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Continuing their policy of forcing Republicans to address "the body,"
in an empty chamber to get their words in the Congressional Record,
Congressman Tom McClintock [R-CA] addresses his contempt for
Mexican President Felipe Calderon's tasteless condemnation of the
State of Arizona's emigration law, and the standing ovation the
Mexican leader received from the far left Democrats—none of whom
have read the 12 page piece of legislation that does not create any
new law, only mandates that the State enforce existing federal law.

Congressman Tom McClintock [RCA] spoke to an empty House chamber (a rule imposed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2009 when the Democrats took a super majority of seats in the House and Senate). In Pelosi's view, Democrats should not be forced to endure the lunatic rantings of Republicans since the GOP did not have the votes to move any legislation anywhere except from the desk of one Republican to another, but certainly not into any committee that would actually hear or debate their measures. McClintock took strong objection to the speech given earlier that day by Mexican president Felipe Calderon who chose to chastise Americans for Arizona's immigration law (which, by the way, merely reiterates federal immigration law, and requires Arizona law enforcement officers to enforce all federal statutes—something that the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Control & Enforcement is now telling Arizona they have no authority to do. Further, ICE told Arizona that they will not respond to any calls to pick up illegals held in Arizona jails even though the Constitution of the United States mandates that the federal government keep the the borders of the States safe from invasion from any other country.

McClintock reiterated that, for many years, the Mexican government has held America sovereignty in contempt, and Calderon's statements before Congress that day underscored that attitude. Once again, it is time for the States, through their ability to nullify any law enacted by Congress, to reemphasize to the kingly imbeciles on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue that the federal government is an agent of the States, not the other way around.

Our forefathers drove that fact home in 1775 at the point of a bayonet and the smell of musket fire. It would be a human tragedy for the people's servants in the nation's capitol (who believe they are the lords of us all) to fail to remember that history forgotten is history relived. Let cool heads prevail. May God give Congress the wisdom to realize the American people are not going to surrender their sovereignty nor their souls to the global monster who plans to devour the nation-states and form a world government controlled by the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business who spent the last 104 years buying politicians like penny candy in order to get the laws enacted they needed to steal the world and enslave its population.


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