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Milton Freidman explores the myth that government can provide
everything to everyone and have it cost no one nothing. In the
"free lunch" myth, children are taught today that everyone can
live at the expense of everybody else...on the erroneous belief
that government can spend money on goods and services at
nobody's expense.

The myth perpetuated by government that fears both the power of the middle class (since it is the dominant political force in America) and the businesses they own which now provide almost 60% of all jobs in America. Government claims that no one pays for its largess since most of the taxes it levies are accessed against business and not individuals, thus, no one is forced to pay those increased taxes. Institutionalized government bureaucrats and politicians are either much more stupid than they were back in the days before 1934 when lawmakers not only read the laws they enacted but also the US Constitution those laws are supposed to adhere to, or they think the curriculum they instituted in the public school system they control has dumbed us down sufficiently that we think 2 + 2 = 3 like they do. Institutionalized politicians actually believe that the small businesses of this countries are divorced from their mom and pop owners. Thus, you can tax the business without the individuals who invested their sweat equity to build that entity having to pay those taxes themselves. Businesses may be "legal individuals" under the definition of corporate law, however, none of them get up in the morning and go to work. None of these legal individuals sit up all night when their kids are sick and then go to work in the morning. You don't find these legal individuals at the local PTA meeting, and working as a crossing guard at the local school. Businesses are names on corporate documents. The heart and soul of those businesses are the people who own them, work for them, and worry over them when times—like now—are hard because politicians are stealing our money, our jobs, and our futures to provide money, jobs and futures for the human capital in the third world who far exceed the ability of all the Fortune 1000 companies and all the world banks to provide the affluence they promised these nations they will make them rich without anyone in the industrialized nations becoming poor.

The simple reality is, as government taxes "businesses" to build this third world infrastructure, the reality is, the taxes levied against the businesses who are assessed with a backbreaking taxload since most of the Fortune 1000 companies that were build with the sweat investment are now foreign corporation in countries with lower tax rates and no laws protecting the collective bargaining rights of unions over management. When taxes are levied against "businesses," they are actually levied against the people who own the stock, or are the sole proprietors. Ultimately, the taxes are paid by the consumer who buys the goods or services offered by the "business" since those costs are simply passed on to them. Or, it's passed on to the employees in the form of less pay or fewer benefits. Over and over again, you hear the politicians promise they will not raise taxes on individuals, they will raise taxes on business...like that's someone else. It's a synonym, for God's sake. I don't care what you term you use, taxes are always levied against, and paid by people. There simply is no free lunch. Government is the problem, not the solution. Note to America's freeloaders who think government has an obligation to provide for them. Get in line. And get a job. Because this November a lot of those free lunch Congressmen and Senators are going to be job hunting themselves. You want to be in the job line before them, because with their propensity to steal the wealth of America, they'll probably steal every job that's still available in America for themselves and their crony friends. One other tip. If you want a high paying industrial job, go to Mexico, Indonesia, China or India. All that's left here are those mom and pop jobs you turned down last year because you could earn more on welfare.


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