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When the far right decided to teach the Republican Party a
lesson in 2006 for acting like liberal Democrats, they sat out the
midterm election at the same time George Soros and the anti-war
crowd was already scheming to steal the election, making it easy
for the communist left to gain control of the House and Senate.
Sadly, in 2008, the same conservative leaders fought hard to keep
the conservative's best hope, Mitt Romney from winning the
nomination because he was a Mormon. Instead, the people did it
again...they let the Democrats steal 35,626,580 votes...and super
control of Congress. These are the people we put in charge. WATCH.

This Lesterville2k2 video should be mandatory viewing by every intelligent Democrat in the country. It will be a wasted effort on the institutionalized far left that believes politicians are gods, but they need to see just how stupid and arrogant their political gods are. This video should also be watched by every conservative in the country as well, because we let this happen. Conservatives, who still haven't grasped the reality that in a two party system, only one of the two "parties" are going to get elected. Yet, we persist in "voting our integrity" by throwing away our vote on people who couldn't get elected if they were the only people running. In doing so, we punish ourselves, our children and our children's children. Every child born today come into the world owing the federal government over $36,000. It's no wonder we come into the world crying.

We can't blame Obama on the Democrats, because according to a chart posted by the Obama White House as an arrogant rebuttal to a Pro Warranto lawsuit filed against him, demanding to know by what authority he rules (thinking the lawsuit would force him to produce his long-form birth certificate), he posted the FEC's stats on the Election of 2008. However, with 169 million registered voters, he deleted the number of actual registered voters who voted, using instead only the percentage of voters who voted. With 56.8% of the 169 million registered voters voting, that means only 96,992,000 actual registered voters voted. Yet, throwing in the multiple votes cast by pre-election day multiple voter recruited by the far left's "get-out-and-vote early-and-often groups, there were 132,618,580 votes in the ballot boxes—35,628,580 more votes than voters. Republicans uncovered this fraud a month before the election by watching the flow the absentee ballots. Their charges of fraud were duly noted by Democrat-controlled voting precinct bosses who assured the Republicans these allegations would be properly investigated after the election.

That's our fault, too. We didn't protest. We didn't protest in 2006, and we didn't protest in 2008. But most of all, we didn't protest in 1994 when Clinton and the Democrat-controlled Congress enact the Motor Voter Law just before the midterm election, setting up the apparatus that would expedite the vote fraud that gave the far left control of Congress in 2006, and super-control in 2008. Furthermore, we never protested when corrupt politicians who wanted to make sure people not eligible to vote could mail in their ballots and get counted, we never said anything when Democrats expanded election "day" to election "month." Now, all of the fraudulent voters they used to have to hurriedly bus from one voting precinct to another could simply sit at their kitchen table, and for $5 to $10 a ballot, fill them out while they sipped their morning coffee or evening bourbon, and mail them in.

As a result of our indifference to the process, the idiots in the video shown here believe they were elected to rule the masses. That makes us even bigger idiots because they're still there. If you already watched these clips, watch them again right now. Because if these arrogant clowns are still in office on Jan. 3, 2011, we deserve to lose this country.


Just Say No
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All rights reserved