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The link to this video report was sent to me on Sept. 25. While I'm not a fan of Lyndon LaRouche I am a fan of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and, in particular, free speech. Add to that the fact that at least one of the security guards at the "Red State" Alaska State Fair involved in this incident was an Alaska State Trooper. While one of the viewers dismissed the assault by commenting that those involved were not "sworn law enforcement officers but low-paid security guards who behaved like thugs," that appears not to be the case. In point of fact, some of those hired for security at State functions are not "rent-a-cops" because most States are concerned with making sure that at least some of the security people have arrest power, thus the use of at least some off-duty police officers to augment the "low paid security thugs" is pretty much a rule of thumb at State-sponsored functions everywhere.

What compounds my problem with this video is not what type of security was used to take down a loud-mouth LaRouchie, but what appears to be an attempt by YouTube to obfuscate the viewing of this video. When I first opened it, I viewed the video on VodPod. But since I try not to use videos with comments attached, I usually find it on YouTube and use that link. When I did that this time, I was sidetracked when the video is blocked. Instead of the file opening, I saw a prompt that said "...To view this video or group, please verify you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up." When I did, and copied and pasted the video's URL, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppBZM88mHvQ&feature, I was directed to another page that said "No video found..." Yet, when I clicked on the VodPod video link (below), it was still an active video. When I began working with this video last night (9-25), I had to view it through VodPod to see it. Now the YouTube link (upper video) is working. (See the screen shots of my attempt to watch the VodPod video on YouTube under the video below.)

When I initially tried to access the VodPod version of this video on YouTube I was able to do so by clicking on the VodPod video as it was playing. The video I retrieved could not be accessed. The comedy of Keystone Kops antics began with this prompt, telling me I had to prove I was older than 18 by signing in to my account. See below to see what happened next.

Once signed in, I pasted the URL in the appropriate spot. But after viewing both the VodPod and the YouTube video, I was greeted with a new screen that said: "No video found." While all of the URL does not show in the search field, it was the same URL as the one listed below...and above. Makes you wonder what the fuss was all about. First, it was a LaRouche supporter that everyone ignores. Had the off-duty Alaska State Trooper and the other security people (more cops?) left him alone since he was peacefully holding an "Impeach Obama" sign and interfering with no one, very likely 99.9% of the people attending the State Fair would have noticed the LaRouche name on the Impeach Obama sign, ignored the protester and continued with their day at the Fair. Instead, cops/security guards, sent by someone to end the one-man protest made a local protester a national event, affirming in the minds of everyone reading this text the need to Impeach Obama. (Tip: that will only happen if the Republicans win a super majority in both Houses in November. Whether they do or not is up to you.)

Tip two: remember this on Nov. 2, 2010—Not only do third party independent candidates not get elected, they pull just enough votes from the Republican to elect the Democrat. How do you think we got a Democratic Majority in both Houses in 2006? And, how do you think we ended up with a filibuster-proof far left House and Senate in 2008? And that, by the way, is how we ended up with Obamacare and 3 trillion dollars of new debt in less than a year that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pay off.


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