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If you live in the 4th Congressional District of Georgia, you have
to be more than a little embarrassed to admit this idiot is your
congressional representative. Does Hank Johnson also think the
world is flat? Is "Chicken Little" his cousin?

Without looking at his voting record, which would be a litany of laughs if it wasn't tragic, I'd give fairly good odds that Congressman Hank Johnson [D-GA] sides with Al Gore on global warming even though the Earth is, and has been for a couple of decades, in a cooling phase. That's why global warming scam artists were forced to change the term "global warming" to "climate change," suggesting now that too much carbon dioxide causes global cooling as well as global warming. The people who live in the 4th Congressional District of Georgia need to dump this guy when Georgia's primaries are held on July 20, 2010. You can bet Johnson, who voted to euthanize the elderly (by voting for the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (where the Obama Death Board was hiding) without reading the bill and warning his constituents what was there, will vote for Obama's carbon tax scam (Cap & Trade) that will impose draconian taxes on every working person in the industrialized world as it redistributes the wealth of the former industrial giants to the emerging industrial giants in the third world. If you're tired of being taxed, you need to dump this tax and spend liberal who proved there was a worse politician in Georgia than Cynthia McKinney.

Congressman Johnson wasted the taxpayers time and money to hold a hearing in which he interrogated Adm. Robert Willard, the Pacific Fleet commander for an acknowledgment from Willard that Guam, which has a population of about 175 thousand and about 25 thousand Marines and family members, was at risk of capsizing due to too many people living there. When Johnson lost that argument with Willard, he changed tactics and suggested because there were too many people there, they posed a risk to the environment: coral reefs and other things people don't like to think about. And, Johnson added, "people don't like to think about global warming, either. But," he added, "we do have to think about it." Because Willard wouldn't concede that Guam was ready to capsize, Johnson became concerned about the island nation because of "people caused" environmental hazards.

In reality, Guam is part of the Mariana Archipelago that former President George W. Bush made a protected US "marine reserve" called the Marianas Trench Marine US National Monument even though its roughly 6,000 miles from Los Angeles. And with the exception of Guam, on the cusp of the Mariana Archipelago, none of the 95,222 square miles of Pacific Ocean that contain what is known as the Pacific Remote Islands (former islands and atolls taken by the US during World War II) are US possessions. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton removed the US flag from them. China quickly claimed them as sovereign Chinese soil the moment the United States quit-claimed the islands.

Bush used 34 Stat 225, 16 USC 431, The Antiquities Act of June 8, 1906 combined with the UN's Convention on the Law of the Sea that was ratified by Bill Clinton and went into affect on Nov. 16, 1994 to seize over 95 thousand square miles of Pacific seabeds that contain the world's largest known oil reserves. Under the ocean floor along the Hawaiian, American Samoan and Mariana Archipelago is more oil than than exists in Alaska, under the ice in the Arctic Circle, and in the Mideast—combined.

Now, do you really think Ol' Hank really thinks Guam is going to capsize, or do you think he would like the US flag removed from Guam as it was from the Stewart island chain that includes Washington Island, Fanning island, Makin Island, Makin Atoll, Baker island, Jarvis Island, Nassau Island, Palmyra Island, Kingman Reef, the Johnson Atoll and Midway and Wake Islands (which still belong to the US)? No sooner did China claim them when Exxon-Mobil (now the Standard Oil flagship company) joined China in creating the largest oil IPO in the history of the world. The only part of the Archipelago missing from their grasp is American Samoa and—you guessed it—Guam. Hmmm...maybe Hank's not an idiot after all. Maybe he's something far more dangerous than an idiot.

Johnson ran unchallenged in 2008 because he trounced his GOP challenger, Loren Collins, with 76% of the vote in 2006. GOP challenger Cory Ruth, an Atlanta corporate executive joined business consultant Liz Carter, accountant Victor Armendariz and retired Naval officer Larry Gause as candidates for the GOP nomination for the 4th Congressional District seat in Georgia.

Carter, who best represents the "Tea Party spirit," is leading in the polls, but she needs to pull 50.1% to win the nomination on July 20, or face a run-off. Gause, a former Navy officer, is also a good conservative. Not good enough to win, but a good candidate and a good American. However, his presence on the ballot will drain votes from Carter and either force a run-off between Carter and Cory Ruth, or throw the nomination to a man who smells more like a Democrat plant than the honest Republican his bio paints him as being. Without any reason to think so other than a gut feeling, and the fact that he was born and raised in areas that simply don't vote Republican during a time when his political views would likely be shaped, I don't think Ruth is what he claims to be. An ordained minister who does not minister, he comes across to me more as an Anneberg-type (i.e., Obama-Ayers) community organizer than a constitutional conservative. I don't live in Georgia, and I've never seen or spoken to the man, but he strikes me as a "runner" who won't try to win. I think Cory Ruth will campaign hard for the nomination but not for the job, assuring Johnson of another 76% victory. Let's keep Guam from capsizing and losing its American flag. As Admiral Willard told Johnson during that congressional hearing, Guam is essential to the security of the United States. Just to be safe, let's elect Liz Carter for the 4th Congressional seat in Georgia.



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