional Record were forced to make their arguments to an empty, or near empty, House chamber. When retiring Congressman Steve Buyers asked to address the floor on Nov. 29, 2010, he was denied the right to speak against a veterans bill that was about to be introduced by the Democrats before it was even out of that particular Democrat's Committee. The Democrats simply suspended the rules so they could bring the bill out for a vote.

The Democratic Committee Chairman, who was pushing the legislation, knew if the bill did not get to the floor for a vote before Jan. 3, it was never going to see the light of day. The Democrats are so intent on ramming the balance of their agenda through Congress before the end of the lame duck session, it did not matter to them that they were introducing a bill that the Committee had not finished working up, thereby violating standing House rules and procedures. Destroying the economy of the United States is more important to the social progressives than protecting the rule of law.

When Richardson declined to recognize him, Buyer sarcastically retorted: "As a sitting member of the House, the Speaker chooses not to recognize another sitting member, is that correct?" When she replied that it was within her discretion to do that, Buyer argued that she was refusing to recognize a ranking Republican despite the fact that there wasn't anyone on the floor to object to his speaking. His final retort, before Richardson relented and gave him the floor for one minute, was: "This is why the American people have thrown you out of power."

The exchange was noted by CBS News as Steve Buyer losing his temper. The Huffington Post referred to it as Steve Buyer "flipping out."


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