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When you consider the ramifications of it, this is the scariest
video I've ever seen. When a business owner can get more
freedom in the most communist, oppressive nation on Earth
than he can in the most free nation on Earth, you have to
wonder just how inept the Bungler in Washington really is.

Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts has been taking on the Obama Administration almost from the day the Obamas moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Wynn employs 20,600 people in the United States. In past interviews on Fox News, NBC and other business news media outlets, Wynn has not minced words on the subject of Obama's ineptness. When Wynn graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, he took over the family business—a bingo parlor. In 1967 Wynn and his wife, the former Elaine Pascal, moved to Las Vegas where he became part owner and slot manager of the Frontier Hotel. Within 5 years, with the help of financier Howard Hughes, Wynn was able to buy controlling interest in the rundown Golden Nugget which he managed to transform into 4-star hotel and gaming casino. He was on his way. Now, it appears he's on his way again...to Macau. While the media initially reported that Wynn Resorts was moving its headquarters to China, Wynn corrected CNBC, saying he was splitting his headquarters because he planned to spend half of his time in China and the half in Las Vegas. The reason? More freedom to operate a business in China than there is in the United States.

Wynn told CNBC that, with respect to government regulations and oversight "...Macau is steady and the shocking, unexpected government is the one in Washington. That's where we get surprises every day. That's where taxes are changed every five minutes. That's where you don't know what to expect tomorrow. Compare political stability and predictability in China to Washington is like comparing Mt. Everest to an ant hill. Macau and China are stable. Washington is not. Is there a businessman or media person in America who doesn't think...or isn't frightened about the next crazy idea coming from Washington? The financial institutions, the cars, the businessmen, the taxes, healthcare, everything is kookoo, and God knows what's next."

When asked about Obamacare, and its costs to the American people and, in particular, Wynn Resorts, Wynn said Obamcare "...was going to do the complete opposite of what it was purported to do. Health costs will go up, not down. In the simplest possible terms, you increase the numbers of insured by 32 million people. The number of doctors are going down and we're paying them less. When demand goes up and the supply of doctors goes down, what happens to the price? The price goes up. The one thing that would have saved us money—the control of frivolous lawsuits. They didn't that with a ten foot pole. Those hypocritical S.O.B.s in Congress didn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Doctors are doing testing in fear of frivolous lawsuits that are unnecessary and its jacking up the price of medicine. Please do something about that." Better yet, do something about the inept community organizer in the White House who is clueless how to manage a nation. When free enterprise businessmen feel the most totalitarian government in the world offers a better environment for the free enterprise system than the nation that created it, there is something seriously wrong in Washington, DC. I guess that's why even the Soviets think the Obama Administration is bad for the world.


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