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Within hours of Congress' passing Obamacare over the objections
of about 76% of the American people, Heritage Foundation president
Edwin Feulner spoke out and aptly called Obamacare "The Intoler-
able Act." The series of stimulus bills passed in the opening days
of the Obama Administration should collectively be referred to as
"The Intolerable Acts"—five pieces of legislation imposed on the
American people in 1774 triggered the "shot heard 'round the
world" in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts and started
the Revolutionary War on April 19, 1775.

In 1774, shortly after the Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament enacted a series of laws designed to impose tighter controls on the colonies in North America. The colonists called these laws "The Intolerable Acts" which restricted the liberty of the American people. What the Obama Administration has done since Jan. 20, 2009 is consistently violate the Constitution of the United States. It's most recent measure, Obamacare, is the grandest usurpation of power since the founding of this nation. In a series of videos, the Heritage Foundation attempts to show the American people precisely what is store for them if we do not band together and either nullify Obamacare through the State legislatures, or repeal it with a Constitutional amendment generated and ratified by the States.

Only, this time around, unlike the 16th Amendment which was declared "ratified" by the Secretary of State and the Solicitor General even though only 6 States correctly ratified it, all of the States which ratify an amendment to permanently abolish a healthcare system controlled by the federal government must use precisely the same language, with comas, semicolons and periods in precisely the same places. While the Utopians were determined to declare the 16th Amendment ratified regardless what disqualifying errors existed, an amendment to kill any form of socialized medicine will have to be error-free to avoid being disqualified.

In the video (below), www.foundry.org put together a video that was presented by the Heritage Foundation. It shows what the American people can expect from Obama's "intolerable act." In addition to what you see and hear on this video, it is important for the American people to realize that Obamacare is designed to accomplish two goals: [1] seize all of the wealth of, and abolish, the middle class in the United States; and [2] save Social Security and Medicare by "legally" euthanizing the elderly by denying them medical care under the pretext that society cannot afford to waste money treating people with terminal illnesses who are going to die with or without costly medical treatment. What is that "terminal illness" all seniors have when they enter any hospital, hospice or nursing home? Old age.


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