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Retired Lt. Gen. W. G. Boykin discusses the covert rise of Marxism in
the United States. As he opens his discussion, Boykin notes that, in
our society we are starting once again to hear talk about Marxism. As
this type of rhetoric increases, Boykin said you hear media people
comment that we should "...tone down our rhetoric about socialism
because we're not moving to socialism." We aren't. We have already
arrived. When the communists in our government aren't afraid to
come out of the closet and call themselves "social progressives,"
you have to realize that we are within inches of losing our liberty.

Boykin cited a Southern Poverty Law Center report contracted by, and paid for by, the Obama Department of Homeland Security. The report was a theoretically a "threat assessment" on terrorism in the United States through the eyes of Morris Seligman Dees, Jr., an anti-Christian Jew posing as the champion of racial propriety. Dees has been officially declared a "leftwing hate group" by J. Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with both Liberty Council and Liberty Alliance Action. Barber also serves as the Associate Dean of Liberty University's School of Law. Barber noted in a March 25, 2010 Renew America article that even though they have always been far left of center, the SPLC once had a reputation of being fairly objective and, Barber noted, they made some historic civil rights gains. Dees is now a millionaire. And Dees has discovered what many in Congress have learned over the years. Money corrupts. And a lot of money corrupts you completely.

Harper's magazine writer Ken Silverstein wrote that the SPLC spends most of its time on a relentless fundraising campaign with the zeal of a circuit rider passing the collection plate, adding that Dees is the "...Jim and Tammy Bakker of the civil rights movement." He should have added "socialist Dees' contributors today, people like George Soros, have weaponized the SPLC to sell America on the notion that the biggest threat to America is coming from Christian America and the Tea Party advocates. Christianity and patriotism are the socialists' two-headed dragon since patriotism is inexplicably tied to Christian faith. Historically, this is how the ragtail, defeated Continental Army led by Gen. George Washington beat the best army in the world. And, that's why the Obamaites fear the grassroots Christians and Tea Party activists. And, that's why DHS Director Janet Napolitano decided to get her terrorist assessment from the leftist SPLC instead of the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. Because Obama wasn't interested in learning about real terrorists, he was interested in learning about the "terrorists" he fears more than al Qaeda—the American people.

When Napolitano got the SPLC memorandum, she circulated it to every law enforcement agency in the United States, incriminating every Christian, every grassroots conservative groups, particularly the Tea Partyers, by warning that the threat to this nation will come from Christian groups, pro-life groups, second amendment groups, and most of all, veterans returning home from the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not in the memo was any mention of any terrorist threats coming from Islamic radicals—nor from America's invisible rich (those whose wealth is so immense it cannot be measured in traditional dollars and cents) who pose a much bigger threat to America than al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, Al Mustafa, Islamic Jihad, Hizb-ut-Tahrir and a host of other radical Muslim groups that were not mentioned in the "terror assessment." Why? Because to those attempting to steal America, Islam isn't the problem, the American citizen is.

In this video, Gen. Boykin outlines the real threat to America. A public duly warned is a public duly armed. Make no mistake about it. A national leader with no constitutional right to his job has a plan to keep it.


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